10 best ideas, how to spend the New Year holidays 2020 - the latest news of Russia and the world

New Year's holidays 2020 will last eight days - from January 1 to January 8! Where to go with children, how interesting and unusually spend holidays? We have prepared 10 interesting ideas than to do on New Year's holidays to loving, but intensively working parents got the opportunity to fully communicate and spend time with children.

Plan - everything head

For the vacation to have fun and relaxed, they need to be placed correctly. So you definitely do not forget about anything, and everything will be used as it is impossible.

The plan can be made to universal ferris. This not only contributes to the optimal organization, but also create an atmosphere of anticipation. And if you find strength and time to decorate it with drawings or perform in the technique of collage, it will become one of the New Year's decorations at home.

Important! No matter how you wanted to spend the holidays with the maximum benefit, to fill them with entertainment "under the urban" - a bad idea. Over-filled days of days we have enough enough.

10 best ideas how to spend New Year's holidays 2020

Therefore, planning holidays, be sure to highlight the time to get everyone together in bed, do not hurry to pay for children, calmly take a walk in the nearest park, chatting about everything in the world and just plenty of wander.

"Historic" journey

If the weather allows - go to a small journey to some interesting place. To get there, where I have never been either or, on the contrary, make a trip to the past, take the children, for example, where you once met or lived at the time when they were born or were very small.

The weather is bad? Then several options for wonderful home family entertainment:

Learn something new on master classes

Have you always wanted to learn how to make New Year's postcards in Scrap-Buking technique? Write a calligraphic handwriting? Does your child dream of decorating cakes like in steep pastry? It is in the nod of the holidays all this is possible!

Cate together with the genealogical tree

Such a joint thing is best suited for a family holiday. Remove photo albums, tell the fun and interesting stories from the life of grandparents and other relatives. If you do not feel sorry for the wallpaper, you can even draw a genealogic tree on the wall. In this, children will not be involved just with pleasure, but with delight.

Gather with friends and play board games

Get your favorite board games. Even simple "flodings" in a good company can take all for several hours.

And even remember your childhood and teach children to play in the "gardener", "walls", "edible-inedible", phantas or any other games for the company. Fortunately, there are now many resources where our childhood entertainment is collected with explanations for those who have forgotten the rules.

10 best ideas how to spend New Year's holidays 2020

Arrange carnival or home performance

Remember yourself in childhood. Have you not dreamed of dressing up the hero of books or films? So, our children also dream about it. Yes, they are on carnivals in kindergarten or school. But such a holiday at home, with parents, when dad and mom also not only look, but also participate - huge joy for most children.

And adult suits are easy to assemble from what is at hand. The most suitable and easily created images: a pirate, a cowboy, a cat, a snow queen, a small robber, etc.

Home Cinema

Arrange a joint view of a good child film, just do not exercise with your adults, do not go to other rooms, and sit down in an embrace with children on the sofa or right to the floor, put a car with fruit vase and do not be distracted by children and the film at least in The course of one and a half hours.

You can see and recordings from the family video archive. Usually, the guys are glad to look at themselves small and love when parents tell stories from their childhood. Yes, and moms and dads warm joint memories will give a lot of pleasure, or even confuse them to a romantic way.

10 best ideas how to spend New Year's holidays 2020

Bake all together pies or cookies

Yes, yes, dads and boys should also be sure to participate in this. For such a family culinary action, do not choose anything complicated. The optimal option is simple and fast sandbreaker cooking.

I will like it with your hands to everyone, but cut out with special molds or even the usual glasses of figures - especially since. And the ceiling flavors that will be in the air literally a few minutes after you send a baking sheet in the oven, you will definitely create a festive mood.

They will go "with a bang" and home waffles, so if you have a waffle, finally there is a reason for it! While baking is preparing, all together cover the festive table, do not be lazy to lay a beautiful tablecloth, get napkins and dishes, which rarely use. Believe me, such a joint vacation for a long time if the children remain in the memory forever.

Day without a TV, computer and other gadgets

Right in the morning or even from the evening, you will remove all the consoles on the eve and disconnect the TVs from the network. Warn relatives, so as not worried and turn off the phone! Immediately think up how to take such a day. It can start a quest with various tasks for children and adults, then you will travel on a journey through all the city trees, and in the evening, arrange a picnic in the tree and read a couple of chapters from your favorite book out loud!

10 best ideas how to spend New Year's holidays 2020


Long winter holidays are an excellent opportunity to master the icy slides in nearby parks, teach a child to skate or skiing, take the first skiing lessons at the instructor's snowboard.

You can go on a day trip to thermal sources - bathing in hot mineral water and frosty air - this can be experienced only in winter! Not far from Yekaterinburg such sources are somewhat - in Turinsk, Tavde, Tyumen.

Walking with the whole family on the snow-covered forest on horseback or on a dog harness - this is fresh air plus unforgettable impressions! In addition, in many centers there are additional entertainment - both trolls, and giant football, and tea drinking in a plamber with a real shaman.

Do not deny the children in the joy of communicating with animals - in horseback clubs and dog nurseries there is an opportunity to take a picture, take part in the care of Persuat the stories about the life of animals.

10 best ideas how to spend New Year's holidays 2020

Cognitive fellowships

You can plan a long-term cognitive trip, for example, in the Kungur Ice Cave, or in Nevyansk, where in the museum you can plunge into the atmosphere of the Demidov era at the theatrical submission of the Demidov Yolka. It will also be interesting to visit the whole family of a pottery workshop or look at the masterpieces of Russian wooden architecture in Verkhoturia.

You can see the real aircraft and tanks of the Second World War in the Museum of Military Technology in Upper Pyshma. — One of the largest in Russia.

In winter, our natural monuments are surprisingly beautiful in winter - deer streams, damn fortification, seven brothers cliffs. In the holidays you have a great opportunity to talk about children about them and show all the magnificence!

10 best ideas how to spend New Year's holidays 2020

What should not be done on holidays?

Of course, children are often happy to any joint pastime with their parents, but still there are places that do not choose for a festive holiday with children.

Experts have long been alarming, speaking that the generation of "shopping centers" grows. These are children who spend all weekends, although together with their parents, but in large shopping and entertainment complexes. And we are not talking about those families who are forced to go with children for shopping, because it is simply not anyone who literally lives in various "Mollah" who eats there, walks and having fun.

Of course, at first glance, there is nothing terrible in this pastime. But remember the incessant hum, which is usually worth in places, lack of daylight light and fresh air, permanent light, sound and other stimuli. All this is valid for children, their health and psyche is destroying.

Therefore, in holidays, and on ordinary weekends, try to stay away from such places. And if it is impossible, then do not delay in large centers longer than the necessary and after their visits go to walk together.

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The closer than the new year, the greater the likelihood that all the most tempting offers will differ. And again "Olivier" and at the 28th time "Irony of Fate." Although the film is good. And "Olivier" - Mother.

We have prepared for you a few ideas, where you can quickly buy tickets and where it is interesting to spend holidays.

Harbin, China

Flight: Moscow - Harbin - Moscow

There is no good time to visit this Chinese city, bordering Russia than the New Year holidays. It is here that is held annually Harbin International Snowy and Ice Sculptures Festival . This year he will be held from December 24 to February 20. The opening ceremony will take place on January 5, before that you can celebrate the new year and have time to come to yourself. Hotel is better to book in Harbin.

During the festival, there are beautiful sculptures from snow and ice: animals, people, all sorts of castles, towers and world attractions - Red Square, Colosseum, Empire State and so on.

How to celebrate?

In the park of course! Majestic figures of world attractions, immersing in multicolored illumination, fireworks, music. Like Kai in the snow kingdom.

What to do on holidays?

Harbin built the Russians, the architecture will be familiar to you. Here you can taste Chinese cuisine, sick and see city attractions. In addition to loving architecture from ice and snow at the festival, you can go skiing / skating / cheesecakes or in dog sledding. Here the real winter reigns - from -17 degrees, sometimes the columns can fall to 30. But the figures do not melt.


The cost of the entrance from $ 48. Lunch in an inexpensive cafe from 7 to $ 10, passing public transport from $ 0.5. Accommodation: from $ 200 for 11 days or from $ 16 per day in a double room.


Flight: Moscow - Phnom Penh - Moscow

If it seems like you want to lie down and sunbathe, but the inner motor does not allow you to devote all the leave, then Cambodia will be the best solution. There are beaches and the temperature pleases - the day heats up to 29, at night not lower than 24 degrees. And how much can you have time to see!

How to celebrate?

The new year itself is to spend a penny in the capital, celebrating in one of the restaurants where the show program will definitely. If you prefer a more spontaneous celebration, then welcome to the Riverside embankment, where the fireworks start at midnight and pass various shows. And then adjust the raid on the bars and clubs on the Street 51 and dance until the morning.

What to do on holidays?

To sunbathe on the beaches of Siaunoukville and look at the underwater world of the Siamese Gulf, eat a fried spider, go to the tropical forest reserves in the Pnom Broker, explore the temples of Angkor, stroll along the Royal Palace of Phnom Pan, swim with elephants in Monduki, go to safari in Viirija National Park. It all depends on the mood and the number of vacation days.


Bike rental $ 5 per day, lunch in a cafe for local $ 4-6, visiting sights of $ 2-4, temple complexes from $ 16, diving from $ 20. Accommodation: from $ 245 for 11 nights or from $ 26 per double room per night in Sihanville.

Berlin, Germany

Flight: Moscow - Berlin - Moscow

Berlin is a great place to meet the New Year in Europe. There is something to do and day, and at night. Museums, theaters, bars, nightclubs. For the New Year holidays, people from around the world gather here.

How to celebrate?

Two kilometers between the Brandenburg Gate and the victory column turn into a solid holiday: music, dancing, fireworks, performances and magic shows. After the new year's meeting, you can walk around the city or go to one of the world famous clubs, for example, in Berghain, Watergate or Kitkat.

What to do on holidays?

In Berlin, all attractions are concentrated in the center. Slowly walking, see the legendary Kiss of Brezhnev and Honneker on the Berlin Wall, the Brandenburg Gate and Reichstag. If you have enough time, you can go and see Potsdam Palaces, paintings by Raphael and Rembrandt in Dresden, visit Nazi camp Zakshenhausen. And here you can arrange a whole gastronomic tour, alternating German sausages with a cabbage, a pork knuckle with a pea pudding and putting everything in beer, it's Germany!


