What are the weddings by year from 1 to 100 years

- Diamond Wedding


The wedding is one of the most exciting events of our life, an event is a magical and unforgettable, beautiful and unusually romantic ... otherwise and can not be, because two loving hearts unite these days into a single whole, and all the upcoming joy, hopes, care and moments of happiness young Husband and wife will already share in half. Weddings are permanently celebrated almost always, and the celebration is traditionally almost for all nations of the world. Champagne, abduction of the bride and her redemption, funny cries: "bitterly!", Everything is familiar to each of us and has long been the attributes of every new wedding.

However, not each of us knows that weddings are not only new. The Day of Creating a Family Union may be celebrated annually, and husband and wife, who already having even a very solid marital experience, on this day, again become the newlyweds with their love. Each such wedding has its own name and its traditions of the celebration, the essence of which is focused on the number of years lived with the spouses. Of course, these anniversaries are celebrated if the husband and wife managed to build a harmonious relationship and created a rather strong family. With a bad living together in 5 years, what wedding can be celebrated fun and with great pleasure? Such a holiday will come out stretched and dim and will not bring anything other than bitterness of regretful about the mistake once.

How to celebrate wedding anniversary

But ... Let's not talk about sad. Better talk about what our wedding anniversary in happy families. There are such anniversary from 1 to 100 years of married life. Especially magnificent and solemnly celebrated wedding anniversaries after thirty years of living together, because for those who lived side by side for so many years, the first wedding becomes one of the most significant moments of life.

Wedding anniversary names have all sorts. Sitz and paper, leather and wooden, copper and glass, golden, silver and pearl wedding, - What is there just no! Each name of the wedding anniversary is symbolic, and each of these names means a lot of things ... for example, a glass wedding, which is celebrated in fifteen years after the marriage is married, the name has received the name of the warning that the glass can be extraordinarily beautiful, but it is easily beating. Therefore, spouses to save the family, you need to become particularly discreet and attentive.

But the silver wedding, celebrated in twenty-five years after the first wedding, is the already proven love and dedication time. After all, silver is a precious, strong metal with the lively forces.

A very prosaic name for the anniversary, which is celebrated in a thirty-five years of family life, is a "linen wedding". However, it is also quite justified. The family for this period becomes a single organism, woven, as in the canvas, from a variety of threads, - spouses, children, grandchildren, and sometimes great-grandchildren.

Wedding anniversaries, which are noted after this period, are not less substantially called. Rubin and diamond, stone and iron, noble and red ... Each of these anniversaries means a certain stage of married life, and each of them is a kind of anthem proven Love time.

100 years

What is given on the anniversary of weddings

In the wedding anniversary, congratulations are different, and they are focused, first of all, on the appearance of the anniversary. For example, on a stente wedding, which is celebrated a year after the wedding, the anniversaries are presented as gifts from Citz and flax. On a paper wedding, two years after marriage, the gifts of the spouses must be made of glass and paper. On the copper wedding, celebrated seven years after marriage, give things made from copper, the family is considered solid, like copper.

The silver wedding is meant of silver products as gifts, and on the pearl, thirty years after the wedding, - pearl decorations. Gold Golden Wedding. And on a diamond ... It is advisable to give, of course, diamonds, but not everyone from guests such a pocket gifts. Therefore, a diamond, gold wedding and weddings, which are noted after them, do not require some special symbolism of gifts. And presented to be pretty aged one, but still happy newlyweds, you can all that deliver joy to the anniversaries.

You can give all anniversary of the wedding postcard. Fortunately, today, they are represented by a great set, and, if desired, you can always choose a very original postcard, the most appropriate solemn moment. Of course, the inscriptions in these postcards should be suitable: merry, very friendly and certainly oriented on the peculiarity of the anniversary. And then the postcard will be for the anniversaries a bright, memorable surprise, which keeps all his life. For example, you can write here such a beautiful congratulation:

Where is the elixir for happiness, to know!

How can you live, loving stronger?!

Today - the wedding anniversary

Big happiness anniversary!

Through boredoms, timeless years,

Through weather and adversity

Spouses carried him ...

For that - not the edge, not parts,

And full of live happiness

We wish, truly - all!

How young you are both fresh -

Council and Love You - from the Soul !!!

