Microsoft account: why it is needed and how to remove it

The developers of several IT products seek to simplify life to their users. So, for example, Microsoft has created a unified account for authorization in its products. But in the process of use, different situations arise, because of which it becomes necessary to remove an account. How to do it - in our material.

What is Microsoft account

To facilitate and synchronize work for users in its software products, Microsoft has created a single authorization window or account. Now input to Office, Skype, Xbox, OneDrive, Windows operating systems and other Microsoft products are carried out with one password and login. By downloading the application "You Phone", you can also access your desktop to your Android database. Such a management system simplifies work with your files and data data. Your photos, video, contacts, correspondence, and so on, now always at hand - only access to the personal account is needed. Microsoft account

The ability to bind your computer to a single login for the first time appeared at Windows 8. Now, when you first start the system, the system requests the data of the single Cabinet Microsoft. But this option is convenient not for everyone. After all, to enter the desktop, you have to introduce long and complex passwords. It will not be able to simplify it - Microsoft strictly monitors the security of your data. But there is another output - you can untie this device from account, and to enter the more familiar local account.

Delete Microsoft account in Windows 8.1 and 10

The status of account in Windows 10 changes in its settings. To go to this menu, click on "Start" and then to the username. You will have a list of possible actions. We need an option to "change the parameters ...". In the menu that opens in the right column, select the option "Log in instead with a local account". Change account

The status dialog box opens. To change it, you first need to enter a password from the current Microsoft cabinet, and then enter a new username and password. If you leave the password fields empty, then when entering the system, it will not be requested. In the future, the password can always be installed. We still have to click on the "Exit System and Finish Work" key, and the next time you enter the new local account. Now, when you log in to the system, you do not need a password from a single account, but at the same time access to it will still be possible from your PC.

To completely close the account on the PC, go back to "Change Parameters ..." by clicking on the user name in the "Start" menu. There in the right block will be an account management unit. Opposite the desired account, click the Delete button.

For Windows 8.1, all steps are identical, only the path to control will be through the "Parameters". There we find the "change of computer parameters". This section contains a tab to manage accounts. Next, we do everything according to the instructions above.

Delete Microsoft account on Nokia Lumia phone

Nokia Lumia smartphones use the Windows Phone operating system, and therefore they can also be connected to a single account. But if you want to remove it from the phone for some reason, it is also possible. To do this, open the application list and tap on the "Settings" icon. There we need the option "Mail and Accounts". Press and hold the string with a dial-up. The menu will appear on the screen with the ability to remove it. Delete Microsoft account on Nokia Lumia phone

This option is suitable only if this account was not basic. Otherwise, you will have to reset all settings to factory. To do this, follow this path "Settings" - "Device Information" - "Reset Settings". This option will delete your personal data - take care of backups in advance.

How to remove Xbox LIVE from Microsoft account

Unfortunately, in no way. The fact is, the Xbox profile, therefore, the player tag is tied to the Microsoft cabinet. If you want to remove the profile in the console and release the tag, you will have to close your unified account. But you can clear the personal data of the Xbox profile, while the Microsoft account and the player tag will be saved. Xbox Live.

What can be removed from xbox Live profile:

  • Friend list;
  • Personal data of the profile;
  • Payment method;
  • Contact details.

It is possible to solve your problem will be able to change the name for your account. Radical way - removal of the entire account of Microsoft.

How to completely delete Microsoft account

Microsoft is carefully related to your personal data and therefore the process of complete removal of the account is not quite simple. First, the company will ask you to confirm that you are the owner of the closed account. Secondly, it will be necessary to save all the data, since after removing the account, access to the rest of Microsoft services will be closed. Thirdly, the final closure of the Cabinet will only happen after 60 days after you marked it for closing.

Think again - whether you need to delete the entire Microsoft account, because access to cloud service files and the accounts of other applications will be buried. But sometimes Microsoft himself leaves no choice - because it is impossible to remove one profile of a particular application.

Before closing the account, check:

  • Whether all subscriptions are canceled;
  • Whether backup copies of important data are made;
  • Whether all means from the account are used;
  • Whether new accounts are installed on the corporation devices;
  • Drawn related profiles of your children were prepared for the removal.

