How to replenish the Bitcoin wallet with QIWI, Sberbank and other ways

Recently, such an electronic currency as Bitcoin is gaining increasingly popularity. It is spoken about the Internet resources and even in news programs. And it is not surprising. After all, the currency is growing not likely the pace. But, despite such popularity, there are still not everyone known ways to replenish the Bitcoin wallet. In this article we will try to describe all the proven options for purchasing this cryptocurrency.

Methods of replenishment Bitcoin wallet

Before you purchase bitcoins, you will need to start a special electronic wallet on which the currency will be stored. Among the most popular wallets, you can highlight BLOCCHAIN, COINBASE, STRONGCOIN. But the complexity is that without having bitcoins, you will not get to replenish your wallet. First you need to purchase cryptocurrency. The safest way to purchase is the acquisition of bitcoins through specialized exchanges and exchanges.

Specialized Exchanges and Exchanges

On the Internet you can find many exchangers sites. It is worth considering that all these bitcoins can be purchased at different exchangers. Therefore, when choosing a site, you should not hurry and access the services of the first thing. Before making your choice, you should familiarize yourself with the exchange rate on other objects. Among the most popular and proven real users can be distinguished such exchangers as:

  • X-pay;
  • 60s;
  • XChange;
  • Prostocash;
  • Wmglobus;
  • 24Paybank;
  • Ukrcash;
  • Ychanger.

You can purchase bitcoins on these exchangers using different types of payment systems. Exchange them on Yandex.Money, QIWI, speaking the necessary amounts from a bank card and other ways. Possible directions of exchange operations can be somewhat vary depending on the selected site.

An alternative option for replenishing the Bitcoin wallet is specialized stock exchanges. Participants can, how to buy, so and sell different types of cryptocurrency at the selected course. It is worth noting that it is the stock exchanges that are primary sources. It is on them that participants acquire bitcoins, and after, sold on various exchanger, having benefits on such transactions. The most popular stock exchanges include:

  • EXMO;
  • Yobit;
  • LocalBitcoins;
  • LiveCoin;
  • C-CEX;
  • SpectroCoin;
  • HitBTCX.

Not many newcomers wishing to acquire bitcoins turn to stock exchanges. After all, it is more complicated to work with them than with exchanger. But if you look for the most profitable offers of the purchase of cryptocurrency, you can find them here.

Electronic money

Through exchanging and stock exchanges, you can get bitcoins, exchangeing them for electronic money. To perform such an operation, you will need to select QIWI or Yandex.Money, and select Bitcoins in the window "Get". Then you will need to specify the amount you are ready to give or how many bitcoins you want to get. The system will automatically consider the second digit. You will only have fill in the props of the write-off and wallet wallet, specify the email address and start sharing.

Exchange through the stock exchange looks somewhat more complicated. To begin with, you will need to replenish the score with the help of an electronic wallet, and then set an order. Speaking with simple words - to offer participants from buying from you to the credit amount for bitcoins. You yourself install the price for which you want to sell your electronic money. But still, it is worth navigating the market value of such exchange operations. If you set a disadvantage rate, the likelihood that the transaction will be able to turn, decreases at times.

And, for example, Webmoney has its wallet for storing bitcoins. Having created WMX wallet, you can not only store bitcoins on it, but also produce exchange operations, simply by transferring amounts from one wallet to another. True it is worth considering that the transfer course to Webmoney can not always please.

Through terminals

Replenishment Bitcoin Wallet through the terminals is not available for everyone. For example, not all residents of Russia will be able to take advantage of this way. After all, the terminals allowing the replenishment of the Bitcoin wallet only began to appear in the cities of the country. But in Ukraine, still since 2014, this possibility is implemented. But the bitcoins will be replenished with all payment devices. One of the devices supporting such a purchase is IBOX. And to perform an operation on such a terminal, you will need to execute the following instructions:

  1. We find the IBOX terminal;
  2. Click the BTCubbiz link;
  3. We enter the phone number;
  4. We introduce the amount of payment;
  5. Print the receipt and save it;
  6. Go to the above site;
  7. Choose the item "Purchase";
  8. Choosing "cash in the terminal";
  9. We look at the receipt of the activation code and introduce it;
  10. Press the "Pay" button;
  11. We check the data entered and select Bitcoin enrollment;
  12. We indicate the props of the wallet and click pay.