In other words, in order to adequately congratulate the anniversaries, it is a little known which wedding anniversary will be marked. In order not to get to write and not to give, for example, on a glass wedding linen towels, it is desirable, starting to choose a gift, get an idea of ​​what is presented to this anniversary. The source of such information will serve our tip from which you can familiarize yourself, and then fully versa boldly go to such a romantic, such an unforgettable celebration.

- Red Wedding

What are the weddings by year

  • Wedding 0 years old - Green Wedding
  • Wedding 1 year - sieve wedding
  • Wedding 2 years - Paper Wedding
  • Wedding 3 years - Leather Wedding
  • Wedding 4 years - Linen (Wax) Wedding
  • Wedding 5 years - Wooden Wedding
  • Wedding 6 years - cast iron (Ryabinovaya, Cypress) Wedding
  • Wedding 7 years - Copper Wedding
  • Wedding 8 years old - Tin (Makova) Wedding
  • Wedding 9 years old - Faience wedding
  • Wedding 10 years - Pink (Amber, Tin) Wedding
  • Wedding 11 years - Steel Wedding
  • Wedding 12 years old - nickel (silk) wedding
  • Wedding 13 years - lace (woolen) wedding
  • Wedding 14 years old - agate wedding
  • Wedding 15 years - Glass (Crystal) Wedding
  • Wedding 16 years - not noted
  • Wedding 17 years - Tin Wedding
  • Wedding 18 years old - turquoise wedding
  • Wedding 19 years old - Crypton Wedding
  • Wedding 20 years - porcelain wedding
  • Wedding 21 year - Opal Wedding
  • Wedding 22 years - Bronze Wedding
  • Wedding 23 years - Beryl wedding
  • Wedding 24 years - Satin wedding
  • Wedding 25 years - Silver Wedding
  • Wedding 26 years old - jade wedding
  • Wedding 27 years old - Wedding of mahogany
  • Wedding 28 years old - not noted
  • Wedding 29 years old - Velvet wedding
  • Wedding 30 years - Pearl Wedding
  • Wedding 31 year - Small Wedding
  • Wedding 32 and 33 years - are not marked
  • Wedding 34 years - Amber Wedding
  • Wedding 35 years old - Linen (Coral) Wedding
  • Wedding 36 years old - not marked
  • Wedding 37 years - Muslic Wedding
  • Wedding 38 years - mercury wedding
  • Wedding 39 years old - a strong wedding
  • Wedding 40 years old - Ruby Wedding
  • Wedding 41 year - not noted
  • Wedding 42 years - Pearl wedding
  • Wedding 43 years - Flannel Wedding
  • Wedding 44 years - Topazova Wedding
  • Wedding 45 years - Sapphina (Alaya) Wedding
  • Wedding 46 years old - Lavender Wedding
  • Wedding 47 years old - cashmere wedding
  • Wedding 48 years old - Amethyst wedding
  • Wedding 49 years old - Cedar Wedding
  • Wedding 50 years old - Golden Wedding
  • Wedding 55 years - Emerald Wedding
  • Wedding 60 years - Diamond (Platinum) Wedding
  • Wedding 65 years old - Iron Wedding
  • Wedding 70 years - a graceful wedding
  • Wedding 75 years - Crown (Last, Alebastrovaya) Wedding
  • Wedding 80 years - Oak Wedding
  • Wedding 100 years old - red wedding
For dates, we have not written ideas, you can choose a gift from our catalog. Any of them will be a memorable and very expensive heart.

Do you know that there is a green and pink wedding? Not? Then read and keep yourself just in case this my article. After all, there will be 22 (!) Wedding anniversaries in my list.

A couple of words I will say about illustrations to the article

I did not think about how to illustrate this wedding list :)) I just found old postcards in my collection. I didn't collect them specifically, just we were given with my husband when we congratulated us on the wedding day or invited to our celebration.

Under each postcard, I will write the information that it has on the turn. And you will understand that some postcards are already more than 30 years :))

Photo artist G. Kupriyanov, "Planet", 1987, circulation 1.2 million, 5 kopecks
Photo artist G. Kupriyanov, "Planet", 1987, circulation 1.2 million, 5 kopecks

Where did I get a list of wedding anniversaries

In 2002, at work, our men made non-standard gifts on March 8. In addition to the usual "on the tulip", we were still presented on an interesting little book, which is called the "Women's Diary".

