Itching in the rear pass in women and men - causes and treatment

Itching in the rear aisle in women and men

The article is prepared by a specialist for informational purposes. We urge you not to engage in self-medication. When the first symptoms appear - contact your doctor. We recommend reading: "Why can not be engaged in self-medication?".

Itching in the rear pass

Itching in the rear pass It is a rather painful phenomenon. The feeling of strong discomfort causes a person to comb the anal hole, which is often accompanied by injuries. The problem of anal ferry is quite delicate, but since it can touch any person, regardless of gender and age, discuss and solve it must be necessary.

The reasons of itching in the rear pass can be both banal factors that are in low intimate hygiene insufficiency and serious bowel disease. Anal itching of unexplained etiology has a serious impact on the quality of life, worsening it: the health is reduced, the mood deteriorates, the normal communication is hampered, and so on.

Often, people silence that they are experiencing constant discomfort in the form of itching in the rear pass, tightening a visit to the doctor. Causes lie in a banal sense of shame and in fear to hear a serious diagnosis. In addition, many patients simply do not know what doctor to contact. Meanwhile, the cause of the anal itch can be quite serious, up to cancer (first symptoms, stage and treatment of rectal cancer).


Causes of itching in the rear pass in women and men

  • Diseases of the rectum. Often precisely precisely preciseness pathology provoke the occurrence of a feeling of burning and itching in the area of ​​the anal hole.

  • Pointed Condylomes or Warts. This is a viral disease, affecting the skin, including the rear pass. Caused by the human papilloma virus. Condylomes are capable of provoking itching in the rear pass in men and women, it makes it difficult to hinder his hygiene, to deliver psychological discomfort, etc.

  • Cracked anal hole. These defects may be provoked by mechanical damage (during childbirth, during an invasive exposure of the rectum, with incorrectly administering the tip of the enema, etc.), infectious and inflammatory processes in the rectum (hemorrhoids, paraproititis, sphincteritis, etc.) and various diseases of the body as a whole (HIV, leukemia, syphilis, etc.). Cracks can cause itching and pain, bleed.

  • Anorectal fistula. They are pathological channels that germinate from the rear pass or from the rectum and open close to the anal hole. May occur against the background of infectious diseases or to be congenital defects of development. Swistulas are usually painless, but can cause itching and irritation in the relevant area. Also, they are characterized by various kinds of discharge, most often with globular and serous.

  • Straight polyposis. Polyps of the direct intestine are formation of various shapes. Characterized by multiple symptoms, mainly associated with violation of the digestive system. With a close arrangement to the anal hole provoke a strong itch.

  • Internal hemorrhoids. Hemorrhoids is characterized by an increase in internal hemorrhoidal nodes. As the disease progresses, bleeding can occur in varying degrees of intensity. The development of hemorrhoids provokes irrational nutrition, excessive or insufficient physical exertion, the period of tooling the child and childbirth.

  • Outdoor hemorrhoids. In addition to the sensation of itching, this disease causes a feeling of gravity in the rear pass, arising after the intestinal emptying. Blood is distinguished from the anal hole, cracks and pain can appear. The reasons for the appearance of external nodes are similar to the reasons for the development of internal hemorrhoids.

  • Chronic proctoigmith. The inflammatory process in which the rectum is involved. With exacerbation of the disease, an increase in body temperature occurs, a meteorism arises, a feeling of nausea, diarrhea. In the area of ​​the anal hole there is a feeling of a foreign object, pain and itching occurs.

  • Malignant neoplasms. Characterized by multiple symptoms that appear mainly in the late stages of the development of the disease. The closer the tumor is located to the outer opening of the rectum, the stronger will be discomfort in the anal zone.

  • Parasitic infection. Glice invasions in the intestines are often accompanied by itching in the area of ​​the anal hole. Most often itching provokes. Mostly by these parasites, children and adolescents are infected with these parasites, however, no care is in adulthood. At the time when a person is resting (at night), the female of the molder crashes out and puts the eggs around the anus. This process causes a sense of discomfort and causes a child infected with parasites or an adult combing anal hole. In addition to Askaridoz, a person may suffer from infection with other types of helminths, which will also provoke the appearance of a feeling of burning and itching.

    Giardiasis is also capable of provoking the feeling of itching, since in reproduction of Giardia, especially in large quantities, the intestine irritation occurs. It provokes diarrhea and gravating pain at the bottom of the abdomen. A frequent liquid chair is the reason that causes the anus irritation and its itching. In addition, giardiasis is manifested in the form of rash by body, including in the area of ​​the crotch, which is another annoying factor.

  • Intestinal dysbiosis
  • Intestine dysbiosis. Any disruption of digestion, disease gasts, diarrhea, constipation, - All this provokes discomfort in the area of ​​the anal hole. Dysbacteriosis is characterized by irritation of the intestine, its mucous membrane, which causes diarrhea.

  • Gynecological diseases in women, prostatitis and urethritis in men. Infectious diseases of the urogenital system are able to provoke the feeling of itching and burning in women not only in the crotch area, but also in the area of ​​the anal hole. Among such genital infections are trichomoniasis, gonorrhea, chlamydia. In addition, thrush or candidiasis is an extremely common cause of itching in the vagina. Since the anal hole is located nearby, then the mycotic damage can capture this area.

  • The presence of pubic westers In some cases, it is capable of provoking the feeling of itching in the anus area.

  • Itching in children of younger . Most often, in young children, the feeling of itching in the rear pass occurs due to the formation of diarmors. They are formed as a result of insufficient child hygiene. The thrush can cause itching, as Candidiasis is able to affect young children (more: rash and itching in a child).

  • Skin pathologies and other stimuli. The tendency of a person to different allergic reactions, as well as the presence of skin diseases, can cause a continuing itch. Among such diseases are dermatitis, psoriasis, seborrheic eczema, red flat deprived, phyryaz. Allergic reactions, in turn, can occur on food, drug preparations, chemicals. To eliminate unpleasant symptoms it will be necessary to eliminate contact with the allergen.

