The most efficient? Exercises for weight loss at home for women

Once again, thinking that it would be necessary to lose weight or reset a few kilograms to a solemn event, we clearly realize that for this it is necessary to reconsider your lifestyle to start performing the most efficient exercises for weight loss at home to achieve the desired form in a short time.

Exercises for weight loss at home

In addition to tracking the number of calories consumed and choose useful food, a high-quality training program is also necessary.

If we consider these three most important aspects, it will be possible to avoid most unpleasant surprises.

But even if you wish to do in the hall every day, it can be simply physically impossible at the moment. Uploading at work, a saturated family life, fear of workouts surrounded by unfamiliar people due to self-satisfaction, can become a serious obstacle to the fitness club, and for a number of reasons some simply may not like training in the hall.

In any case, high-quality home training can be as effective as classes in the gym ... If you include the right exercises.

It is about this that will be discussed in this article - about exercises that give the maximum result for weight loss for women in the minimum term.

But let's not forget about the calorie value

Before proceeding directly to the thoroughbar of the list of daily exercises for weight loss, it is worth mentioning the importance of calorie control to reduce weight.

You can perform the most difficult, the most intricate program of workouts in the world - but if there is no thoughtful approach to the amount of energy obtained from food, it will not be possible to get rid of fat.

In order for the weight of it necessary to achieve the so-called Negative Energy Balance , or Calorie deficiency . Those. The daily number of calories consumed should be less than the total energy costs from everyday activity and training.

In compliance with the negative energy balance, the body receives a signal to release the stored fatty acids stored in fat cells. Over time, these cells will decrease in volumes and your body will become more touched and athletic.

But if there is no deficiency of calories, then this response process will not start, so it is important to correctly calculate the daily calorie rate for weight loss.

With stable training, physical training will become better, but if you use exercises as an excuse for overeating, it will not be possible to get rid of the pair of grams of fat.

Calculate your individual calorie rate is quite simple. There are many spaces on the network Calcory calculators, With the help of which you can easily calculate your needs for calorie consumption.

Before and after training with the correct diet

How to enter exercises in weight reduction process?

For the ratio between consumption and calorie consumption, regularity is logical: the more energy is spent during the day, the higher the chance to achieve a calorie deficit.

And although it is much more difficult to burn 500 kcal during the training time than simply not to eat them, the exercises still make up the weighty part of the energy consumption.

In addition, they help maintain physical form. Exercises contribute to health promotion and, the more muscle mass in your body, the higher the speed of your metabolism.

In the process of losing weight, the exercises create an amazing opportunity to burn a greater amount of calories and pump muscles.

Well, now let's go straight to the list of the most effective exercises for weight loss at home.

List of domestic exercises for weight loss

#one. Squats


In the list of exercises for the bottom of the body, the crown of the championship certainly belongs to squats.

They not only force the hips and buttocks to work hard, but also provide considerable calorie consumption, which will make it possible to lose weight in the legs quickly and efficiently. To fulfill the squats, there is practically no place for the place, so that they will easily fit into any program of domestic training.

To perform squats, appliances are required, balance, muscle work and good muscle stamina. Thanks to them, a beautiful line of the bottom of the body is formed and it is quite soon to find that the total body strength also has grown.

  • Stand smoothly, legs on the width of the shoulders
  • Pull your arms right in front of yourself or as a small complication, make them up for your head in the position of "prisoner"
  • Bend the legs in the knees and hips and start to fall as if sitting on the imaginary chair
  • Keep the back straight, and the chest is revealed
  • Source to the maximum comfort point, hips at least should be parallel to the floor. If you feel the strength, then go down below.

Start with 3-4 approaches of 15-20 repetitions. When it becomes easy to perform such a load, complicate the exercise.

Complete exercise options:

  • Squats with pauses
  • Squats with jumping
  • Squatting a gun on one leg
  • Cup squats with dumbbell

# 2. Fallen


If squats are a king, then the lunges are the wizard of the world of exercises.

They work perfectly well, and also pay special attention to the buttocks and muscles of the back surface of the thigh. Practicing this exercise can be returned with the body tone and a slim figure.

The impressive load goes to the muscles of the bark, because to coordinate the movements of the legs, the press is actively involved.

  • Make a long step and put the foot on the width of the thighs. If you put your feet already, you will get an additional load due to the complexity of the balance of the balance
  • View in a straight line in front of yourself and keep your back straight. To preserve your hand equilibrium, put on the hips or lower on the sides
  • At the same time, bend both knees until the knee of the back leg almost will touch the floor, and the front foot will be bent at an angle of 90 °. If the knee of the front leg goes over the fingers of the foot, then the original step was not long
  • In order for the position of the housing during the exercise, it remained still, imagine that the upper part of your body is clamped between two thin glass walls in order. Do not deviate forward or backward other than the glass "breaks up".

Start with 2-3 approaches of 10-15 repetitions for each leg.

Complete options:

  • Dynamic drops
  • Bulgarian fees
  • Fallen in the jump
  • Fucks with dumbbells

# 3. Skalolaz

Scalalaz exercises

This exercise will defy your pulse. And as for the study of the press, then there is no equal to the climb of equal in efficiency, even a plan for the press, it may not be so effective.

In the process, the whole body is being worked out, from the ionic to the muscles of the hands and chest, and thanks to such a full-scale joint work of the muscles, metabolism is also improved due to the cardio effect.

  • Stand at the starting position for pushups, your hands are right under the shoulders, the body is stretched into a straight line from the top of the heels. Already this position makes the muscles of the bark work.
  • Feet a little already widths of the thighs, tighten the right knee to the chest, keeping the body is fixed. If in the process of lifting the knee is a bit raise and hips, then nothing terrible.
  • Return to the original position and repeat the movement of the left knee.

At first, work in a comfortable rhythm in order to accommodate the technique. When you feel confident in the correct exercise, you can start increasing the speed (until you are practically running in one place) or go to a more complex variation.

The goal to execute 5 approaches of 10 repetitions per side. Increase the speed or complexity of the exercise if it becomes easy to perform.

Complete versions:

  • Climbing focus on one hand
  • Climber with push-ups
  • Skallaz from the position of the side plank

#four. Push ups


For pumping shoulder belts, weight loss and general burning calories There are nothing better than old good pressings from the floor.

When performing this complex, but incredibly useful exercise with its own weight, the muscles of the chest, the bark, shoulders and the rear surface of the hands are included.

So far can't do full push up?

No problem. Do not forget about the less complex version of the exercise - push-ups from bench They will not kill your muscles of the bark so much how complete pushups do. Instead of a bench, you can touch the hands about the chair or something else - any surface withsting the weight of your body is suitable. This allows you to activate the muscles of the bark, without the need to go to the position for complete pushups.