Direct for public transport from $ 3, visiting sights from $ 13, beer in a pub from $ 2.5, portion of sausages curryvurst from $ 3. Accommodation: from $ 540 for 11 nights or from $ 46 for a double room per night.

Porto, Portugal

Flight: Moscow - Porto - Moscow

Porto is not the capital of Portugal, but people and attractions are no less than in Lisbon. And the ocean is near, and you are in Europe.

How to celebrate?

Device dinner with seafood. Then take a bottle of champagne and go to the Avenida Dos Aliados Square - the most popular place to meet the New Year. There will be a show, dancing and fireworks. Or stroll to the Atlantic Ocean. Or go to the Ribeir area and meet the New Year on the Embankment of the Dora River.

What to do on holidays?

To come to the port of winter - a great idea. Comfortable temperature: Day can warm up to 17 degrees, and at night thermometers are unlikely to be devastated below 5 degrees. If there is a strong wind, you can always rinse in a cafe and eat a hot dish fijoad - roast meat, rice and beans. There are many vineyards here, it means a lot of wine. Still port - Place of birth and production of port wine. You need to have time to regain everything to pick up souvenirs home.

Each day in the city there are cultural events, be it exhibitions, musical performances, food festivals or master classes, it will not have to be bored. And Portugal is a country for sirph. Who said that you can't take a couple of lessons in winter? After all, there are water-beams. Yes, the transport here will not need, the city can be waged on foot. And many attractions are free.


Direct for public transport (if you still get started walking on foot) from $ 1.7, lunch in a cafe with a glass of wine $ 9-11, a bottle of wine in a store from $ 4, visiting attractions from $ 4. Accommodation: from $ 355 for 11 nights or from $ 34 per double room per night.

Rovaniemi, Lapland, Finland

Flight: Moscow - Rovaniemi - Moscow

You have long been not a child for a long time, but this does not mean that fairy tales do not exist. You can arrange it yourself, finding yourself visiting the one who believed in childhood.

How to celebrate?

To go for the polar circle to visit Santa (local names of His Joulupukka) and to his gnomes-assistants, write congratulations to friends and send postcards, buy gifts in local souvenir shops and on Christmas bazaars, go to the Santa Underground Park.

What to do on holidays?

New Year holidays will be rich in Rovaniemi: Winter fishing, safari in the snow, riding in a harness with husky or deer. You can look at local animals in Ranua Wildlife Park or go on a deer farm. Or go and drink a cocktail in Ice Bar located in Arctic Snow Hotel. And, of course, to go on a snowmobile to seek the Northern Light in a cloudless starry night.


Lunch in a cafe 8-11 $, a cappuccino cup from $ 3.5 $, visiting the zoo from $ 77, Santa Park from $ 37. Accommodation: from $ 1570 for 11 nights or from $ 95 per double room per night.

Livigno, Italy

Flight: Moscow - Milan - Moscow

Italian Livigno is not so famous as other resorts separating the Alps. And very in vain. Not only can you easily go to almost any active winter sport, the Olympic athletes come here to train, there are about 28 tracks here. There is still a pretty weighty plus - duty-free trade. So, all goods in the store will be cheaper by 10-15%.

How to celebrate?

White mountains, christmas markets, decorated streets and rustic houses under a white snow hat. You can book a table in one of the restaurants or to be much more romantic: take a bottle of concoction and meet 2020 on the slope. And then join folk festivities.

What to do on holidays?

Mountain skiing, snowboarding, tubing. In addition, Livigno has tracks for skiing with a length of several tens of kilometers. I do not want to move on your two - at your disposal Sani with Husky. You can visit the Roman thermal baths or go hunting for brands, not in vain you are in the duty-free zone.


Lunch at a cafe from $ 14, Ski-Pass for 6 days from $ 140 and free buses to lifting buses. Accommodation: from $ 1676 for 11 nights or from $ 220 per double room per night. And what did you want, the Alps.

Bansko, Bulgaria

Flight: Moscow Sofia Moscow

I want to fly with the breeze from the mountain, but after the rest, do not worry about the debt on the credit card? Then you in this cute Bulgarian town, known for its ski slopes. By the way, it is located in the Pirinsky Reserve, under the protection of UNESCO.

How to celebrate?

Start celebrating it follows in one of the restaurants. Bulgarians love to eat, so the portions here are impressive and for reasonable money, unlike the European neighbors. And after the satisfying dinner, you can join celebrating on the street.

What to do on holidays?

If you are just starting to ride, there is a school here if you are already a pro, then appreciate one of the 15 tracks. For diversity, hide ice skating, visit the spa or yoga center of one of the hotels in the resort or pass through the city museums in which exhibitions are constantly underway, for example, local school icons. You can go to Sofia, it is 160 kilometers away.


Ski-pass for 3 days from $ 100, a skating rink for 2 hours from $ 17, lunch in traditional Bulgarian mechanic 8-12 $, beer in a pub from $ 2.5. Accommodation: from $ 477 for 11 nights or from $ 45 for a double room per night.

Cruise for Persian cities: Dubai, Muscat, Sir-Bani Yas, Abu Dhabi

Flight: Moscow Dubai. Moscow

Cruise, the route of which includes several cities of the Persian Gulf. The perfect option, of course, if you do not suffer from a maritime disease. No, there is nothing to do with the heating houses on the Volga, there is no. Cruise liners are huge multi-storey ships with a house. Inside all the noble: dozens of restaurants and bars, spa, cinema, disco club, casino, stairs from Swarovski rhinestones, luxury interiors and rich decorations - everything corresponds to the East.

How to celebrate?

Believe me, it will not be boring. In every bar, restaurant and lobby will be held a show program, and at 12 o'clock on the deck will run fireworks. As if the Turkish hotel was allowed into the sea. For children there will be an entertainment program in Russian with Santa Claus and Snow Maiden, and for adults - a disco with Russian music.

What to do on holidays?

Daily on board at the same time there are all sorts of entertainment: dancing, games for children, show programs, sports competitions. I want noise - go to the disco, I want a pacification - the reception is played on the piano. There is a casino for gambling. For more calm - pools and jacuzzi.

Before the cruise can be seen in Dubai. Every day you are waiting for a new city. You can walk on yourself on it, either in advance to order a guide, or join the excursion from the cruise company.


From $ 705 per cruise for 8 days per one . Trio-friendly food and entertainment program are included. You will need to pay for alcoholic beverages and excursions in cities.

Fukuok, Vietnam

Flight: Moscow Fukuok Moscow

Here I do not want to do anything. The whole year was worked and it would be time to relax. Do not run with a camera on museums, not climbing the mountains, do not blame on the chair lift. I want to lie on the beach, drink cocktails and get acquainted with new people. To make the only physical activity in dancing. Then you need Epizode!

Remember the legendary country of Kazantip? She did not disappear. Just moved a little away, in a more exotic place. Now the musical festival takes place on the Vietnamese Island of Fukuok. 11 days of incessant music and fun among palm trees on the beach. How does everything happen? You are buying a ticket: One-day, three-day or all 11 days old, book a hotel on the island and to the Episode Beach coming or on your own bike or by taxi.

How to celebrate?

It is unlikely that the new year itself will contrast the female with other days. But the fact that you will meet him are fun, on a snow-white beach, among stunning installations and in the company of happy people is for sure. Vietnamese rum in one hand, coconut - to another: "Happy New Year!".

What to do on holidays?

Actually, as planned: sunbathing, drinking cocktails and dance non-stop. More than 80 musical performers and artists will answer for dancing and entertainment, who will show skills in 4 scenes. In the breaks between dancing you can run on a massage, bring the body into a state of rest. Or study the island.

With full schedule and information you can find on site. (There is a Russian version, Hurray!).


Multipas for the festival for all 11 days - $ 287, a portion of shrimp (not at the festival) from $ 3, mango kilogram from $ 2, visiting sights from $ 0.7, rental bike per day from $ 5, massage from $ 15. Accommodation: from $ 135 for 11 days or from $ 12 for double room per night.

Undoubtedly, every Russian dreams unforgettable and fun to hold a new 2020, but where and how to do it, so that a fabulous celebration and ten-day winter mini-vacation have passed perfectly? Leading travel agencies offer a lot of areas where you can spend a wonderful time in a noisy bustle or enjoying secluded calmness, with children and the second half or in a company of close friends.

New Year in native expanses

On the map of our country there are many amazing places for the most magical night in the year and all future winter holidays.

Great Ustyug

Almost every child knows where Russian Santa Claus lives. It is from the Great Ustyug that he starts a detour of all corners of Russia with his granddaughter Snow Maiden. Fabulous city on holidays full of guests. They stroll through the streets where funny folk festivities are satisfied, drive away dances, take pictures of the magnificent urban Christmas tree. Along the river Sukhona extends a long strip of vintage mansions, majestic bells and beautiful ancient temples.

Great Ustyug


No wonder this city is called the third capital of our Motherland. It is planned to come here those who have already decided on where inexpensively and unforgettable New Year's Eve and the official winter holidays in 2020. The infrastructure of the city allows you to combine rest with the whole family with rich and active excursions, winter sports with study of interesting attractions, such as:

  • Zilantov Monastery;
  • Kazan Kremlin;
  • Towers Syumubika;
  • Old Tatar Sloboda;
  • Millennium Park;
  • Kul-Sharif mosques;
  • The temple of all religions;
  • Alexandrovsky Passage;
  • Petropavlovsky Cathedral;
  • Palace of farmers;

Having met the New Year, Guests of Kazan go to the village of Jan Kyrlay to the local grandfather Claus Kuszy Babay or splashing in the Riviera Water Park. New Year in Kazan

St. Petersburg

This is one of the best places in the country for the New Year's celebration. To get to the largest urban Christmas tree is very simple on the subway, reaching the Palace Square. Large-scale festive festivities with dancing, illumination, fireworks, ideas, icy slides are arranged annually on the coast of the Gulf of Finland, the Arrow of the Vasilyevsky Island, the Art Square and Nevsky Prospect. Be sure to highlight the day-another for an excursion to Peterhof, visiting Christmas fairs. A rich tourist program guests of the city is usually diluted with marine walks along the Neva or gatherings in cozy cafes.

New Year in St. Petersburg


On all January holidays, the capital of Russia becomes the world's largest Christmas-New Year platform. This is the perfect city for those who have not yet chose how to spend the New Year in 2020. To spend the main night directly on the Red Square under the battle of the chimes and admire the magnificent salute, it is better to stock up warm things and a thermos with strong tea. Picnic zones with free mangals, icy slides are equipped for Muscovites and guests of the city on the Losina Island, in Pokrovsky Streshnev, Bitz. Santa Claus certainly travels to his metropolitan residence, which is built in Kuzminsky forest park. Meeting with him will certainly like both children and their parents. The whole Christmas week is a lot of fairs, in some areas of Moscow, ski routes are packed, solemn services go in all temples and churches. The doors of restaurants offering to taste older dishes: traditional events and Moscow gingerbread, sturgeon, pancakes and piers with different fillings.

