Animals from rubberry on the machine - sea fleet

Weaving of unusual and funny toys from rubberry is a hobby that captured the whole world. Ensure reduced copies of various domestic and wild animals can not only adults, but also children. This original passion contributes to the development of shallow motility, perfection, as well as the ability to concentrate its attention on trifles. But, most importantly, it is still the fact that this amazing hobby allows parents and children together to spend time with benefit!

Animals from rubberry on the machine Animals from rubberry on the machine Animals from rubberry on the machine Animals from rubberry on the machine Animals from rubberry on the machine Animals from rubberry on the machine

Weaving Spider for beginners

Animals from rubberry on the machineBefore proceeding with practical activities, I would like to note the fact that we can weigh the animals from rubberry in different ways:

  • With the help of slingshot;
  • on a special machine;
  • crochet;
  • On the fingers, fork or pencils.

Start mastering the technique of weaving figures of various animals is better from the simplest schemes. Therefore, now we suggest you try to make a small black spider with a plastic slingshot with us. To create this "Beast" you will need:

Let's start creating a terrible "beast" by slingshot. Take a slingshot and turn it so that the grooves look in your direction. Take care of a rubber on one of the halves of slingshot, while making 4 turns.

Animals from rubberry on the machineTension on the other side of the slingshot one rubber. Then connect the two halves of slingshot with a two-fold elastic band.

Glowing 2 gum nodes, as shown in the photo.

Animals from rubberry on the machinePlease note that for this toy you need to make three such details. Finished loops, knotted knoting, should be placed on slingshot. One half of the formed looping is put on one side of the slingshot, and the second one. Crochet lower row with slingshot and tighten the resulting knot well. These nodules are needed to fasten the paws, so that the toy does not fall apart during the use. To the toy look more reliably, rubberry rumbles on the second side of the slingshot cut into scissors in half. Spheres will turn out to be more shaggy and funny.

Animals from rubberry on the machineSpider ready! You can only remove it carefully with his slingshot. To learn to make a spider of rubberry, you can also view a small video, in which the whole process of creating this toy is styled.

Video: Spider do it yourself

Learning to weave the volume hamster

Having learned to make simple toys with a slingshot, you can try your hand in a more complex and time-consuming weaving on the machine. To make a figure of such a "terrible" beast like a hamster you need:

  • machine;
  • Multicolored gums;
  • hook;
  • pegs (replace them with ordinary matches).

We start weaving an unusual volumetric toy from rubber. First, adjust the machine so that its central row be ahead, and the teeth were turned on the right side. Then put on a circle on a yellow rubber machine, as shown in the photo.

Animals from rubberry on the machineScrew in 4 turns of 2 white gums around the hook and stretch through them the iris. It will be the first foot. In the upper corner of the machine, install 2 piles. A woven earlier element with a single loop lock on a peg. On top of the first row of rubberry neatly sketch the second. Make one more leg and attach it to the second peg. Next, weave the "terrible" beast in the standard scheme. That is, we wear loops in a circle on top, and you remove from the bottom.

Animals from rubberry on the machineHaving done 1 circle, throw the second pocket to the rear paw on the same match as the first. By the same scheme, we make another pair of your feet and secure them on the side speakers in the lower row. Top of the machine we make ears along the same scheme as the paws. We continue weaving with a standard way, without forgetting to add 2 glazing. In order to form them, you need to turn around the hook of 4 turns of the black gum around the hook and remove it to put it on the side column of the row, which is closer to you. According to the same scheme, the second eye is performed for the "Terrible" beast.

Animals from rubberry on the machineAfter that, the finished toy in the form of a funny hamster can be removed from the machine. Now we make a spout: twist eight eight and put on the second looping in the usual way. Then connect the loops in the rear and refuel the gum. Funny toy made of rubber glasses!

Animals from rubberry on the machineSuch a cute hamster can be used as a keychain for keys, decoration for a mobile or wallet. The figure of this animal will not allow you to miss and cause a smile on your face, as the toys from the rubberry look very funny and cute.

Weeping a volumetric cat

To learn how to weave animals from rubber bands on the machine you need to be patient, buy rubberbies and purchase the machine itself. And then it all depends on your imagination and desire to work. Now we offer you to sprinkle a funny pet. First make eyes. They rush according to the standard scheme, so we will not focus on the process of their manufacture.

The eye color does not have to be the same as in the photo. If you wish, you can take blue or yellow or yellow instead of a green gum. Next, gossip the blanks for animal cheeks. Make a small pink spout and ears as a real beast.

Animals from rubberry on the machineNow install the Monster Tale Machine in front of him and securing 3 pairs of rubber on it, twist them in the form of eights as well as shown in the photo. Then, to the resulting weaving, attach the ears made earlier. Take a circle made to this workpiece. Add nose of the future beast to them.