If everything is ready for closing, then open the Microsoft website in the browser, log in to the remote office and click on the link: . Make sure that the same account is selected and click on the "Next" button. You will see a list of important information with which you need to get acquainted. The corporation must receive the answer that you are notified of them. Carefully re-read the check list and place the checkboxes, in the field at the bottom of the page, specify the reason for the closure, and then select "Mark for closing". After 60 days, your account will be deleted. During this period, the account can be restored without losing your data.

Delete Microsoft account from a Windows 10 computer in just a few minutes. First enter the "Start" menu. Then, by clicking on the icon with a "gear", we get to the tab with accounts. Select the desired, go to the "Change Parameters" section. The line "Your Data" appears.

Removing account_.jpg.

Next, you need to click on the link to log in with an account. It remains to enter the password of the account that is planned to be removed. After filling the field, click "Next", being in the next menu.

This is the panel with the inscription "Switch to a local account". Now you should come up with a nickname, password and possibly a hint. To change the account, you must exit the system. It remains only a couple of steps before deleting an account. Again, go to the first items of the instructions, select the account to be destroyed, click until the "Delete" button is active. And that's it.

Removing account.jpg.

And about the finest settings of Windows 10, creating and removing accounts can be found here

How to delete Microsoft account in Windows 10
How to delete Microsoft account in Windows 10

If you do not want to enter the password in Windows 10 each time you enter the password or you are not very pleased with the fact of sending data to the Microsoft website when using the official account, you can simply delete the Microsoft account in the system. It is these reasons for the most part forced to think about the removal of a standard account of many users of Windows 10.

Not always this decision can be considered reasonable because Microsoft's profile has its undeniable advantages:

  • Fast and easy access to applications (including Store);
  • The ability to work with a single platform with the support of the exchange of information. You can easily send this Microsoft postal box to the cloud. If you have several working mobile devices and stationary PCs, you can synchronize your devices, getting access to files from any of them.

But if you are not from those whose options are sharply needed, we suggest familiarizing yourself with how to delete Microsoft account in Windows 10. By default, the "dozen" offers the login screen, which, if necessary, can be disabled / deleted in manual mode. In this article, we will consider all possible options for deleting Microsoft account with PC.

Method 1: Use the settings of the system parameters of the PC

In Windows 10, in addition to settings, there is a separate option that we will use to remove Microsoft Card with PCs in this method. For this we have to do a few simple steps.

  1. Press the "Start" button in the system or "WIN" key on the keyboard. In the upper right corner there is a "Parameters" button with the "Gearbox" icon. Choose it (while we must be connected to the local account of the system administrator).
How to delete Microsoft account in Windows 10
How to delete Microsoft account in Windows 10

2. From the available options, select the "Accounts" item.

How to delete Microsoft account in Windows 10
How to delete Microsoft account in Windows 10

3. On the panel on the left side of the window there are several options for working with accounts, including the item "Family and other people". I need it.

How to delete Microsoft account in Windows 10
How to delete Microsoft account in Windows 10

4. In the pop-up window with the name "Other users", you can see the records of all users of our PC. Choose the account that we want to delete, after which we click the "Delete" button that appears in the lower left corner of the window.

How to delete Microsoft account in Windows 10
How to delete Microsoft account in Windows 10

5. Next pops up the standard window with the question of whether we are confident that we want to delete the selected account. If you are sure, press the "Delete Account and Data" button, after which the selected account will be removed from the PC.

How to delete Microsoft account in Windows 10
How to delete Microsoft account in Windows 10

Method 2: Delete an account through the control panel

One of the simple ways to delete an account in Windows 10 - through the classic, standard system tool "Control Panel". To delete the account in this way, we have to do the following:

  1. Click "Windows + X" on the keyboard and at the bottom of the pop-up menu select "Toolbar". You can also get into this menu, hovering the mouse cursor on the Start icon and clicking on it right-click on the PCM.
How to delete Microsoft account in Windows 10
How to delete Microsoft account in Windows 10

2. Going to the control panel, select "User Accounts" (1). If we cannot immediately find the necessary item in your eyes, we use the search navigator (2) to speed up the process.