Santa Claus residence in Moscow


Even in winter, this is the largest freshwater lake of hundreds of thousands of tourists. No need to think long, where to economically spend the New Year holidays of 2020 in Russia, if you want to admire her beauty and spend great time. Of course, if there is an opportunity, it is better to book a room in a fashionable hotel, but options are offered much cheaper - in small private boarding houses and economy-class hurrices. In winter, Lake Baikal is covered with a dense, transparent, like a glass of ice and turns into an endless rink. With children, it is better to go to Listvyanka, namely to an unusual place - Nerpinal. There, the nerves play on musical instruments, indulge with soccer balls, sing and dance.

In addition to Baikal attractions, there are many ski equipment rental points, snowmobiles, quad bikes. And the most extreme travelers will have to the soul of a trip to Jeep. This is a boat on an air cushion, which rushes at a huge speed on the ice of the lake, and then flies through the non-freezing river Angara.

River Angara

R. Angara


The Western Russian city opens its doors to all those who wanted to hold New Year's Eve celebrations. An hour's drive is the famous Sea resorts Zelenogradsk and Svetlogorsk. In January, the Park "Curonian Spit" is not closed. "Space" White-yellow sand dunes extend 98 km. At the plan of visiting attractions, it is necessary to include an ancient cathedral, the Museum of the World Ocean, the Amber Museum, the Kirch of the Holy Family.


For active pastime and excellent recreation, Russians are sent to this Russian skiing Caucasian resort. It is surrounded by the majestic mountains, the slopes are equipped with ski tracks, both for professionals and newcomers. After riding on a snowboard or skiing is very nice to relax in one of the wonderful cafes. Enjoy mantle, kebabs, Dombii Khycini, and then go to children, sculpt a snowbank or ride sledding.

New Year in Dombay


The tourists from all over Russia to the popular ski resort in Kabardino-Balkaria are on their own cars, buses or trains. This is a real paradise for professional skiers who are not afraid of complex mountain aggregates. After skating, vacationers fought in paintball, master the skates, go to hiking, order trips on quad bikes or horses, climbing in the bath, tasting the screwdriver shurpa and hot hichins.

Hychina with cottage cheese and greens

Hychina with cottage cheese and greens

Krasnaya Polyana

This famous ski resort near Sochi attend hundreds of thousands of tourists annually. Excellent equipped tracks for skiing and snowboarding are located near the rose farm station. Merry New Year's show program offer almost all hotels, restaurants and cafes of Red Polyana. No need to carry cumbersome and heavy equipment. There are also inexpensive rental points of all necessary for winter sports.

Krasnaya Polyana


This is an extensive area with reserves, national parks, the world's largest lakes Ladoga and Onega. An unforgettable soulful rest in a well-heated wooden house on New Year's celebrations can be ordered in the village of Kalevala or Vokavolok. The main local entertainment is skating dogs and deer sledding, sledding, icy, snowmobiles, cooks, skiing.

In Russia, there are many wonderful places for active or relaxing holidays for the new 2020. On the Susaninskaya Square, Kostroma sparkles bright lights urban tree. Merry folk festivities will certainly be held in Vladimir. Romantic picnic with dance in boots, with mulled wine and kebab is easy to arrange even behind the polar circle. Or maybe take a walk on the streets of the Crimean cities and find out the history of Chersonesos?

Susaninskaya Square

Susaninskaya Square

For the New Year to the Warm Sea

To all those who are tired of penetrating blizzards and winter cold, those who just dream of a velvety tan in 2020, need to buy a tour to some sunny country. It can be inexpensive resorts of the Mediterranean, the Pacific or Indian Ocean.

Mexico - True Exotic in the middle of winter

The snow-white coast of the Caribbean expects those who ordered New Year's tour to Mexico. The famous resorts of Riviera-Maya choose lovers of a relaxed size stay surrounded by coconut palm trees. Rest in Cancun will have to do Russians who adore nightly parties in clubs and ultra-modern hotels, bright carnivals and marine entertainment. Each hotel has a holiday banquet with classic salute and discos.

New Year in Cancun

Goa - Paradise Corner for New Year's holidays

The Indian state of Goa is a combination of excellent climate and low prices, especially if you choose the southern region, that is, the villages:

  • Cavelosim;
  • Flavor;
  • Benaulim;
  • Agonda;
  • Morns.

The resort towns of Aschool and Bogmalo are an ideal place for those who dream of holding a New Year holidays, engaged in diving, underwater hunting, surfing, paragliding. The guests of the Exotic Indian state must be visited in the Charao bird park, admire the waters of Dudhasagar waterfall, falling from 300 meters altitudes and amazing Pandava caves.

New Year on Goa

Vietnam - Unforgettable exotic for the new year

Winter holidays in this amazing hot country will certainly be in memory. For the celebration, tour operators recommend the resorts of Fukuok, Muin and Nha Trang. Colorful fireworks, folk festivities, all kinds of entertainment, animation shows are arranged on their central beaches. In January, there is a beautiful warm weather on Fukuok Island. On the pure sandy beach, not only sunbathe, but rest in small bungalows, tasting dishes of exotic Vietnamese cuisine: FD soup, fried noodles with beef, shrimp paste, famous Vietnamese sandwich.

New Year in Vietnam

Antalya - Warm Turkish resort

Fabulous Turkey as if suggested to each traveler, where to hold a new year 2020. The most visited resort of Antalya is located on the shores of the warm Mediterranean. This is not just a city with comfortable beaches and picturesque nature. She keeps the heritage of ancient history, unique attractions that everyone should visit:

  • Tower Hydyrlyk;
  • Gate Adriana;
  • Mount Tunectpe;
  • Aspandos;
  • Ruins perge;
  • Archaeological Museum.

On the Köcrechary River, you can melt with an instructor on an inflatable raft or kayak. Such an extreme rafting is a fascinating adventure for adrenaline lovers.

Rafting on the Kubrychary River

New Year's Tours to Dubai

The United Arab Emirates annually become a real Mecca for lovers of Eastern exotic on the New Year. The same applies to the main resort of the country - the city of Dubai. In winter, there is a calm warm weather. The famous resort is rich not only with clean beaches, but also the attractions whose visit will dilute New Year's celebrations:

  • The world's largest musical fountain;
  • Skyscraper Burj Khalifa;
  • Palma Jumeira;
  • Dubai Opera;
  • Al-Fahidi district.

First-class spa centers are located in the resort complex "City of Jumeira" (Madinat Jumeirah). You can admire local beauties by ordering a trip on a wooden boat. In thematic parks, the oak children and adults are waiting for many entertainment.

Dubai Opera

Dubai Opera

Festive diving in Thailand

Leave from snow-covered Russia and to be on the warm sea coast - such an idea to come into reality if you order a ticket to Thailand for the new year. This exotic country is especially suitable for fans of underwater dives. The best dipping centers are open in:

  • Chumphon Province;
  • Pattaya;
  • Samui;
  • To Siemilana;
  • To Lanta;
  • Phi Phi;
  • Phuket.

Along the entire coast, underwater caves are drawn. In addition to tropical fish in warm waters, whale and leopard sharks, sea turtles, butterfly fish, manta fish, barracuda, cuttlefish and octopuses are inhabited.

Diving in Thailand

Mauritius Island - Perfect Winter Recreation

Those Russians who have not yet decided how to spend the New Year holidays in 2020 and where exactly go, it is worth paying attention to this tiny island in the Indian Ocean. In small territory, harmoniously adjoaded:

  • Small towns and cities;
  • lagoon and rivers;
  • Mountains and reserves;
  • Gorge and waterfalls;
  • Fashionable hotels and inexpensive bungalows.

In the northern part of Mauritius, the best beaches adjacent to the tropical forests are located. And in the south-east, locals and tourists prefer to surf, diving and fishing. At small depths of the island, the hammer fish and exotic blue marliners are found.

Blue Marlin

Blue Marlin

Maldives for Active Beachs

To celebrate New Year and Christmas on this amazing island and save, you need to order a tourist ticket in advance. It is a romantic place for a secluded rest, comfortable hotels of whose hotels are surrounded by beautiful coral reefs and literally drown in tropical vegetation.

The island state has more than 150 resort centers with diving clubs, equipped beaches, all sorts of excursion programs, hotels with pools, jacuzzi and children's playgrounds. On New Year's banner, you will definitely need to taste local delicacies, and after the celebration, visit Male's Mosque Hukukru Miseu in Male, the Presidential Palace Mouliage, Tomb of Medusiya, Sultan Park, National Museum Maldives.

Sultana Park

Sultana Park

Best New Year holidays in Europe

For all January holidays, most compatriots choose the classic European capitals and cities, accommodation in the hotels of which is quite inexpensive.


New Year's Eve It is in this German city that is associated with fragrant Bavarian sausages, hot mulled wine and noisy festive fairs. In the famous beer "Levenbroy", "Hofbrojuhaus", Augustiner, as in the night club Kultfabrik on December 31, do not push around, so it is advisable to order a table in advance.

Nightclub in Munich


The ancient city during the New Year celebrations is transformed. To admire the huge sparkling firefire, guests of the city and the Romans go to the Sv. Peter. All windows of houses and shop windows are decorated with colorful christmas compositions and garlands. Italian Santa Claus is walking on the main square of Rome Piazza Del Popolo, where the main festive events are held.

New Year in Rome


Amazing surprises expect guests of the Lithuanian capital, who came to spend here New Year celebrations. A magnificent Christmas tree is installed in the center of the city's cathedral area. All this action is accompanied by the performance of creative teams singing Christmas Psalms. For young children, real pleasure - ride on the rail train through the New Year tree. And adults, tired of the city fuss, go to the Neris River, walk through the creative district of the UPUIS or by Gediminas Avenue.