Animals from rubberry on the machine Animals from rubberry on the machine

Put on the machine blank for the eyes and drink it in a circle. Remove the lower row. Take the top 2 more circle on top. In the last circle, add small neat ears to the woven head. Remove the resulting workpiece from the machine. Glowing on the tilt machine for adorable by many homely animals, and then remove it. Glow with the hook of the paws for the animal. For each pair you will need 14 elastic bands.

Animals from rubberry on the machine Animals from rubberry on the machine Animals from rubberry on the machine

Attach the animal's head along with the torso to the machine, and then attach to them tail and foot. Remove the animal from the rubber band from the machine.

Animals from rubberry on the machineSumming up, I would like to note that mostly all animals from the gum are made according to similar schemes. Only the color of the gum themselves, the length of the tailings and animal ears changes. Having mastered the technique of weaving volumetric cats from rubber, you can easily create such animals as: a dog, a cow or a horse. How to make toys from elastic bands in the form of animals can be viewed on the video.

Animals from rubberry on the machine

Video: Animals from rubber

Weaving from Rainbow Loom is a fascinating occupation that conquered people of different age from all over the planet. Using silicone rubber bands, auxiliary tools (for example, a hook, machine) and your imagination, you too can create amazing, unique things. We use much popular: stylish ornaments (bracelets, rings, earrings), glamorous accessories (toys for phone, decoration for school supplies). Recently, wicker animals, insects, characters of favorite children's cartoons and fairy tales become increasingly popular.

Animal weaving on the machine: phased instruction

Before creating animals using rainbow gum prepare tools, attributes that will have to be used in operation:

  • Silicone rubber bands Rainbow Loom;
  • machine;
  • hook (you can do without it using fingers)

Learning to weigh the animal figurines yourself is not difficult, the main thing is to have the necessary attributes, a great desire for creativity, a little fantasy. Help in mastering weaving skills with rainbow rumbers can master classes, video lessons presented below. Description, prompts in the form of a photo will give you the opportunity to create a fun figure from the first time without much effort.

How to soar "owl" on a small machine

To soar a cute Council with your own hands, you will need the following materials:

  • Machine "Monster Tuel";
  • Rainbow Rubber;
  • Special hook.

Animals from rubberry on the machine

Step-by-step execution of animal figures - owls:

  • On the near row of columns wear a rubber, folded twice. On the side pegs on top of the first layer, screw the Rainbow Loom orange color to create quotes.
  • We connect the side columns of the upper and lower rows with steaming of green rubber bands, and the middle-red.
  • The bottom rubber is discharged into the center of work, and then remove the elements that will serve as foot.

Animals from rubberry on the machine

  • Again we ride the horizontal iris, the side right of the pegs connect the elements of green.
  • With the right column we reset the horizontal rubber, and after - the extreme loop.
  • From medium columns throw up the top red loops to the adjacent teeth, we connect the central and right pegs with pairs of red rubber, and the left is green.

Animals from rubberry on the machine

  • We remove the first layers and shift into the center of work, the remaining red loops move to the central.
  • We wear a horizontal rubber and two pieces of green elements, connecting the columns pairwise. We reset the bottom loop into the center. Similarly, create 3 rows.
  • Ride all the loops into two columns, stretching them.

Animals from rubberry on the machine

  • Sketch a rubber orange for Kuvik, and on top - Rainbow Loom green.
  • We discard the lower green iris, and after - with the right pegs and orange.

Animals from rubberry on the machine

  • To moisten the eyes, around the hook winding a black rubber in 4 layers, then another one and stretch the green Rainbow Loom through them.
  • We wear a rubber, distributing the eyes between the columns. Web 1 circle classic way.
  • The remaining loops move to the adjacent columns to form the ears. On the side elements sketch 1 green iris and remove the lower layers.

Animals from rubberry on the machine

Look at the video to figure out the technique of weaving animals in more detail, using an easy way:

Weeping 3D 3D hamster

For weaving from the rainbow of a cute 3D hamster, you need a classic set of tools and attributes. Phased instructions:

Animals from rubberry on the machine

  • The machine is set up so that the average row is nominated forward, and the teeth look at the open side to the right.
  • The first circle sketches the gum in a circle, distorting the eight in this order as in the photo:

Animals from rubberry on the machine

  • We make the back leg screw the two white rubberry around the hook in four turns and stretch through them another iris. We wear the resulting element on the side peg of the upper row of one loop.
  • Sketch a row of white rubber bands and on the last amount we make a paw, similar to the above scheme.
  • Web animal classic way: we dress in a circle Rainbow Loom, the bottom loop remove.

Animals from rubberry on the machine

  • Through the circle, the second loop of the rear paws sketch on the same peg as the first.
  • We make the front paws and fasten everything to the nearby side speakers of the lower row.
  • On the top row we make ears by analogy with the rear paws.
  • We are wearing a classic way, adding eyes: screw 4 turns of black gum around the hook and remove to orange. We put on the side speakers of a close range, similarly make a second eye.