How to delete Microsoft account in Windows 10
How to delete Microsoft account in Windows 10

3. Once in user accounts, we get a menu from a variety of items. Here we are interested in "managing another account". Choose this item.

How to delete Microsoft account in Windows 10
How to delete Microsoft account in Windows 10

4. In the window that appears from the available records, registered in the accounting system, select the one we need to be deleted.

How to delete Microsoft account in Windows 10
How to delete Microsoft account in Windows 10

5. Press the "Delete Account" button, after which we obtain a standard confirmation or cancellation system. Confirm removal.

Method 3: Use NetPlwiz

Despite the fact that in its standard Windows 10 configuration, unlike its predecessors, does not offer us a separate item in the menu for the dialog box, we can still use it if necessary. In this embodiment, we use this system function, and we will also perform the necessary task in several simple steps.

  1. Open a dialog box at the same time by pressing the "Windows + P" keys. You can also refer to the system search "Search in Windows" and enter into the search string "Run" (or "Run" if the system is in English).
How to delete Microsoft account in Windows 10
How to delete Microsoft account in Windows 10

2. In the window that appears, enter the type of program you want to open for further work, namely "NetPLWIZ".

How to delete Microsoft account in Windows 10
How to delete Microsoft account in Windows 10

3. Further before us opens a new registered wizard of user records, where all user accounts are displayed, connected directly to the PC under user profiles of our computer.

4. Select the desired account that we are going to remove from the system.

5. After selecting the account, click the second point under the list of accounts "Delete".

How to delete Microsoft account in Windows 10
How to delete Microsoft account in Windows 10

6. In the window that appears, confirm the selected action by pressing the Yes button.

Method 4: We make the current account local account in the standard settings

This method is good in that the most simple as possible. It is important to remember that in this case the design settings, current parameters and other options will not be synchronized on other devices. The algorithm of action is as follows:

  1. Go to the "Start" menu, then in the "Parameters". Other option - we click the keyboard key "Win + I" on the keyboard (all as in the method 1).
  2. Select "Accounts" and hereinafter - "email address; Accounts". Before further actions, it is important to keep all your work in the system, because after disconnecting the Microsoft account, we will need to exit the system.
How to delete Microsoft account in Windows 10
How to delete Microsoft account in Windows 10

3. Select the "Log in instead with a local account".

How to delete Microsoft account in Windows 10
How to delete Microsoft account in Windows 10

4. Enter the password that is tied to the current Microsoft account.

5. Enter the data that will be required to create a new local account.

How to delete Microsoft account in Windows 10
How to delete Microsoft account in Windows 10

6. After that, we will receive a message that you need to get out of the system and go to it from a new account. Restart in Windows 10, as we are told, and we get a local account.


We have given examples of the most common, simple and accessible to all users of the PC methods for deleting Microsoft account in Windows 10. It is important to understand that the removal of a particular account is possible only under the condition of its availability. To perform successful removal and other manipulations with accounts on a working PC, it is best to have several accounts and work with them through the administrator rights on the local computer.

Material author: Angelina Snezhina

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The removal of the Microsoft account is a fairly simple procedure to cope with even a child. Nevertheless, many PC users do not know how to untie the computer from a specific user account. To fill the gap in knowledge will help this article. We will talk about how to delete Microsoft account.

Why delete account?

Quite often people use one computer together. To protect your own information, users work on different accounts. But what should I do if the need for several accounts disappeared? In order not to clog memory and not to produce unnecessary accounts, you must delete the user. But how to delete an account on windows 10?

Removal through the "Parameters" menu

The simplest way to get rid of the Microsoft account on Windows 10 - use the "Parameters" menu. To deactivate the account, you need to do the following:

  1. Go to the "Start" menu. Then click on the "Parameters". In order to save time, you can use the hottest set of Win + I keys. In the click on the "Accounts" window that appears and go to the "Family and other users". erase account in Microsoft
  2. Select the account you want to remove. To do this, click on the name of the user. Then click on the "Delete" button appeared.
  3. The operating system will issue a warning. It says that the disshation of the account from the computer will detect the disk C. removal is far from all the information. Only the directory with / users / user name will be cleaned. If important data is stored there, then save them on another disk or backup in the cloud.