New Year in Vilnius

Disneyland Winter

New Year's holidays 2021: Top 36 ideas, what to do in the New Year holidays

And not necessarily go to shopping centers, where you and so there are almost every weekend. If you can go to the next city, then walk on shopping and make purchases there. In the end, owning the Internet can be visited by an infinite number of online stores, even from the house you will not have to go! 20. Do not forget about winter sports Sports skating or skiing Walk with friends - What could be better in winter day off? 21. Work or read off for incorrigible workaholics, which are starting to "stick" without work. Freelancers can continue to perform working tasks even on holidays, and students start preparation for exams.22. Spend the New Year holidays in the village budget option for those who have relatives in the village. There you will not only rest, but also take care of useful things - help them at the Economy. Meet the dawn at least once for the New Year holidays. Winter weekdays, we usually meet Dawn on the way to work, sorry about what you have to go up so early. In the New Year holidays, we, on the contrary, can be rejected by him. To do this, it is not even necessary to go out - just watch this miracle of nature from the balcony. Make the photo collage of the past year was rich in the events that you want to leave in memory. Make a photo collage that will remind you of the brightest days, and hang him in your room. If there is an opportunity, then do this and for your friends.25. Put - karaoke perfectly removes the stressful at home or go to the karaoke club. Lovely entertainment, which is always relevant and about which should be remembered on New Year's holidays.26. Walk around the city with Praeromolen, that in the New Year holidays you follow the daily rate of 10 thousand steps? Not? Then go faster for a walk and grab a player with your favorite tracks to walk be fun 27. Play on board games or assemble a huge puzzle of two classes will help you to return to childhood for a while, and the resulting emotions - to remain cheerful throughout the day.28. Make boring classes of interesting things, even in New Year's holidays no one has canceled the queues and traffic jams. But even in these situations you can spend time and with benefit. Read the articles on Yandex Zen and write comments.29. Arrange the eve of the memories of themselves with someone - with family, friends or loved one. Just gather over the cup of tea and share with each other with warm memories that are important for you. Such gatherings are very close and teach to appreciate even the most minor moments. Write the most ordinary letters from handpother, as in childhood we loved writing letters and were looking forward to the answer? Repeat this experience and send messages to your relatives, friends and acquaintances who live in another city. So you not only remember the carefree childhood, but also pleasantly surprise your loved ones.31. Learn to know something new to a new foreign language, learn to professionally photograph, go, solve problems creatively ... New Year's holidays - the best time to start comprehensively develop.32. Do not forget about homeless animals. Understand all homeless animals, of course, it is impossible. Do not forget to feed puppies and kittens that are wounded on the street near your entrance. Make your own hand feeder for birds and hang it in the courtyard at home or in the nearest park.33. Why not arrange a New Year Flashmob? On New Year's holidays on the streets, most people are most, which means that this is the right time for Flashmob. Collect your friends, go to the city square and start dancing or drive a dance around the tree - in a couple of minutes you will join other holidaymakers, and you will remember this funny and cheerful pastime. Prepare coffee by recipes from different countries Maisli to go somewhere until it turns out - learn how to make coffee by recipes of various countries of the world, and you will become much warmer. 35. Hold the time to be saved to the pool, a gym, a beauty salon, please yourself with new clothes. In the whirlwind of everyday affairs and worries, we are so often lacking for this time, so try to fix it in the New Year holidays.36. Improve yourself and close to New Year's delicacy, after the New Year's feast it seems to everyone that we still can not have anything else - we feel so filmed. But, as practice shows, already on January 3-4, we again want something delicious. Do not deny yourself in this pleasure, so experiment and prepare some cool dessert. Don't forget to subscribe to our channel Useful gifts and purchases ,And also put like and share these tips with friends in social networks! And, of course, write in the comments than you do in your free time! Share your recommendations, your opinion is important to us!

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7 amazing coffee recipes that are able to surprise even gourmets .

* Current information for tourists End of December 2020 / beginning January 2021: New Year's holiday ideas 2021: Morocco - Fairy Tale

Most people look forward to New Year holidays - this is an opportunity to relax, go on a journey, change something in life or do what the hands did not reach the whole year. How to spend this time with benefit? Let's try to make a plan for important and useful affairs for the New Year holidays.

New Year holidays with family.

New Year's holidays are the perfect time when you can forget about daily concerns and completely devote your family.

1. Go to a concert or New Year's matinee.


All parents have already managed to visit the matinee of their children before the new year, but no one canceled the citywide. For adults, these events will be no less fascinating. First, it is always pleasant to watch your mischievous, and secondly, you can afford to relax to give will to your inner child.

The absence of children is not a reason to skip such fun events, take friends with children or younger brothers and sisters and reduce them to the New Year's Christmas tree. Joy and pleasure will be no less.

2. Go to an interesting master class.


During the New Year holidays, there are many interesting places for creativity, including festivals, within which master classes are open. Among them are the most popular - these are culinary workshops. But among them you can find no less interesting sessions such as dance classes and needlework circles.

3. Prepare something delicious.

New Year's treats.jpg.

Cooking with the whole family is a very interesting and cheerful occupation, especially it is interesting to small kids. Create any new year's work of art, even if it is ordinary cookies. Buy special molds in the form of Christmas trees, men or asterisks in advance. The kids will gladly cut cookies and decorate them. And then there is a pleasure for them!

4. Visit the cinemas, museums, exhibitions, fairs.

Moskva 12.jpg.

All exhibitions, museums and fairs (especially New Year) continue their work activities and on holidays. Check out the billboard on the city portal and boldly go to enlighten the whole family. The cinema will surely go new cartoons or New Year's films, in theaters - New Year's fairy tales, and why not finally go to the exhibition of robots, space or dinosaurs.

5. Schedule ice skating.


New Year's holidays are the best time. ,To get together with the whole family and send fun to spend time on snow-covered slopes. Breathe hot tea in thermos, sandwiches in containers and most importantly necessary equipment for outdoor activities.

New Year holidays with friends.

1. Arrange the thematic party


Sorry the topic in advance, it can be absolutely different, it all depends on your imagination, here are some examples:

- pajama;

- Hawaiian;

- in the style of your favorite movie / TV series;

- back in the 90s;

- superhero;

- cult personalities, etc.

Do not refuse the opportunity to spend time with friends and organize a holiday that you will remember the whole year with a smile.

2. "Cinema Day"


Create a chat in what`s app with friends and together make a list of movies that you have long wanted to see. Find out to find out from whom a large diagonal itself and go to visit her lucky owner. Most importantly, do not forget to capture with you more snacks, comfortable clothes and a cozy plaid.

3. Play board games


The perfect evening lesson for friends is desktop games. Choose your favorite games - from "Monopoly" and "Activities" to "Jengi" and "Elias". Do not forget to prepare drinks and snacks, and you can start. If you do not have such a big arsenal of the stands, ask friends to capture your home and arrange a real "Game Day"

New Year's holidays alone with you.

1. Hobbies, books, movies


You have a whole week ahead, which you can devote to your hobby or do business, who have been postponed so long ago, for example, read the book that you were advised in another summer. Look at the movie or better start new series. Horizontal leisure is also a holiday.

2. Take yourself


The advice is not only for the beautiful half, although it is fair to note that they have some more options: to arrange a SPA-day home (take a bath with foam and salt and make all possible leaving masks) and, go to the beauty salon, shopping. In any case, each of the listed classes gives women pleasure and make happy.

But men can afford a relaxing leisure, for example, to go to the bath or go to the massage, you can also visit the pool or training session (men have their own joy of life). These events will well restore strength and prepare for new labor feats.

3. General cleaning


General cleaning is customary to do before the holidays, but if you did not have such a possibility, there is a chance to do this on the New Year holiday. You have a whole week to disassemble the collection of old trash, remove from a computer or even from the phone unnecessary photos and files and finally wipe dust in the entire apartment, even in those places about which you have not known.

4. Organization of space


It's time to change. Organization Spaces - it is not only to decompose all things neatly on the shelves, it is still the right planning of your time. After all, it is much faster to gather on Work If everyone We need at hand, or cooking process can be accelerated if all frequently used kitchen items will be be At hand, not on the upper shelf. The main thing is this approach. Think well your everyday day and Organize space around For yourself with storage items.

Here is such a list of possible entertainment. You can complement it and multiply, it all depends on your mood and fantasy. Excellent holidays!

December 31 will be the last working day of the outgoing year, but he promises to be abbreviated, you will definitely have time to refresh the hairstyle on the eve of the festive night, to finish salads and raise the illumination.

For several regions, however, December 31 will be the official weekend, and the work will be postponed on Saturday on December 28. Resort of the 31st will be residents of the Leningrad, Oryol, Samara, Kurgan, Sverdlovsk, Tomsk, Pskov, Kirov regions, it is not working in the Republic of Crimea, the Stavropol Territory and the Karachay-Cherkess Republic.

The number of holidays holidays for the new year has not been reduced, so you can breathe calmly, because if you wish, during this time you can have time to carry out grandiose plans!

How to spend New Year's holidays in Russia: 10 interesting ideas

How to spend New Year's holidays in Russia

Raising flights for tickets forces many to reconsider their plans for how to meet the New Year. Sometimes it seems that a ticket to Paris or the Christmas market in Vienna will make you happy. However, even if you decide to postpone the idea for a while and go to another place or stay in your hometown, the New Year holidays can become unforgettable, because the joy of impressions does not depend on the cost of tickets and kilometers traveled.

We have come up with 12 options, how to celebrate the New Year and it is interesting to spend long holiday weekend: for those who are ready to buy a plane ticket and fly away far away, and for those who want to spend holidays in Russia.

Every day - a new city

Oddly enough, many have seen more foreign cities than Russian. What is nearby seems to always be available, so you buy tickets to Turkey or Barcelona again and postpone the ride along the Golden Ring.

During the long New Year holidays, you can make several small excursions to the nearest cities (for example, to Kolomna, Suzdal, Vladimir and others), if a multi-day tour of the country is not included in your plans. Even having been in these places earlier, for example, on business trips, do not be lazy to come again, but already in the role of a tourist: stroll around the city without a rush and inspect its most interesting corners.

Each city there will be a majestic church, and historical buildings, and characteristic crafts. For example, on the track in the cover there is a gingerbread store, it is difficult not to notice and hard not to return on the way back. Classic gingerbread, with state symbols or funny hares and dolphins, in glaze or without, small and gigantic - you can stock up with gifts for all friends!

Or in Kolomna handmade in the store in a factory store, where on the theatrical excursion you can see with children, how and from what sweetness prepare, and then buy a mountain of multi-colored boxes with a graze of different flavors, forms and consistency. Even in Kolomna there is a "Kalanaya" museum, where they sell Calaces in the form of funny curls, hot, in paper bags, people are built in line with them right on the street!

Find out which cities of Russia are able to surprise even the most experienced travelers!