Animals from rubberry on the machine

  • Remove the animal from the machine.
  • We make a nose: A rubber is distorted eight, and we put the second loop in the usual way.
  • We connect the hormster back loops, refuel the rubber, and the magic animal is ready.

Many craftsmen and young lovers of creativity are often wondering how at home independently make bulk 3d figures. Few could be represented a year ago, that using silicone rubber bands can be absorbed by volumetric animals. As practice shows, it's easy to do it, the process will bring you joy, and the result will exceed all expectations. Look below the video with a detailed, step-by-step description of the hamster weaving, and after a short time you can make an independently surround animal that will delight everyone around:

Turtle with small rubber

For weaving the turtles, it is necessary to prepare the machine (where the pegs are standing smoothly and open side), small gum, hook. Phased performance animals:

Animals from rubberry on the machine

  • To create a head and neck, we put in pairs of rubber in the order shown in the photo:

Animals from rubberry on the machine

  • We proceed to creating a shell, for this Rainbow Loom are attached as follows:

Animals from rubberry on the machine

  • Make 4 paws for the shell.

Animals from rubberry on the machine

  • Sketch the resulting paws on the side pegs at the top and bottom of the lat.
  • Weave a small tail for the animal.
  • On the head of the turtle, we make eyes, winding the black Rainbow Loom in four turns on other columns from the beginning of work.

Animals from rubberry on the machine

  • Remove the lower layers, throwing on the pegs, where the second loop of this gum is located.
  • We remove the sink from the machine, we can weigh everything, and the turtle is ready.

To sort out the nuances of weaving animals with a rainbow, watch a video with a detailed master class:

Cat Sylvester on the machine

For a large-sized cat weaving, you will need a standard set of materials - rubberry, machine, hook. Instructions for the execution of the animal:

Animals from rubberry on the machine

  • To weigh the tail, put on Rainbow Loom, as in the photo, and after - from the end, remove the job:

Animals from rubberry on the machine

  • Weave the front cat's front paws follows the scheme in the photo. Two pieces need two parts.

Animals from rubberry on the machine

  • Separately weep the lower parts of the legs. In the manufacture of legs, the lower loops resemble the columns of the neighboring row, and the first weave the classical way. The resulting design is removed and throwing a couple of beige gum through it, and after - two brown.
  • We proceed to the weaving of the body, starting with the neck of the cat. Sketch the rubber on the pegs of the machine in the following order:

Animals from rubberry on the machine

  • The last pegs are secured by the billets of the lower feet.
  • We are wearing belly animals, throwing gums over the middle part of the machine.
  • On the lower central peg wept the tail of the cat, and on the top side - the blanks of the paws.
  • Cat weep classic way.
  • Create cheeks for the face of the animal.
  • How to Essay the head of Cota Sylvester, see photo:

Animals from rubberry on the machine

  • To accomplish your eyes, screw around the hook 4 turns black rubber, and green twice from both sides. We make two elements and remove on a brown rubber.
  • Ears for a cat must be applied separately and attached to the upper cloth.
  • We connect the torso, head, cheeks and finish weaving animals.

Check out the video in which a step-by-step execution of the Sylvester cartoon cat is described in the smallest detail:

How to do Mishk

To create with rainbits, the bear will be needed: a special machine, multicolored gum, hook to relieve work. Step-by-step process description:

Animals from rubberry on the machine

  • Take the animal figurine starting from the head, throwing elastic bands to the machine as follows:

Animals from rubberry on the machine

  • We proceed to the creation of the body, connecting the pegs of the side rows of white rubber bands, and the medium - one white and 1 brown.
  • On the side rows sketching the gum (3 pieces), to obtain the desired length, additionally waters around the rinch hook and discard it on 3 elements. Freak to the last tooth and repeat everything on the other side.
  • To give the volume, on the side columns of the torso sketch another 1 layer of rubber, but already brown.

Animals from rubberry on the machine

  • The front paws weave with the help of a hook and krepim on the first teeth of the body.
  • We make additional elements: ears, eyes, nose and weave the bear. After that, we remove the loop from the machine, we spread everything, and the animal is ready.

Watch the video to see with your own eyes how to make a toy correctly:

Video lessons on weaving animals with rubber bands on the machine

Learn to weave animals, focusing on step-by-step master classes, easy, it is important to adhere to a clear instruction provided in the description. To work, you need to prepare elastic bands in advance so that the animal looks as realistic as possible, pick up the tools that will make it easier for the process. To find out how animals are made from a rubber with a machine, only a desire and elementary skills of working with Rainbow Loom, and video lessons will help you create interesting products.

We make a dog with gum

Weaving lesson Snake figures on the machine

Rainbow Loom Charms. Schemes of frescoes from rubber / Schemes Weave Frescoes of Gums video.

Unprecedented popularity has recently acquired such a hobby as weaving patterns, bracelets, figures and other crafts from small multi-colored rubber bands. If you are just mastering this technique of weaving, then you just need a small or professional machine. Of course, with the help of separated cells on the ranks it is easier to ride and intertwine gum. But experienced needlewomen improved weaving techniques and their skills and may well do without a machine.

