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Where is Egypt

Egypt is not only one of the most popular destinations for recreation, but also a country of mysteries, myths and adventures. The state is located on the territory of the African continent. Hearing about where Egypt is located, many tourists just be afraid to go there, because for most people Africa is an absolutely non-developed country filled with criminals, dangerous animals, insects and incurable diseases. However, with more detailed consideration, the opinion about this Arab Republic is changing in a positive side.

Where is Egypt and what time is it recommended to visit there

To find Egypt on the geographical map, you should pay attention to Africa, or rather to the northern part of it. In addition to these territories, the state also occupies the Sinai Peninsula of Asia. That is why Egypt is considered a country of two continents. Egyptian lands borders with Israel, Palestine, Sudan and Libya. The country is washed with the Red and Mediterranean Sea, due to this there was a huge number of beaches and resort zones.

Recreational rest in Egypt develops and thanks to hot climatic conditions. Most territories prevail the tropical climate and only in the northern part - subtropical. This means that the air temperature ranges within + 20-40 ° C, night cooling is possible in central and desert areas. The temperature regime does not change almost all year round, but in the summer period becomes particularly sophory, hot and dry. That is why many tourists, especially those who do not tolerate strong heat, prefer to visit Egypt from September to May.

Some travelers are repelled in the choice of the tour not only from the weather, but also from the cost. The cheapest hotels, food and excursions are offered in a low tourist season: the end of December, beginning of January. But the most peak of tourist activity falls on April-May and September-November. In these months, all services will become a bit more expensive, and in some places the cost increases at times.

How to prepare for traveling to Egypt

A trip to Egypt, however, as in any other country, requires studying certain information and preparation. There are several nuances that need to be completed before the journey, as well as remember important points about finding within a particular state.

Egypt is the Arab Republic, so tourists are advised to treat such a trip with special attention and more carefully control their behavior. In a country that religious laws are particularly honored, it is not recommended to behave defiantly, abuse alcohol, wear outdoor clothing and focusing in public places. In most temples and shrines, the rules of behavior are hanging specifically for tourists who must be followed and respect.

Due to the fact that the Egyptian state is still located on the territory of Africa, the crime and antisanitation levels are slightly increased here. But if you comply with certain care measures, this factor will not affect the quality of rest. For example, you should be used to store safe in hotels, do not put on dear decorations, thereby provoking robbers. Also, you should not swim outside the allowed zone and without a special rubber or silicone shoe, you can not drink and even wash down with running water, all fruits and vegetables should be washed, and it is better to eat in proven catering points.

Goinging to spend time actively in the woods, deserts and other places of wildlife do not forget about the presence of a large number of dangerous insects, snakes and small animals in Africa. Some special vaccinations before rest in this country do not need to do, but having come to nature to take care of the elongated closed shoes, clothes covering the whole body and headdress.

5 things to make every tourist in Egypt

In addition to the relaxing holiday on the coast, entertainment in water parks, and traveling to Egyptian pyramids, each tourist is simply obliged to perform a certain set of cases in Egypt, thanks to which the vacation becomes even brighter and memorable.

  • Spend time on cruise routes on the Nile.

Spend time on cruise routes on the Nile

The journey around the waters of the longest river in the world captures the spirit and allows you to consider local natural attractions in detail. There are both short day trips and cruises with overnight stay.

  • Catch the fish on Lake Nasser;

Catch the fish on the lake Nasser

Fishing in this place is an adventure. The severity of sensations is that in addition to the fish, crocodiles will surely meet here.

Conquain Moise Moise

A hike on Moise Moise will like not only believers, but also those who like to watch the amazing natural beauty and landscapes. There is a belief that those who will meet dawn in this place are released by all sins and indicate the path in a happy life.

In this place, tourists will be able not only to visit various trading shops and the bazaar in the living part of the city, but also detail to learn the history of Egypt in the dead part of the Luxor.

  • Know all the delights of travel in the desert.

In Egypt, it is necessary to purchase tours along the local desert. It can be like a trip to camels with stops in special tents for dinner, jeep safari and even organized overnight in the middle of the vehicles.

Rest in Egypt is absolutely not dangerous and not scary. Many tourists depart in these edges with family and very young children. The level of service here is at the proper level, all the necessary conditions are provided for a comfortable stay, the main thing is to comply with some rules and create a positive attitude to an excellent vacation.

Where is Egypt on the map

The stronghold of ancient civilization, tourist Mecca, the country of the pyramid ... It is unlikely that any of us did not hear about Egypt. The article will be discussed about the location of the country, its geographical features and neighbors.

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One of the pyramids of Egypt

Where is Egypt

Most people will answer in Africa. And they will not be right. Indeed, most of the country is on the African continent, but its territory is also located on the Sinai Peninsula, which is located in Asia. So Egypt is located at once on two continents - Africa and Eurasia.

Egypt on the map
Egypt on the map of Africa
The territory of the country is large - 1,001,450 square meters. Egypt takes a thirtieth place in the list of the largest countries of the world.
Map of Egypt with airports
Tourist cities and airports of Egypt on the map

Geographical location of Egypt

The country is washed at once with two seas - red in the east and Mediterranean in the north. Throughout the territory of the country, one of the longest rivers of the world - Neil.