Read more about how the girl learn to press from scratch and pass the 30-day Challenge.

The higher the selected surface is, the easier the exercise - but the goal is to reduce the distance between the palms and the floor as time as possible and significantly increase the burning of calories.

  • Hands up to the floor putting them at a distance equal to about 1.5 widths, legs on the width of the hips;
  • Fix the housing and stretch into the straight line from the top of the ankle;
  • Sunday down towards the chair or floor, until the angle of the hands bent in the elbows is 90 °;
  • Spit up so that the hands are completely straightened, but without excessive bending of the elbows ahead.

The goal to perform 2-3 approaches of 10-15 repetitions. As it becomes easier to perform pushups, go to lower surfaces to increase the load.

Complete versions:

  • Full pushups on the floor
  • Pressing on one leg
  • Push-ups with narrow hand set

#five. Jagged bridge

Breeding bridge

Those who want to make their buttocks rounded and elastic, should first pay close attention to the berry bridge.

This is a great exercise to study the muscles of the bark and the back of the thigh, and its impact on the buttock muscles has no analogues. This exercise is number 1 to swing the buttocks.

Get more effective exercises to train the buttocks at home and in the hall.

There are many variations of the buttock bridge, so you can change them, complicate and play with different approaches to perform, so that the exercise does not bother and gives a significant load.

  • Lie on the floor face up, shoulders and lower back to the floor, knees bent at an angle of 90 °, the feet are tightly pressed to the floor. Hands Put on the sides for stability
  • Holding the thighs, knees and feet on the same line, raise the hips up towards the ceiling until the buttocks do not completely squeeze and disperse the hips. Avoid unnecessary back deflection
  • There must be a single straight line from the head to the knees
  • Slowly go down while the buttocks almost do not touch the floor

Perform 3-4 approaches to 20 repetitions. If you feel that the exercise becomes easy to perform, go to a more complex version.

Complete versions:

  • Jagged bridge, lying on the bench
  • Broodical bridge on one leg
  • Battering bridge with a pause at the top point
  • Breed bridge with burden (pancake)

Heavale guide: Slimming with strength training

Power training for weight loss at home

Who is this program for? This interesting complex of power training is designed for those who are at the very beginning of their way of deliverance from the impressive number of unnecessary kilograms and those who have practically no experience in training programs, but is ready to inhibit all the forces to succeed. This complex is based on light walks and work with weights, as well as a weekly "circuit program".

Main aspects

Consultation by a doctor. Now a real estimate of the show, in which people with overweight are trained under a closer look of harsh personal coaches. But we are not in the show and before rushing to all the grave it is necessary to consult a doctor for the presence of medical contraindications to regular training, especially if this preceded the long-term seat on the sofa. Only a specialist can give an unequivocal answer to this question.

More movement outside the exercises. Studies show that people with overweight and obesity are inclined to move less during the day. This situation may be as the result of excess weight, as well as the cause of its appearance. In any case, it is like a vicious circle. Additional daily activity is a key factor for creating a solid base to reduce weight.

Walking, walking and walking again. If you want, you can dilute them with slow jogging, but the main goal to make walks to walk in a quick step for at least 40 minutes, six days a week. You can hurt your kilometers on a treadmill or walking around the surroundings and parks.

Three training with dumbbells. All conditions for working with weights have been created in the gym, there are free weights, and simulators. However, exercises with dumbbells are easy to perform in the hall, and at home . Look in your home a convenient place to accommodate dumbbells so that you can perform a dozen repetition between the case or even while watching TV, YouTube and when listening to music. Explore articles for beginners to understand the principle of working with dumbbells.

One circular training every week. The circuit program combines exercises with dumbbells with rapid movements between exercises. Use the included circular program and modify it if necessary, a slightly slowed down, so that it is possible to perform at least 3 full circles. It is designed to make you work hard, so try as much as possible. From a qualitatively completed training should be sweat.

Healthy nutrition . To reduce fat reserves, your diet should be limited by the amount of calories, but at the same time provide the body with all the necessary nutrients and sufficient energy to maintain the level of activity. Here are the basic healthy diet posts under this program:

  • Adhere to moderately bauble nutrition with high fiber content and the minimum number of animal fats.
  • Exclude refined carbohydrates, such as cookies, cakes, candies, sweet drinks and white bread.
  • A moderately low-carbonate diet is great, but you should not fall in madness and too lowered the carbohydrate bar as they do in many popular diets. Make sure that the consumed fats are good fat.
  • Include in the diet of innocent dairy products instead of oily milk, yogurts, cheese or soy substitutes.
  • Give preference to whole grain bread and cereals, and eat a lot of fruits, vegetables, legumes, nuts and seeds.
  • Choose lean, innocent meat or vegetarian alternatives.
  • Rarely eat fast food, and even in these cases choose healthier dishes as far as possible.

Schedule programs

Here is a weekly schedule of the program. Make walks 6 times a week; One day to highlight for rest. Use dumbbells or other weights for training at home or in the gym.

  • Day from 1 to 6
    • A walk to a quick step at least 40 minutes or in the pace, which makes breathing hard, but not choke. For convenience, you can split the walk in half, but try to keep the intensity.
  • Day 2.
    • Select 8 exercises with dumbbells, to different muscle groups, and perform 3 approaches of 12 repetitions. If you perform all 8 exercises per 1 time hard, then scroll them on 2 minutes of 4 exercises in each.
  • Day 3
  • Day 4.
  • Day 5.
    • Repeat the training with dumbbells from the 2nd day.
  • Day 6.
    • Repeat the training with dumbbells from the 2nd day.
  • Day 7.
    • 40-minute walk, or holiday day.

Do not forget to control your food. But remember: diets with too low the volume of calories consumed are unacceptable, because due to them there will be a mass of muscles (and bones), as well as decrease the speed of metabolism, which will lead to difficulties with weight maintenance when returning to normal power supply. In addition, most likely due to such nutrition, the body will stably chain the nutrients they need.

The secret of success

Start following the program as quickly as possible. You should not worry too much if in some days it will not be possible to achieve your goals, for the beginning the most important goal is to at least proceed to the implementation of the daily task. Be persistent, start with a small and gradually increase the revolutions for a week.



If you decide to train weight loss and work on your figure, pay attention to fat burning complexes. They are available to everyone and are designed for any age groups. Moreover, such weight loss trains can be held at home, where women may not be shy of prying eyes.

Features of the organization of training for weight loss

Cardiography, namely, this kind of fitness is best suited for effective weight loss, should be built on the principles understandable for women. This will help to figure out their features and do not wait for an instant result, but purposefully work on weight loss.