Upon completion of the removal process, only your account will remain on the computer.

Removal through the "Control Panel"

How to delete a user in Windows 7 and earlier versions of the operating system? In this case, you need to use the "Control Panel". It is in every version of Windows. Due to this, the process of disabling the user on different OS is identical. How to remove the user in Windows 10, 8, 7, etc.? It is necessary to be guided by the following instruction:

  1. Run the control panel. There are several ways to do it. Press the hot combination of Win + X or enter in the Control command prompt. In addition, the "Control Panel" can be launched by clicking on the PCM Start button. There is a drop-down list. It is necessary to click on the "Control Panel" item. Remove the user from the computer
  2. In the window that appears, select the "User Accounts" option. Subsequent instructions can be made only if you have administrator rights to the PC.
  3. There was a transition to a new section. In it, select the "Delete User Accounts" item. Delete data from account
  4. A list consisting of users who are able to log in are formed. To untie the user from the computer, click on the account name. Then click on the inscription "Delete Account".
  5. The system will issue a notification. It suggests that the user's information will be lost. To destroy the user from the computer by clicking on the "Delete Files" button.

Removal through the user settings window

You can delete an account on Windows 7 and other versions of this OS through the so-called settings window. To get access to it, you need to call the built-in utility "Run". Use the search for the "Start" menu or press the hot combination of Win + R. Then take the NetPlwiz command in the string and activate it by pressing ENTER. Delete user account on windows 10

Window opens. It has a list of accounts that have access to a computer. To remove the account you need to click on it and click "Delete". At the same time you must have administrative rights.

How to restore password

Some users tie their Microsoft account to the computer. In this case, the password you entered on the company's website is used to enter the operating system. But what if you forgot? How to log in to the system now? You need to restore the password from the Microsoft account.

Recovery system

Microsoft specialists have provided that the user can forget the password from the account. It was for this reason that a recovery system was developed. To take advantage of it, you need to go to the Official Microsoft website and click on the "Login" button. In a new tab, click on the inscription "Forgot your password?". How to find out the account password

There was a transition to a new page. On it, we celebrate the marker version "I do not remember my password and press the" Next "button. Now you need to specify the data you used during registration account. It can be a mobile phone number or mailbox. When specifying the necessary information, we introduce the captcha and click on the "Next".

After that, a letter comes to the mailbox. It contains a reference link. Just go through the hyperlink and enter a new password. Voila - Now you can enter your Microsoft account.

Also to restore the password you can use your mobile phone. To do this, click on "Log in with a single code." Then you need to enter your number or mail, which is tied to Microsoft account. Click on the "Send SMS Code" button. Within a few minutes a message will come to the phone. It will contain a special code. Entering it on the site, you will get access to your account.

In the instructions, consider several ways to delete or disable Microsoft account (Microsoft).

Delete Microsoft account via Windows Settings

Convenient way to remove an excess user profile to use the "Parameters" menu.

Algorithm of actions:
  1. Right-click on the Start icon in the lower left corner of the screen;
  2. Select from the "Parameters" list; Transition to parameters
  3. Click on "Accounts" and go to the list "El. mail; Accounts"; Windows 10 parameters
  4. In the central block on the right, select an unnecessary profile and click "Delete"; Removal account
  5. To confirm the action, enter the password from the profile.

Important! This way will be able to use if you have registered 2 or more profile or a local recorded entry is created. The system automatically considers the only profile, so the "Delete" button does not appear when the account is selected.

Closing Algorithm (Delete Analogue) Main Account Microsoft:
  1. Enter the account via the "Parameters" menu (click on the profile name);
  2. In the browser window that opens, click "Microsoft Account";
  3. Near the avatar, select "Additional actions";
  4. Specify "Edit Profile"; Editing profile
  5. In a new window at the bottom of the page, find "how to close an account", follow the link; Go to the settings
  6. Check out the account deletion rules. Run to the "How to Close Account" block and click "Closing an account"; Familiarization with rules
  7. In a new window, select a confirmation method: a letter or pin code. Perform input

You can restore the profile within 60 days after closing. If during this period the user does not fulfill the input, Microsoft fully eliminates the device account. That is, the user will lose all stored data.