  • External stimuli. Irritation may occur with insufficient hygiene when a person does not take a shower for several days or performs hygiene not carefully. In addition, the stimulus often serves poor-quality toilet paper, the inclusion of flavoring and dyes into it, wearing synthetic linen with gross internal seams. String - the frequent cause of itching the anal hole in women. In addition to pronounced discomfort, many of these factors are able to cause the appearance of microscopic cracks, which are an entrance gate to enter infection and the further beginning of the inflammatory process.

  • Excess body weight. People with excess body and people with enhanced work of the sebaceous glands often experience discomfort in the anal area. This happens due to the rubbing of the skin of the perineum and due to the irritant action of the sweat. As a result, people have diallos that cause pronounced discomfort.

  • Diabetes. Itching the groove zone and the anal opening may indicate the presence of diabetes. Naturally, this is not the brightest sign of the disease, but in conjunction with other symptoms, it may indicate an increase in blood glucose. Read also: Causes, signs and symptoms of diabetes.

  • Liver disease. Due to insufficient blood purification against the background of the liver disease, rashes may appear. This applies, among other things, the anal hole and the area of ​​the crotch. Rash irritate the skin and provoke itching. Discovers may also be felt when dyskinesia of the biliary tract and in the pathologies of the pancreas.

  • Depressive disorders, an increased level of anxiety, deviations in the psyche. The diseases of the nervous and mental sphere can provoke itching on any parts of the body, as the sensitivity and irritability increases. In addition, there are people who suffer from obsessive desire for purity. It makes them take a shower several times a day, including with the use of soap. As a result, the skin is degreasing, dries and becomes vulnerable to many endogenous and exogenous stimuli.

  • Idiopathic anal itch. This is the primary anal itch, which is also called essential and neurogenic. This form of the disease develops without visible reasons. Itching is provoked by the fact that in the intestine, the mucus existing in it is hardly held. It flows out and provokes irritation of nervous endings.

If you ignore the problem of itching in the rear pass, it will lead to the fact that a person will constantly be in a closed circle. He has discomfort that provokes itching, he begins combing anal hole, itching increases, causing even greater discomfort.

Itching in the rear pass after antibiotics

After receiving antibacterial agents, it often occurs in the rear pass. Most often, this symptom is associated with the development of intestinal dysbiosis. By destroying malicious bacteria, which caused this or other disease, antibiotics in parallel violate the intestinal operation, since they are destructively affect the useful microorganisms in it.

Itching, associated with dysbacteriosis after antibiotics, may occur for the following reasons:

  • The reception of drugs was unreasonable, which often occurs during independent treatment;

  • The preparation used for treatment was low quality;

  • Dosage of the medicinal product was calculated incorrectly;

  • Violations of the treatment regimen were allowed;

  • The course of treatment was too long.

As for various groups of drugs, most often the formation of dysbacteriosis and its pronounced symptom in the form of itching is the antibiotics of a tetracycline row. They destructively affect the upper intestinal layer, which becomes a favorable medium to increase the activity of pathogenic microflora. While aminoglycosides only slow down the growth and reproduction of beneficial bacteria. As for fungicidal antibacterial agents, they affect the growth of protein and lactose-negative bacteria. Aminopenicillins favors the growth of staphylococcal and streptococcal flora.

However, the intestine dysbacteriosis is capable of developing even with an individually selected treatment regimen drawn up by a doctor. In addition to itching, a person suffers from a violation of the chair and bloating.

Also, the reception of antibacterial preparations of a wide range of action is able to cause a thrush, which is the cause of the itching in the anal hole. The anatomical structure of the crotch is such that the vagina and anus are located in close proximity to each other. The reproduction of mycotic organisms always provokes itching, which, among other things, affects the anal hole.

Prevent the possible development of dysbacteriosis and thrush is simple enough. To do this, it is necessary to take antibacterial agents exclusively to appoint a doctor and, with risk, use prebiotics and probiotics.

Itching in the back passage after emptying

Itching in the back passage after emptying

If itching occurs in a person immediately after he was emptying the intestines, it can be explained by the weakening of the sphincter function of the anal hole.

Such a problem occurs in 3 - 7% of people and can be caused by the following reasons:

  • Damage to the muscle tissue and the intestinal mucosa as a result of the operational interventions performed, due to the generic injury, after anal sex, after the endoscopic studies, with the improper use of the enema, etc.;

  • Diseases of the nervous system, first of all it concerns the spinal cord;

  • A inflammatory process that helps reduce the sensitivity of nerve receptors and enhances the intestinal motorcycle. This happens with diseases such as an anus tumor, its stricture, hemorrhoids. See also: The reasons for the development of hemorrhoids;

  • Congenital malformations of the anorectal area.

The proctologist is engaged in the treatment of insufficiency of the rear seat sphincter.

Worms like the cause of itching in the rear pass

The infection of parasitic organisms often leads to the occurrence of anal itching. This is due to the cycle of the reproduction of worms. Adult ascarides live in the intestine infected before the year and continuously continue to postpone the eggs. Some of them comes out with wheel masses. However, at night, the female can crawl out of anal hole and lay eggs around it. This causes strong discomfort, forcing a person to comb the anal area. As a result, the eggs of worms are attached to the patient's hands, and then falling into the mouth and passing through the intestinal tract, again fall into the intestine, where new individuals are formed. Infection of gloves requires specialized treatment with anthelmintic drugs and carefully comply with personal hygiene rules.

Itch in the rear pass at night

The area that occurs in the night clock in the area of ​​the anal opening most often indicates a parasitic infection. When removing parasites, itch should stop.

In addition, itching itching during a night rest with inflammatory diseases, in particular, with hemorrhoids. At this time, the number of external stimuli is sharply declining, it is its itching and discomfort from the existing inflamed node. Therefore, if itching in the anal hole is enhanced at night hours, it is necessary to seek advice to the doctor.

