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Disable the "Hoomb" service through a voice portal only in the home region, otherwise the call will be paid. Call 0550. Select the voice menu item corresponding to the disconnection of the service. The location of this item in the menu may vary, as the portal developers often change its structure. But he is always there. Listen carefully, and you will find it.

A USD request to disable this service can be everywhere, even in roaming. To do this, use the * 111 * 29 # command.

Also, the service can be turned off through the MTS personal account. This will require unlimited Internet, and if it is mobile, then finding in the home region. In roaming, you can use the Public Access Point Wi-Fi or Internet Cafe. Go to the MTS website to your user's account.

Click on the "Get Password on SMS" link. Enter your number and captcha. Click the "Get Password" button. It will come to SMS. Keep it secret! Enter the password received and click the Login button. After logging in to your account, go to the "Internet Assistant" tab, and then select the "Service Management" link. In the list of services, find Good'OK and click on the "Disable" link. Confirm shutdown. Be sure to then leave the portal, especially if the computer is stranger.

You can also, while in the home region, call the number 0890 or 8 800 250 0890, wait for the operator's response and ask to disable the "HODK" service. But this is not the best option, since the connection and disable service through support service costs 45 rubles. The consultant may instead send you and SMS with a USSD command to independently disconnect the "beep", but there is no point in this action, since this command is also given in the second step.

In all cases, after a request to disable the service, wait for SMS notifications. There may be two of them: the first thing is that the request is queued, and the second is that it is made, and maybe one, immediately reporting on the execution of the request. After that, call your number from another phone, but do not answer the call. If the beatings are heard in another phone, not a melody, the service is successfully disabled. The next day, make sure that the means for "beep" from your account is no longer removed.


Keep a password in secret from a personal account on the operator's website.

How to disable the "beep" service from the phone

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How to disable the "beep" service from the phone

The "beep" service replaces the usual signal to the melody you like. This service today provides every cellular operator. Using a beautiful melody, the user can please their loved ones, thanks to which the waiting for a call to the call does not cause fatigue. Earlier, MTS offered to their users the opportunity to connect Good'ok completely free, but after the expiration of the free period, payment was shown for the use of music. In this article, we will tell you about all existing ways to connect and disable "beep" on MTS, as well as how much is such a service.

Beep on mts.

Ways to disconnect the Good'OK service on MTS

In order to disable the existing "Hoomb" service on MTS there are six ways:

  1. The most popular disconnection method is using a USSD request. To do this, you should dial a trip command on your mobile phone. * 111. * 29. #and click on the call button. After a couple of minutes, after sending a request to the phone will receive an SMS message that the application for cancellation of the "Human" service is adopted. The next SMS message will be followed, notifying the disconnection.
  2. You can turn off through your personal account by visiting the official website of the company. In the LC, you must go to the "Tariffs and Services" section, where you need to select the "Service Management" section. Here you can turn off the good'ok.
  3. Turn off the melody instead of the beep you can call the short number 0550. . After listening to the voice menu, select the number corresponding to the TOOD'OK Options shutdown.
  4. A more convenient alternative to the previous option is my MTS mobile application. In the "Services" section, find Good'ok and transfer to "OFF" mode.
  5. Call customer support by phone number 0890. (for MTS subscribers) or 8-800-250-08-90 (For other subscribers) and inform the specialist about your desire to remove "beep". The specialist will immediately take your application for processing and in the near future you will be disabled.
  6. Personally visit the nearest MTS cellular salon and inform consultants about your desire. The company's employees will quickly take measures and get rid of you from unwanted options and additional costs.

Important: If you have written off the money for the use of good'ok, and you did not know that such an option was set, you can return the money written off, personally visiting the MTS cellular salon with a passport and writing an application for refund.

Disable service

Turning off the service "Human" in Ukraine

If you are a user of the Ukrainian MTS and want to turn off the good'ok on your mobile phone, then select one of the following ways:

  1. Send an SMS message with the text "OFF" (text is entered without quotes) to a short number 700. ;
  2. Call a short number 700. , Listen to the voice menu and select the command corresponding to the disable option "HODK". During the day from the moment of sending a request, the application will be accepted and "beep" will be disconnected.