In fact, this is a notebook. Today it does not surprise anyone that in the diaries the first and last sheets are busy. There is sometimes placed advertising or a different information that, according to publishers and compilers, could be interesting and useful for a variety of buyers.

Open Planet LLC, 2013 47.103
Open Planet LLC, 2013 47.103

But then, almost 20 years ago, the information that was placed in diaries was very different from today. Maybe I will even write about this separate article another time :))

So, wedding anniversaries from the "Diary of Women" Berkov B.V., 2001, "Phoenix". Circulation 60000 copies.
"Planet", 1987,2,7 million, 8 kopecks.
"Planet", 1987,2,7 million, 8 kopecks.

Wedding anniversaries

Green Wedding - This is the day of marriage. Her symbol is mytov leaves in a wedding crown.

Sentse wedding - The first anniversary of family life. It is assumed that the intensity of the young became commonplace, the "stente simplicity". Newlyweds give each other sortaceutic handkerchiefs.

Paper Wedding - biennium.

Wooden wedding - five years. On this day, various wooden things usually give.

Zinc Wedding - after 6.5 years of married life. The name reminds that the marriage is necessary from time to time to "make a gloss", as on zinc or galvanized dishes, which is given on this day.

Copper Wedding - Semiletry. Husband and wife in the pledge of future happiness exchange copper coins.

Artist N. Okhotina "Fine Arts", 1985, 4 million, 9 kopecks.
Artist N. Okhotina "Fine Arts", 1985, 4 million, 9 kopecks.

Tin Wedding - eight-year. On this day, the kitchen utensils are given to the fastmets - noons, forms for cake, cupcakes.

Pink wedding - Decade. The day of the decade wears the poetic name - the day of roses. On this day, all the dancing hold in the hands of scarlet roses. Facials who were at the wedding of the battlements and girlfriends are invited to visit.

Nickel wedding - after 12.5 years. She warns: "Do not forget to maintain the brilliance of your marriage."

Glass wedding - Fifteen farming. Gifts on this day only from glass. In the fact that relations between spouses should be clean as glass.

Porcelain Wedding - twenty years. The table is served by a new porcelain dishes. It is believed that by this time nothing remains from the oldest sets.

Artist V. Makarov 1985,15 million, 20 kopecks. with envelope
Artist V. Makarov 1985,15 million, 20 kopecks. with envelope

silver wedding - Twenty hyphenation. Collect all the relatives. The peaceful crown is replaced by silver. Next to the gold wedding ring on the finger is put on a silver ring.

Pearl wedding - thirty years. On this jubilee husband gives his wife a pearl necklace. The pearl wedding reminds that the thirty years lived together, "ride" as a pearl in a necklace.

POLLINE or Linen wedding - thirty hyphenation. On this day, linen tablecloths and towels are given, which must be stopped to the end of their lives.

Aluminum wedding - After 37.5.

Ruby Wedding - Sorokhelet. Wedding rings are replaced with new ones, decorate them with ruby ​​- a stone of love and fire. Old rings give to children.

Photo I. Dergileva, 1987, 10.8 million, price 5 kopecks.
Photo I. Dergileva, 1987, 10.8 million, price 5 kopecks.

Golden Wedding - fiftieth anniversary. Very often, gold wedding rings are replaced on this day, as it is believed that the hands wearing them half a century changed, and gold was extended.

Diamond or Diamond Wedding - Sixtieth anniversary. This anniversary means that the Union of her husband and wife are strong as ever.

Iron Wedding - 65 years old.

Stone wedding - 67 years old.

Gracious or thankful , Thank you wedding - Seventieth anniversary.

Crown wedding - Seventieth-year-old. After 75 years of love and loyalty, the married couple copes the corona wedding. She, as it were, the living long and happily life.

Photo by D. Kindrov "Planet" 1987, 1.6 million, 8 kopecks.
Photo by D. Kindrov "Planet" 1987, 1.6 million, 8 kopecks.

Here is a list :)) I understand that there is something to discuss. I will write a continuation. But for now I ask you to put like, subscribe On the canal and save yourself a post or share to your social networks.

I wish you a lot of time (time under the sun) and happily live to the crown wedding :))

Another interesting: What ends the tradition to give an envelope with money (almost ended) ".

A source .