Ecological farm

How to celebrate New Year: Farm Visit

Want to fall out of the information flow to the entire New Year holidays and relax with soul and body - go to the village. Enthusiasts in different Russian cities are now actively developing such a type of tourism. For example, an ecological farm is in the Moscow region, in the village of Sivkovo. Here you can rent a house, ride on a snowmobile, in a sleigh or even horses, to divide on the lake and bang in a specially reserved place. And with their own eyes to see how chickens, goats, cows live, stroke and feed animals.

You can dress up a Christmas tree right in the forest, as in the cartoon "Prostokvashino", and feed on Russian dishes made from farms in the local restaurant. Excellent option, how to meet the new year without a TV, Olivier, speech of the president and blasting of clapboards outside the window.

Even more stunning eco-hotels worldwide, we collected in a special selection.

New Year in the castle

Have you ever met the new year in the present castle with a medieval beaker, which manages a monk from past centuries? Many castles have the opportunity to settle for a few days, learn to prepare ancient dishes, dance, as they did several centuries ago, and tell each other scary mystical stories. So, for example, it is organized in Norvilishkes Castle in Vilnius.

For one trip, you can see several locks at once: Sanya riding, long walks and tastings of national dishes are provided. The only lack of such a rest is that the castle can be pretty cool, because it is not a full-fledged hotel, so take the plaids and warm clothes. From Moscow to Vilnius, less than two hours of flight and a lot of direct flights.

Find flights to Vilnius

Read also about other castles hotels scattered throughout Europe!

Wellness trips

SAAM in traditional costume

Thinking about the New Year holidays, many dreams of not about it all over and across the guidebook and excursions from morning to evening, but about a quiet peace where you could sleep, read as much as you never have time to go during the workers everyday life, and walk outdoer .

If you have two weeks of vacation, arrange a wellness vacation, for example, in Karelia, in places that are famous for their forests, lakes and purest air. You can choose the type of treatment that is suitable for you, for example, a detoxification program. Clean the body and gain strength you will be under the control of doctors that appoint the appropriate procedures: wraps, massages, visiting the pool and much more. For those who want to see the cherished figures on the scales after the new year, there is a medical fasting program.

In such a trip, you can easily take both children. During adult treatments with babies, nanny will sit, and the elders will be able to pass their program in parallel: go to the pool, sauna, physical education, massage, drinking phytquia and eating on a special menu. Children's leisure in such clinics is usually organized.

Resting in Karelia, you can get to Murmansk to get acquainted with the history and culture of the indigenous peoples of the Far North, ride on the harness, harnessed deer, on a snowmobile or all-terrain and see the Northern Lights. Comfortable houses there are also there.

Find flights to Murmansk

More destinations for medical tourism are waiting for you in our recreation selection!

Yoga Tour in Asia

Yoga in Nepal

If you are interested in yoga or have long wanted to try what it is, it is possible to spend the New Year holidays in an unusual setting, permeated by the high energies of ancient spiritual traditions, in the company of like-minded people. It is not so important, concerns you to strengthen peace on Earth or you are simply curious what yoga is, the main thing is to choose reliable organizers of the tour. Proposals Many: Nepal, Bali, Cambodia, Thailand and other paradise places - for every taste.

What will you do there? Seminars, meditations, actually exercising yoga, lectures on the Vedic Philosophy and the theory of yoga and a few days of a full-fledged rest, in addition, the ability to eat, avoiding meat without causing underwent views. Even if you forget about the romantic books about how the insight occurs in people in such places, it is safe to say that from the domestic problems and working issues a week in this mode will distract accurately.

Read also about the best yoga retreats around the world.

Ski resort

Sheregesh resort, Kemerovo region

It is not necessary to go to distant Austria to stand on skis for the first time. There are mountains in Russia, and tourism there is well developed. For example, in Western Siberia, in the Kemerovo region, there is Sheregesh resort. Sheregesh ski slopes comply with the standards of the International Skiing Federation, this allows the highest level competitions, and just ride will be pleasure.

The first time on skis can be pasted under the guidance of the instructor. For small tourists (from 3 years old), SKI-Board schools and children's skiing nurserie are working, there is an indoor rink. You can live near the cottage, guest house or traditional hotel.

Find flights to the nearest Novokuznetsk

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Gastronomic Tour in Georgia

Streets in Tbilisi

Were in the gastronomic tours in Spain, tasting cheeses in France and Italian dishes somewhere in Rome? For a gorgeous dinner, it is not necessary to sit in the Michelin restaurant with the trained waiters and the pursuing menu. Go to Georgia! What, and interesting cuisine you will be provided. And do not even suffer the question, how to meet the New Year: at midnight you will be offered not just a festive table, but a real culinary feast.

Hinkyi, Satzivi, Chahokhbar, Khachapuri and Achma - all this is probably familiar to you, thanks to Georgian restaurants, which recently open up hard to dozens in Moscow alone, but, of course, on their native land and from other products and the taste of dishes will be a bit different. Do not be surprised if you bring kebabs, salad and just baked Lavash for breakfast. In general, get ready not to taste, but there is in the full sense of the word. In addition, you can look at Tbilisi from a bird's eye view, rising to the mountain in the funicular (and afternoon, and in the evening to make stunning shots), take a walk on the interesting streets, choose and take home a lot of famous local wines.

Find flights to Tbilisi

By the way, in Georgia we have a whole guidebook!

Museum of Christmas Toy

Museum of Christmas Toy

In the city of Wedge in the Moscow region there is a museum of the Christmas tree toy "Klianvskaya Foreign Ministry" and a factory store for the production of New Year's decorations - "Fir-tree". In the museum, which is working all year round, you can look at a rich collection of old and Soviet toys, watch how glass windows and paintings artists create modern decorations. For kids spend theatrical excursions.

In the festive mood in the cities there is no shortage. Starting from November, shops and shopping centers are dressed up with Christmas trees and expose thematic goods on sale, but one thing to buy New Year's decorations in the supermarket, and another is to go for them on a small journey.

Learn about other curious museums of Russia from our special review!

Trampoline jumping, deer Farm and Floating

Deer in harness with sleigh

If you are thinking how to meet the New Year in Moscow, we recommend paying attention to the lot of interesting places in the capital. For example, to make a fashionable sport now - jumping on a trampoline. This entertainment is also available to children, and adults, and extremal, and completely inexperienced athletes. The organizers promise with the help of jumps to get rid of stress, chronic fatigue syndrome, vascular problems and even help relieve weight.

No need to possess special skills to start jumping, you can do it in groups or individually. A safe atmosphere in such clubs was created by definition, so there is nothing to be afraid, but to do what I dreamed of from childhood is to take off to the very sky, - of course, you can and need.

Another method of struggle with stress and just a fascinating occupation - horse riding. Stroll on horseback horse (if you do it for the first time or planted a child's horse, there will be an instructor nearby) or come to the case more seriously - take the lessons of hippotherapy (exercises for horses without a saddle).

You can go to the deer of the farm. Surely, first, the children will not even believe you, because it seems that deer are only in fairy tales. And it turns out that they can be stroked and borrowed, and feed! You will see how animals are harnessed in the sleigh, on which it can then be and ride.

Another original and fashionable current entertainment-relaxation is Floating. This dive into an unusual bath, which is filled with water and salt. Around - walls, through no sounds, no lights, no smells, - full of darkness and silence, the body of gravity does not act on the body, the muscles are relaxed, the brain stops processing tons of information. Some felt such catharsis that they start to go to this procedure regularly.

Do you want something "Ignorable"? Then see our dozen of the most extreme winter entertainment!

New Year's marathon

New Year's race in Zurich

Many of us promise to start leading a healthy lifestyle from Monday, after vacation or from January 1 (need to emphasize). And what if you begin to fulfill the conceived from the first minutes of 2020? This opportunity gives an unusual New Year's marathon, conducted in the Swiss Zurich! The race starts directly under the blesses of festive fireworks, and in addition to the lanterns, participants can decorate their costume of Santa Claus or Masquerad elements.

Everyone chooses the "size" of the marathon that suits it: four circles of 10 km, half-marathon of two circles, only one race is 10 km or marathon bat. By the way, small travelers can also come to Zurich to participate in a special Kids RUN kids, which is also free (unlike marathon for adults)! And after the run, everyone gathered in the gym at the start, where the restaurant works all night and popular DJs play.

Find flights to Zurich

What other interesting marathons are in the world?

Multi-day hike in the mountains

North Africa, Mount Tupkal

How to meet a new year to remember this unusual festive night for a long time? Collect a hiking backpack and go to Morocco to conquer the mysterious atlas mountains! You will find a walk through the deep canyon through the dates and olive groves. Inaccessible stone fortress cities in the mountains will seem decorations that remain from the filming of some film about Persian Shaha. And the culmination of the campaign will be ascent to the highest peak of North Africa, Mount Tubkal.

New Year's Eve You will spend from the fire under the celestial star carpet in the Berber settlement in the midst of the Sahara desert. By the way, do not forget to capture small souvenirs for travelers who will make you a company in this exciting festive adventure. A bonus to Moroccan Trekking will be a vacation on beautiful beaches on the shores of the Atlantic Ocean and a walk along the motley eastern bazaars, which will serve as an excellent replacement for European Christmas fairs!

Find flights to Morocco

Even more about the holiday in Morocco, find out from our guide to the country!

Charity and volunteering

In childhood, we waited for gifts from Santa Claus, and now they rose and can do wonders themselves, because it is not difficult at all! Dedicate a few days of New Year's holidays of the Organization of this holiday for those who need this most. You will always be glad to see in orphanages and hospitals where you can bring various toys and designers, stationery and coloring. Some charitable foundations, for example, "Spring in the Heart", arrange the collection of gifts on the list of wishes from specific orphans. If you live well with the kids, offer your help in holding a New Year's holiday, perhaps even in the bottom of the Snow Maiden or Santa Claus.

No less care and warmth in New Year's holidays are waiting for lonely elderly people. For them, the collection of gifts with such charitable foundations is also satisfied, as, for example, "old age in joy." In the nursing homes are very waiting for the presents in the form of calendars, beautiful mugs and sweets. In addition, you can help the leisure and festive program, photography or hairdressers.

There are other interesting ideas, how to meet the New Year, helping the needy. For example, visit the fashion market of Helper's Bazar, where you can find designer things and original products with discounts up to 70%, while all the funds reversed from the sale will be sent to charitable funds.

By the way, volunteering can be engaged not only at home, but also on trips to the world!