Let's talk about how to weave the animal gum without a machine, as well as consider a few simple workshops.

How to weave from animal gum without machine: basic ways

Animals from rubberry on the machine

If you just took up such a kind of applied art, then you just need to learn the main knowledge associated with the technique of weaving various patterns and figures. If you do not understand a schematic image of a weaving, then look at the easiest video for beginners on how to weave animal gum.

Experienced needlewomen gladly share their skill and make up training workshops. Of course, to quickly understand and master the technique of creating masterpieces from the rubber, the easiest way to see the training video and clearly disassemble all the elements of weaving stages.

If you do not have a machine or you want to master other ways of weaving figures from the rubber, then you certainly need to know which technicians use experienced needlewomen. There are several ways of weaving animal figures from rubber without the use of the machine:

  • on fingers;
  • with the hook;
  • on a fork;
  • on a plastic slingshot;
  • on pencils or plastic chopsticks.

Let's consider the most common methods of weaving animals from a rubber without using a special machine.

Master classes from experienced needlewomen

You can apply the most diverse figurines of animals from rubber without machine. Experienced needlewomen use mostly forks, simple pencils, slingshot special with grooves and hook.

Weaving funny spider on slingshot

Let's master the spider weaving technique. Woven spider you can use as a keyfob or suspension for a mobile phone or tablet. For its weaving, you can take black gum or multicolored if you want the figure to get bright and original.

Necessary materials:

  • Plastic slingshot with grooves;
  • gum of any colors;
  • hook.

Step-by-step process description:

  1. Turn the slingshot so that the grooves are directed to you. On one album branch, turn the elastic band into four turns.
  2. To connect both columns, take the gum, folded twice and put on the slingshot. Animals from rubberry on the machine
  3. Then take the hook and make two gum nodes. You need to make three such elements of weaving. Animals from rubberry on the machine
  4. Take the scavented loops and move them to the center of the slingshot.
  5. On the one hand, the loops from the rubber bands are put on the opposite peg, then remove the lower row, and the resulting nodule is well tightened. Animals from rubberry on the machine
  6. Nodules you must fix paws spider. In order for the figurine to be plausible, the formed loops gently cut the scissors.
  7. This is such an extraordinary spider you have to get. For the upper loops, it can be suspended on a bundle of keys in the form of a key chain. Animals from rubberry on the machine

How to spare a snake from the rubber band?

Many novice needlewomen think that a snake from the gum is quite simple. Indeed, most learning master classes begin with weaving exactly the features of the snake. But believe me, to create this masterpiece you will need certain basic skills and some patience. For weaving snakes, simple pencils or plastic sticks can be used. Experienced needlewomen can weave the snake on the fingers.

Necessary materials:

  • hook;
  • Two pencils;
  • gum of any colors.

Step-by-step process description:

  1. Place the pencils in parallel to each other.
  2. Twisted in the form of numbers eight two gums Put on both pencils.
  3. Top over the twisted rubber bands, slide two straight gums of any color and remove the bottom row carefully.
  4. Subsequent gum wear smoothly without twisting. In each row, the lower three loops need to wear over the pencil. Animals from rubberry on the machine
  5. If you want to get the original and bright feature of the snake, then each new row start with a gum of another color.
  6. The length of the snake, that is, its torso, you define yourself. When the snake of the desired length is rushing, the remaining gum carefully remove with the pencils and move to a special or knitting hook. Animals from rubberry on the machine
  7. On the hook gossip the snake head. For this, all the loops stretch into two gum three times. By analogy, gluing three rows.
  8. Remaining the remaining loops on a separate gum and form the nodule. Animals from rubberry on the machine
  9. Here is such an original snake from the rubber band you should get. You can use it as toys, suspension or keyfob. Animals from rubberry on the machine

Learning to weave a crochet toy from the Amigurum style

Recently, three-dimensional toys made of rubber band are becoming unprecedented popularity. They can be fled in soft filler. Let's consider the step-by-step process of weaving volumetric owls. For weaving owls, unfortunately, one crochet can not do. You will have one or twice to resort to the help of slingshot. But basically, such a figurine woves with a crochet.

Necessary materials:

  • gum different colors;
  • hook;
  • slingshot.

Step-by-step process description:

  1. Take seven gums of any color to start weaving, preferably monophonic.
  2. Get one gum on the hook and carefully remove it across the other.
  3. So lie seven gum. You should have a kind of ring consisting of six cape. Animals from rubberry on the machine
  4. In the second row, use 12 rubber bands. In each loop, two gums are in analogy of the first row. Enter the hook so that the loop of the first row is extended through the gum. Animals from rubberry on the machine
  5. In the third row, you must plunge 18 kettles made of rubber. Then continue to increase the volume of the body of the owl, the gossip in the first column one elastic band, in the second - two. In order to work out the bottom of the figure, you must have 24 rubber bands.