Each couple of newlyweds dreams of living all their lives together and with enthusiasm celebrates every year his family's birthday. There is a lot of and customs about the celebration of the wedding anniversary. They can be observed, you can not observe, but one family and friends are consistent on this day, congratulate the culprits of the celebration, they give symbolic (or not) gifts. The spouses themselves also do not forget to congratulate each other, kiss and remind once again how they love each other.

weddings what they happenFew know what weddings are (except, of course, all the famous golden), so the celebration is often consigned only to feast and congratulations. But there is a lot of and traditions that were not in vain were invented by our ancestors. And the names of weddings are not just invented, in each there is a psychological aspect. The more young people lived together, the "stronger" the name of the anniversary. For example, a "glass" wedding hints on the fragility of a 15-year-old loving relationship. When meeting with the crisis, the spouses must save their love as well as things from glass donated to their fifteenth anniversary.

What anniversary of the wedding are

Directly the wedding itself (zero anniversary) is called "green", denoting this color of the young bride and groom, as well as their families. All year old until the first anniversary, all young-green, is still fresh and unfamiliar.

    • First anniversary - "Sitseva". In honor of the first birthday of the family, the young and their guests on the tradition drink a bottle of champagne, sewed from the day of the wedding. Cite, as you know, the material is not the most durable. Thus, they gave to understand young that whatever trouble would not have happened during this time, it is only the so-called "trigger": spouses only make the first steps to meet, learn to take each other and find compromises. Therefore, their marriage is not quite durable, "Sitzen". There is another version why the wedding is called the Sitseva. This is due to the active intimate life of recently married people. Therefore, on the anniversary, guests give new quiet bed linen: the old one is already, for sure, extended. Weddings by year
    • Second anniversary - "paper". Information, what are the weddings by year, is often contradictory and can be misleading. It would seem that another year lived, and for some reason the wedding was allowed: but the paper is even more fragile than the siter. But this is due to the fact that this time is usually a child appears in the family, which adds a hassle of a young family (but first of all, of course, joy). However, as our wise ancestors knew, not all marriages withstand this test, and to the second anniversary of the spouse repeatedly quarrel and try to collect things. And this is not due to the fact that people got married unsuccessfully. This is the normal period in the life of the family, so to speak, the transition to a new stage. Successfully passed this stage of family becomes doubly strong.
    • Third anniversary - "Leather". The skin is already much stronger sither and paper. This means that by passing all the difficulties and tests of the first two years, the family finally reached its first significant date. As a soft skin, the spouses became more conspirable, learned to adapt to each other, their relationship became more flexible.
    • Fourth anniversary - Linen. By the fourth day of the family, the spouses had already had a property and, first of all, flaxable tablecloths, speaking about the supply of families and are more expensive compared to the sorts. Hence such an interesting name. This anniversary is also called "wax". Perhaps for the same reason that the leather, because the wax is soft, malleable material.
    • Fifth anniversary - "Wooden". If we talk about what is the anniversaries of weddings, this five-year-old first anniversary can be called the most turbulent. Spouses are still very young, full of strength and desire to celebrate the anniversary in full. Some wives even put on their wedding dress and veil. Tree - material durable, from it you can build a house and even a whole fortress. But still such a strong wooden structure, which is the young family, should fear fires. If the spouses on the fifth anniversary will put a tree on the fifth anniversary, it will grow mighty, strong and will survive all the weather, bringing good luck and abundance into a family. What are the weddings by year
    • Sixth anniversary - "Casting". Here is the first "metal" of the marriage relationship. The relationship is already so strong that they can be called metal. But the cast iron is not so strong to withstand everything. It can be completely broken by a strong blow. And this means that the spouses still have, what to fear and relax also early.
    • Seventh anniversary - "Copper". Copper is beautiful, durable and valuable material, as well as family relationships between spouses. Let it have not yet a precious metal, but 7 years of marriage is already an achievement, congratulate each other from the soul. Copper also points to the financial situation of the family. The children have already grown up, all the necessary spouses acquired, life set up, they went to the mountain.