Is it possible to replenish the Bitcoin wallet card of Sberbank?

Replenish the Bitcoin wallet card of Sberbank. But not directly, but through specialized services. So, performing an operation through exchanger, it will be necessary in the "Give" the Sberbank window, and the Bitcoin will get in the window. Then you will need to specify the map number, surname, name and patronymic of the sender, email address and Bitcoin wallet. Now you can move to the exchange operation.

The client enters the Security Page, where it will be necessary to check and enter the code obtained in the SMS message. On average, it will take about 10 minutes. And after its successful passage, acquired bitcoins will go to the bill for 10-15 minutes.

Sale of services and goods

An alternative way to replenish the Bitcoin wallet can be the sale of goods and services for bitcoins. This method of exchange has long been one of the popular methods of calculation in the United States and Europe. In Russia, unfortunately, such payment is rarely found. But given the rapid growth of interest in this cryptocurrency, it is obvious that soon the situation can change dramatically.

This method of calculation is performed very simple. You exhibit as a price for your product or the provision of services in Bitcoins, and the buyer is calculated, translating bitcoins to your wallet. To be able to pay, you will need to inform the buyer's address of your wallet.

other methods

You can allocate other methods of replenishing the Bitcoin wallet. One of these ways is a direct purchase of currency holders. You can sell bitcoins to sell bitcoins on specialized forums, chat rooms and bulletin boards. One of these resources is LocalBitcois. This portal was created specifically for those who want to exchange bitcoins, without referring to specialized services and not overpaying in commissions.

This transaction is performed simply. You agree to buy bitcoins and translate the amount to the seller. After receiving the reward, the seller translates the bitcoins to your wallet. But it is worth considering that such transactions are quite risky. No one controls whether you were obtained bitcoins or not. Therefore, it is recommended to resort to such transactions only if you are absolutely confident in the reliability of your partner.

But, for example, in Austria, Mexico and South Korea, you can replenish the Bitcoin wallet simply by bought a gift card. There such cards can be purchased in stores and kiosks. The coupons printed the code that is specified on the Special Site. After, bitcoins come directly to your wallet.

A more complex way to replenish the Bitcoin wallet is mining. Mining is the process of obtaining or generating new cryptocurrency units. Bitcoins generation requires computing capacity. This topic is quite complicated and not bringing great profits. On average, it is possible to earn from 0.5 to 5 dollars for such activities. Mineig makes sense only if you have any computing power.

Limits and Commission

Bitcoin wallets do not install limits on replenishment. As for the commissions, using the specialized services to replenish the Bitcoin's wallet, it is worth considering that the system will hold its commission to perform operation. Its size will depend on the selected service and can reach up to 10%. That is why it is recommended to carry out the operation of the services before performing the operation and take into account not only the profitability of the course, but also the system commissions.

Bitcoin is gaining increasing popularity. In this regard, new ways are constantly being created and the old methods of replenishing the electronic wallet and the output of virtual money are being improved. After reading all the ways to replenish the e-bill account Bitcoin wallet, you can safely assure that every currency holder will be able to find the best way based on its capabilities and preferences.

Bitcoin is a digital currency gaining popularity in recent years, but many still do not know what methods can be replenished by the Bitcoin wallet. In fact, this can be done from the card, a kiwi wallet and many other ways. We will tell you how faster and more profitable to do, and if you are interested Conclusion of money with Bitcoin Wallet on the map , all the details about it read in a separate article on the site.

Briefly about the Bitcoin Wallet

All the concepts of Bitcoin and Blockchain are familiar, but not everyone still knows what the Bitcoin-wallet is and how can I use digital coins? Bitcoin-wallet is called a peculiar storage for tokens. It can be monomatically or multicurrency, that is, it only works with one cryptocurrency or maintain other coins.