Whatever you choose to relax on New Year's holidays, the main thing is that it brought joy and feeling that you have done something that you love, paid time to yourself and your family and got a sea of ​​positive emotions for the whole next year.

Looking for even more inspiration? Go to the New Year in Prague, enjoy a beautifully decorated winter Moscow or meet the main holiday of the year in St. Petersburg. Either learn other New Year ideas in our blog!


Tivat, Montenegro

Tallinn, Estonia

Phuket, Thailand

Nha Trang, Vietnam



Antalya, Turkey

Larnaca, Cyprus

Rovaniemi, Lapland, Finland

Prague, Czech Republic

Verona, Italy

Tel Aviv, Israel

Inexpensive rest

Tivat, Montenegro

The warm sea of ​​Montenegro in winter can not boast. But to meet 2020 overlooking the snow-covered mountains seems excellent idea. Choosing Holidays B. Tivat , save on the shuttle from the airport, which is located just 4 kilometers from the city center. The bus will take over 2 € (≈ 140 rubles).

  • Does the visa need: Russians can be located in Montenegro 30 days without a visa, but during the day after arrival in the country it is necessary to register at the local municipality - fill out the blank and get a "white cardboard". Service cost - up to 1 € (≈ 70 rubles) per day.
  • How to get: From Moscow to Tivat, a direct flight "Aeroflot" there and back with the seizure of New Year's night - from 12,900 rubles. per person.
  • Power rate: Coffee and pastries in the morning - 3 € (≈ 210 rubles), combo dinner - 4 € (≈ 280 rubles), dinner with hot and drink - 8 € (≈ 560 rub.). Boldly delivered the amount of 15 € in half, if you are going to prepare in the apartment.
  • Air temperature: Average day - 9 ° C, at night - 3 ° C.

Montenegro in winter is attractive for lovers to descend from ski slopes, they go to the resorts Zhablyak и Kolashin . In the gown, on the mountain Savin Cook, Ski-Pass on the day costs from 13 € (≈ 920 rubles), rental of a set of equipment - from 8 € (≈ 560 rubles). In Kolashin - 15 € (≈ 1060 rubles) and 10 € (≈ 700 rubles), respectively.

Montenegro in winter is attractive for lovers to descend from ski slopes.

But rest on the coast in this picturesque country will also be remembered and will be cheaper. Decorated cozy houses at the foot of the snow-covered mountains are already a guarantee of a festive mood.

November 25 in the city will begin Winter FairyTale 2020. - Daily New Year events on Embankment Pine that will last until January 3. Music concerts and thematic programs, New Year's fair and charitable market, skating rink and children's game "Magic Forest". The main event is the New Year's party with a concert from Lexington Band and Miligram. The entrance to Tivat Winter Fairytale is free.

Where to stay

D & D Apartments Tivat Apart Hotel - from 1510 rubles / night for two.

Hotel Magnolija. - from 4100 rubles / night for two.

Regent Porto Montenegro. - from 9570 rubles / night for two

Tallinn, Estonia

В Tallinn It is worth going to rest and for Christmas, and to meet the New Year - 2020. Not all cities of Europe can boast that the fairs are not closed with the onset of Christmas.

  • Does the visa need: Citizens of the Russian Federation should receive a Schengen visa. Cost - 35 € (≈ 2470 rubles).
  • How to get: To fly with one airbaltic airbaltic airlines from Moscow to Tallinn and back - from 13,300 rubles. Or direct flight Aeroflot - from 14,300 rubles. From St. Petersburg to the capital of Estonia and you can travel by bus LUX EXPRESS. - from 48 € (≈ 3380 rubles) to New Year's dates. If you decide on the car, you will have to overcome 1050 kilometers from Moscow, from Peter - 370.
  • Power rate: Easy breakfast - from 5 € (≈ 350 rubles), Fast Food-lunch - 6 € (≈ 420 rubles), dinner with hot and drink - 12 € (≈ 850 rub.).

The most famous Christmas Fair Estonia unfolds on Town Hall Square In Tallinn. This year opened on November 15, closes on January 7th. The fair works daily from 10:00 to 19:00. Here you can listen to concerts, wander around the shops, see Santa Claus, children - to ride the carousels.

In Tallinn it is worth going to rest and for Christmas, and to celebrate the New Year.

On the square in the New Year it is difficult to resist and do not try the GLOG (analogue of mulled wine, the price is from 3 € / ≈ 210 rubles) and the traditional Christmas dish, which includes ruddy sausages, sauer carved cabbage and fried potatoes. Price for a portion - 8 € (≈ 560 rubles). In addition, at every corner you will see Pupkeca - local gingerbread cookies, costs from 3 €.

Many clubs and restaurants will organize New Year's party. Prices for one start from 60-90 € (≈ 4230-6350 rubles), the ticket price usually includes food, beverages and show program. But there are more budget options, for example, go to Venus Club. , a ticket to pre-sale costs 12 € (≈ 850 rubles), at the entrance - 16 € (≈ 1130 rubles). For this money you will get a welcome drink, music from DJ, show and the ability to win different prizes.

Where to stay

Katus Hostel. - from 1810 rubles / night for two.

Three Crowns Residents Hotel - from 2980 rubles. / Night for two.

Hotel Palace. - from 8100 rubles / night for two

Cathedral Alexander Nevsky.

Beach rest

Phuket, Thailand

Why not go for the new year on a tropical island? In Thai Phuket. As usual, promise warm weather.

  • Does the visa need: I do not need if resting less than 30 days.
  • How to get: From Moscow to Phuket and back with one transplant - from 44 100 rubles. With Qatar Airways.
  • Power rate: Easy breakfast - 150 Thai Batov (≈ 320 rubles), business lunch - 210 baht (≈ 440 rubles), hot with a drink for dinner - 300 baht (≈ 630 rubles).
  • Air and water temperature: Air temperature Day - 31 ° C, at night - 26 ° C, water - 29 ° C.

New Year's Eve go to Beach Patong. - The most popular beach on Phuket for a new year meeting. Music, entertainment, fireworks - it will be fun and inexpensive, entrance to the beach is free.

Noisy and will be crowded and on the main street of Patong - Bangla Road. . It's not worth going here. You can look into one of the most popular bars: Red Hot. or Aussie Bar. . Also check the club pages in Facebook, for example White Room. or Illuzion Phuket. , they will surely come by the announcements of New Year's parties.

At Thai Phuket, as usual, promise warm weather.

If you want an organized holiday, delicious food and excellent service, look at the posters of local restaurants and clubs. A restaurant Palm Seaside. On the beach Bang Tao offers Palm Seaside New Year Seafood Extravaganza . International DJs will perform at the event, Lyiva will pass, launch fireworks. There will be a buffet with seafood and grill dishes, cheeses, chocolate fountain, alcohol. The ticket costs 8,500 baht (≈ 17 920 rubles), for children - 4000 baht (≈ 8430 rubles).

Where to stay

Wire Hostel Patong. - from 560 rubles. / Night for two.

MBED Phuket. - from 1350 rubles / night for two.

Duangjitt Resort, Phuket - From 7730 rubles / night for two.

Old Town, Phuket.

Nha Trang, Vietnam

Where to go to Vietnam to celebrate 2020? Inexpensive and warm will be in Nha Trang .

  • Does the visa need: Not needed for tourists, leaving in the country less than 15 days.
  • How to get: From Moscow to Nha Trang and one transplant with S7 - from 41,490 rubles.
  • Power rate: A simple breakfast is 50,000 Vietnamese dongs (≈ 140 rubles), lunch combo - 80,000 dong (≈ 220 rubles), dinner with hot and drink - 120,000 dong (≈ 330 rubles).
  • Air and water temperature: Temperature Day - 29 ° C, at night - 24 ° C, water - 25 ° C.

New Year in Vietnam - Tet - celebrated on the lunar calendar. From year to year, dates are different, fall in January-February. The offensive of 2020 will celebrate on January 25. Of course, the Russian New Year holidays is not enough to catch the most important holiday of Vietnamese, however, you can see how the country is preparing for this day, and meet the New Year in the Gregorian calendar.

Rest in Nha Trang turned out to be inexpensive and warm.

On the night of December 31, on January 1, the New Year parties will be held in every club and restaurant. In one of the most popular clubs, Sailing Club. The event will be held Disco Heaven. . In the program: DJ, Live, Dance and Fire Show. A ticket for a party costs 300,000 dongs (≈ 830 rubles), while the New Year's Seth from a snack, hot and dessert will cost 1,650,000 dong (≈ 4560 rubles).

For festive festivities in the New Year - 2020 Go to the central beach of the city, on stage next to Lotosom Organize a concert. You can visit these urban events free of charge.

Where to stay

Queen Hotel 3. - From 380 rubles. / Night for two.

CR HOTEL. - From 730 rubles / night for two.

Starcity Nha Trang. - from 3240 rubles / night for two

On the night of December 31, on January 1, the New Year parties will be held in almost every club and restaurant Nha Trang.

Rest in Russia


Sochi - One of the leaders among the ski resorts of Russia, but entertainment on the coast in the New Year is also enough.

  • How to get: From Moscow, a direct flight "Victory" and back with the seizure of New Year's night - 6210 rubles. By train - the same money, and on the road you will spend a day or more. By car - 1630 kilometers, it is more than 20 hours of continuous ride.
  • Power rate: Coffee and pastries for breakfast - 300 rub., Lunch in Fastfood - 500 rubles., Hot and drink for dinner - 900 rubles.
  • Air temperature: Day - 10 ° C, at night - 5 ° C.

The main Christmas tree of the city will be lit on Square flag For visitors a free program for the new year will be organized. IN Park "Riviera" On vacation, theatrical ideas will be held every day.

Sochi is one of the leaders among the ski resorts of Russia.

Festive Show Program " Christmas story " in " Sochi Park "It will take place from December 28 to January 7. December 31 park works from 11:00 to 16:00 and from 20:00 to 2:00. This is primarily worth going with children. Amenities include a Christmas tree, a children's disco, a parade, a shower of soap bubbles, a salute, a drum show, a visit to the estate of Santa Claus and Snow Maiden. Ticket price - from 1100 rubles.

Many hotels and restaurants can come to the banquet. IN MARINS PARK Hotel 4 * will "take place" Tropical party " In the program for the New Year: Live music, children's entertainment, prizes draw, buffet and unlimited champagne. A ticket for an adult - 10,000 rubles, for a child 5-12 years old - 5000 rubles., Babysham - free.

Where to stay

Razin Hotel. - from 900 rubles / night for two.