Conducting fat burning workouts at home has its subtleties:

  • To launch the fat burning process, it is necessary to intensively engage in at least 30 minutes. And after the adaptation period, this time gradually increases to 1-1.5 hours;
  • During classes, you must follow your heart rhythm. Newbies, the pulse should be approximately 110 wt / min, in prepared people - about 130 ° C / min. Only in this case will the process of fat burning will be launched;
  • For weight loss classes, it is best to choose the morning time, 20-30 minutes after waking up. After a night sleep, the glycogen reserves in the body are minimal, so the fat burning process will go faster;
  • To speed up the discharge of excess adhesive tissue, you need to reconsider your food diet. It is better to abandon greasy and sweet dishes, sausages, canned and all sorts of snacks "on the go";
  • You can also fall in extremes. To completely exclude sweet and other favorite products from the diet. A couple of times a week can be pampered by small portions of chocolate or buns. But everything should be in moderation.

Slimming is not just training to loss of forces, but a set of events consisting of fitness classes and revising their ideas about the useful food and routine of the day.

Fat burning training for effective weight loss

Fat burning training for effective weight loss

Below is a set of exercises, which will launch the fat burning process and will allow you to get rid of excess weight and cellulite. For domestic workouts, the minimum of sports shells will be required. It is a phytball, any blowjobs.

The presented training movement is designed for the correction of the area of ​​the buttocks and the thighs. Stand straight. Wide step forward, holding the back smoothly. Deeply sneeze. In the stop on the front limb, quickly straighten up and jump. Make this element with another reference limb. Repeat the element 16-18 times.

This element is performed with a fitball (ball for fitness). Run on it with your elbows, legs and back straight. In this position, try to roll back the ball with your hands forward and return it back. Make a minimum of 10 repetitions.

Training for weight loss must necessarily contain such an exercise in their complexes as running on the spot. This is a very effective way to burn calories, which means to lose weight. Stand straight, hands bent in the elbow joints. Start uniform running on the spot. Knees try to lift as high as possible. It should be less than 2 minutes. Spend the same time on running with the tape of the shins.

Stand straight, hands on the belt, the vertebral pillar stretched, the crown stretches to the ceiling, spread the feet on the width of the foot. Start jumping alternately in different directions (you can even imagine that you jump over the star-drawn or polygon - so the amplitude of the movements will be higher). Total jumps should be 100-150.

Effective weight loss is impossible without strength exercises. At home, there are no special simulators for their implementation. To increase the physical load on the muscles during the execution of the crits, you can use an ordinary chair. Help your hands for his back, the pelvis take a little back. Make a satisfy, without tearing hands from the chair. Make sure the knees do not go beyond the socks line. Make a small pause and return to the initial posture. During the training, also control the position of the back - for this, constantly try to pull the vertebral pillar and how to reach the ceiling. Repeat the sports element up to 15 times.

Stand straight, put the legs on the width of the pelvis. Hands spread to the sides. Step up wide back and go down until the floor is touched. Returning to the initial posture, make the same wide step forward and try to touch the breasts kneather. Repeat the exercise 15 times. By turning on this element in training for weight loss, you can work fine buttocks, hips and the side muscles of the abdomen. After adapting the body to physical loads, you can take weightlifiers for enhanced muscles pumping.

Lie on the floor on a gymnastic rug. Raise the lower limbs upwards, the upper partion. Start raising the torso, trying to get your hands. Make 15-20 repetitions.

Lie on the floor, brush clutch on the occipital part of the head. Alternately bending legs in the knee joints, pull them up to the chest. Straightening your leg, do not lower it completely on the floor. Let the heel relate to its surface, but the thigh can lie on the floor. Perform 20 repeats.

For weight loss, it is not necessary to make a bridge in its classic form. It is enough to include in the training session. Lie on the gym back rug. The legs are bent in the knee joints, the blades are reduced and pressed to the floor. Start raising the pelvis until the straight angle is formed between the thigh and the shin. Hold in a given pose 10-15 seconds and go down to the floor. After 3 seconds of recreation, repeat the exercise. For effective weight loss, you must make a minimum of 10 repetitions.

For women, pressing can be made somewhat simplified. Lie on the rug and sneak into the floor with palms and knees. Hands on the width of the shoulder department. Start wring down, straightening hands and resting on the floor with his knees. Make 10-15 repetitions. As soon as the muscles are fixed, you can move to classic pushups in the arms and feet feet.

Stand up, straightening the chest department and minimize the blades. Pull the vertebral pillar, gaze to the distance on the horizon line, the lower limbs are to spread the width of the pelvis. Make and sneak into the floor with brushes. Bend a little bit in your lap and try bouncing up in the arms. Make about 10-15 jumps.

This exercise is performed in classic. Stand straight, hands on the belt. Start a low bouncing on the spot, trying not to be shot down with even rhythm. Jump for 3-5 minutes.

Training for weight loss is often completed by the bar. But this is if the strength remains and there is a desire.

Exercises for rapid slimming

Exercises for rapid slimming

You can not always find time for a full-fledged training. In such cases, it is necessary to allocate at least 15 minutes a day for fat burning exercises. Below is a complex consisting of 4 elements for weight loss. Each item must be executed 5 times. Performance duration - 25 seconds after 10 seconds of recreation.

Lie on the floor in the stop on the elbows and socks of the legs. Lift on the elbows, straightening the body. Time one leg aside first, putting it on the sock, then another. Return to the starting position, keeping the torso direct;

The peculiarity of this exercise is that jumping is performed from the situation sitting. Stand straight, your hands are elongated in front of you. Make the critic and jump as high as possible. Back during the jump should bend;

This exercise for weight loss is familiar to many. Stand straight, remove the left foot to the side, and the right bend in the knee. Fix forward before touching the floor palm palm. Jump change your leg and hand;

Sit on the floor, legs straight, hands behind your back in the palm of your hand. Lift the body up, taking off the floor from the floor as high as possible. Then remove one leg aside. Return to the original position and repeat the exercise to another leg.

Knowing these exercises, you can organize effective weight loss at home. There is nothing difficult here. The main thing is desire and some free time.

Pass the test Your fitness motivationYour fitness motivation Do not know how to motivate yourself to do fitness? Complete this test and find out what you need to love it.

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What exercises will help to lose weight at home? This question is asked by many people who want to quickly lose weight, do not attend fitness rooms and not hire a fitness coach.

Slimming at home is not an unrealized dream - it is enough to follow the instructions, monitor meals and regularly train. In this material, we will describe in detail about the most effective exercises for weight loss at home.

What exercises are the most effective for weight loss

When drawing up a weight loss training program, attention should be focused on the most effective exercises that will achieve results in a short time. Here are the main:

Read more in our article How to start running - tips beginner runners and recommendations for training.