Each wallet has an address consisting of Latin letters and numbers. The first wallet is short - this is a public address that can be shown to other people. The second address is a secret or private key that opens access to assets, so it needs to be kept in a safe place.

The public key consists of 34 characters - here is an example: 1n2fzBappmJDM7EGU9YTYUVYS5FCWAXOHP. The second key is longer and may look like this: 5jcgetpu7jmaszq9dbqnx9ceq4p6tfdsmt63hgnm7vjyir427uq5

Main ways to replenish

There are many ways to replenish Bitcoin-wallets accessible to users in Russia. You can translate finances as with electronic wallets of type WebMoney, Yandex or QIWI and from bank cards. There are also special terminals called IBOX, which every year becomes more and more in the country.

When replenishing the BTC wallet, a certain commission is always charged, depending on several factors:

  • transfer amount;
  • the terms of the payment system you use;
  • Conditions for the transfer of assets.

On average, commissions range from 2 to 5 percent, and sometimes reaches a record 10 percent. As a rule, the smaller the amount of the transaction, the more expensive the Commission is.

How to upload funds to bitcoin wallet through the terminal?

First, we will define how to transfer money to the Bitcoin wallet from the terminal. This option is not available to everyone, since there are no such automata in every Russian city. They are mainly found in large cities, and they began to spread from Ukraine. If you decide to use the IBOX terminal, you need to do the following:

  • We approach the terminal and select the BTCubbiz feature.
  • We enter the phone number and the amount of the transaction.
  • Print the receipt (you need to save).
  • Go to the site, choose the point "Purchase" and find there "For cash in the terminal".
  • On the receipt there is an activation code to be entered into the appropriate field.
  • Confirm the operation to the "Pay" by the button, check the data and enroll.
  • It remains to specify the props of the wallet and click "Pay".

This is a fairly simple way to throw money on the Bitcoin-Wallet, although not available in all Russian cities.

Replenishment with WebMoney


Webmoney electronic wallets users also have the ability to translate funds directly to their Bitcoin wallets, avoiding online exchanger. To do this, create a WMX wallet in the application - it is created for digital coins. 1 WMX is 0.001 BTC, that is, 1,000 WMX is exactly 1 BTC.

To transfer assets with WebMoney, you must first replenish your WMX. This can be done by internal exchange (a small commission in the amount of 0.8% will be distinguished). When the required amount will be on the wallet, you need to go to the webmoney personal account and do the following:

  • Log in and go to a section with the output of funds. You can simply follow the link
  • On the page you need to fill out two fields. The first indicates the transfer amount, and in the second the address of the wallet.
  • Confirm the operation with the "Send" button.
  • Go to the WebMoney Keeper program and paying the bill that has already had to do.

Immediately after this, a transaction will take place for some time. As soon as the procedure passes, the funds will be enrolled on the Bitcoin wallet.

Replenishment of the Bitcoin Wallet from the Sberbank Card or another bank


There is an option with the replenishment of Bitcoin-wallets from Sberbank cards or other banks, but for this you will have to use the online exchanger. You can choose the appropriate using a special Bestchange service that is quite popular on the network. On the main page you need to select the exchange direction to display all suitable exchanges. As a rule, it is possible to replenish the Bitcoin wallet from Privat24 cards, Sberbank, Alpha Bank, VTB24, Tinkoff and many others. Listed options are the most profitable due to the minimum commissions.

Features an exchange service with a suitable course, you need to open the site, fill out the appropriate application and confirm the operation. In different exchanges, the procedure may differ, but in general, everything is always intuitive even beginners. Also in all such exchangers there are technical support services responsible for users' questions.

After the application is drawn up, an invoice will be made by payment using a bank card. This must be done during a certain period - is usually given 1 day. You can make in online mode through your bank's office. After payment at a certain time, the exchanger will list the funds on the Bitcoin wallet.