Deleting an account via control panels

The method is suitable for users who have administrator rights. Go to the search menu on the taskbar and drive the "Control Panel" window in the Row, open the application.

Windows searchNext, the algorithm of action is the following


  1. Go to the "User Accounts" tab;
  2. Select "Delete accounting. user records "; Switch to deletion in the control panel
  3. Select the desired account from the list by clicking on it. In a new window, click "Delete Accounting. recordings "; Select "Delete Account"
  4. Select a method for closing a profile - without data saving or saving (in the second case, the user accumulated documents or media files will be untouched in public folders). Selecting a variant with data saving or without saving

This method of closing the profile allows you to eliminate the account itself, but save all user-available files.

Deleting the Windows 10 user profile using a quick team

This is the fastest way to delete a user account.

Algorithm of actions:
  1. Press the Win + R keys and enter the NETPLWIZ command (without quotes), click "OK"; Command execute
  2. Select the desired profile from the list and click the Delete button; Choice Account
  3. Confirm deletion.

Closing Microsoft's profile is a simple procedure, but it may entail unpleasant consequences. Among them delete data, files. Restore lost will be troublesome, so before deleting, consider which method is preferable. You may need to copy important documents or files to the external medium before closing the profile.

You can delete Microsoft account completely on the company's official website together with all saved data and user settings. Or, delete an account in the operating system on a computer or mobile phone while maintaining access (the ability to authorize and connect hereinafter). It should be understood that the difference in these two procedures is essential. In the first case, the operation is actually irretrievable; And in the second - temporary disconnection of the profile on the device.

Further in the article, consider how to delete the Microsoft account on the Office of the Service and how to remove it (disable it) from the computer, phone.

Full removal of an account on the official website

Forever "say goodbye" with the Microsoft Package makes sense when there is absolutely no need for it or there is another account on the service that is actively used. Before activating the procedure, the company's resource will necessarily check your rights to the account, and will also provide the ability to save important data from the profile.

Attention! Without credentials (passwords and login), remove the account will not work. Then it is necessary to restore access by the system provided by the means of the system, and only after 60 days from the date of execution of this procedure, you can closing the profile.

Getting to remove

Removing Microsoft Package, you also delete data services and company services attached to it. Namely:

  • Files from Cloud Storage ONEDRIVE;
  • information on Xbox Live, Gamertag game platforms;
  • List of contacts and identifier in Skype messenger;
  • Profiles on,, Live, MSN, Hotmail.

Therefore, it is advisable to view the resources from the above that you used, for the existence of important information and subsequent preservation of it:

  • documentation;
  • Cash on payment maps;
  • correspondence and individual messages on E-mail and others.

A warning! No one of the services in the account (for example, ONEDRIVE) cannot be deleted (for example, ONEDRIVE) while maintaining access to other services.

Closing Account

To completely delete an account:

1. Open the page in the browser -

2. Log in to the offsay account: Enter login and then password.

Note. If you have several accounts, log in to the one you want to delete.

2. Make sure that you are authorized in Microsoft account, which you want to get rid of. Login is displayed at the top of the page, in the "Readiness Checking ... to Close".

3. Carefully read the recommendations of the data saving service, configuration. And, if required, use the links to quickly go to Services, email. After performing all the necessary actions, go back to the removal page.

4. Under the list, at the bottom of the page, click the Next button.

Microsoft account

6. On the new page you need to put "checkmarks" in all points. So you inform the service that you are familiar with the terms and consequences of the profile removal.

Microsoft account

7. Open the mouse click the drop-down menu "Select Cause" and specify why you close the account.

Microsoft account

8. Click the "Mark to Close" with the mouse. Follow the site instructions to complete the removal.

From the moment of closing within 60 days, the account can be restored. To do this, you just need to log in in it. After logging, the removal procedure is automatically deactivated.