    • Eighth anniversary - "Tin". Interested in which weddings are, their names, people stop on the word "tin" and invest negative meaning in it, whether it is an inexpensive metal or a modern youth slang. However, it means such a quality of tin, like shine. The relationship of spouses acquire a kind of gloss, transformed, sparkle with all their faces.
  • Ninth anniversary - "Fayansova". There are two interpretations of this name. One characterizes family relationships after 9 years of living together with the same cozy and strong as tea in beautiful faience cups. This is a symbol of well-being and spiritual intimacy. The other interpretation says that this is the critical period in the life of the spouses, this is the time when "everything is tired." This means that marriage becomes fragile as Faience.
  • Tenth anniversary - "Tin". That's the first real anniversary. Tin, as you know, a flexible metal. This means that the relationship of the husband and the wife is strong, like metal, but at the same time flexible. This anniversary has a different name - "Pink". It is not known why a strong 10-year-old union is associated with roses. Perhaps this is a wedding symbol and a rose bouquet of the bride. After all, the rose is a sign of love and loyalty. All wedding anniversaries. What are the weddings other than the well-known golden?
  • Eleventh anniversary - "Steel". Marriage hardened as steel, became durable and "stainless". The spouses studied each other's habits, merged into a single whole. Steel can be so smooth and shiny, like a mirror surface. This means that the husband and his wife became a reflection of each other.
  • Twelfth anniversary - Nickel. This anniversary is usually celebrated in 12.5 years, but it can be completely transferred for half a year earlier. The life of spouses becomes the same beautiful, hardened, reliable and sustainable adversity, like nickel.
  • Thirteenth anniversary - "Lace". In this case, 13 is a happy number. Family life is as beautiful and air as lace. Also this wedding is called "Lrangee", hinting for the fragility and the grace of love relationships.
  • Fourteenth anniversary - "Agatov". Finally, the family life was assigned a "precious" status. Agat is a beautiful and mysterious stone with a multitude of overflow and shades. The life of spouses becomes the same. Strong, durable, but still storing a riddle, changeable.
  • Fifteenth anniversary - "Glass". On the one hand, the glass is fragile, requires a special careful relationship, but on the other hand, it is absolutely transparent and pure material, the same as the love of spouses who lived for 15 years together. Anniversary of weddings
  • Sixteenth anniversary - "Topazova". According to some sources, the sixteenth anniversary is not marked and has no name. However, it is believed that the sixteenth year is called Topazov due to the crystal transparency and purity of this stone. It is not known which version is correct. And is there a "taste" wedding, or this is an advertising company of jewelry firms.
  • Seventeenth anniversary It is not officially noted. But if you wish, you can arrange a candle dinner and celebrate this holiday without guests.
  • Eighteenth anniversary - "Turquoise." Bright turquoise means the beginning of a new interesting and colorful period in the life of spouses. The children have already grown, life is finally established, the time of the second youth comes.
  • Nineteenth anniversary Not notes.
  • Twentieth anniversary - "Porcelain". There are two versions of the name of this anniversary. On the one hand, after 20 years of living together it is believed that all tea sets have already broken and it's time to update them with gift cups from porcelain. And on the other hand, family life has already become so harmonious and skillful as the subtle Chinese china, whose value over the years is growing. 19 years -
  • Twenty First Anniversary - "opal". In the list, what are the weddings that comes to a hundred, the description of this anniversary is absent. Why this wedding is named after opal, remains a mystery. It is only possible to assume that this solid stone symbolizes many paintings, overflows and patterns that the life of spouses rich.
  • Twenty-second anniversary - "Bronze". Bronze is durable, but elastic, like the love of spouses who created a strong family who know how to give up each other and appreciate their union.
  • Twenty-third anniversary - "Beryl". Sparkling Beryl symbolizes the shine in the eyes of the spouses when they look at each other.
  • Twenty-fourth anniversary - "Satin". By this time, the spouses are so tightly connected with each other as far as the Atlas is durable. And the life of them is so smooth, how glad the flowing material.
  • Twenty fifth anniversary - "Silver". The first grand date in the life of the spouses. Is it worth explaining the meaning of the name of the already famous anniversary? It should be celebrated with a scope, because before that the anniversary does not reach all pairs, but only the chosen, those who were able to go through all the adversity and the complexity of a 25-year-old family life.