Grand Gallery Apart-Hotel - from 1950 rubles / night for two.

Hotel Pullman Sochi Center - from 6400 rubles. / Night for two.

A free program for the New Year will be organized for visitors to the city.


Kazan He entered the top 3 cities of Russia for New Year's travels, gave way only to Moscow and St. Petersburg.

  • How to get: Direct flight from Moscow and back "Victory" - from 4690 rubles, "UTair" - from 5770 rubles., S7 - from 6120 rubles. Or by train - from 4150 rubles, but on the way in one direction you will spend 11.5 hours instead of 1.5 hours of flight.
  • Power rate: Coffee and pastries for breakfast - 250 rub., Lunch in fast food - 300 rubles, full of hot and drink for dinner - 700 rubles.

Where to stay

Ekspress Hotel & Hostel - From 1040 rubles / night for two.

Osobnyak Hotel in Teatralnaya - from 2260 rubles. / Night for two.

Mirage Hotel. - from 5240 rubles / night for two.

Kazan Kremlin.

The capital of Tatarstan meets guests with decorated streets, numerous Christmas tree and festive events.

Home Christmas tree - in Millennium Park . Here in the holidays ride from the hills, they buy souvenirs, and on New Year's Eve participating in contests with prizes and dance. Places of main New Year's fairs: Kremlin street и Street Bauman , as well as Old Tatar Sloboda .

For the festive romantic mood, go for a rink on Kremlin Embankment . Last year, it was the longest rink of Europe: his length was 1 kilometer. The cost of the watch rental skates + input - 150 rubles.

Mosque Kul Sharif.

Vacation with children

Antalya, Turkey

Turkey in winter is famous for budget recreation - you can choose an inexpensive hotel in Antalya . Plus to this - excellent weather on the eve of holidays.

  • Does the visa need: I do not need if you fly to relax for a period of less than 60 days.
  • How to get: Direct flight from Moscow to Antalya and back - 13,470 rubles. Company "Victory" or S7.
  • Power rate: A simple breakfast - 20 Turkish lire (≈ 220 rubles), lunch in fast food - 25 lire (≈ 280 rubles), hot plus drink - 40 lire (≈ 450 rubles).
  • Air and water temperature: Air temperature in the daytime - 15 ° C, at night - 10 ° C, water - up to 20 ° C.

In December-January, they do not pay much in Turkey, but Antalya is suitable for the celebration of the New Year. First, it is cool when around the heat compared to Moscow, there is a sea and mountains. Secondly, the new year for the Turks is also an important holiday, the city will be beautifully decorated.

Turkey in winter is famous for budget recreation.

Turkey hotels will organize holiday events for the new year, however, most often to get to the party, you need to live in these hotels.

Mass walking will surely be in the city center - on Square of the Republic . In the program concerts and salute.

If the family loves to engage in an active holiday, from Antalya for 1.5 hours you can get to the ski resort by car SakLikent. . Take a hire of a snowboard or skiing costs 75 lire (≈ 840 rubles) per day.

Where to stay

Kösk Hotel. - from 920 rubles / night for two.

Kaleici Lodge Hotel. - from 1550 rubles / night for two.

Rixos Downtown Antalya. - from 6590 rubles / night for two.

New Year for Turks is also an important holiday, the city will be beautifully decorated.

Larnaca, Cyprus

Family rest can be organized in Cyprus. From November to March in the country of the Neson, so spending holidays in Larnaca It turns out inexpensive.

  • Does the visa need: In the country you can enter the Schengen Visa or free to issue provisions online on site. Embassies of the Republic of Cyprus in Moscow, it is quick and easy.
  • How to get: Direct flight "Victory" from Moscow to Larnaca and back for 13,550 rubles., Aeroflot - from 18,660 rubles.
  • Power rate: Coffee and pastries for breakfast - 5 € (≈ 350 rub.), Fast Food lunch - 6 € (≈ 420 rubles), hot and drink for dinner - 15 € (≈ 1080 rub.).
  • Air and water temperature: Air temperature Day - 18 ° C, at night - 13 ° C, water - up to 20 ° C.

If you want to run away from snow, Cyprus is a suitable place to meet the New Year. Snow on the coast of the Mediterranean will not be. And if you suddenly borrow, raise the Troodos Mountains, there is ski base .

Main Salute in Larnaca at midnight worth watching the embankment Finikides. . For a big holiday, go to the capital - Nicosia or "Russian" Limassol.

Church of St. Larnaca.

If you're lucky, in the salt lake Larnaca will meet flocks of pink flamingos, they arrive annually on the island in winter. Children also have something to do in Park camels In Mazotos, 20 kilometers from the center of Larnaca. Park with animals, a playground and several attractions and slot machines, it works daily from 9:00 to 17:00. A ticket for an adult costs 5 € (≈ 350 rubles), for a child - 3 € (≈ 210 rubles).

Where to stay

San Remo Hotel. - from 2150 rubles / night for two.

Rise Hotel. - from 3500 rubles / night for two.

The Ciao Stelio Deluxe Hotel - from 7470 rubles / night for two.

From November to March in the country, no-season, so the holidays in Larnaca will be inexpensive.

Rest in Europe

Rovaniemi, Lapland, Finland

Where to go, if you want to be visiting a real fairy tales for the new year? In the official residence of Santa Claus in Rovaniemi !

  • Does the visa need: We need a tourist Schengen visa, its cost - 35 € (≈ 2470 rubles).
  • How to get: There is no direct flight from Moscow to Rovaniemi. With Aeroflot and Finnair there and return to 29 870 rubles. These airlines can fly to Kemi with one transplantation, prices - from 16 100 rubles. round trip. From Kemi in Rovaniemi Bus 1.5 hours, one side ticket - 5-20 € (≈ 350-1410 rubles). In St. Petersburg, you can sit on a train Railways and go to Lahti (2.5 hours) for 3140 rubles, from there Bus to Rovaniemi (11.5 hours) for 54 € (≈ 3810 rubles).
  • Power rate: Coffee and pastries for breakfast - 5 € (≈ 350 rub.), Combo dinner - 7 € (≈ 490 rubles), hot and drink - € 16 (≈ 1130 rub.).

Lapland key Santa Claus village - Located 8 kilometers from the center of Rovaniemi. You can visit Santa on any day for free. All December and until January 6, the wizard office works from 9:00 to 19:00.

From the mail of Santa Claus, you can send a letter to relatives and friends. In his house - to visit the exhibition for free, which is devoted to the christmas traditions of different countries.

In the village of Santa you can cross the polar circle and even get a certificate about its intersection. In addition, restaurants and bars are open on the territory of the residence of Santa, local masters shops work, you can visit the Husky Park, a contact zoo and much more - you didn't even think about such winter entertainment.

Where to stay

Santasport Hostel. - from 9730 rubles / night for two.

Scandic Pohjanhovi. - from 13,246 rubles. / Night for two.

Original Sokos Hotel Vaakuna Rovaniemi - from 16 999 rubles. / Night for two.

Prague, Czech Republic

In the Czech Republic in the first place the celebration of Christmas, but also in the New Year - 2020 in Prague There will be a lot of interesting things.

The Charles Bridge.

  • Does the visa need: We need Schengen, the cost of which is 35 € (≈ 2470 rubles).
  • How to get: Direct flight from Moscow to Prague and back from Czech Airlines - from 15 030 rubles.
  • Power rate: Light breakfast - 120 Czech crowns (≈ 330 rubles), fast food lunch - 150 kroons (≈ 410 rubles), hot and drink - 220 kroons (≈ 610 rub.).

Why not go to a cruise on the river on New Year's Eve? NEW YEAR'S EVE Grand Panoramic Cruise In Prague starts at 20:30 and ends at 1:00. In the program: a buffet, unlimited alcohol + glass of concoction at midnight, live jazz music and other entertainment, viewing salute over Karlovy Bridge. The cost of a ticket for one when the armor armor is minimum for two people - from 6500 kroons (≈ 17 960 rubles). Winter Prague in the lights will be remembered for a long time.

Czechs in principle love salutes very much. Basic can you watch with Stalestry и Wenceslas Square . On the same areas from November 30 to January 6, the main Christmas fairs of the capital of the Czech Republic will work. To wander among the rows with souvenirs from local masters is much more pleasant with a mug of hot honey wines in hands for 70 kroons (≈ 190 rubles).

Winter Prague in the lights will be remembered for a long time.

Where to stay

Hotel Relax Inn. - From 1910 rubles / night for two.

Hotel City Centre. - from 3120 rubles / night for two.

K + K Hotel Central Prague - from 9160 rubles / night for two.

Ride one

Verona, Italy

If you have not dreamed of winter holidays in Rome, think about Verona . Why not fly for the new year in a cozy romantic city?

  • Does the visa need: Tourists design Schengen visa for 35 € (≈ 2470 rubles).
  • How to get: The flight with one transplantation from Moscow to Verona and back from Lufthansa - from 13 120 rubles, direct with S7 - from 15 550 rubles.
  • Power rate: Coffee and pastries for breakfast - 3 € (≈ 210 rubles), Fast Food for lunch - 8 € (≈ 570 rubles), hot and drink for dinner - 20 € (≈ 1410 rub.).

If you have not dreamed of winter holidays in Rome, think about Verona.

The main urban celebration of the New Year will be held on Square Bra - Concerts will be held for guests with famous Italian performers, at midnight - salute.

Lovers of classical music have a chance to celebrate New Year in Philharmonic Theater . Concert begins at 21:45, tickets are worth from 50 € (≈ 3530 rubles).

If you love music more than more, you can go to Berfi's Club. on the New Year's Eve party . Prices start from 31 € (≈ 2190 rubles), if you enter without booking after 23:00, one drink is included in the price. The club has three halls with different music: a commercial house, hip-hop and techno.

Where to stay

Ai Conti. - from 3390 rubles / night for two.

Hotel Leon d'Oro - from 4300 rubles / night for two.

Relais de Charme Il Sogno di Giulietta - Guest House - from 9 395 rubles / night for two.

The main urban celebration of the New Year will be held on the Saint Square.

Tel Aviv, Israel

Winter in Israel warm. Where to go for the new year, if you are alone and want fun? IN Tel Aviv !

  • Does the visa need: I do not need, but when crossing the border, you will be given a coupon to be preserved until the end of the trip.
  • How to get: Direct flight from Moscow to Tel Aviv and back with Aeroflot - from 17 570 rubles.
  • Power rate: Coffee with baking - 30 Israeli shekels (≈ 550 rubles), Fast Food lunch - 50 shekels (≈ 920 rubles), hot and drink - 100 shekels (≈ 1840 rubles).
  • Air and water temperature: Air temperature Day - 20 ° C, at night - 15 ° C, water - up to 21 ° C.