If itching in the rear pass is accompanied by blood, what to do?

The occurrence of itching in the anal hole and the release of blood is a reason for immediate appeal to the doctor. The causes of such a state can be quite serious.

Among them:

  • Colorectal cancer;

  • Ulcerative lesion of the intestine and stomach;

  • Phlebeurysm;

  • Polyposis;

  • Tuberculosis;

  • Diverticulosis;

  • Crohn's disease;

  • Intestinal infections;

  • Cracks in the rear pass and hemorrhoids;

  • Blood diseases, for example, mesentery thrombosis and leukemia;

  • STD (sexually transmitted diseases), etc.

It is urgently to ask for help to the doctor and call an ambulance needed if itching in the anal hole arises:

  • With abundant and incessant bleeding from the rear pass;

  • When attaching vomiting with blood;

  • With parallel bleeding from the nose and the occurrence of the hematoma;

  • With a significant deterioration in the overall state;

  • With increasing body temperature and the occurrence of pronounced pain in the stomach.

If, against the background of itching, a person reveals a slight blending of blood, which is visible on the wheel masses, then he needs to make an appointment or to a proctologist or to the therapist.

The doctor will appoint a number of studies after he will listen to the patient's complaints. Among possible diagnostic methods:

In any case, before finding out the reason for the appearance of blood from the anal hole against the background of the existing itching of any treatment, it is necessary to avoid. The appearance of blood does not always indicate the presence of serious diseases, however, this is a reason for the passage of an integrated examination.

Treatment of itching in the rear aisle in women and men

Treatment of itching in the rear pass

Therapy of itching in the rear pass depends on the reasons with which it was called:

  • If the anal itching causes non-compliance with the rules of personal hygiene, then the treatment of man does not need. It is enough to correct the frequency and care of the implementation of hygienic procedures, and the problem will be eliminated. The same applies to too thorough and frequent washing using soap. After the act of defecation, it is necessary to use antibacterial napkins, which are well cleaned by the zone of the anal hole from the wheel masses. This is especially true for children of early age, inclined to the emergence of diamets;

  • It is important to revise the diet, since the abuse of salted, acute and pickled food can provoke itch in the rear pass. A commitment to dietary nutrition will help to get rid of itching to people with overweight due to weight loss;

  • Underwear should be made of high-quality materials. Select pants need to size. Women should refuse to wear thongs. Especially dangerous wearing synthetic linen, as it has bad breathability, provokes the increased operation of sweat and sex glands, which becomes a favorable environment for the development of pathogenic microorganisms;

  • During dermatitis, doctors recommend using ointment for local application. They may include hydrocortisone, salicylic acid or zinc;

  • With fungal lesions, the use of antimicotic drugs will be required. Help can triederm, onbet, clotrimazole, posts;

  • You can get rid of hemorrhoids with the help of oases such as Aurobin, Relief, Proktosan, Hepatrombin. They remove inflammation, help reduce itching;

  • In running and severe cases, it is necessary to resort to surgical treatment. It is prescribed when the internal hemorrhoids is detected, with polypotic growths in the rectum, with oncological diseases of the intestine;

  • When itching was triggered by parasitic infection, careful observance of personal hygiene, a frequent change of bed linen and the reception of antickel drugs is necessary. This, for example, PIRANTEL, Nezolol, Vermoks, Albendazole, etc. All personal items must be washed and stroke. Each act of defecation requires the hygiene of the anal hole. Anus need to be washed using soap;

  • When Zpp, candidiasis or general diseases of the body became the cause of itching, then specific treatment is required, which is selected individually;

  • If, according to the results of the tests, no disease was diagnosed, that is, it makes sense to suspect the hidden proctosigmith. To get rid of it, the patient will need to adhere to the dietary nutrition, use skin ointments, as well as enema with collargol;

  • When neurosis and psychosis become the cause of the anal hole, then sedatives are prescribed to the patient. They are selected in accordance with the severity of the disease found from a particular patient;

  • Taking antihistamine preparations, for example, loratadine or cetirizine, detection and elimination of allergen - all this is necessary at itching, a provoked allergic reaction.

Mazi from itching in the back pass

Mazi from itching in the back pass

There are ointments that allow you to get rid of itching in the rear aisle, which arises for a variety of reasons:

  • Heparin's ointment. The main active ingredient included in its composition is able to determine the bacterial microorganisms. It is often prescribed to get rid of the outdoor hemorrhoids. Ointment can be used during breastfeeding and during pregnancy. Heparin is a safe substance and does not affect the health of a woman and a child;

  • Relief ointment. This drug is also used for the local treatment of hemorrhoids, to deliver a person from the cracks of the rectum, and are also prescribed with other diseases that provoke itch in the rear pass. You can also purchase a relief in tablet form and in the form of rectal suppositories;

  • Fleming ointment. Refers to homeopathic drugs, allowing to supplement the main treatment of uncomplicated hemorrhoids, allergic dermatitis. The course of therapy may be a week, depending on the degree of severity of the disease;

  • Ointment proctozan It is capable of providing a local anti-inflammatory, binder and anesthetic effect. Due to the active substances that are part of the drug, it is often prescribed under itch, caused by the cracks of the rear pass, anal eczema, proctitis and hemorrhoids;

  • Celenerm. In the form of cream and ointment (analogues - acreterem, Betliben, Beloderterm). Used with itching the anal opening, provoked by allergic reactions or inflammatory processes. This ointment refers to glucocorticosteroid drugs, so it should be prescribed exclusively by the doctor. This ointment is used for neurodermatitis, eczema, dermatitis, psoriasis, elder itching;