How to transfer money to Bitcoin Wallet with Kiwi, Yandex.Money and other electronic wallets?

This option works similarly to the above described. It is necessary on the Bestchange website to choose a suitable exchange direction. For example, an account can be replenished with a kiwi wallet, Yandex.Money or other online wallets. The user simply generates an application and pays the received account, and then everything happens in automatic mode. Some exchangers with which the Bestchange service works requires mandatory authorization, but it is usually not a problem even for beginners.


As practice shows, many users successfully replenish Bitcoin wallets from bank cards, electronic wallets and many other ways. The variants are many, so everyone has the right to choose a suitable time, the size of the Commission and other conditions. Everything is simple enough, comfortable and fast. The main thing is to do everything according to the instructions and carefully enter the address of the Bitcoin wallet. Otherwise, the funds will be listed on the address of the wallet belonging to someone else or just burn, and they will not be able to return them.

Despite the vibrations of the Bitcoin course, cryptocurrency continues to keep the interest of the audience. Newbies that have recently held in a cryptomyr may be interested in the problem, how to easily replenish the Bitcoin wallet after registration. It is necessary to subsequently pay for BTC products and services on the Internet - the method allows you to save on commissions.

Replenishment methods

Services through which Bitcoin is being completed, it becomes more and more. It is not necessary to leave the house - there is an opportunity tool to put on the Bitcoin-wallet through popular payment systems (Webmoney, Qiwi) or regular bank cards.

A significant lack of translation of fate money in Bitcoins - Commission fees, since the Commission sometimes takes up to 10-15% of the transfer amount. The average level of commission is 2-5%. Operations with large sums cost more profitable than minor, so it is recommended not to replenish the score every time you needed to pay for something, but to do it less often, but large sums.

How to replenish the bitcoin wallet through the terminal

Terminals to pay for various services in Russia many, but it is difficult to find a device that would work with Bitcoin. Bank terminals, as well as ElecsNet and QIWI devices, will not be suitable. Two options, how can I put money on the Bitcoin-wallet: Terminals of payment from TYME and IBOX manufacturers.

Procedure for the replenishment of the Bitcoin Wallet:

  1. In the search line, enter the BTCU.BIZ resource address, go to the designated site.
  2. Enter a mobile phone number to the appropriate field.
  3. Wait to check the phone. There will be a call to put money in the bill acceptor, information about the commission, the minimum amount of the account of the Bitcoin account.
  4. Insert bills, a special button to confirm the actions.
  5. Print the check, which indicates the amount made, the time of operation, a special activation code. Check not throw away.
  6. Come home, open the site from the computer.
  7. Right up to find the button " Receive ", After clicking which to choose the item" For cash through the terminal " In the appropriate field, print an activation code from the receipt. The code is valid for a month.
  8. Talk to confirm acceptance with the rules of service and click on the button " Pay "
  9. As soon as the system recognizes and accept the code, click the " Further "And in the next window indicate" Top up the address btc. "
  10. Insert the address wallet Bitcoin and solve capping.

The procedure is simple and takes little time. Funds equivalent to the amount of replenishment, through service will automatically switch to the Bitcoin account for 5-10 minutes if the blockchain is not overloaded.

The exchange of Russian rubles for bitcoins is carried out according to the current stock exchange rate cryptocurrency: it should be remembered before replenishing the balance. Terminals receive only cash bills. Explanation, how to replenish the Bitcoin-wallet from a bank card, is detailed below.

How to replenish Bitcoin's Wallet with WebMoney

Method of replenishing a BTC wallet through a webmoney system, aimed at payments on the Internet. Side services are not used, and the Commission is significantly lower than in the exchanger.