All types of shutdown are free.

How to connect to the "HODK" service MTS

If you are disconnected, and after some time we decided to resume the Good'Ok on your mobile device, so that your friends and relatives instead of the usual signal heard popular music, then you can do it through your personal account using bonus points. Similarly, good'ok can be activated only for 30 days, then payment will be charged for it. In the personal account or in the "My MTS" application, you can not only choose music from the list, but also to listen to it.

Connect Good'ok in the following ways:

  1. Call a short number 0550. (within its region, the call is free) and select the appropriate composition via the voice menu;
  2. Send a USSD request from the phone * 111. * 221. #, in the window that appears, you need to select the corresponding category, and then the melody itself;
  3. Use the Internet portal

MTS mobile operator created another interesting service "Catch the beep" for its users. How it works? You called my friend and instead of an ordinary signal heard the beautiful music that you liked. You can "catch" this melody and install it by pressing in tone mode "*".

Service cost

Good'OK service cost from MTS

The price depends on the type of melody. You can install a single composition or connect the package, that is, a music box.

Cost of single melodies:

  • Category I - 49.9 rubles / month,
  • Category II - 75 rubles / month,
  • Category III - 85 rubles / month,
  • Category IV - 98 rubles / month,
  • Category XII - 2 rubles / day,
  • Category XIII - 4 rubles / day,
  • Category XIX - 5 rubles / day.

The cost of the music package:

  • Category VI - 75 rubles / month,
  • Category VII - 90 rubles / month,
  • Category VIII - 120 rubles / month,
  • Category IX - 29.9 rubles / week.

No more than 10 songs can be connected at a time, while payment is charged for each separately.

If you want to remove a specific channel or music from the package, then you can do this in the following way:

  1. Call by number 0550. (within the home region a call is free),
  2. Use your personal account or MTS Service application.

"HODK" from MTS is an interesting development of a company that will relieve subscribers causing you from monotonous signals. You can install for your close popular music or laugh them with a joke. However, it is worth considering that this pleasure is paid. If you want to spend money on your account only on the most necessary needs, such as calls and SMS messages, it is better to turn off additional options, the cost of which is sometimes very tangible.

The service "beep" from MTS is an additional entertainment service. Its essence is to replace the usual beeps of waiting, which usually hear the callers, on a popular melody, an unusual sound or an original joke. This service is in demand among subscribers, but sometimes there is a need to turn it off if the melody has come or if the test free period of its use has completed. This article describes in detail all methods with which you can deactivate How to disable the "Human" service on MTS?

How can you turn off the "Goodok" option

To stop using the "Hoomb" service, one of the ways can be used:

  • Dial on the phone keyboard combination * 111 * 29 #;
  • Send a message to the 0550 with the text "0" (digit zero, to enter without quotes);
  • Call the operator by 0890 number;
  • enter your personal account on the service operator and disable "beep";
  • use the application "My MTS";
  • Call the call center.

The easiest and usual way to terminate the use of the service is to call the receipt of 0890 to the MTS contact center.

"Beep" can be disabled not only with the MTS SIM card, but also by calling 8 800 250 0890 from the city phone or number of another telecom operator. The service is free within the country. Connection waiting time with the operator can delay up to 15 minutes, depending on the load load.

If the subscriber is in the roaming zone, then to disable the Goodok service, you need to call +7 (846) 267 50 00. Payment is not charged.

When calling the call center you need to inform the operator about the intention to deactivate the service. To do this, you need to answer a few employee questions. After that, "beep" will be disabled.

Voice menu available at 0550 number will also help refuse the service. After the connection you need to perform all the instructions. How to disable the "Human" service on MTS?