  • Troksevazin, Produced in the form of a gel. It is possible to use the analogues of the throxovenol, the trocserutin. The main active substance is a routine derivative and is able to have an anti-inflammatory effect, remove the swelling, reduce the permeability of capillaries. Apply with itching the anal hole accompanied by bleeding. However, the drug should not be applied to the skin with a violation of their integrity;

  • Aurobin - ointment designed to get rid of the inflammatory processes of the anogenital zone. Lidocaine in its composition contributes to the removal of pain, itching and burning in the affected area. The use of aurobine with fistulas, fissures of anal hole, eczema, erythema, dermatitis are shown. Maximum treatment time without a break - week;

  • Belogent It is an ointment capable of getting rid of the anal hole, has an anti-inflammatory and antihistamine effect. It is possible to use when itching caused by allergic reactions, during dermatitis, with inflammatory diseases, accompanied by the addition of bacterial infection. The maximum treatment of this drug without a break - 4 weeks;

  • Hepatrombin G. This effective means for eliminating the rear pass itch. It has a pronounced anti-inflammatory effect, contributes to getting rid of hemorrhoids, anal cracks, fistula and eczema. The maximum term of treatment is 20 days. It is possible to external use of the drug, as well as its introduction directly into the rectum;

  • Corortonitol Darnitsa. The main active substances in ointments are nitazol and hydrocortisone acetate. Ointment has an anti-inflammatory effect in combination with antiseptic properties. This combined drug is used to get rid of the anal opening and cracks of the rear passage, during Crohn's disease and proact. The drug eliminates the itching of the anal hole.

What doctor treats itching in the back pass?

The doctor who involves the therapy of all diseases of the rectum and intestines in general is a proctologist or a coloproktologist. To get to it on the reception, it may be necessary to preliminary consultation therapist. In addition, women often need an additional inspection at the gynecologist, and men - urbar or andrologist. If necessary, the dermatovenerologist, oncologist, gastroenterologist and other specialists are connected to the treatment.

Lebedev Andrey Sergeevich

Article author: Lebedev Andrey Sergeevich | Urologist


Diploma in the specialty "Andrology" was obtained after passing the order at the Department of Endoscopic Urology of the RMAP in the Urological Center of the Central Justice No. 1 of Russian Railways (2007). The graduate school was passed here by 2010.

Our authors

Anal itching is an unpleasant problem of an intimate nature, with which hesitate to see a doctor. However, this symptom may arise with a large number of serious diseases. Consider the most common pathologies that may be accompanied by itching in the anus area.

1. The worms are the most popular reason in the view of the average

Parasites settled in the intestines are the first thing that comes to mind when mentioning an anal itch. In fact, some melted invasions, for example, enterobiosis (with sharpening) lead to an unbearable itch in the field of anal opening, which is intensified at night. The life cycle of the slicer is such that in the evening and night time they crawl out of the anal hole and lay eggs into the perianal folds. It is in this area of ​​the body with parasites to develop most comfortably - warm and wet. Night activity of the berth is accompanied by a strong itching in this area.

Enterobiosis is widespread among the children's population, because among the causes of the anal itching in children, Glice invasion ranks first. In adults it is necessary to look for other diseases, but do not forget to check for the presence in the body of parasites.

2. Hemorrhoids can also be the cause of the anal itch!

2. Hemorrhoids can also be the cause of the anal itch!

Itching in the area of ​​the anal hole is one of the signs of hemorrhoids, along with such symptoms, like burning and pain. It is due to microtrams of hemorrhoidal nodes, which are inevitable during defecation, inflammatory process in the area of ​​damage. Hemorrhoids is also often accompanied by the insufficiency of the anal sphincter. In this state, the liquid (inflammatory exudate) is released (inflammatory exudate) from the anal opening, which irritates the skin around the anus, causing itching.

3. Anal itching - harbinger of diabetes?

Often anal itching can act one of the first symptoms in the development of diabetes. It can be observed at the preclinical stage, when other symptoms do not make themselves felt. This itching is connected with a violation of metabolism in the body. Because of the "failures" in the exchange of carbohydrates and lipids, dry skin and mucous membranes develop. Due to the lack of moisture, mucous membranes begin to hide. In diabetes mellitus, it is not only in the field of anus, but also in the field of genital organs and even mucous meal. The pathological separated on the mucous membranes is not detected.

4. Inflammatory bowel disease

Anal itching can occur with inflammatory processes in the colonist and the rectum. So, itching can be one of the symptoms in Crohn's disease and nonspecific ulcerative colitis, as well as during proctitis and paraprocts.

5. Tumors and itching in the area of ​​the anal hole

5. Tumors and itching in the area of ​​the anal hole

One of the first symptoms of the development of a malignant tumor in the rectum may also be anal itch. It was noted that the desire to comb skin and the mucous membacity in the anal region occurs during the growing polyps in the rectum. Along with itching, with neoplasms of this localization, patients make complaints on the feeling of a foreign object in anal hole, pain, as well as the presence of impurities in feces, such as blood, mucus.

6. Itching for viral diseases of the rectum

Some virus nature diseases also flow with the symptoms of the anal area itch. The most common among them is herpes and papillomavirus infection.

Herpety races in the field of genitals and the anal hole (sexhesta) are characterized by the formation of merging bubbles filled with turbid liquid, which can be located on the outer genitals in the area of ​​the anal opening. The disease occurs with the symptoms of itching, burning and pain. Infection occurs in sexual path. Once in the body, the virus remains in it forever. Therefore, with favorable conditions for herpes (decrease in immunity, supercooling, stress), the disease recurs.

Another virus affecting the crotch and anus area is a human papilloma virus. Education on the skin and mucosa, which have grown as a result of the reproduction of papillomavirus - pointed condylomas. The localization of them around the anus or on the mucosa of the rectum causes the strongest itching, irritating the skin and mucous membrane. Diagnose the perianal conglishers to the doctor is not difficult, and the patient himself often can spoke them independently, especially if they reach large sizes. Pointed Condylomes without treatment can grow years, and in some cases their rebirth is noted in a malignant tumor.