  • Walking rapid pace - an alternative for those who are hard to run;
  • Squats - strengthen the muscles of the legs, buttocks, back and press;
  • Pushups - good load on the whole body, tighten your chest muscles;
  • Planck is a classic exercise in any training complex for weight loss. At the time of execution, almost all muscle groups of the body are tense;
  • Jumping - you can perform ordinary jumps, but jumping is considered the most effective.

Exercises for belly

Exercises for strengthening the abdominal muscles suggest a comprehensive load on all the muscles of the press, including side.


Take the stop lying, then bend your hands in the elbows and go for your forearm. Feet should be drawn back, socks to rest in the floor. Elbows perpendicular to shoulders. In this position, try to hold out as long as possible.

Twisting on the press

Heat on the back, boot your hands behind your head and squeeze them into the castle. Tighten your legs to yourself. It is better for someone to keep you behind the feet - it will be more convenient to carry out twisting. Start raising the body to the knees, and then omit it to its original position. Repeat 15-20 times, making 2-3 approaches.

Raising legs lying

Lie on the floor and put your arms along the body. Two ankle together, lift legs above the floor at a distance of about 15 centimeters. Raise the legs with slow motions to keep together until it is time between the hips and the upper part of the body an angle of 90 degrees is not formed. Then return the legs to the starting position. Make two or three approaches of 15 repetitions.

Exercises for buttocks and honey

One step towards a beautiful slim body is pumping the berries and muscles of the thighs. Read more about exercises that will help it.


Stand smoothly, legs on the width of the shoulders. Make a step forward, bending the front leg at right angles, and rear, putting on the sock. The back at the same time should be smooth. Return to the original position and change your legs. A couple of approaches of 15 repetitions will be enough.

Jagged bridge

Stop on the floor, pull your hands along the body, the legs should be on the width of the shoulders. Open the buttocks from the floor, relying on the foot. Hold in this position for 10-15 seconds, then drop into the floor and repeat the exercise.

Exercises for hands

Remove excess weight with the hands will help the exercises that use biceps and triceps.

Push ups

Take the stop lying, put your hands perpendicular to the floor, straight in the elbows. Perform pushups, trying not to fade in the back and pelvis. Do about 15-20 pushups per approach. For those who find it difficult to press in a classic style, you can try push-ups from your knees or push up from a bench.

Flexing hands with dumbbells

Exercise actively pumps biceps and triceps. Stand smoothly, take the dumbbell (or dumbbells) in your hands. Flexing your hands in the elbows, the bottom of the shell to the shoulders, then return the hand to its original position. You can run sitting.


If at home or in the courtyard there is a horizontal bar, then pull-ups or ordinary hang on the crossbar will help to comprehensively pump the shoulder belt, get rid of the excess weight in the hands and strengthen the muscular system, as well as the press. Rear to the crossbar, divert the hands on a convenient distance for yourself and start smoothly, tightening the body without jerks up, the chin, the chin above the crossbar.

For those who are hard to pull up, you can try the usual hang on the crossbar for a while.

Read more, how to learn how to properly pull up with advice and implementation technique.

Exercises for the waist

For most slimming, an important indicator is the size of the waist. This part of the body acquires the necessary forms after performing the following exercises.


Lie to the floor, your hands can be started, squeezing into the castle, and you can put in parallel to the body. Lift the legs up and start doing movements, similar to the fact that a person does, riding a bike: alternately bend the knees and pull legs closer to the chest, making amplitude movements.

Foot moves in the air

Take a supreme position, pull your hands in different directions, lift both legs up. Press your legs to each other and start swinging them together together, and then to the other side. Make 2-3 approaches of 20 repetitions.

Chest exercises

These exercises strengthen their chest muscular corset and allow tightening bust.


This exercise is an effective gymnastic complex and consists of several stages.

  1. Stand smoothly, straighten your back, lower your hands along the body;
  2. Squate, but do not straighten back, but put your hands on the floor;
  3. From this position, jump the legs back and take the position from which you are pressed;
  4. Now also jump tighten your legs back and take a position from paragraph 2;
  5. Jump up by raising your hands.

Compressing palms

Place your hands in front of the breast, twist them together and squeeze in the palms. The fingers should be directed upwards. Hold in this position for a while, applying maximum efforts. Then remove your palms, relax and try again.

Exercises for sides

These exercises will help to remove fat deposits from the sides, and also pump the side muscles of the press.

Raising legs lying on the side

Stay on the floor and turn on one of the sides. Lightly lift the case, bend the elbow and substitute your hand under the head, the second hand palm rests on the floor. From this position, strain the press and in exhale, take away both feet from the floor, lifting them. Hold in this position for a few seconds, then lower your feet on the floor. Perform 30 repetitions for each side.

Slopes to the sides

Stand straight, put the hands on the hip joint. Make the maximum tilt of the case into one of the sides on the breath, and on the exhalation, make the slope to the other side. 25-30 repetitions in each side will be enough.

Exercise Tips

Several tips for beginners. They will avoid unpleasant injuries and make training much more efficiently.

  • Do not forget about the exercises for workout. Before each occupation, heat muscles and prepare the body to load;
  • Make breaks between approaches, do not try to take exercises with a firm and quickly complete the training. This will lead to overwork and muscle injury;
  • Try to perform exercises. Follow the technique of execution. So you will definitely keep yourself from injuries and get the greatest effect of training;
  • Drink water between approaches to avoid dehydration;
  • After classes, it is not necessary to make a full meal of food, it will negate all the fat burning efforts;
  • Read more about diet for weight loss.
  • Combine exercises with cardiovers - run, swimming, walking or cycling. Quickly lose weight at home exercises will help, but the greatest effect can be achieved in their combination with proper nutrition and other types of activity.

Training schedule for a week

Training schedule for a week, which can be changed to itself and combine, depending on the level of physical training. Compliance with the diet and the execution of this complex will help you quickly lose weight and get the desired result.

  • 1 day - warm-up, plank, twisting, pushups, beropy, slopes to the sides;
  • 2 day - jogging, warm-up, raising legs lying, butorous bridge, lunges, tightening;
  • 3 day - rest;
  • 4 day - warm-up, bending hands with dumbbells, bike, foot movement in the air, slopes to the sides;
  • 5 day - warm-up, plank, twisting, plank, lunges, bike, berp, slopes to sides;
  • 6 day - rest;
  • 7 day - jogging, warm-up, raising legs lying on the side, bike, pulling, twisting, plank.


Adhering to the workout schedule and following its nutrition, you can achieve an excellent result in a few weeks. The main thing is to motivate yourself to do the exercises correctly and train regularly. After the goal is reached, do not forget about workouts - always support the shape and be in the tone.

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What strength training is best for weight loss? What kind of types are and what to choose? How are both types affect weight loss during a diet?