To transfer money, sufficiently follow the instructions:

  • Generate WMX wallet in the user's custom personal account. Wallet serves to storing bitcoins. Aspect ratio: 1 wmx = 0.001 BTC.
  • Top up the WMX balance. Loglyly, run from another webmoney storage (WMR, WMZ).
  • As soon as the WMX formed a sufficient amount, go to the page

  • Enter the BTC address to output and the desired amount. Install the Commission (the more, the faster the transaction is processed). Click "Send".
  • Go to WebMoney Keper and pay the bill that is automatically exposed by the system.

The translation takes from 10 minutes to infinity - it depends on how quickly webmoney will be able to collect six confirmations to turn on the transaction into the Bitcoin block. Once the operation is executed, the information will appear in the list of all transactions.

How to replenish the balance of the Bitcoin Wallet using a bank card (VISA / MC)

Top up electronic bitcoin wallet with a regular bank card will help online exchanger. Trusted exchange services are collected in the Bestchange monitoring.

Instruction how to replenish Bitcoin-wallet through the exchanger:

  1. On the starting page of Bestchand, choose the necessary direction of exchange, for example, rubles to bitcoins. The Bank is most profitable to choose from the list: Sberbank, Alfa-Bank, Privat24, Tinkoff, VTB24, where the excess transaction commission is not charged. However, if you wish, you can choose another bank with the support of MasterCard and Visa payment giants.
  2. Select from the list of exchanger with the most favorable course to replenish the Bitcoin wallet. Fill out an application for receipt.
  3. The process of filling out the application is about the same on all exchangers, the difference lies in the nuances. If the service rules require, it is necessary to register and / or verify the account. If there are difficulties, it is reasonable to contact the support service.
  4. As soon as the application is drawn up and confirmed, the exchanger exposes the user to the user. Time for payment is usually 24 hours.

When the client paid an account with a card, money is sent to the Bitcoin wallet address in accordance with the specified course. To throw funds, the system goes on average half an hour.

The best exchangers for 2019:

  • 60CEK. Advantage in the large selection of supported payment systems. The disadvantage - the output is often slow, since applications are handled by manually by operators. There is a referral program, and discounts are given for registration.
  • Platov. Manual output, but there are many operators, so operations are carried out in a few minutes. Extended discount system. White reputation on thematic sites and forums. The resource works on a secure HTTPS connection.
  • Kassa. Differs the loyal minimum amount - the exchange is made from 0.001 BTC. Almost does not request personal information, with the exception of the email address. Bitcoins usually come instantly, since the resource works automatically without the participation of operators.

  • Prostocash. It is famous for high privacy. The course is not changing in real time, but once every three minutes. The semi-automatic system, each transaction Bitcoin falls under the control of operators.
  • Baksman. Automatic exchanger, the fastest among competitors. Registered users give a discount of 0.05%, but you can use the service and without registration. Discounts with time can be increased.
  • I-OBMEN. Quite high-speed service, money come within 5-10 minutes. Works for three years. Round-the-clock technical support responds quickly to appeals.

All exchange services are similar. It is important to look at the profitability of the course and the reputation of a specific resource.

How to list money on Bitcoin-wallet with electronic PS QIWI, Yandex.Money and others

Get Bitcoin on favorable terms with the use of virtual payment tools helps exchanger. First you need to make a wallet in the payment system of interest and replenish the balance.

An instruction for the exchange of electronic currencies:

  • On the Bestchange online portal start page, specify in the left column (" Give away ") Kiwi or poison, and in the right - Bitcoins .
  • The list of working resources offering the necessary exchange is automatically compiled, from which you need to choose the most profitable option at the rate.

  • Click on the link leading to the selected Exchange Service. If necessary, register and confirm the account.
  • Specify all the required data in the application: Bitcoin address, Yandex or Kiwi wallet number.
  • Authorized on the payment platform and pay the proposed account.

Within 5-10 minutes after payment of the bill, the bitcoin wallet will be replenished. Many users consider the way profitable, as commission deductions in the case of using electronic PS an order of magnitude lower than that of bank cards.