7. Fungal infection

Itching in the anal area can also cause fungi that breed on the anus mucous membrane. This happens infrequently, but in practice the doctor is found. The causative agent is the fungal of the genus Candida, and the disease is called the "Anal Candidiasis" or simply the thrush of the anal hole.

Anal candidiasis occurs in people with a weak immunity, in sugar diabetes or obesity, in weakened patients and patients with immune federations, as well as against the background of antibacterial drugs.

The disease occurs with the strongest itch in the anus area, the affected area is covered with a white bloom. From permanent combing, gentle skin around the anal hole is damaged, a secondary infection is easily attached, which aggravates the course of the disease. With the empty of the patient's intestine, it worries the painful symptom.

8. The diseases of the genitals

8. The diseases of the genitals

Often in the female half of the population itching in the area of ​​the anal hole is associated with the pathology of the genital organs. These are different etiology of vaginitis (chlamydial, trichomonous vaginitis), accompanied by discharge from the genital organs, which fall on the anus mucosa and annoy it, leading to itch.

9. Chair disorders (diarrhea, constipation), as the cause of itching

Disorder of the digestion function and, as a result, the stools can also lead to this unpleasant symptom. Thus, with frequent diarrhea, irritation of the mucous membrane of the anal hole with wheel masses occurs, and an increased humidity of this zone is also observed. This can lead to itch.

With constractions, traumatization of the walls of the rectum with dense cartial masses accumulating in the intestines are traumatized. Microcracks and scratches on the mucous membrane just give the symptoms of itching.

10. Neurogenic anal itch

"Problems" in the work of the nervous system can also provoke anal itching. The reasons for the development of neurogenic anal itch are not clarified, but doctors note that the appearance of this type of itch is usually preceded by any nervous shocks, stress, psychological injuries. It is quite difficult to put a similar diagnosis, before this it is necessary to exclude all the factors leading to the separation in the area of ​​the anal opening.

Itching in the rear pass

Itching in the rear pass is the symptom of at least two dozen diseases and conditions of the body. The list is both minor and easily disposable problems and serious diseases that require long-term treatment. Therefore, it is impossible to postpone the visit to the clinic of a false shame or concern that the problem is not worth the attention of the specialist.

If, despite the regular conduct of hygienic procedures, the anal itch does not take place within 1-2 days, consult a doctor. You will need to consult a proctologist or a coloproktologist, men should appeal to the urologist, women - to the gynecologist. If the unpleasant sensations are accompanied by diarrhea or constipation - it will take assistance to the gastroenterologist.

Causes of itching in the rear pass

Why do these unpleasant arise, and sometimes painful sensations? The reasons for itching in the rear pass in adults may be unexpected. Among them:

Diseases of the rectum

  1. The appearance of warts and pointed wings. No other symptoms, except for painful toide, these diseases are not accompanied, and directly at the anal opening can be addressed a small seal.
  2. Cracks in anal holes, anorectal fistulas, polips of the rectum. These diseases are accompanied by not only itching, but also pain, from time to time in feces and in highlights from the rectum appears blood.
  3. Hemorrhoids. In this case, itching is accompanied by pain, bloody expirations, burning, sensation of gravity in the rear pass. Hemorrhoids can be inner or outer, but the cause of it is more often internal nodes. They are ulcerated, burst into cracks and mucus fall into cracks. It causes discomfort.
  4. Condylomas - Education on the rectum caused by the action of papillomavirus. They cause itching and feeling a foreign body.
  5. Proktosigmithitis. This is the inflammation of the sigmoid and rectum with the damage to the intestinal mucosa and the violation of its functions. It is a formidable disease, leads to a narrowing of the intestinal lumen, spouting ulcers and involvement in the pathological process of nearby tissues. There is important early diagnosis and timely treatment.
  6. Malignant bowel tumors. In the early stages, cancer diseases show themselves the same as other intestinal diseases - itching, dyspepsia or an unstable chair, bloating, soreness at the bottom of the abdomen. In early diagnosis, the chances of successful treatment are increasing.

Important! A person may not guess about the presence of a major disease, since in addition to the anal itching, it does not feel any other clinical manifestations. Therefore, it is important that the doctor define the cause of your concern.

Glice Invasii

The feeling of itching in the rear pass may occur when infected with parasites living in the intestine. The most common of them:

  • slices;
  • Ascarides;
  • Giardia.

In the case of grinding itching occurs at night, when parasites for the reproduction of the offspring are laying eggs in the anus. Then the rear pass appears redness or inflammation, sometimes digestion is disturbed. From the activity of parasites, the rectum and a thick intestine suffers.

When infection with ascaris itch occurs during the daytime. Sometimes a person after emptying the intestines can feel the chapel in the anus area.

With man giardiasis torments diarrhea and abdominal pain. A frequent chair causes itching in the rear aisle, the body performs rash - including in the perineum, and this strengthens itching.

To get rid of this attack, you need to pass the analysis for the presence of parasites and pass a simple treatment. You do not just clear the body from the unreasonable guests, but also bring the products of their livelihoods, get rid of chronic fatigue and weakness.

Important! Preparations for cure from glider invasion, doses and the duration of the course should be prescribed by the doctor. Alone, the patient cannot assess the nature of the defeat.

Diseases of the urinary sphere

In men, itching in the rear pass may be associated with diseases of prostatitis and urethritis. In this case, the treatment will appoint a urologist.

In women, the anal itch is accompanied by the infections of the genitourinary system - gonorrhea, trichomoniasis, chlamydia. In this case, the strong itching in the rear pass provoke the release from the vagina, which is inevitably reaching the areas of the anus.

Gynecological infections are successfully curable. But they can be chronic and protected hidden, therefore, not only how fast you get rid of unpleasant feelings in the anus quickly, but also to save your female health.