Sentse wedding

  • Twenty sixth anniversary - "jelly". The Union, which lasted 26 years, already practically unreal, as an incredibly durable jade.
  • Twenty-seventh and twenty-eighth anniversary No notice.
  • Twenty-ninth anniversary - "Velvet". It is not difficult to guess why the velvet served as a symbol of 29 years. It is a rich, dear, beautiful and exquisite material, as valuable and beautiful as the Union of two people approached the thirty-year-old family anniversary.
  • Thirtieth anniversary - "Pearl". As a storm and waves, the real pearls are grinding and life adversity makes marriage only stronger and more beautiful. Pearls are not only beautiful, it is also durable, not faster and incredibly valuable.
  • Thirty first anniversary - "Double". Among the set of enumerations, which are weddings, whose names usually mean any material, this anniversary causes some surprise. It can be assumed that darkness, tan implies hardening, under which wrinkles and difficulties of lived years are hidden.
  • Thirty-second anniversary Weddings are not marked.
  • Thirty-third anniversary - "Stone". The name speaks for itself. The union is already so durable that no adversity and winds could not destroy it.
  • Thirty-fourth anniversary - "Amber". Transparent and very valuable amber reflects the path that spouses have passed. Amber passes many transformations before being a stone from resin. The same long way for 34 years passed husband and wife before reached such consent.
  • Thirty fifth anniversary - "Coral". Corals from a small polypa grow into whole coral reefs, which is a symbol of the spouses growing every year.
  • Thirty sixth anniversary Not notes.
  • Thirty-seventh anniversary - "Muslinovaya". Muslin is an expensive fabric, the production process is very laborious. For 37 years, her husband and wife were able to create a relationship as valuable, durable and beautiful, like this fabric.
  • Thirty eighth anniversary - "mercury". Usually this anniversary is not noted at all or noted in a narrow family circle. Mercury - liquid metal capable of taking any form. The same plastic is the relationship of her husband and wife, who lived together with 38 years.
  • Thirty ninth anniversary - "Skipping". The life of the spouses is so firmly woven among themselves as durable threads of Easter. It is known that it is very difficult to break this material.
  • Forty anniversary - "Rubinovaya". Beautiful gem of scarlet, like blood, colors, not in vain became a symbol of this significant date. This means that the spouses have become so close that they have one for two blood, soul and fate.

Wooden wedding

  • Forty first, second and third anniversary No, although forty-second and third anniversary have their name - "pearl" and "flannel", respectively.
  • Forty fourth anniversary - "Topazova". After 44 years of living, it comes to an end to a quarrel, offended, bellows. The life of spouses becomes the same clean and transparent as this gem.
  • Forty fifth anniversary - Sapphina. Sapphire is a gem, bringing the happiness and well-being to your owner. Like this wubble, the husband and wife keep peace of each other.
  • Forty sixth anniversary - "Lavender". This gentle flower symbolizes love, the tranquility of the lived years, the kindness with which spouses belong to each other.
  • Forty seventh anniversary - "Cashmere". The relationship of spouses is the same warm and soft as Cashmere. They understand each other, protect and give warm.
  • Forty eighth anniversary - "Amethysty". A beautiful transparent stone symbolizes the purity and sincerity of family relationships.
  • Forty ninth anniversary - "Cedar". Cedar is a rusty tree living not one century, the same as the love of two people who lived together for almost 50 years.
  • Fiftieth anniversary - "Golden". The most significant and long-awaited spouses in the life. Only people who unite the real love, loyalty and endless patience to life and to each other can get "Gold". It is customary to buy new wedding rings and wear together with the first. Or old rings can be transferred to non-native grandchildren (or even great-grandchildren).

tin wedding

  • Fifty first Fifty-fourth anniversary No notice.
  • Fifty fifth anniversary - "Emerald". The green color of the emerald symbolizes the eternal youth and the beauty that the relationship is acquired after half a century.
  • Fifty sixth Fifty ninth anniversary are not marked.
  • Sixtieth anniversary - "Diamond". Perhaps it is difficult to imagine something stronger than diamond (diamond), as it is impossible to imagine that something else can separated a couple who lived together sixty years. Their love is indestructible and strong, like this gem.
  • Sixty first Sixty fourth anniversary No notice.
  • Sixty fifth anniversary - "Iron". Simple, but strong name for anniversary, symbolizing the fortress of marriage.
  • Sixty sixth Sixty ninth anniversary It is usually not marked, but 67.5 anniversary is called "stone", marking the irrevocability of married relations.
  • Seventieth anniversary - "fertile". Also this anniversary is called grateful. Having lived so many years together, the spouses remember the past, their wedding, all the joys and difficulties that had to overcome, and understand that such love is God's grace, and also thank each other for heat and understanding. one
  • Next anniversary, which spouses celebrate - Seventy-five , "Corona". This anniversary deserves a truly royal celebration, which is suitable for children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren of spouses. Seventy-fifth anniversary - a crown of family life.
  • Eightieth anniversary - "Oak". The name speaks for itself, because the oak is the most durable and mighty tree.
  • Ninetie anniversary - "granite". Anniversary is named in honor of the strongest material, durable and at the same time beautiful in the form of granite. This suggests that the spouses after 90 years of living together are associated forever.
  • Centenary anniversary Or the "red" wedding is just an incredible event that a pair is watched on every anniversary. There is only one case of such a wedding, with the four of the long-livers of Agayev. Why the spouses decided to call this record anniversary red, remains a mystery.