How to replenish the Bitcoin-wallet with minimal commission - replenishment of the BTC account through the stock exchange

The cryptocurrency exchanges are almost in all countries of the world, where there is no direct ban on trade in digital assets. The popularity of Bitcoina played a significant role in the growth of the demands of the platforms. Exchanges allow us to evaluate current cryptocurrency courses, view price charts and exchange one currency to another.

For 2018, there are 25-30 large portals for cryptocurrency exchange, which really work honestly. Some support exclusively cryptocurrency (then for the purchase of Bitcoins will have to throw other coins on the stock exchange), and some include in the list of currency pairs and fate money, which simplifies the task.

On the stock exchanges to buy bitcoins more profitable than through exchanging, as there are no large commissions, and the rate is more suitable. Tracking the Bitcoin Course Graphics Exchange on Real Time Exchange, you can choose the best possible time to make a deal.

Instructions for buying bitcoins on the example of the Russian cryptocreas ExMO:

  • Register and log in on the platform.
  • In the top menu, select the tab " Exchange "
  • Select currencies that interest and introduce the amount.

  • Press the " Exchange "

The operations can always be found in the section " My story of trades "

Exmo. It differs from the majority of the stock exchange in that it is possible to start trading in a matter of seconds after the start of registration. The system does not request confirmation email. There are no restrictions and to withdraw funds on wallets or other stocks. There is a function of the verification of the account - the question arises, why it is necessary.

Verification - Not a mandatory event, but a number of advantages a user receives. Opportunities for bank transfer, use of payment systems with the requirement of identification verification, withdrawal dollars and euros on bank cards. Users who are not interested in these options can safely skip the verification of the account. The process is quite long: you will need to download a scan document certifying the identity, confirm the address, even make selfie.

Coins are hurt in the Bitcoin-Wallet

How to replenish the balance of the Bitcoin Wallet quickly and profitable - the best ways, commissions, features of operations.

The content of the article:

  1. What you need to know before replenishing the Bitcoin-Wallet
  2. How to transfer money to Bitcoin-Wallet - Favorable ways

Bitcoin-wallet replenishment provides for the translation of the BTC coin to the storage address. However, before investing, a newcomer must be understood in many questions: what type of storage of crypts to choose which wallet to use how to register it and ensure maximum safety. We have already talked about

BTC-repository types

Today we will talk about how to replenish them.

What you need to know before replenishing the Bitcoin-Wallet?

Before transferring coins to the Bitcoin-Wallet, you need to create it and take care of safety:
  1. If this Paper storage , Use only printed list personally. Do not print it in service centers or familiar, use the home printer. Also, it is also impossible to ask someone to create and print a sheet with keys, because that person can easily access all your funds.
  2. For Hardware Wallets There is your rules for safe use - make sure you have access to the device, and the LED-phrase is reliably hidden. Often, people who store bitcoins in the long-term, forget passwords and about where the phrase LED is hidden. In this case, access to your funds can be lost forever. Also make sure that third-party software is not installed on your hardware wallet. In addition, do not buy devices from hand or retail stores. Order new devices on the site of the official manufacturer.
  3. Desktop storage They are considered one of the most comfortable and safe. However, in this case it is important to consider several nuances before putting money on the Bitcoin-Wallet. First, make sure that you have recorded and reliably hidden a password for access. Check your computer to viruses and install a good antivirus. If you need to contact a service center for a laptop service, then do it before entering the tools on the wallet.
  4. Before replenishing Bitcoin-Wallet on Online Services Or the score in the stock exchange, make sure that you switched exactly to the platform you need, and not on the phishing resource. Otherwise, all your funds will be kidnapped by fraudsters.

A couple of nuances that need to know to avoid difficulties in replenishing the Bitcoin wallet:

  • Pay attention to the limits, this is especially true of the stock exchange. Often on the services there is a threshold of a minimum deposit, the less which will not be turned out. But this is not the most unpleasant. In many cases, if the amount is less input threshold, then the means may not return to your account. In this case, they simply hang.
  • Specify adequate commissions. It is known that the Bitcoin system depends on the commission's size of the Commission. At the same time, if the commission is appointed very small, the operation can delay for a long time.