Sometimes itching in the area of ​​the rear passage is the pubic lice. The doctor will detect them with visual inspection and will give recommendations on treatment.

A person can feel itching after anal sex, since the straight intestine inevitably gets microtraums or irritation of the mucous membrane.


If a colony of fungus genus candida is actively multiplied in the anal area - it should be treated by anal candidiasis. The disease arises as a result:

  • Reduction of immunity;
  • disorders of the intestine microflora;
  • manifestations of allergies;
  • taking antibiotics;
  • The emergence of diameters.

In Candidiasis, a person is experiencing soreness during defecation, it is formed around the anus izvaty ulcers and swelling.

The doctor will diagnose on the basis of the data Soskob, sometimes it may be necessary to inspect the inner surface of the intestine with the endoscope.

Intestinal dysbiosis

The reasons for the appearance of dysbiosis is a lot - stress, decrease in immunity, improper power or taking antibiotics. Dysbacteriosis is the cause of an unstable stool, the absence of normal microflora leads to irritation of the intestinal mucosa and a person feels not only itching near the rear pass, but pain and burning.

Itching in babies

Inflammation, redness, dough and itching with a great degree of probability will arise in young children if parents neglect hygiene and rarely change diapers. Also, children cause redness and itching around the rear passage can be fungal leather damage - candidiasis.

In children can develop hemorrhoids - if constipation often occurs and the operation of the gastrointestinal tract is broken. Therefore, observe the feeding mode of babies, avoid products provoking constipation and uncontrolled sweets.

Dermatological problems

In case of disease, psoriasis, dermatitis, seborrheal eczema, scabies, flatly deprived, rash and skin irritation occurs. If pathology captures buttocks and anus, painful sensations can not be avoided. Sometimes itching is so painful that a person can not find a place. As a rule, itching is intensified in the evening.

Discomfort in the rear pass area can provoke antibiotics.

The skin of most people is sensitive to the action of such external stimuli:

  • Insufficiently careful execution of personal hygiene rules or the use of too aggressive, causing detergent allergies, the irregular change of underwear;
  • Using low-quality toilet paper
  • Wearing synthetic underwear, or poorly crosslied, with rude-rigging sutures. Especially - if you hope too narrow clothes. If itching occurs when driving, it is enough to replace uncomfortable clothes;
  • Frequent use of thongs. The narrow strip of panties serves as a conductor for infection. Even in the case of perfect hygiene and high-quality materials, the plows begged on the tension of the tissue of the thongs, microcracks occur during combs in which pathogenic microbes may fall.

Observe the personal hygiene rules are easy: water procedures should be done twice a day, change the underwear -n less often than once a day. It is better if the panties are sewn from natural fabric and not too tightly adjacent to the body.

Already at the examination stage, the doctor will appoint drugs for local applications, which will facilitate the manifestations of the disease and remove itching.


Permanent itching in the anus and genital organs is one of the signs of diabetes. This is a consequence of the imbalance of the hormonal system - elevated blood sugar leads to the release of glucose molecules through the skin. And they, in turn, serve as a nutrient medium for microbes. In this case, there is no exhausting discomfort, itching occurs from time to time. If a person suffers with diabetes is overweight, the problem is aggravated.

Excess weight and improper nutrition

Full people often have irritation of skin and diallos. A large area of ​​skin forms skin folds and rollers, which rub each other and cause irritation. Such skin sections are sensitive to penetration of pathogens of microbes. Irritation and increased sweating provokes the occurrence of itching at the rear pass.

Incorrect meals can complicate life and thin people. An unpleasant feeling in the rear pass can cause acute foods and dishes, richly arched by spices. As well as citrus, coffee, some varieties of beer and cola.

Diseases of the liver and pancreas

In disruption of the liver, pancreas, the poor underwear of bile ducts in the blood is bile acids and toxins. They annoy the recipes of the mucous membrane of the rectum and cause itching.

Accompretizing these diseases of the stool impairment and frequent diarrhea irritate the intestinal mucous membrane and enhance the discomfort.

Neurosis, stress and neurogenic causes

In pathologically clean people, the rear pass itch occurs more often than those who relate to their own hygiene without fanaticism. Too clean and skim skin is especially susceptible to the effects of pathogenic microbes.

Restless states, obsessive ideas, the life "on the nerves" can cause painful itching in the rear pass.

Itching can be tormented at night and not to fall asleep to anxiety to people who are depressed or in a state of stress.

Such a symptom pursues those who suffer from alcoholism and drug addiction. Often such patients do not associate the availability of dependence and unpleasant clinical symptom, and meanwhile anal itch is a sign of the strongest intoxication of the body.

How to facilitate symptoms

Prevention of itching in the rear pass

Temporarily mitigate the manifestations of the anal itch can be used for this antimicrobial and wound-healing ointments. However, this is just symptomatic treatment, and you need to find out and eliminate the cause of the disease.

Apply ointment after hygiene procedures. Sit in a sedentary bath with herbal decoction, either spend the dusting with the decoction of the bark of oak, sage, calendula.

Remember the need to abide by the diet, both during treatment and for 2-3 weeks after its completion. We will have to abandon alcohol, acute and too salted food and caffeine products.

If you suffer from anal itching - limit the physical load, lifting weights and physical workouts. Do not take hot shower, give up hiking in a bath or sauna.

Diagnostics of the rear pass

When contacting a proctologist, a detailed study will be prescribed. It will include:

  • Consultation of narrow specialists: urologist, gynecologist, gastroenterologist, dermatologist;
  • inspection of the skin and the area of ​​the rear pass;
  • conducting blood test with mandatory controlling level of glucose;
  • general urine analysis;
  • blood chemistry;
  • Analysis of feces on the identification of the egg worm;
  • Analysis of the feces on enterobiosis;
  • Colonoscopy or anoscopy - if necessary, by decision of the doctor.