Animals from rubberry on the machine

  • Continue by the above-described scheme to determine the body of the owl to the desired size, and then laid inside the filler.
  • The beak should weave from the rubber of another color. Accept one gum on the hook and remove two. Next, stretch two more pieces and put on the second end of the gum from the first pair of weaving.
  • On the hook you should get four pairs of looping from rubber. The last gum should be tightened and tied in a nodule. By a circular scheme, gluing on the hook of the eyes. Animals from rubberry on the machine
  • Gently with the help of a hook and S-shaped locks, make eyes and spout. Here is such a wonderful owl in a three-dimensional format you should get. Animals from rubberry on the machine
  • Original key chain-koala on table forks

    Want to make the original key chain or decoration for the writing tool of your schoolchildren, then you will certainly make a weaving koala from the rubber band.

    Necessary materials:

    • hook;
    • Two table forks;
    • Silicone rubber bands - approximately 100 pcs.

    Step-by-step process description:

    1. With the help of adhesive tape, fasten the fork in such a way that the teeth are deployed in opposite sides.
    2. Take two gum and connect the central teeth, two more pieces are diagonally on the extreme teeth.
    3. Scrub the gum in the form of the number eight and slide them on the side cloves, connecting two forks. Animals from rubberry on the machine
    4. On the same cloves, we put on two more gum without twisting. The resulting lower row with a hook move to the center. This algorithm is repeated three times.
    5. Learn to the lateral teeth of gum and remove the lower row. Perform such an action twice, and then carefully remove the loops from the rubber band from the side teeth.

    Animals from rubberry on the machine

  • Learn to the central teeth of the forks of the gum, and the resulting loops remove.
  • Form your eyes, wrapped the gum around the hook, remove them and slide on the extreme cloves.
  • Learn gum, while connecting two central and one side loop.
  • Lower rows need to be removed. Just like the eyes, spourse the nose.
  • Peel two rows to form a neck, then remove the side gum.
  • Then gossip the paws. Slide on the side teeth of gum twisted eight, and then a couple of straight rubber bands. Lower rows carefully remove. Animals from rubberry on the machine
  • Thus, lie a couple more rows and remove all the loops by completing weaving. To do this, you need all the loops to remove on a separate gum and tie a nodule. Animals from rubberry on the machine
  • See also:

    Weaving from gum is a very useful and interesting occupation. Create wicker masterpieces along with children and share your creative ideas with friends.

    Read other interesting headings

    Learning to weave animal figures from rubber on the machine and without itRecently, weaving from the rubber band is actively gaining popularity, it began to be considered a very exciting and useful occupation. Not only kids, but many adults thanks to this needlework got the opportunity to develop a shallow motorcy and pass free evening. Having mastered the main techniques, you can learn how to create stylish jewelry or figures of characters from your favorite cartoons. For example, weathered animals from the gum is quite simple, in what can be seen in practice.

    Weaving on girlfriend

    To make animals from the rubber band, it is not necessary to acquire special devices, you can do with undergraduate tools. Experienced masters have long come up with replacing weaving machines, and actively use forks, pencils, knitting hooks and even their own fingers. This significantly facilitates the task if there is a desire to weave, and there is no need tool. To create animals from rubber It is enough to prepare:

    1. Weaving on girlfriendMulticolored silicone rings - In the manufacture of a particular animal, it is recommended to use only those colors that correspond to its real color. This will allow you to get a realistic craft. Rubbermen can be purchased almost in any store, individually or in the Rainbow Loom set.
    2. Auxiliary device - Ordinary table forks on 3-4 teeth, couple of pencils, handles or markers. Also worth getting a subtle crochet for knitting, it will greatly facilitate the process.
    3. Decorative decorations for finished work - eyes, beads, bows, ribbons, artificial mustache, etc.

    It is also worth noting that complex products require special clips.

    They are needed so that the work is not broken. Simple figures are able to do without them, quite well tighten the gums. There is a special hook for weaving, it is distinguished by the shape of the tip and does not give rings to slip from the tool.

    Koala on two forks

    The pretty coal can be made with your own hands, the charm of this figure consists in ease of execution. To do this, use a simple weaving method - on forks. To make such a toy Requires to get:

    • silicone rubber bands: 100 pieces of golden, gray or beige color for the body and 3 black - on the eyes and spout;
    • Two forks with four tarts;
    • hook;
    • Decor elements - optional.