Author: Lyle McDonald, Transfer:

Although many are still interested in only the figure on the scales, the main goal of the diet is not weight loss, namely fat, with the preservation of muscles.

For decades, the idea that during weight loss should be changed. It is necessary to engage more often, working weights - to reduce, repeat - increase, and rest between approaches - to reduce. Such training are called "on the relief" in contrast to the training "for mass".

So "dried" in the 70s and 1980s, those who used anabolic steroids, and this is a completely different physiological state of the body. For an ordinary person, their techniques are the way to failure.

Metabolic training against heavy power

All strength training can be divided into two categories: metabolic and heavy power. Metabolic It assumes a large number of repetitions (for example, 4 approaches of 15 repetitions), a small working weight, a short rest between approaches (30-60 seconds or less). "Heavy" training - Less repetitions (6-12), more weight, more rest between approaches (1.5-3 minutes).

Each of these species has its advantages and minuses for weight loss and maintaining muscles during a diet.

Metabolic training spends more calories, depletes glycogen, and the hormonal answer is very similar to the interval training, which helps weight loss. And smaller loads used here, smallers load the joints.

But there are also disadvantages. The main stimulus for muscle growth is their great tension during operation (heavy weights). That is, you need to do it hard enough and add weight on the rod over time. All those incentives that help to raise muscles will protect them and during a diet. It is easy to guess what happens to the muscles when you reduce the weight of the rod and move "on the relief". You remove one of the main incentives to maintain muscles - a lot of muscle tension - and the muscles are becoming smaller. The body has no reason to support muscles that are not used as before.

This is the main minus of metabolic training - a decrease in weights. But there is one exception - newcomers who should not worry about the loss of muscles, because before that they did not train. Virtually any power training will support those muscles that they have. But for people with the experience of force, the transition to "light" multiproducts for weight loss - a recipe for a catastrophe.

Pluses of "heavy" power - just that they better support muscles on a diet, and this is one of the main goals. Well, the cons - opposite to what is listed for metabolic workouts: modest calorie consumption, glycogen little is depleted and no hormonal response.

But if you remember about the main goal of the diet (lose fat / maintain muscles), nothing of this does not matter. And if you need to choose only one type of strength training on a diet, let it be a "heavy" power to protect the muscles, and the calorie deficit (and cardio optional) will take care of the loss of fat.

But this is if it is necessary to choose. There is no serious reason why both types of force cannot be combined during a diet. It can give pluses at the same time eliminating the minuses of each approach.

How to combine training?

To begin with, what you do not need to do. Increase the number of workouts and their duration on a diet - failure strategy. Restoration during the energy deficit is worse, and an attempt to make more and more work explains why so many people in the end are in a state of strong overtraining and exhaustion. In general, too much training and too little calories - bad.

Heavy training

The number of workouts needed to maintain muscles is much less than necessary for their growth: it is enough to leave only a third of what you did before. But it is fundamentally important that working weights remain the same. For example, for the growth of the muscles, you were engaged in twice a week and on each workout did 6 approaches of 6-8 repetitions per muscular group. During weight loss, you can leave only 2 heavy approaches of 6-8 repetitions while maintaining working scales and proceed once a week. Yes, only two heavy approaches.

If training on the muscle group and just once a week, it is enough to simply reduce the number of approaches. If you did in the exercise in the amount of 20-24 approaches to one group of muscles, 6-8 approaches on the diet will be enough. Instead of 1.5-hour workout, it turns out to meet at 30-40 minutes, depending on the workout and rest between the approaches. But, again, the weights must remain the same.

Metabolic training

As mentioned above, all multi-recreational and a short period of rest usually fall under these training. But it is important to remember that on a diet due to fatigue and lack of energy, exercise techniques often suffers, and injury may occur. Therefore, only people with very well-set appliances can make "complex", complex movements quickly, but safely. For the remaining simulators can be safer. The main thing is to keep recreation intervals short.

Although the duration of workouts will be small (20-40 minutes), they can be very tedious, which is expected from them. Parameters of metabolic workouts:

  • 2-4 approaches
  • 15-20 repetitions
  • 5-7 exercises
  • Short leisure intervals (60 seconds or less).

Planning for a week

Now you can plan workouts for the week. Globally, you can do both types of workouts in one day or in different. Given that most people try to train too much on a diet, in case of doubt, please make mistakes in the direction of "less." In the long run, this will pay off.

Much will depend on how "heavy" strengths look like. Some like two or three heavy short workouts on the whole body. But if it takes a lot of time, you can hardly have a happy metabolic after such workout. In this case, it is better to transfer it to a separate day. Another option is to divide training to the top bottom, and then the strength training can be combined with metabolic in one lesson.

Examples - in the table below. T - Heavy workouts, M - metabolic. Without a special reason, we assume that there are no training at the weekend.

  • Options 1 and 2 - For those who have time to recover from four workouts per week, and those who love workouts on the whole body.
  • Option 3. - For those who need more days to restore.
  • Option 4. - Just one of the millions of different ways to use traditional bodybuilder split training. One of the problems here is the metabolic training usually on the whole body, so they are not always well combined with the division of heavy training in muscle groups. If metabolic workouts on Monday make you too tired to hardly train your legs on Wednesday, it will not be the best option.

The table does not show all the options, but it shows the limit of how much high-intensity work can be done under conditions of calorie deficiency. Many people trying to quickly try to do too much, not paying attention to the overall load or interaction of different components in the program, and pay in the future.

Summing up

Both types of workouts have both pros and cons. If we assume that muscle maintenance is one of the main goals during a diet, "heavy" training should be in the program. If you need to choose only one type, let it be them. Exception - newbies for which any power training is effective.

The volume and frequency of training should be reduced to one third to avoid overtraining. The fundamental condition is to keep working weights. From the point of view of maintaining muscles, it is much better to make 2 high-quality heavy approaches than 6 some.

Metabolic workouts can be added to "heavy". The training program will depend on a person, its ability to restore, its graphics and features of the diet.

Morning charging will be a great help in combating overweight. The correctly selected set of exercises will help run the fat burning process. In addition, the morning training for weight loss is perfectly charged with a good mood and energy for the whole day. That is why professional athletes and healthy lifestyle lovers necessarily begin their day with physical exertion. The main advantage of charging is that it can be held at home without using any special simulators and shells. Especially for you, we collected recommendations and tips on the correct implementation of the morning exercises in one article.

Why do you need charging?

Quite often, those who are planning to lose weight underestimate the most simple morning exercise. Meanwhile, this is an effective fat burning training, which will help faster to get rid of extra centimeters in the field of hips and waist. In addition, the most simple morning charging has a lot of advantages:

  • Helps to run the metabolic processes;
  • increases the tone;
  • improves mood;
  • helps reduce the level of stress;
  • Stimulates cognitive features.