Treatment of itching in the rear pass

After the cause of the anal itch is determined, the patient takes treatment from the profile doctor. Unpleasant sensations can be temporarily stopped using medicinal ointments and candles, but the main goal is to cure the disease, as a result of which itch appeared.

Comprehensive drug treatment is combined with a course of physiotherapeutic procedures.

If the cause of the anal itch is nervous disorders, the patient can be recommended a course of sedative and antihistamine drugs.

If no diseases were detected during the survey, the doctor may assume the presence of an inflammatory process in the rectum and appoint a healing diet, microclides and rectal candles.

Anal itching with crack, dysbacteriosis, pregnancy, causes and treatment


The intrusive itching in anal pass is a symptom with which they rarely appeal to the doctor. He is considered uncomfortable, sometimes indecent, and often ignore. Meanwhile, itching near the anus or inside it does not arise unfortunately. It may be hidden a serious intestinal disease or rectum, endocrine disorders and parasites.

To once and forever say goodbye to the unbearable itch in an "uncomfortable place," it is necessary to find out the causes of its occurrence, and then select effective ways of treatment.

What is an anal itch - the main signs and symptoms

Distinguish the pathological itch in the area of ​​the anal hole from short-term irritation of the perianal area is very simple. Pathological is considered a symptom that occurs if not constantly, then regularly. Most of the patients who applied for medical assistance with complaints about daily discomfort, which is associated with certain situations:

  • food intake;
  • using certain products;
  • visit toilet;
  • body position;
  • human activity.

Anal itching may occur without visible reasons. However, it delivers significant inconvenience and lowers the quality of life of the patient. Lost the attack of a strong itch can from a few minutes to several hours.

The pathological itch does not pass independently, it becomes longer and intense, and in most cases it is complicated by inflammation of the skin around the anus. In this case, itching and burning, tingling and edema of anal folds become a permanent satellite of the patient.

Indicate pathological processes and additional symptoms that are accompanied by itching in anal hole:

  • excretion of mucus from anus;
  • Anal bleeding (blood traces are visible on feces and / or paper);
  • Feeling of the foreign object in the anus;
  • intestinal disorders (diarrhea, meteorism, constipation);
  • Rash in the crotch;
  • acute pain during defecation;
  • Selection of sex tract.

All listed states require competent treatment. However, before proceeding with Him, it is necessary to figure out what caused itch.

Not knowing the reasons why the anal hole is zudit and burns, you can not choose effective methods of therapy. If you pay attention to only the elimination of this symptom, the disease will progress.

Why itching appears in the anal holes - the main reasons

With complaints about anal itching, you can refer to the therapist. After the initial inspection, he will send a patient to a narrow specialist - a proctologist, a gastroenterologist, an infectious background, a urologist or a gynecologist. Perhaps the patient will have to consult several specialists and pass several analyzes.

At the initial stage of diagnostics, the doctor will consider specific symptoms, on the basis of which it can be assumed, as a result of which it was arose in the field of anal hole. There are several dozen diseases with this symptom.

Pathology of the rectum

The most common cause of the occurrence of itching in anal pass in adults - diseases of the rectum. These include:

  • outdoor or internal hemorrhoids;
  • chronic proctosigmitis;
  • neoplasms in the rectum (polyps or cancer tumors);

  • neoplasms in the folds of the anal hole and around the anus (pointed condylomas);

  • anal cracks;
  • Anorectal fistula.

If itching around the anal opening is not accompanied by the discharges of mucus and blood, and during the inspection, dry bodily color of education is found, we are talking about pointed condylums.

Important! Benign neoplasms appear due to infection with the human papilloma virus (HPV). Under certain conditions, this infection provokes the formation of perianal root and papillom, which can then be reborn in anal channel cancer.

If, in addition to itch, the patient complains of pain in the rectum, the release of blood and mucus, the likelihood of proctological diseases - cracks, hemorrhoidal nodes, fistula, etc. Unpleasant symptoms in such diseases are exacerbated after defecation.

Pathology of the urogenital system

Itching around the anus may occur against the background of gynecological and urological diseases and urinary infections. The most common causes of its appearance are:

  • candidiasis;
  • chlamydia;
  • Trichomoniasis;
  • Gonorrhea and other STDs.

Sometimes it may be herpes transmitted by sexual path. You can find it on watery bubbles (photo below).

No signs, except for it, with such pathologies may not be. However, in most cases, they are issued from sex tract (green or purulent, in the form of foam or cottage cheese, with blood and so on), an unpleasant smell of genitals, pain at the bottom of the abdomen, rash and mocking ulcers.

Important moment! The measures mentioned in 90% of cases are accompanied by an increase in lymph nodes in groin. Sometimes it is the only sign, except for itching, which helps the doctor put a correct diagnosis.

Parasitic infections

The second prevalence cause of itching in the anal hole is infected with intestinal parasites - with sharp, ascaris, giardia. They are more often disturbed by children and adolescents, causing strong discomfort after the intestinal emptying and after waking up. Additional features for which glisted invasions can be diagnosed:

  • fatigue;
  • drowsiness;
  • Allergic reactions (rash, runny nose);
  • subfebrile;
  • nausea and / or vomiting;
  • bloating;
  • Spasms of intestines and chair disorder.

When ascariasis and enterobiosis in Calais, living or deceased parasites are observed. Ostrice can be found near the anus on the skin or even on the underwear. Especially often they come out out at night or in the morning.

Interesting fact! In 90% of cases, the infection of helminths occurs when communicating with pets and during games in street sandboxes. It also happens when personal goods of helminth carriers contact.

Intestinal diseases

Itching in the perianal region occurs during inflammatory and infectious diseases of the intestines, which are accompanied by long diarrhea or constipation. The stool violations provoke irritation of the mucous membrane of the rectal and anal folds, resulting in a burning or itching.