    Before work, cutlery is connected together, their teeth (pegs) should look at different directions. Body elements are used in pairs so that the koala turns out to be volumetric. The animal waters According to the following algorithm:

    1. Koala from rubberryTwo rings are combined by central teeth of both forks, they are still paired on two left and right "pegs".
    2. Then the gums twisted with the eight, connecting the instruments together on the side cloves, connecting the devices together. After that, at the same place, the elements and the bottom layer are dragged into the center of work. Such manipulation is repeated 3 more times.
    3. Further, the rings roll only on the side teeth and drop down the lower loops. It is done again and remove the lowest gums from the side "stakes".
    4. The elements are placed on the central teeth, after the lower loops are removed from them, and the extreme (ears) reck on the side.
    5. Two black gum wrap around the hook three times, after which they cling to the element, which is located on the extreme "pegs" of the table appliance.
    6. Silicone rings are attached, connecting together two central shells and one from the sides. The bottom (where the eyes and muffin are located) remove from the tool.
    7. Nose is also made as eyes, only use 1 black gum. Then they knit two more rows.
    8. From the side teeth, they remove all the loops and transfer them to the central so that the neck of the animals formed.
    9. The paws are made on side "necklaces": they wear two eights from the rubber bands and 2 straight rings, and then remove the lower layers.
    10. Koala on two forks from rubberFire limbs required, then cling to the extreme teeth of the opposite side.
    11. The central "pegs" is placed on the gum, first combine 2 teeth, then only one by one.
    12. They remove all the lower rows, and the upper move on the side teeth.
    13. Bring one layer and drop the hinges of the paws.
    14. The ring is tensioned on 4 teeth of one device, after which weaving begin by a similar scheme, the upper paws knit the same as the lower.

    The free ends are well delayed and fixed, and then lay the figure. Little koala is ready. If, when reading step-by-step instructions, problems arise and misunderstanding, it is recommended to familiarize yourself with the photographs of the process. They are shown how the animal is weaving.

    Snake on pencils or fingers

    A bright snake fit out of the rubberry very easily, even children will be able to mask a similar craft. Masters need rings of three colors: white and black for stripes, any shade for the body. For example, you can take pink, blue or green rubber bands. Also worth prepare Auxiliary Tools: Two pencils, marker or handles, and hook, to make it easy to remove the loops. Instead of stationery, you can adapt even your own fingers.

    Weaving produced By this algorithm:

    1. Snake from rubberryFour elastic bands are put on the pencils - two twisted eight, and the rest are straight. After that, they make manipulations shown in the photos.
    2. The mating is continued by a similar scheme, riding rings without twisting, regularly moving up 3 lower loops.
    3. To create a striped pattern, like real snakes, alternate gum different colors.
    4. The tail is flying to the desired length, depending on what size you want to get a figure.
    5. To create head, the upper loops move onto the hook and stretch two new elements through 2 gum, as in the photo. To create the first row, such manipulation is produced three times. Similarly, more levels are obtained.
    6. Open loops are removed on a new ring and tie the knot.

    Snake is ready. Now it can be placed at home as decorative decoration, use as a toy or make an original key chain from the figure.

    Such work does not require any needlework skills, a large number of materials, and also created very quickly. Therefore, you can organize the leisure of the whole family and make a whole snake family.

    Crafts on special devices

    To facilitate the weaving process, special machines were invented, which differ from each other form, size and quantity of pegs (rings are riveted). It is worth considering the three main categories such as devices:

    1. Tools for weaving from rubberSlingshot. Weave the beasts from the rubber on this unit is easier than simple. It is perfect for novice masters. The slingshots will help get all the necessary weaving skills and work out some of the schemes, since they can almost be confused. This tool is designed to create small figures, as well as it is convenient to knit fish tails, snakes and pigtails.
    2. Little machines. Typically, such tools are included in the sets for children's creativity. They are well obtained bracelets and baubles.
    3. Professional. We require the presence of weaving skills, make it possible to implement very complex ornaments and figures.

    The choice of device depends on the experience of the master and schemes of the crafts that you want to learn to perform. Of course, it is better to start with a simpler, so it is recommended to study the work to get exactly the first option.

    Spider on the horns

    Animals from the rubber band already passed the stage, so you can pay attention to the spider-shaped. With the help of slingshot, it is easy and easy to make the original Figurine Spider. It can be performed in black color or make a bright, for example, yellow or even greens. To facilitate the work, it is recommended to prepare a thin hook.

    Cute creation weave according to the following scheme:

    1. Spider from rubberryOn one horn of the tool, you screw the rubber band into four turns, after which they connect both cavals with a new ring, folded twice.
    2. With the help of a hook 2, the rubberry tie the knot, make three such elements.
    3. With slingshots remove the loops and throw it into the center of work.
    4. On the columns wear blanks with nodules, then the elastic band is stretched from above, bent in half, and the lower row is removed.
    5. The loops move to one horn, the lower layer will throw off and tighten the node.
    6. The rings, connected by nodes, are cut in the middle, so the paws are formed.

    Figurine is ready. It will turn out an interesting souvenir or a bold brooch.

    To understand the course of work, you can see photos or video. So it will be easier to delve into the process. This snience is pretty simple and performed very quickly.

    Cottage on a professional machine

    A more complex figure will be a kitten that can be made on a large machine. For the manufacture you need to prepare red rubber bands for dresses and a bow, green - on a scarf and sleeves, black to make a mustache, and white for the body.