If you were properly prepared, there should be no problems with the introduction of crypts on the wallet.

How to transfer money to Bitcoin-Wallet - Favorable ways

The crypt input method depends on the type of wallet used, the currency that you have and where it is stored. Transfer options may be several:

  • From another cryptocurrency storage.
  • With EPS, where Fiat is stored.
  • From bank card.

If you are going to replenish the stock Bitcoin-wallet from a bank card or EPS, then often on such services there are forms of entering fiatny currencies, which can then be exchanged on a crypt. But if you need to replenish any other type of wallet from a fate account, the essence of the operation is to transfer funds to the generated Bitcoin address. In this case, you will have to use the intermediary services of exchangers or stock prices.

There is a third method - multicurrency services (for example, a cryptonator), which can be replenished with any fathet currency or crypt, and then exchange it on BTC. Let's look at the best ways to throw money on the Bitcoin-Wallet.

Replenishment from another cryptocurrency storage

Form of sending Bitcoin from the wallet blockchain

This method is relevant if the bitcoins are stored in you in one wallet, and you want them to be translated into another. Suppose the crypt you bought in


, and you want to want to

Bitcoin Core.

. For this:

  1. We go to, we enter the repository account and choose the Bitcoin item on the left.
  2. You will find a list of transactions that you have already conducted. To display the coins, press the "Send" button. We will open the departure form in which you choose cryptocurrency for output.
  3. Open your Bitcoin Core wallet and click on the "Get" button. In the window that opens, we generate the bitcoin address and copy it.
  4. We insert the address copied in the software client to the blockchain in the wallet. Write a description of the transaction if you wish. This mark will be visible only to you so that you remember where the funds were sent.
  5. Indicate the Commission. Regular - Standard Collection, Priority - Priority. In the second case, the operation will take less time. Click to continue.

It is even easier to figure out how to replenish the balance of the paper Bitcoin-wallet, for example, with Bitcoin Core, because in such a repository address for obtaining has already been generated. It only needs to be entered in the "Send" tab in the software wallet interface.

How to replenish the Bitcoin-Wallet with EPS through the stock exchange?

The form of replenishment of the ruble account on the Yobit Exchange

The electronic payment systems today are considerably popular, because many people keep their funds on such accounts. To invest in cryptocurrency, in this case you will have to use intermediary services. Electronic money must be entered on the stock exchange or multicurrency storage, after which it is exchanged for Bitcoin and or leave stored on the service, or bring to a third-party wallet. You can also immediately conduct an exchange operation by selecting the best course in the exchanger.

If you want to carry out an operation through the stock exchange, then pay for a few points:

  1. Course. You enter Fiat, after which you will need to buy Bitcoin for him. Choose services with the most favorable course.
  2. Limits. This is one of the most important points. Take care in advance so that the amount of the replenishment and the amount of BTC to output were within the limits.
  3. Commission. Some services do not take commission fees for the input of funds (for example, the Job Exchange). Others, such an exception is made only when entering the crypt (EXMO Examision). The exchange and conclusion of the Commission may also differ. Of course it is better to choose reliable platforms with a minimum commission.
  4. Support EPS. Cryptobiri usually support different input methods, but it is necessary to clarify whether the selected service works with the payment system on which you have money stored.
  5. Reputation and reviews. This is the last, but important item. The exchange primarily should be reliable and have a good reputation. You should not neglect reviews, but it is better to study them on different services. In addition, do not associate with one-day platforms. Otherwise, you can become a victim of fraudsters.

We consider the and Yobit.NET market with the most profitable and reliable services with Russian-speaking localization.