Other reasons

In addition to the previously described diseases of the disease, other pathological conditions are also provoked in the field of anal opening:

  • Skin diseases - dermatitis, psoriasis, seborrheic eczema and deprive;
  • allergic reactions;
  • diallos;
  • Side effects when taking drugs.

Some mental and nerve disorders and some mental and nervous disorders, including the obsessive desire for the purity of the perineum, stress, depressive states are included.

Not depending on what caused this unpleasant symptom appearance, it is worthwhile for help from a doctor. Each of the described diseases does not disappear independently, and over time leads to serious complications. Thus, during the progression of hemorrhoids, vessel thrombosis may occur or their gap with abundant bleeding, and the anal cracks are easily infected and can grow into chronic paraprocts.

The most dangerous itching, provoked by the rectal polyps. These safeguards safe at first glance are often transformed into a cancer tumor.

Treatment of anal ferry

Methods, how to treat itching in the posterior road, are selected by the doctor depending on the disease detected. In most cases, therapeutic measures are aimed at eliminating them, since itch is a symptom. Use mainly drug therapy, and in some cases the use of radical measures - surgical or minimally invasive intervention is required.


To eliminate the manifestations of the anal itch, drugs are used different groups depending on the causes of the symptom:

  1. With hemorrhoid, the anal cracks and other diseases of the rectum use local means - ointments or gels with anti-inflammatory and anti-face effect.

  1. If the problem of an allergic nature, with an obsessive symptom will help to cope with anti-allergic ointments with antihistamines.

  1. Antibiotics in the form of tablets or injections are used in sexual infections and venereal diseases.

  1. Antifungal agents in the form of suppository and tablets are used in candidiasis.
  2. Helmintosis and their symptoms are eliminated by the reception of special antiparasitic agents. The drug is selected based on what type of worms was detected during the survey. Together with them, it is recommended to take sorbents to clean the body from toxins.

  1. When detecting pointed wings, anus is shown to receive funds to enhance immunity and suppressing the activity of the virus.
  2. If itch is caused by skin diseases, local corticosteroid drugs are prescribed.

To fully cure itching, additional funds are appointed: vitamin and mineral complexes, sedatives and means for stabilizing the chair.

Important! It is impossible to choose medicines yourself and calculate the dosage and therapy period. This should be done by a narrow-profile specialist after a comprehensive examination of the patient.


Loosen itching around the anal opening helps diet observance. It is especially useful in proctological diseases and pathologies of the gastrointestinal tract, as well as during gelminthium and dysbacteriosis.

First of all, it is worth excluding food from the menu, an irritating intestinal mucous membrane and causing meteorism, diarrhea or constipation:

  • dishes and products with high fat content, including oil sauces, fat, fried vegetables, greasy grade meat and fish;
  • sharp spices;
  • marinades;
  • saline vegetables, meat, fish;
  • Fruits, berries and greens with high acidity - citrus, sorrel;
  • chocolate and other cocoa products;
  • Some drinks are coffee, alcohol and black tea, gas production and juices on flavors and sweeteners.

The base of the ration is soups with vegetables and croups on chicken or vegetable broth, stew, boiled or baked vegetables, porridge on water or milk, steam cutlets, stewed or baked meat (veal, chicken fillet, lamb), eggs (no more than 2 per day ), fresh fermented milk products.

Important moment! In some illnesses, the diet will have to have a long time - from several months to infinity. Any relaxation carries the risk of exacerbating anal ferry.

Folk remedies

The list of folk remedies, which theoretically, can be used when itching in the anal hole includes dozens of recipes, which can be divided into 2 groups:

  1. Outdoor - beams for baths with calendula, oak bark, chamomile and other herbs with soothing, binding and anti-inflammatory effect.
  2. For reception inside - decoctions and water infusions with oak bark, roots of burdock or walnut leaves, lime color, yarrow and mint. Such teas and infusions eliminate intestinal disorders and normalize the chair, thanks to which it is possible to get rid of itching.

Consider them as independent medicines are not worth it. Doctors recommend using them only as an addition to drug and diet-andotherapy. Moreover, it is worth understanding that medicinal plants often cause allergies, and can further aggravate unpleasant symptoms.

Important! It is strictly forbidden to treat itching in anus in children with herbs and folk remedies.

other methods

If treatment with conservative methods has not improved the patient's condition, the doctor decides on surgical or minimally invasive intervention. These methods are resorted in the following cases:

  • with hemorrhoids complicated by thrombosis of hemorrhoidal nodes;
  • with abundant bleeding from the rear pass;
  • when infected with anal cracks;
  • in the formation of fistula;

When detecting large benign formations in the rectum (polyps).

It is used both classical types of operations and small-acting procedures using cryodestructures, laser and radio-wave "knives" and much more.

Since to treat these methods to these methods can be in ambulatory conditions (many minimally invasive operations do not require patient hospitalization), they are becoming increasingly popular.

Treat itching in the anus you need all the available means, but only after consulting with your doctor. Basic recommendations, see the video further.

Preventive actions

Reduce the probability of the appearance of itching in the anal hole will help a complex of preventive measures, which requires some changes in lifestyle. First of all, it is worth increasing physical activity to prevent pathological changes in the vessels of the rectum, and reconsider the nutrition:

  • include in the menu more vegetables and fruits containing fiber;
  • prepare food with boiling, baking or pair;
  • Replace fatty grade meat dietary bird fillets, fish, veal.

Coffee, sturdy tea, carbonated and alcoholic beverages, sharp spices and products with high salt content - taboo for those who do not want to face proctological diseases.

Another important condition for maintaining health is observance of personal hygiene. The perianal area must be kept clean. Toilet paper with aromas is better not to use, as well as fragrant soap. They can provoke allergies and itching. Persistent attention should be paid to the hygiene of the hands to avoid hot iron.

Special attention should be paid to the current state of health. If even a small discomfort occurs in the reacms and anus, a doctor should be visited. It may be a therapist, a gastroenterologist or a proctologist.


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