    1. Rubber kittenThe rings are folded pairwise and begin weaving from the head. Rubber places on the device, as shown in the photo.
    2. Then the figure is given the volume by adding an additional layer on the side rows.
    3. The ears are made on the right and on the left, putting the rings on the adaptation of triangles and tightening four loops. The lower rows are removed and transferred to pegs.
    4. How the body of the kitten can be seen in the photo.
    5. The time has come the bottom paws. On the side rows stretch 2 rubberbers, and then four. Recent columns are twisted in 4 loops.
    6. Handles weave the usual chain, making the sleeves of the green color of three rubberry. They are cling to the first stakes, where the start of weaving the body is placed.
    7. Central columns and head are connected by transverse hinges to strengthen the craft. Black rubberry winding in the area of ​​the muzzle, it will be eyes.
    8. Ready work is removed from the machine, spread and shake.

    Silicone Rubber Weave is a rather unusual hobby that can bring joy to both children and adults. Creating new crafts allows you to enjoy the process and get an original souvenir in the form of a cute animal.

    Bracelet from rubberry

    In addition to animals, you can make various decorations, such as bane or bracelets from the rubber band. Before proceeding with the work, you should view the instructions to the machine to determine its type. On professional devices, the knitting takes place more convenient, as they have mobile columns, which, if necessary, can be moved to the side or even remove. The removal on the device is designed for convenient and easy removal of the product. It is worth noting that during weaving, all columns should look in one direction.

    Bracelet from rubberry

    For mating bracelet, it is important to wear rings in a definite order. For a start, one is placed on the middle and lower rows, then the second - on the bottom and on the second middle.

    Such zigzags fill the entire machine. After that, the device is deployed so that the excavations were turned face to the master. On those columns where two rings are located, they are approaching and stretching the lower gum through the top. That is, the circle should be twice as well as shown in the photo.

    Repeat the procedure with rubber bands of all columns. They must take a rounded form. Then, one part of the clashes cling to the most extreme mug, after which they remove the product from the machine and fasten the second to the last elastic band. As a result, a simple wicker bracelet is obtained.

    Weaving from silicone rings is one of the most simple varieties of needlework. It requires a minimum of temporary and cash costs. You can attract a child to work: a figure or decoration made of rubberry will be a good mom, grandmother or sister. In just a few minutes, a set of bright circles can be turned into a pretty and original product. Many photos and video instructions will help learn how to create creative crafts.

    Animal figures from rubber: photo gallery

    If you believe the theories of Charles Darwin, life originated in the depths of the ocean. One-cell organisms appeared first. Then, they merged into more complex, but invertebrates.

    Adjusting to the surrounding conditions, the first inhabitants of the Earth were modified. So the fish appeared. Some of them were looking for salvation, or feeding on land.

    As-plastic animals-from rubber-8

    Gradually, fins were transformed into paws. Here and reptiles. Cold blood strongly dependent on the weather. To survive, some began to maintain a permanent body temperature.

    Warm-blooded, while the crown of nature. We will not refute the theory of Darwin. Create animals in the same order, only not from the flesh, but from color Rubber .

    They became a fashionable hobby, capturing the English-speaking countries first, and then, and the whole world.

    Rubber Cloon Fish

    The first fish on the ground were frantic. The mouth was only a hole. Through it, the animals suck microorganisms from the bottomal yals.

    A class of 460 million years ago was born in the days of the Devonian period. Until modernity, unformed fish did not live.

    Therefore, in the category " how to weave animal gum »Consider clown.

    This fish is not uncommon. The bright inhabitant of the seas even became the hero of the cartoon "In Search of Nemo". A curious fish went to travel across the ocean, naturally, having met on the way a lot of dangers.

    The fearless hero was loved by the audience and, of course, entered the cycle " How to weave from animal gum - Video Sergey "

    Sergey - an eminent master who knows how to knit almost any figures. Here is a master class about clown:

    Sergey created bulk fish. But, you can weave from the gum of animal figurines and a plane. Fish do not have to be color. Here, for example, monotonous waterfowls:

    As-plastic animal-from rubber-1

    How to weave from gum animals? For beginners The question seems difficult, more precisely, the answer to it. But, in fact, tie many figures are not more difficult than standard Bangles .

    Next, there will be a couple of "elementary" animals. In the meantime, goes to the next step of evolution - reptiles.

    Gecko from rubberry

    Gecko are able to see through the head. Without turning it, animals get a picture with a review of 360 degrees. Here you and cold-blooded. This is clearly not synonymous.

    Privitant you can not call the sign of the mating of Geckon. She enters the section " How to weave animals from rubber on the machine " On the fingers, pencils, even a mini-machine called a slingshot, the figure will not work.

    Therefore, we reserve the full-scale version of the installation and proceed to work:

    The most common gecko is leopard. So the animal is called due to the characteristic color. Green color meets less often, but does not require the miscalculation of the color scheme in Weaving from rubber on animal machine.