To get the maximum effect of exercises, you need to charge a habit.

This is important: experts recommend to train in a well-ventilated room, ideally in air. Be sure to follow the breath: it should be smooth and deep [1].

Recommendations for wake-up morning

You can get a charge of cheerfulness and good mood not only with a properly selected set of sports exercises. There is a lot of ways to improve the condition of your own body.

Wash out

. Non-shy - the worst enemy of a beautiful figure. It is in a dream that the exchange processes responsible for rapid fat burning are included. At the same time, metabolism works best in the time interval from ten pm to four o'clock in the morning. At this time it is better to sleep.

Proven fact: sleep duration is directly related to overweight. Non-shows provokes obesity, and it is especially pronounced in children and adolescents [2].

If you have problems with sleep, give up high-calorie food overnight. It can be replaced by Formula 1 "Evening Cocktail" from Herbalife Nutrition. This protein cocktail with a pleasant neutral taste, which can be a complete replacement for dinner. High protein concentration is perfectly saturated, preventing overeating, and tryptophan, which is part of the product, contributes to a full sleep.

Observe the mode

. Wake up better at the same time. Sooner or later it will go into the habit, and get up in the morning will be easier. Of course, much depends on the biorhythms, but not all the "owls" is lucky to work in the afternoon. If you are prone to late falling asleep, you have to teach yourself to go to bed early. The discipline helps to build a convenient chart of the day: you will have time to fulfill all the planned affairs, and this will reduce the level of stress. So compliance with the regime is a useful solution. The main thing is to get used to get up on the alarm clinic and do not postpone his call for 5 minutes within an hour.


Pick clothes from the evening

. If you train in a healthy lifestyle club or attend the gym, prepare a suit better in advance. This will help save time for fees and, again, will reduce the level of stress. How often did you have to look for the desired thing five minutes before the exit? If you collect in advance, such a problem will not arise. And if you train at home, you can prepare work clothes. By the way, most coaches recommend to engage in home in shorts and T-shirt so that the skin breathe. Air baths are very helpful!

Fit right

. The general condition of the body, good mood and health depends on this item. In addition, the proper nutrition helps faster to get rid of excess weight or maintain a comfortable body weight. Candle Fastfud in favor of healthier snacks: fruits, berries, nuts, protein bars. The number of free sugars in the diet will also have to reduce. To get the required amount of useful amino acids, turn on the conductor cocktails of Herbalife Nutrition in the diet. They contain a high percentage of protein, useful food fibers and a whole complex of vitamins and minerals. By the way, you can not only drink cocktails: dry powder can be the basis for a large number of useful dishes, the recipes of which can be found in the new book "ABC of Balanced Power" from Herbalife Nutrition.

Do not forget about energy

. Immediately after the awakening, it is better to drink a glass of clean warm water: it perfectly stretches the digestion process. Increase the efficiency of the fluid will help plant drinks "Aloe", which has a pleasant taste and perfectly affects the work of the gastrointestinal tract. Coffee is a good stimulator, but it can adversely affect the heart and vessels. Therefore, it can be replaced by guarana: it is a natural vegetable energy engineering with a minimum number of contraindications. High content of guarana is contained in the N-R-G * from Herbalife Nutrition. It can be drunk instead of coffee: it produces a long toning effect, well stimulates brain activity.

Do not overload the body

. During weight loss, it is very important not to go to another extreme when you load your own organism too much. Training should not deliver strong discomfort. It is best to engage in 40-60 minutes a day, paying time to all groups of muscles. Work in a comfortable pace, and if you are engaged in free weight, increase it gradually.


. Some athletes do not pay enough warm-up time, which can provoke serious injuries while performing some exercises. The warm-up allows you to warm up muscles, make them more elastic. In addition, it is during pre-warming that fat burning processes are launched. If you want to lose faster, you definitely pay due attention to the warm-up.

Popular Exercises for Morning Charging

You can independently make a suitable set of exercises by choosing a suitable level of load. Some are happy to engage in the morning yoga, which does not require serious muscle tension. Others prefer strength loads, working with free weight. If you are planning to do at home, pay attention to several popular exercises: they are ideal for beginners.



. Assist to work the muscles of the press, strengthen your back, buttocks. To do the exercise, go to the floor, bend your legs in the knees. Hands remove the head and start lifting the top of the case. At the same time, pull the opposite elbow and knee towards each other. Repeat the exercise on different directions for 10-15 times. Climb out the exhale, go down to inhale. Do not make too sharp movements: it is important not the speed and amplitude, but the correct implementation of the exercise with a uniform overview of the muscles.


. The perfect choice for those who want to pump the jagged muscles, strengthen the rear surface of the hip, improve the posture. Squats can be performed in various ways. The classic embodiment of the exercise is as follows:

  • Legs a little wider shoulders, feet parallel to each other.
  • Back straight, hands crossed on the chest or stand on the waist.
  • When cropping, knees should be strictly over the ankles, forming a straight angle.

Another effective exercise is Plie, which came from the ballet. To perform it, expand the foot and knees in opposite sides, while keeping them on the same line. The legs should stand quite wide, and when lowering the back retains the perfect posture, the stomach is tightened, the buttocks are tense. This is the perfect exercise for the development of berium muscles.


. It will help faster to get rid of excess weight. With the proper execution of this exercise, all muscle groups are involved. Take the stop lying. Hands on the width of the shoulders, palm strictly under the shoulders. Back, buttocks and legs form a straight line. Look ahead: the chin should be raised. Tighten your stomach. Standing in the bar can be as much as you have enough strength. At first it will only be a few seconds, but over time you can withstand 2-3 minutes of such an exercise.

* Bad. Not a drug.




Belly and sides are one of the zones that are harder to be corrected by exercise. Fortunately for women developed a special exercise complex. It will help to get rid of unwanted centimeters at home. Make yourself a plan and a special program for weight loss. With it, you can quickly achieve the desired result.

Exercises for slimming belly and sides at home

Examine the mechanism of accumulating fat deposits. Fat is postponed by oversupply calories. The energy that the body does not spend, it begins to store. Must understand that the body cannot lose weight in a certain zone. Therefore, all exercises and cosmetic procedures should be made by a complex on the whole body. In order to make the belly tightened, and the sides have disappeared to reduce the weight as a whole. Change the diet, make it right and balanced. Daily carry out exercise and lead an active lifestyle.