Despite such large water reserves, most of the country are engaged in deserts (they occupy 96% of the entire area of ​​Egypt). 4% of the territories not engaged in sands are located in the Delta and the Nile Valley.

In total 4 regions of Egypt.

  1. Libyan desert.

  2. Delta and Nile Valley.

  3. Arabian desert.

  4. Sinai peninsula.

IT IS INTERESTING. In Egypt, there is the largest artificially created channel - Suez. It connects the Red and Mediterranean Sea and was built to shorten the path from the Atlantic Ocean in Indian.

Egypt Countries

The longest border of Egypt in the south - with Sudan (1273 kilometers). In the West, the country borders with Lebanon. In the north-east - with Israel and Palestine (partially recognized state).

Card of the borders of Egypt
Egypt Countries

Through the Akab's Bay, the border is held with Saudi Arabia and Jordan.

Akab's Bay
Akab's Bay - Egypt's border with Jordan and Saudi Arabia

Climate Egypt

In the head, almost every person lives a stereotype that in Egypt is always unbearably hot. Hurry to dispel this delusion.

Summer here is really roast, daytime temperatures reaches 50 degrees Celsius. Night is much cooler, especially in the deserts - about 20 degrees.

Winter warm, day about 20 degrees. But the nights are cold - 10 degrees of heat, and in the desert there are free frosts up to minus 5.

The climate of Egypt is dry, precipitation here is a rare phenomenon, mostly all rains go to the north of the country and in the mountains of the Sinai Peninsula.

Sinai Mountains
Mountains on the Sinai Peninsula

Population of Egypt

Egypt ranks first in the number of residents among the countries of the Middle East and the third - among African states (inferior to Nigeria and Ethiopia). 100 223,850 people live in Egypt, 90% of them are confessing Islam.

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The main population growth began since 1970. This is due to achievements in Egyptian medicine and the "green revolution" - an increase in the productivity of agriculture.

Most of the country's population lives on the banks of the Nile and in his delta, as well as near the Suez Canal.

Suez Canal
Artificially created Suez Canal

IT IS INTERESTING. A large number of refugees live in the country, mainly from Palestine, Iraq and Sudan. According to different estimates, their amount ranges from 500,000 to 30,000,000 people.

The density of the population of Egypt
Map of the population density of Egypt

Tourism in Egypt

Tourists are the main source of the country's income. That is why the authorities do everything to attract new holidaymakers: new five-star hotels, expensive restaurants, diving centers, new beaches are opening.

Read also about the main tourist cities of Egypt: Sharm El Sheikh, Alexandria, Hurghada

Hurghada - one of the best resorts of Egypt
How to get from Moscow to Egypt
Air and terrestrial routes from Moscow to Egypt

Mostly in Egypt come for the sake of monuments of the history and the rich underwater world of the Red Sea. It is said that diving here is even better than in the Maldives.

Who did not hear about Egypt. Country with the greatest history. More precisely, which made history. Not many will say where Egypt is on the world map. On which mainland. This is a country located on two continents: Africa and Eurasia. More precisely, in the northeastern part of African mainland, and on the Sinai Peninsula.

Where is Egypt - on the world map. Pyramids and valley kings

No more than the country whose history has been studied up to six millennia deep. Not the most ancient civilization, but one of those who received fame, for sure. Many great peoples appeared on the light, and Egypt was already provisted under the severity of greatness. Whatever complex and ambiguous history of the world, he played in her not a latter role.

Egypt would not be so famous if it does not occur the largest River Nile. Her historical value is great and mighty. There is no such thing anywhere. Length its 6853 km. It was in the Delta Nile that ancient Egyptian civilization emerged and developed. Twenty cities at the bottom of the current and twenty in the upper origins of it were united and chose the first ruler - Pharaoh.

Ancient Egypt arose. Country, 96% of the territory of which is a desert. And only 4% - the valley of the Nile River, on the spills of which the life of Egypt existed. Neil is a place pointer where an ancient Egypt is located. Like all the great countries of antiquity, the last centuries did not know independence. Not to mention the significance in global processes.

From the 16th century to 1914th, Egypt was part of the Ottoman Empire. From 1914 to 1922, there was under the rule of the United Kingdom. But since the Byzantine Protectorate (until the 7th century AD), the country did not know a quiet life. Many ancient authors did not identify African mainland with Egypt. And the point is not in ignorance of geography. It hurts much very different from the rest of the continent. For the better. Therefore, it is often possible to see the separation of Egypt with the rest of the mainland.

Final independence, this country lost in the 30th year BC. When conquering by the Romans. And he returned it in 1922. Almost two millennia addiction. There were small periods of factual independence. But still. Until the first decades of our century, the population professed the original religion based on the polyterism of the ancient Egyptian gods.

Where is Egypt - on the world map. Pyramids and valley kings

The first centuries of our era were marked by a rapid surge of Christian creed. The branches of which were passionately bent among themselves. Alexandria was one of the active battle fields for truth in Christian dogmas. And today, up to 15% of the population professing Christianity, is the echo of the religious history of the country.