Personal Area

To disable the "Bead" service yourself, without the help of MTS operators, you can use the personal account functions, which is located on the service provider website. For this you need:

  1. Log in to your personal account by entering the number of your phone and password.
  2. Choose the "Tariffs and Services" section.
  3. Select the "Service Management" option and activate it.
  4. In the drop-down list, mark the desired service (in this case, "beep") and disable by clicking on the corresponding icon.

Only those subscribers who previously connected the online office can take advantage of the personal account. To do this, you need to register.


Another convenient and easy way to deactivate the service of the melody instead of beeps - sending a message. Subscribers from Russia send SMS with the text "0" (digit zero, written without quotes) to number 0550.

MTS services from Ukraine send a message to the number 700 with the text "OFF" (without quotes).

During the day from the moment of sending SMS, the service "beep" will be deactivated.

USSD request

Another option is simple and quickly disconnecting the ringtone service - sending a special command scored on a mobile device keyboard. You need to enter a combination * 111 * 29 # and press the call key. This is absolutely free. After receipt of the request, MTS operators deactivate the service. When this happens, a corresponding notice will come to the subscriber's phone.

A way to disable the GoodOK service using a USSD request is available throughout Russia, including Crimea.

Mobile app

MTS has developed a convenient application for mobile devices on Android and iOS OS, with which you can manage various operator services. Using it, the subscriber can activate and deactivate the "Human" service. First you need to install My MTS or MTS Service application from Google Play or Apple Store on your mobile phone or tablet.

After installation, you need to open the application, select the "Services" tab, find in the "Beep" in the drop-down list and select deactivation.

For those who, for certain reasons, cannot use any of the proposed methods, there is another option: personal visits to the office operator office. An employee will help disable the service. Planning a visit to the office, you need to have a passport with you. To find out the nearest address of separating the service item of subscribers, you need to call the contact center by number 8 800 250 0890 or find this information on the service provider website.

After turning off the service, the subscription fee for its use will no longer be charged, and instead of the ringtone, the caller will again hear standard beeps.

Useful information about the option

The "beep" service has several features that subscribers plan to connect it should be known:

  1. When you activate the "Call Forwarding" function, the service "Hoomb" does not work.
  2. After the expiration of the melody selected instead of the beeps, it is deleted from the list of subscriber songs.
  3. The service providing the service has the right to adjust the compositions from the melody package.
  4. In the case of an increased load on the network it is possible to distort the quality of the composition played.
  5. The subscriber does not need to extend the operation of the service for each subsequent period - this happens automatically as the write-off of fees for its use. If the subscriber does not plan to extend the validity period of the "Hoomb" option, he needs to independently deactivate it by using one of the above methods.

The correct provision of the service is not guaranteed if:

  • The subscriber of the MTS operator or the caller is located outside the Russian Federation;
  • Subscriber calls from the city number;
  • The subscriber is talking to another person;
  • The "MTS Radio" option is connected to the number.

Service cost

To find out the exact cost of a certain melody, you need to go to the service provider's website. The first 7 days the subscriber can use the service "HODK" for free. In the future, depending on the selected sound or composition, from the account monthly is written off from 49.9 to 120 rubles.


How to disable the serviceMTS is a cellular operator that provides telecommunication services not only in Russia, but also in Ukraine. In order for the company's customer to enjoy using services, marketers have developed a large number of entertainment applications. But as a rule, many services are paid. Therefore, many ask how to disable "beep" on MTS.

What is "beep"

Previously, when cellular operators were not so popular as now, many service users thought that the "beep" is a melody that is played on the call. But it is not.

The "beep" is activated on the mobile phone number, and when the user calls the number of rooms will not hear it, as it is not a ringtone downloaded to the mobile apparatus. When calling the melody is heard to someone who calls. A package service is provided And therefore you need to know how to turn off the melody instead of "beep" on MTS.

For this, the cellular operator has provided several options, which can use anyone.

Rules for granting the option

"Bead" is available to all subscribers who have become the happy owners of the MTS SIM card. When calling you can install a melody, a joke or any entertainment ringtone. The site for users is given a huge selection. You can choose any composition: plain melody, popular, rock, hip-hop, joke. It is not necessary to forget that it is provided on a paid basis, and for each acquired melody it is necessary to pay.