Slimming process needs to be approached with the mind. Immediately get rid of thoughts about the exhausting diets. Any diet that is aimed at rapid weight loss can entail negative consequences for the body. The weight went over for the diet period will quickly return immediately after its completion. At the end of the diet, a person returns to the familiar diet. Allows you all what he refused during a diet. Exceeding the daily calorie rate will return the earlier weight. The process of weight loss is not rapid, for this requires a long time. To maintain the body in one weight and form you need to regularly perform exercise and lead a healthy lifestyle.

Causes of fat deposits

The reasons that fat deposits may appear very much. On the problem zone, you can determine the nature and cause of fat deposits. Reset weight and remove extra centimeters. There is an opinion that fat deposits on the abdomen can be formed due to numerous stresses. Adrenal glands begin to highlight cortisol hormone, which contributes to the formation of deposits in the abdomen. Problems with the endocrine system will result in the appearance of fatty deposits on the sides. This can affect such factors as:

1. Eating flour and sweet

Carbonated drinks, candy, pastries, desserts. Try to eliminate the listed products from the diet. Replace them with fruit or berries.

2. Genetics

The propensity to completeness can be laid at the genetic level. Starting from an early age, follow your body. It can also begin to show only after 24 years. In these years, a person becomes less active than during student life. And the excess weight begins to appear.

3. Alcohol

In alcoholic beverages, cocktails great sugar content. A man drinks and begins to eat a lot. According to the fact that alcohol causes a feeling of hunger and delays fluid in the body.

Fat, deposited in the abdomen, can begin to form on the internal organs. It is a risk factor for the emergence of cardiovascular and musculoskeletal diseases. Belly is growing due to unnecessary calories. The deposition of them in the field of the waist is due to a violation of the hormonal background. When calories come into the body more than the daily rate, not spent energy accumulates on the sides and stomach. Some complain about the appearance of "caterpillars" on the stomach. Not only disorders or hormones can affect the appearance, it may be laid at the genetic level. This problem may occur in men.

It is difficult to fight genetics, make focus on balanced nutrition and physical exertion. Remove fat from the belly area is worth a lot of effort. In this area, there is not such an active blood flow and the body hard to take energy reserves. For blood flow, you can make a massage with hands or a vacuum jar. Start slowly massage with circular movements, bypassing the navel zone. Repeat movements daily, and get the desired result.

Remove the belly and sides with the help of sports

Having found a hanging belly and rollers on the sides, immediately comes to mind that you need to quickly swing the press and make twisting. Exercises for the press will not bring any results, because under the layer of fat will not be visible. Yes, and it is impossible to lose weight only in a certain zone. One of the most efficient ways to lose weight is aerobic workouts. The body spends a lot of energy at the expense of a rapid pace and intensity. Ordinary exercises on the press spend few calories.

Sport is important for the human body. Aerobics are highly popular. It includes many different directions such as: step, aquaeerobics, stretching, dance aerobics, yoga. Learning technician and train at home. Use educational videos and read more information about them. Choose convenient workforce materials for yourself and break to the lesson. Replace the campaign or travel walking. If you live in the apartment stop being lazy and start climbing home along the steps.

Effective exercises are the side plan and the rotation of the hoop that can be performed at home. Intensive hoop rotation will help get rid of sides. To do this, it is necessary to regularly train at least 30 minutes 2 times a day. You can use a massage hoop contributing to the influx of blood. Side Plank is a complicated option of a regular plank. It will help to strengthen oblique and spine muscles. Select a few minutes a day. The result will not make it wait. The body quickly gets used to physical exertion. To achieve a flat and elastic belly, you need to be patient and have a greater power of will.

Proper nutrition for taut belly

The diet has a great influence on the human body. Incorrect meals may be the cause of many diseases. Fatty and fast food has a negative effect on the organs of organs and contributes to the deposition of fats. The main condition for a healthy lifestyle is balanced nutrition. The first stage is the refusal of products that have a large calorie or contain low energy value.

We introduce fresh seasonal vegetables into your diet. Great: broccoli, white cabbage, eggplants, cucumbers, tomatoes, carrots, garlic and cauliflower. Choose fruits grown in domestic gardens such as apples, apricots, peaches, plums, pears. Avoid imported products, it is processed by chemicals specifically for long-term storage. Fruits and berries are rich in useful vitamins and minerals. Contain fiber and bioactive connections. They give little energy, but allow you to keep under the control of body weight.

Buy ripe berries: blueberries, mulberry, blackberry, currants, cherry, raspberry and gooseberry. Well fit in the role of snacks. Prevent aging processes and have a rejuvenating effect. They are rich in vitamins and antioxidants. Give the skin of radiance and elasticity, reduce the risk of heart disease and cancer. Drink plenty of water to 2 liters per day. Choose only dietary meat. Chicken and turkey rich in amino acids and vitamins A, B, E. Prepare fillets without skins, it contains a lot of calories. Add beef to ration. Useful due to collagen for bundles of joints and immunity.

Fish and seafood source of vitamins, microelements and polyunsaturated fatty acids omega-3. It contains calcium and phosphorus useful for our body. Choose not fatty fish grade, prepare for a pair or grill. Use degreased dairy products. Buy yogurts without adding sugar. Meal must be at least 6 times a day. Considerate the main dishes and small snacks. Make a proper nutrition plan and observe the diet.

Vacuum belly against fat on sides and stomach

Very simple exercise that can be done lying on your favorite sofa. Great way to combat fat on the stomach and sides. It came to our yoga, is an effective way to pass the inner muscles. The exercise is best done in the morning on an empty stomach. It contributes to the withdrawal of toxins from the body and normalizes the work of the intestine. Strengthens and tones the inner muscles of the abdomen. Balances the endocrine system. Increases blood flow to stomach and other organs. Helps visually reduce the waist and increase the amount of the chest. The execution technique should be correct. We must learn to feel and strain the muscles. Diaphragm muscles are also involved. Deep breathing contributes to an increase in the volume of lungs.

How to do the exercise:

1. Put your feet on the width of the shoulders.

2. Make a deep breath.

3. Welcome your hands on your knees.

4. Gradually, exhale and pull the stomach.

5. Hold your breath for 10-15 seconds.

6. Strain the abdominal muscles.

7. Repeat the exercise 10 times.

There is still one way of a stomach vacuum. Lying on the bed, pull your hands along the body. Bend the legs in the knees and take a deep breath. Gradually begin to exhale and pull the belly. Having done the last exhalation, click on 5 seconds and make one little inhale. Immediately start exhaling, strain the muscles of the abdomen. Repeat the exercise 10 times, each should consist of 5 small breaths.

How to build training at home

In training you need to be energetic, so make a small snack for 1.5 hours before classes. Prepare the desired inventory: rug, dumbbells, hoop, rope. Choose the most suitable clothing or buy a special. The advantage of special clothing in the compression effect and stretched fabric in 4 times. She does not cause irritation and dismisses moisture well. During the classes, you will not feel wet things on the body.