In Israel, the new year is celebrated by the Jewish calendar, the date at the holiday floating. In 2020, this is September 18-20. But the New Year in the Gregorian calendar will be celebrated. Another birth name is Silvester. There will be a little familiar massive walks, but in many bars, clubs and restaurants will be held festive events. Ansunified such parties usually in social networks in two or three weeks before the new year. Pay attention to the institutions The Complex Club. , Beit Kandinof , THE KITCHEN MARKET. .

In the center of Tel Aviv on the roof of a 10-storey old garage running a trendy beautiful bar SURAMARE. . In addition to the cheerful meeting of the New Year, you will receive a fantastic view of Tel Aviv and the surrounding area. Follow the announcements of the New Year's party in Facebook Bara .

By the way, we have for you Tel Aviv route for three days .

Where to stay

Sea Side Hotel. - From 4640 rubles. / Night for two.

Idelson Hotel. - from 6830 rubles / night for two.

Jacob Samuel - From 13 800 rubles. / Night for two.

New Year's travels do not happen much! We talked about the options where to go for the New Year. Schedule with dates, book a hotel and go online 2020 as you want.

Already chose!

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We advise where to spend the New Year holidays! We list the directions where it is possible in 2021 inexpensive to go to rest during the holidays. We consider departures abroad (European cities and rest by the sea) and internal flights.

In 2021, the New Year holidays will last from 1 to 10 January - you can arrange a full-fledged trip! In this selection, we consider the areas where it is possible to relax relatively inexpensively on holidays, that is, after New Year's Eve, from January 1.

Tours we consider with departure from Moscow for two. The cost of rest for closed countries in the review is indicated for last year. When the borders open, we are waiting for similar or even lower tours prices. For Russia and open countries, we updated prices.

Which countries are open now

In this review, it is not described about where you can fly to rest abroad, but simply about the best inexpensive directions. For rest while only a little more than a dozen countries are open. The choice is small, but at least something! We very much hope that even more directions will soon open.

See more information here: a list of open countries and the conditions of entry.

Here, where Russians can now fly to rest (read our guidebooks, we were almost all of these countries):

New Year holidays in Russia

Winter is not a reason to abandon Russia travel. Look at the best cities where you can spend the New Year holidays in 2021.

Great Ustyug

In the literal sense of this word, the New Year's holidays of 2021 can be in Veliky Ustyug, where the residence of Santa Claus is located. From such a trip delighted with both small children and adults. It is just recommended to book hotels in a few months, as the Great Ustyug is an extremely popular destination for New Year's holidays among Russians. Now the cheapest number costs 5000 ₽. Read more about New Year in Veliky Ustyug.

Moscow region

In the New Year holidays in the Moscow region prefer to come with children to rest in the family circle in the new atmosphere. Also popular meetings of a large and friendly company, as the recreation centers offer a lot of entertainment: sauna and sauna, swimming pools, billiards, bowling, fishing, active sports. Housing prices are very different: there are modest hotels from 2000 ₽ per day, and there are huge cottages for a large company for 10-50 thousand rubles.


Want adventures? Organize active New Year holidays in Karelia! Snowmobiles, doggies, sleigh and other winter fun - a great start of the new 2021. You can find the hotel from 1500 ₽, but mostly the price is higher. Accommodation at the recreation bases in Karelia costs from 3000 ₽, rent a whole house from 7000 ₽. See how to celebrate New Year in Karelia. Good housing with discounts are looking for Roums.

Where to spend the New Year holidays in Russia
In winter in Karelia, tourists prefer to rent a cottage or a holiday home. Photo: Heftiba / unsplash.com.

St. Petersburg

St. Petersburg in New Year's holidays is popular - they come to the city on their own and along the tour. Guests are attracted by folk festivities, fairs, bright shows and the opportunity to visit famous theaters and museums. Prices for New Year's holidays - 2021 Do not bite: Book a hotel in a good hotel 4 * in the city center you can from 3500 ₽. Read more: Where and how to celebrate New Year in St. Petersburg.


Why not spend the New Year holidays of 2021 in Kazan? The city will delight guests with comfortable weather, wonderful cuisine and interesting sights, as well as reasonable prices. Stand at the hotel 4 * in the city center you can from 5500 ₽. Also find accommodation you can in our selection of inexpensive hotels in Kazan. Read more: Where and how to celebrate the New Year in Kazan.


Quite inexpensive on New Year's holidays can be flown in Sochi or Adler. Tours for 7 nights with accommodation in central Sochi in the first days of January 2021 cost from 26000 ₽ for two. Room a good hotel 3 * costs from 3000 ₽. Learn more about the meeting of the New Year in Sochi.

Where to go to the New Year holidays in Russia
Sochi in winter. Photo: L_I_L_I_T / FLICKR.com.


It is worth flying to rest in the Crimea only in the summer, and the rest of the year you can go for the sulking pennies. Tours in Yalta for 5 days for two stand from 23000 ₽. Holidays in a good hotel 4 * - from 6000 ₽. In winter, it is pleasant to walk in good weather, slowly inspect the sights and drinking wine. Learn more about the meeting of the New Year in the Crimea.


Do not be popular tours for the New Year holidays to Moscow, because it is there that the biggest festivals and the most interesting events are passing. Hotels in the center of Moscow are not so expensive, as it may seem: Staying at a good hotel 4 stars in the New Year holidays from 4000 ₽. Read more: How to celebrate New Year in Moscow.

New Year holidays in Moscow
Cathedral of Vasily bliss in Moscow. Photo: Paolo Crosetto / Commons.Wikimedia.org / CC BY-SA 2.0.

New Year holidays in Europe

Istanbul, Turkey

You can go!

A great place where you can go to celebrate New 2021 - this is Istanbul, the city where Europe and Asia are connected. Many Russians are held there New Year's holidays. Tours for 7 nights in early January 2021 stand from 44000 ₽ for two. Hotels here are relatively inexpensive - for 70 euros you can take a room in a great hotel 4 * in the center. But it is necessary to book accommodation in advance, because closer to holidays prices are strongly jumping. Learn how to celebrate New Year in Istanbul.

Riga, Latvia

Compared to other European capitals, it is possible to hold holidays in Riga rather than fiscal. In the city of Christmas and New Year, a pleasant festive fairytale atmosphere reigns. Hotels in the center are from 28 euros per day. Tours in Riga can be found from 65 thousand for two. Learn more about New Year in Riga.

New Year holidays in Latvia
Christmas Fair in Riga. Photo: Nenyaki / Flickr.com / License CC BY-ND 2.0.

Prague, Czech Republic

An excellent option to spend the New Year holidays in Europe - to go to Prague. It is best to come to Catholic Christmas there, because the main events are held at this time, but also the new year of the Czechs meet fun. Tours Prague for New Year's holidays are not very expensive: from 65000 ₽ for two. The cost of hotels in Prague starts from 25 euros per day. Read more about the new year in Prague.

Lapland, Finland

You will find a real winter fairy tale in Lapland: Northern Lights, Joulupukka, deer, Snow-covered forest. For a full dive, we advise settle in the hotel-needle. New Year's holidays 2021 in Finland on European standards can be very cheap: tours to Lapland in early January are from $ 100,000, and in Helsinki - one and a half times cheaper. Hotels in the center of Helsinki can be found from 50 euros. Cheaper than just celebrate the New Year and hold holidays in Finland in the people of St. Petersburg, because you can get to the country by bus or your car. Learn more about New Year in Finland.

New Year holidays in Europe
Santa Claus in Lapland. Photo: Visit Finland / Flickr.com / License CC BY-NC 2.0.

New Year's holidays on the sea

Immediately make a reservation, which is cheap to spend the New Year holidays in 2021 to the sea in warm tropical countries, it is unlikely to succeed. In the same Southeast Asia, hotels, food and entertainment are cheap, but the flight will still eat the lion's share of your budget. Well, if you swung on the countries of the Caribbean, then you will definitely have a round sum. Although the last new year we met in Cuba themselves and spent quite a bit at the same time. And before that, the new year was celebrated three times in the beloved Vietnam.

Search hottest tours


Traditionally, the Russians hold a New Year holidays on the sea in Thailand, despite the expensive flight and not available vouchers. At the beginning of January Tours on Phuket stand from 120,000 ₽ for two, the beach hotels can be found from $ 20 per day. Learn more about New Year's meeting in Thailand.


South Vietnam in winter - a great solution! The weather is good. Sandy beaches, fruit, delicious and cheap food. In addition, it is not necessary to receive a visa upon rest to 15 days - beauty! New Year's holidays here can be held cheap: hotels by the sea are from $ 11 per day, delicious local food - from 1-2 $ per dish. Tours are from $ 100 000 ₽. We have already celebrated the New Year there three times: in Danang, Nha Trang and Fukuoka. Read more about New Year in Vietnam.

New Year's holiday in Vietnam
Long Beach on Fukuoka.


Winter in Goa - high season. Prices jump, but still you can cheap new 2021 years old, especially if you go on your own after January 1. Weather in Goa in winter beautiful, entertainment even eliminate. The holiday passes with a scope, a lot of tourists. You can remove the room in Guesthouse from $ 13. The cost of tours - from 100 000 ₽ for two. Learn more about the new year in Goa and look at the review of the best resorts.

Sri Lanka

You can spend a fun holidays in 2021 on Sri Lanka - the local New Year is happy to meet. It is better to go to the south and south-west of the island, because in winter there is almost no rain. Prices are :) at the hotel on the first line - from $ 30, lunch in a cafe - from $ 6, tours - from 110 000 ₽ for two. Look at the price review on Sri Lanka and find out how the new year is celebrated there.

Dominican Republic

Good idea - go for the new year in Dominican Republic. This is, though expensive, but an extremely attractive direction - everyone seduces their ideal caribbean and no less beautiful Atlantic beaches. Weekly tours cost from 190,000 ₽ for two with departure from Moscow. Rooms in hotels 3-4 * cost $ 40-70 per day. In the past December, we rested on "all inclusive" in Dominican in the excellent hotel 4 * and paid only 90 $ a day for two. Learn more about New Year in Dominican Republic and see an overview of the best resorts.

Dominican Republic
Our holiday in Dominican Republic.

The first photo: unsplash.com / @guilhermesecanella.

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