Consider how to replenish the Bitcoin-Wallet through the last:

  1. We register and (or) enter the Yobit stock exchange.
  2. Go to the "Balances" section and opposite the RUR click on the plus sign.
  3. In the form that opens, we see that replenishment is possible through 4 systems - QIWI, ADVCASH, PAYEER and CAPITALIST. Opposite each method, the Commission indicates. For entry with kiwi, 3% of the total amount is charged, other methods of input are free.
  4. We introduce the amount and replenish the score on the yobite. After enrollment, we go to the "TRADE" tab.
  5. Choosing a couple of interest to us - RUR / BTC and buy cryptocurrency. The commission for the operation will be 0.2%.
  6. Bought coins can be stored on the account of the exchange, but it is not as safe as cold storage, because if you buy bitcoins in a long time, then it is better to bring money on paper, hardware or at least a desktop wallet. To do this, in the tab "Balances" opposite BTC, press minus. In the window that opens, enter the address for the output (generated in the repository, which will be replenished) and the amount. The operation fee is 0.0012 BTC, regardless of the output amount.

On this procedure, the procedure is completed and funds should be credited to our bitcoin-invoice in another wallet.

How to replenish the Bitcoin-wallet from a card or payment system through the exchanger?

Visa / MasterCard RUB exchange options on BTC on Bestchej

The second way is more suitable for those who want to carry out the operation quickly, or those who do not want to register on the stock exchange and pass long verification. For such users there are exchangers and services of their monitoring. One of the most important advantages of such sites is a lot of exchange options. For example, the Yobit Exchange does not support hryvnias and Ya.Dengi, and Exmo is the replenishment of the ruble account from the bank card. It is necessary to search for a long time, choose the optimal ratio of reliability, availability of different methods of input and output with suitable limits and a low commission.

There are no such exchangers. Here, quickly and without problems can be replenished with a Bitcoin-wallet from a bank card, payment systems, through Internet banking, for another cryptocurrency, through remittances and even cash.

Consider step by step instructions:

  1. We go to the monitoring of exchangers and in the left table choose the exchange option. In the right column, specify Bitcoin (BTC), and in the left - for example, Visa / MasterCard RUB.
  2. In the central window, exchange options appear. Exchanger with the most favorable course in the first place, then downwardly. We look at feedback and reserves, if suitable, choose this option.
  3. On the Exchange page that opens, we enter the necessary information - the direction of exchange, the amount, name, the email address.
  4. Follow the system prompts and form an application. After completing it, money will go to your account.

Exchangers allow you to quickly and profitably put money on the Bitcoin wallet. Do not think that the course on such services is less profitable than on the stock exchanges. Yes, it is lower, but keep in mind that all commission costs are already included here. While cryptocheges need to pay for input, exchange, output. And if, for example, the replenishment of the bank card is not supported, then even consider the commission for transferring the card to the EPA. So the stock exchanges and exchangers are practically no different in profitability. Transfers through the latter just take less time.

Replenishment of the Bitcoin Wallet through multicurrency storage

Cryptonator exchange tab

One of the most popular Russian-speaking users with multicurrency wallet for storing cryptocurrency and fiat is a cryptonator. It can be stored and exchanged 15 types of cryptomones among themselves, also at the disposal of users of 4 types of fate wallets.

Replenish the Bitcoin-Wallet on this service can be transferred from another cryptochorana or through the exchanger. However, there is still the possibility of entering FIAT, followed by exchange. Consider how to transfer money to the Bitcoin wallet from the ruble account on the cryptonator:

  1. On the main page of the wallet, select the compartment "Rubles". In the drop-down menu, press the "Top up rubles" button.
  2. We offer 3 input options: I.Dengi (from 100 to 50 000 rubles, 2.9%), PAYEER (100-50 000 RUR, 2.9%), bank card (100-15 000 RUR, 4.9%).
  3. After replenishment, we go to the "Exchange" tab and choose the direction of the exchange - rubles / bitcoins. We introduce the amount and carry out the operation.

After that, the Bitcoins are credited to our account. If necessary, they can be translated into

BTC address

Another wallet, and can be stored on this service.

We looked at the main ways to replenish the Bitcoin-Wallet. Do not forget after crediting funds to take care of storage

Private key

In a reliable place. If you use desktop storage, make


. So you restore access to money if something happens to the computer.

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