    Video Sergey is therefore demonstrating a monophonic heckon. Although, it is possible to facilitate the mating process, simply by choosing another reptile - Snake . She does not have a paw, head and body are not so wide as the lizards.

    As-plastic animal-from rubber-2

    From the reptiles, scientists consider, birds occurred. Do you know that some lizards are able to plan, fly from the tree to the tree? So, in the past, the paws of some cold-bloodeds not only acquired with membranes, but also turned into wings.

    Parrot from rubberry

    How to spit out of animal rubber inspiration? Here is a reason for him: - There is a musical group, a vocalist in which is a parrot. The team is called HateBeak.

    Stylistics of creativity - Deat Meta. The vocalist is talented, but is able to memorize the party. Therefore, the group does not give living concerts. But on sale there are albums HateBeak. By the way, sings the parrot Ara.

    It looks like that figure of which we will connect now. So, find out How to weave animals from rubber. Video lessons Gave all the same Sergey.

    Interestingly, the parrots raise their chicks. Scientists found out that the birds are always treated equally equally, observing a certain intonation.

    So, the parrot figure is not only a symbol of creativity, beauty, but also intelligence. They say not deprived of penguins.

    Their figures can be found in the category " How to weave animals from rubber on a fork "

    The plug is a primary substitute for a professional machine. Despite the primitiveness of the installation, such a bird may turn out:

    As-plastic animal-from rubber-3

    Now you can go to the mammal. This is the most extensive class of living beings, and the person applies to.

    Mammals are fed by a young milk, warm-blooded, the vertex of evolution is considered. The vertex they are in our business.

    Produce figures beasts more difficult than Weave bracelets from rubber bands. Animals master the last as aerobatics.

    Mammals from rubberry

    Since mammals are the most extensive class of animals, not limited to one example. Let's start with domesticated individuals. Some of the first to people came cats.

    They, although they walk on themselves, love affection. Humanity also appreciates the preoccupative views, funny habits. It is believed even that cats can diagnose many diseases and help people treat them.

    We offer by Watch how to weave animal gum Feline class:

    Cats, unlike people and dogs, do not like sweets. This is explained by the mutation of genes responsible for taste receptors. But a piece of meat from scarlet rubber bands can be used.

    The figure is not necessarily mounted on the handle. There are schemes, how to weave from animal rubber easily So that cats firmly stood on all four paws.

    How-toleve animals-from rubber-4

    Taught by man and horses. Once, they were the main means of movement, now they will not jump around the city streets, but on special race-based hippodrols as part of sports races.

    But, this does not mean that the hinders are forgotten by people. Films, cartoons, writing about horses, write stories.

    We will give the tribute to the state and smart creatures, learning, How to weave from animal rubber. Video attached:

    Interestingly, the world's first Ageipus horse was taking only 35 centimeters and weighed 5 kilograms. 60 million years required that representatives of the species rose and accepted the usual appearance for us.

    As-plastic animal-from rubber-5

    If the horses easily succumbed to training, then the bears remained wild animals.

    Among them, too, there are dwarfs and huge creatures. But, the most common view on Earth is a brown bear.

    I will consider it in terms of How to weave animals from rubberry. Video without problems will explain the smallest details of the process:

    Brown bear - The inhabitant of northern and moderate latitudes. We do not put the attention and those who live in the tropics. To them, for example, include Koala and Panda.

    Both species are listed in the Red Book. An increase in the real population is engaged in zoos, reserves. But, there is a population of toy panda.

    Can Weave from elastic gum without machine. Video not required. The scheme is plane and easily performed if volumetric cubs are already mastered on the machine.

    As-plastic animal-from rubber-6

    Giraffes live in the tropics. The name was given by Romans, reaching from two Latin words - camel and leopard. People seemed to be long-haired, as well as camels, and their painting, as if wild cats.

    Giraffes are included in the category " How to weave the easiest animals from rubber " It is necessary to work for a couple of minutes. The machine is not needed. The figure is created with the help of hands and hook.

    So let's see How to weave light animals from rubberry. Video attached:

    Giraffe is an excellent example, how to weave the animal gum on the fingers . At the beginning of the article, such examples were promised to bring.

    But, the tropical inhabitant can Splity and larger, volume, work out the details of the appearance.

    As-plastic animal-from rubber-7

    So disassembled how to weave from animal gum without machine , on the machine, how to weave from gum animals on slingshot And with the help of girlfriend.

    On the example of the toys they remembered the theory of the evolution of Chalza Darwin. Materials also have a peculiar evolution.

    Centuries Back, For example, people worked only from natural raw materials - metal, wood, shells, clay . Now, in the trend, synthetic materials. Among them are Latex.

    Creating figures from the rubber, we keep up with the times, make fashionable, unique and affordable toys. The hobby develops a fantasy, a shallow motorcy, charges positive.

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