PC profile removal

After deleting an account from the computer, it is saved on the company server and remains available for the user. But the data related to the account, for example, letters to e-mail will be deleted from the operating system (device memory).

This approach allows you to quickly change the old Microsoft account on the PC to the new, switch to the use mode of an exclusively local profile (without interaction with the company's services). And also eliminate access to personal data, for example, in the case of a computer, laptop.

Remove the profile in various ways. We will analyze step by step of each in the Windows 10 operating system.

Method # 1: Logo entry

The removal principle was built on the fact that the system at the initiative of the user is replaced by the Microsoft profile to the local account (by type as in Windows 7), by registering and authorizing with regular means.

1. In the taskbar, click the "Windows" icon. Then: Label "Profile" → In the "Change Parameters ..." menu.


2. In the Panel, select the "Login instead from Local ...".


3. In the window that appears, enter the password from Microsoft account to confirm the right to it. Then click "Next".


4. Enter the data in the form for the local profile:

  • Username;
  • password (and reused for verification in the next line);
  • Tip (as additional information, if suddenly forget the password).

When all the fields are filled, click "Next".


4. In the "Switch to Local ..." window, activate the mouse click the "Exit System ...".


5. In the input panel in the OS, type the password from the local profile.

Attention! If the PIN code was added to access the OS, the computer may request it for authorization. But there is an opportunity to use and password, having previously switched the way in the Tile Menu "Input Settings".

6. To check the setting, go to the profile panel. In the account of the account of the account, the local account data should be displayed.


Method number 2: via the control panel

1. Press together the "Win" and "R" keys.

2. In the "Run" line, type directive - Control.

3. Go to the "User Accounts" section. And select the "Removal ..." option.

Settings windows

4. Select Microsoft's Profile, activate the "Removal ..." function.

Settings windowsSettings windows

5. Pre-system will make a request what to do with the files associated with the account. Select the desired option: "Delete ..." or "Saving ...".

6. Select the "Delete Account" command.

7. After that, the profile icon will disappear. If you saved the account files before removing, a folder with a backup appears on the desktop.

Method # 3: In the "Parameters" section

1. In the Start menu, select the "Parameters" icon ("Six" icon).

2. Enter subsection "Accounts".

Settings windows

3. In the side menu, click the item "Family and other users".

4. In the next panel, find the profile you want to delete. And click on its icon.

Settings windows

5. In the dropping submenu, click "Delete".

6. Confirm the removal request.

Removing Microsoft account

7. After these actions, the profile will no longer be displayed in the parameter panel.

Method number 4: In the "Users" tab

  1. Open the panel to enter the "Run" commands (Win + R).
  2. Enter - NETPLWIZ.
  3. In the window that appears, on the "Users" tab, highlight the remote profile mouse click.
  4. In the same tab, click the Delete button.
  5. In a warning window, confirm the command: Select the answer "Yes".

How to delete on the phone

Some users are asked if it is possible to disable the service records on mobile devices. Yes, this is possible, but methods of deactivation differ depending on the status of the account: the main one or optional.

Removing additional Microsoft Tags on the phone is as follows:

  1. Open the application list. Go: Settings → Accounts.
  2. Touch the Study Strings and hold your finger. In the submenu that appears, tap the "Delete" function.

But to delete the Microsoft account on the phone basic, you will need to reset the settings in its system:

Attention! After executing the following actions on the phone, the entire user content (applications, games, photos, video, music) is deleted on the phone. Preload data backup.

1. From the home screen, go to the "Settings" menu.

2. Tap "Device Information".

Removing Windows Account on Phone

2. At the bottom of the opened panel, click "Reset Settings".

Removing Windows Account on Phone

3. In a deletion warning window, additionally click "Yes.

4. At the end of the operation, you can connect another account in the "clean" system.


Be careful! Before deactivating Microsoft's account in the computer, phone, or delete it completely on the offset, make sure that:

  • You no longer need an account;
  • Authorized in the profile you want to delete;
  • All important data is copied;
  • All payment operations are completed.

Choose the most convenient way to delete Microsoft account. Successful procedure.

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