In the present moment, the main religion is Islam of the Sunni destination, professing up to 90% of the Egyptians. Over the past century, the population of the country rustled and reached 97 million. The capital is Cairo City. 45 km. It is built from it a new capital in order to unload overcooled old. Borders Strong countries: Libya in the West, Sudan in the south and Israel in the east.

Sea border has with Jordan and Saudi Arabia. Washed by the Mediterranean and Red Seas. And from the first to the second cut the shipping channel. From him the country gets the biggest income. In second place in profitability, tourism, on the third - income from oil and gas.

Tourism is the most significant achievement of Egypt. Its attractiveness is achieved thanks to two aspects: the purest Red Sea and the presence of ancient monuments. Who does not know where is the valley of the kings in Egypt? Today it is Luxor, and before the city was called the hair. By the way, the same name was given to the ancient Greek city. The place where the ancient Egypt is might and main attracts tourists from all over the planet. And such places are a bit.

Pyramid Hefren and Sphinx in Egypt began to be depicted on historical textbooks in universities. In this country, the legacy of the ancestors is very much. In Cairo, there is one of the most famous museums in the world. Lovers to get to and soak at sea, the cleaning sea of ​​the world is available. The resorts of Sharm el-Sheikh and Hurghada like Mirage in the desert, will load in an unforgettable sweet dream, from which it does not want to return.

Where is Egypt - on the world map. Pyramids and valley kings

The beautiful underwater world is attracted by its unearthly beauty. Lovers of diving and sea walks will also like the Mediterranean Sea. In general, if non-systematic political and terrorist problems, the Egypt would be considered a barely attractive tourist country on the globe.

In addition to these, the most incoming directions, the country is engaged in the cultivation of fruits, cotton production, non-ferrous metallurgy and many other industries. In agriculture employed 32% of the population, in industry - 17%, in the service sector - 51%. But Egypt has where to grow. 20% of the population is located below the poverty line.

The country relevant to attracting foreign investors, as well as the influx of all types of currencies. Participates in all political processes of the region. Egypt actively cooperates with our country. Most of the trade turnover occupies imports from our country. Wheat, iron and food, Russia successfully exports to this Arab country. Recently, a plant for the production of cars VAZ has been built.

Today Egypt is a republic. Chapter is the president. Full name, Arab Republic of Egypt. Today's Egypt is a young country, and is at the beginning of its historic path. And his interests are the map of the whole world. It is noteworthy that in less attention as part of the Roman Empire, Egypt was considered his bread launcher. None of the slightest enemy intervention was not allowed, since under the threat was the very existence of the state. And today the republic itself imports wheat and other food from abroad.

Partly, this is due to climate. Which is very hot. It is determined by this in two climatic belts: in subtropical in the north and tropical in the south. During the day the temperature rises to 50 degrees in the shade. At night, colder - up to 10 degrees. On the coast of the Dads is much less. Therefore, on the coast, the strong most favorable places for the life of a person. There are the most famous resorts of Egypt. And also, the most beautiful mountain places in the south of the peninsula.

The country is easy to find, since the place where Egypt is on the world map, from the West and South, these are straight lines. And it is also easy to find Giza. This is the place where the pyramids in Egypt are on the map of Africa. Immediately three monumental buildings of humanity that protects the Sphinx. It is believed that the biggest - Heopse pyramid. According to the statements of the father of history, Herodotus, it was built 20 years. Being near this pyramid, it is impossible not to be surprised by the skill of builders and the will of Pharaoh.

With a height of 140 meters and an area of ​​900 sq.m. Just captures the Spirit, looking at it. Pyramids in Egypt about one and a half hundred. And now some find. Giza is 30 km away. from the capital. Egyptian pyramids on the world map are also well captured, as on the map of history and science. The famous minds argue about the feasibility and appointment of these cyclopeous structures. It is painfully perfect and largely they are made.

Some of the determining factors of the growth of Egypt in the latest history, as in antiquity, is its geographical position. A small bottleneck between the Red and Mediterranean seas was part of global trade routes. From Africa to the Middle East and back. Today, the leadership intercepted the Suez Canal. It serves for the speedy movement of ships from the Mediterranean Sea to the Indian Ocean. And further, to the countries of the Pacific region.

It is simply impossible to overestimate the importance of this. On the territory of Egypt, three deserts: Libyan, Arabian and sugar. The mining area is replete with all sorts of minerals. Egyptian pyramids on the map were widely fame, but earlier the country's gold maps were known.

Despite the fact that Historically, Egypt has a difficult relationship with Israel, today any tourist can easily get from one country to another. The official language of the country is Arabic, and the monetary unit is the Egyptian pound. In all his centuries-old history, Egypt was under the rule of Assyria, Macedonia, Roman Byzantine Empires, under the rule of Arabs, French and the British.

Many people visited his sandy expanses. Probably, therefore, the country is, for the most part, secular and multicultural. Egypt tries to keep up with the times and develop. Population growth only will help in the progressive development of the country. And a worthy place in the world arena.

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