Melodies are divided into 4 types:

  • I categories - cost 19 r.
  • Category II - 85 p.
  • III category - 90 p.
  • IV category - 98 p.

Purchased melodies will be active within 30 days. You can buy a package and cheaper. For example, a package for 7 days will cost 29.90 rubles.

In case the melody has been activated independently, and ordinary beeps have been replaced, and the means from the mobile number were written off without the subscriber's knowledge, It is necessary to contact the Customer Support Center and abandon it. . At the same time, the subscriber has the right to leave an application for refund. After checking, MTS will return the money spent, as it takes care of the quantitative composition of subscribers. There are several options available to disable the service.

Disable service

Of course, MTS provides a large number of services that subscriber can use - both paid and free. Considering the fact that the service is paid, you need to know how to turn it off .

How to disable the service

In order to learn how to turn off the "beep" MTS on the phone, you can familiarize yourself with the information provided on the company's website or use one of the convenient ways, Methods of disconnection:

  • How to remove music from the beep on MTS using the USSD request - you need from the number on which it is activated, dial the combination * 111 * 29 # and press the call send key. In response to the number will be sms with information that the application is adopted. Only after the second message will be received with information about the disconnection of the service, "beep" on the room will not work more.
  • How to delete the "Beep" service on MTS when voice call is enough to dial number 0550. Here you need to carefully follow the prompts of the system installed in the menu, select the "Objectory" item, and the service on the room is deactivated.
  • How to turn off the "beep" on the phone with the help of a "personal account" - just contact the company, and the MTS employee activates it. After access is provided, the subscriber will have the opportunity to disable and connect services, get acquainted with write-offs from the room and available options. In the LC, you need to select the "Tariffs and Services" bookmark, then "Service Management", the "Beep" service and click on the "Disable" key. In the same menu, you can activate the entertainment service.
  • The company "Mobile TeleSystems" provides its subscribers a service mobile application "My MTS". In it, as in the LC, all actions for subscribers are available. After the application is downloaded and installed on the phone, you must select "Goodok" and press the "OFF" with the switch.
  • You can use the help of a customer support center specialist. To do this, it is enough to contact the phone number 0890, and the employee will cancel unnecessary services. It is worth noting that the call to the room is free, and all manipulations that will be made by the Center employee - too.
  • Not all number owners are "advanced" users, and therefore you can contact the nearest MTS office to cancel the service.

It is worth remembering that when you independently disconnect or connecting services, communication operators recommend reloading the phone - in order to renew the updates.

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How to turn off the beep on MTS

The service "beep" is provided with a subscription fee and annoying many subscribers. We will tell how to turn it off. At the same time we told how prevent its connection in the future .

Service description and subscription fee

The once popular service "beep" enjoys under reduced demand. It allows you to install any melody or joke instead of traditional beeps. True, hear all this will be only caller. The cost of melodies is:

  • From categories №1, 2, 3, and 4 - from 49.9 to 98 rubles for 30 days;
  • From categories number 12, 13 and 14 - from 2 to 5 rubles a day;
  • Packages of melodies - from 29.9 rubles 7 days to 120 rubles in 30 days.

It is possible to use several melodies at once, which is fraught with high pay. The subscription fee is also provided - 2 rubles / day.

Attention! Immediately track the next moment - when you hear the phrase that the "beep" service is connected free of charge (for example, in television advertising), this means that there is no connection board. She really is not, while The subscription fee is always - this is 2 rubles / day . This is just an advertising trick designed for ...

How to disable the service "beep"

The first option is to call 0770 and use the voice menu. Option second - dial USSD command * 111 * 29 #. The third option is to look into your personal account. Option fourth - use the application "My MTS". Option Fifth - contact the nearest service office.

The easiest way to dial the USSD command or look into your personal account. By the way, in the Personal Account you can disable many other paid services with a subscription fee.

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