Make a small warm-up for about 10 minutes. TOOT TOOL, RECOMMEND SPEE AND REDUE. It will help to prepare muscles to load. Make a training program in advance. Start doing all exercises sequentially. Pay attention to breathing, it must be even and the basic effort is made on exhalation. Do 4-6 times a week. Remember about cardion loads and active vacation.

Why belly and sides do not lose weight

The reason for which the belly and the sides are not losing it can be in the wrong approach. If you do not stick to the diet, exercise by exercise 2 times a week and keep a passive lifestyle should not be expected.

Breakdowns when losing weight:

1. Dieting violation.

2. Incorrect meals.

3. irregular nutrition.

4. Skip training.

5. Stresses.

6. Inclime.

7. Passive lifestyle.

8. Alcohol consumption.

9. Sugar and flour use.

10. Bad habits.

There is another reason why you can not lose weight. When a long-calorie diet lasts for 2 weeks, there is a natural slowdown of metabolism. Fat slowly leaves, but so slowly that you can not notice the result. Dietary chickens can cope with this. Increase the calorie content of the diet by 15-30%. Only not by harmful snacks or candies. Add porridge, or fruit to your diet.

Drive calorie control, eat more protein. When nutrients do not come to the body, it begins to feel hunger. Calories coming down with food accumulates and postponing about the reserve. Healthy nutrition should be without calorie limit. After the body understands that it will not be hungry, it will begin to give fat deposits. Only an integrated approach will help to get rid of fat. If you decide to take up a healthy lifestyle, do not let yourself eat harmful food and follow the rigorous plan. Put the target or come up with motivation, thanks to which you will be learned.

Sports in combination with proper nutrition will help to spread with unnecessary kilograms. Many are interested in the question: what exercises should be done to lose weight?

Features of exercise

Sport is very useful to reduce body weight. And competently chosen physical classes accelerate this process.

Daily classes

Many people are interested in whether there are training for every day for weight loss? Yes, and their benefits are obvious - calories leave the calories more and faster. But the effectiveness of this method is still due to the power strategy. If you do fitness every day, observing a low-calorie diet, then the metabolism is slowed down, and the feeling of hunger increases. In addition, it is not desirable to conduct heavy training with a barbell. In this case, the state of overwork appears, and the body takes 2-3 days to restore.

Rules for performing daily physical classes:

  • do short and intense exercises to lose weight and burn fat;
  • In the home atmosphere, cardiography should take 30-45 min;
  • The more active the body works, the greater appetite appears, so it is important to control the volume of calories.

Training for rapid weight reset

There is a set of exercises how to lose weight quickly. Views of sports activities and the effect being produced:

  • squats swing buttocks and hips;
  • Planck strengthens the muscles of the press, back and legs. Prevents the formation of fat clusters;
  • Jumping on the rope will involve many muscle groups and weight goes;
  • twisting torso will make a slim and beautiful waist;
  • plie pumps the buttock zone and the inner femoral part;
  • Figures forward remove fat on the legs;
  • The lifting of the pelvis or the berry bridge forms strong and attractive buttocks;
  • push-ups include a large muscular complex and help to lose weight;
  • The bridge of the side will result in the order of the waist;
  • Reverse tangles pump triceps and remove fat clusters from the axillary zone.

Daily training for rapid slimming improves energy accumulation in

Muscular fabrics, and stabilizes the activity of the heart and vessels.

Universal fitness

For general "fat burning" you must first build a plan of physical exertion. Tasks are recommended in a specific sequence the desired number of times. Training involves performing 8 tasks, each of which is repeated by 50 p.

List of most effective exercises for slimming throughout the body:

  1. Jumping Jack. Become straight, legs put a wider shoulders, pull out the sides. Sit down and touch the floor with your fingers, then straighten the body sharply, while having slammed her heads.
  1. Twisting. Sit on the rug, the lower limbs bend in the knee and lift in front of you. Hands stretch parallel to the floor. The back slowly omitted on the ½ distance to the floor, the legs slightly break, straining with the press. Next take the starting position.
  2. Skier. Standing on the floor to reduce the feet together, and straighten the housing. Make the fall to the right, while left the left leg to take back and bend in the knee joint. Touch the left hand to the right foot. Repeat the other way.
  3. Boat. Lie down the stomach down on the litter. The lower limbs move together, the top pull in front of them. Raise your arms and legs up, delay them for a few moments, then omit.
  4. Bertie is considered an effective exercise for the slimming of the whole body. Become directly and make squats, while trying to set the palms on the floor. Body mass transfer to upper limbs and jump back. In this position, it is squeezed into the jump to the hands of your legs. Then straighten, jump, while simultaneously slamming over your head.
  5. Planck with twisting. Take the position of the side plank. Left elbow lay down to the floor. Body weight transfer to the support limb and legs, pelvis. Right palm put on the back of the head. Tighten the right knee to the free elbow. Straighten.
  6. Drops in a straight line. Stand smoothly, burning. Run a step back, at the same time beating the knees. Sit down, touch the floor as retraced knee joint. Jump and change the position in the other side.
  7. Push ups. Perform stop lying. Flexing your hands in the elbows, go down torso. Having dropped, make a small pause and take the initial position.

Excellent training

The most effective weight loss exercises implies the inclusion of many muscular groups. The movements are quite simple, but it is recommended to make them in an intensive pace. Perform each type of exercise you need 30 s, then make the same break, and go to the next task. If the load is insufficient, it follows the work time to bring up to 1 min. The complex consists of such varieties:

  • skier movement replace standard jumps;
  • The predator dance launches the work of the shoulder belt and hips;
  • The skating look activates the pulse and the muscles of the lower extremities;
  • Effective exercise for weight loss - explosive spin loads almost all parts of the body;
  • semi-man with jumps - an alternative to standard squats;
  • Running on elevation or steps;
  • Steps on the bench work on the foot muscles and the hips zone;
  • A bear gait or crab maximizes the body.

Rules for conducting training

Even a slight weight loss training requires compliance with such conditions:

· Training starts with a ten-minute warm-up and end with a stretching;

· Fitness is advisable to spend 1-2 hours after meals;

· It is recommended to drink 200 ml of pure water in 30 minutes. before sports, and 200-400 ml at the end;

· In order not to damage the joints on the legs dress sneakers;

· For greater effect during power exercises, small dumbbells should be used (up to 2 kg);

· Performing sports loads, follow the correct breathing. It is forbidden to delay it during intensive movements;

· In order to quickly get rid of excess weight, it is advisable to increase the physical activity of walks in the fresh air.

What exercises do to lose weight, everyone chooses independently. The most effective method is to engage in sports loads that contribute to muscle growth and eat rationally.

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