What are the weddings by year: what to give for every anniversary

Does the perpetrators of the celebration of symbolic gifts according to traditions or to stop their choice on something useful in everyday life or just Milom - to solve you. The main thing is to show your creativity fully. Of course, it is not necessary to disseminate throughout the city in search of cast iron, steel or nickel affairs.


If finance allow, you can give real pearls, decorations made of gold, sapphires and diamonds. Such gifts are not only symbolic and touching, they allow you to express the love of spouses to each other (for example, when a husband gives a pearl necklace with his spouse for a 30-year anniversary).

If the anniversary is called "dark", do not rush to buy cream for auto market or subscription to solarium. People for 50 do not complain such gifts. Better buy something cute, but hinting for feelings. For example, a statuette of aging of doves or crystal glasses with their image. Children can give a ticket to hot countries. It is symbolic and incredibly pleased with the spouses.

After analyzing the information about what weddings are, how old the spouses are celebrating this or that date, it can be concluded that the more the spouses live together, the harder it is to choose a gift to them. They already acquired everyone, finally settled their life, so it will be useful to show fantasy. Let the gift be inexpensive, but romantic and mental. For example, on a platinum wedding, instead of incredibly expensive decorations from platinum, you can collect photos of the pair, starting with the wedding, and make a film from the most memorable moments of their lives. Watching such a movie will be nice and guests, and celebrations.

You can give something emerald to the emerald wedding. For example, a photo frame, decorated with green rhinestones, and insert a collage from family photos of different years.

Each wedding anniversary has its name, which is a certain marriage symbol. Celebrate such an event in a family and friends. In often invited to this event, guests do not know what to give a married couple to one or another anniversary. So that you know the names of the celebration and definitely not missed the gift, we have prepared a cheat sheet on the wedding dates.

1 year - a stente wedding

One year from the day of the wedding is called the Citz Wedding. According to the symbolism, the young for the year only learned each other closer, their relationship is very lungs and simple as sitheria.

What to gift : Something cute and useful: bed linen kits (better from sitz, cotton or silk), sutscent handkerchiefs, aprons, as well as pillows in the form of a heart or with its image.


If you stopped at an option with bed linen, it is worth choosing high-quality material. The kits from the interior "Perina Perii" from Boszya have excellent air exchange, the fabric is soft, but at the same time durable, thanks to environmentally friendly dyes does not hide and does not fade over time, and therefore will serve until the silver wedding itself!

Bedding Set "Cotton Dreams"

From 1 980 rubles.

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Bedding Set "Cotton Dreams"

What to gift From 3 720 rubles.

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2 years - Paper Wedding

What to gift A marital relationship in this period is identified with the most fragile material - paper that is easy to rush, it turns out and flashes.

: books, calendars, photo albums, paintings, useful in place of plastic and furniture. You can even give money - they are also paper.

3 years - leather wedding

What to gift Leather is a symbol of flexibility. This is the time when "paper" difficulties stayed behind, the young learned to get along and flexibly adapt to each other.

: Leather products - from clothes and purses to furniture.

4 years - linen wedding

What to gift Len is a symbol of strength and durability. Flax is not sitherium, it is much stronger, and therefore the relationship of spouses during this period is already stronger and reliable.


: linen tablecloths, bedspreads, towels and other high-quality home textiles.

5 years old - Wooden wedding

First anniversary of the family. Tree - the material is warm, cozy and very homely. Compared with all previous family life symbols, the tree is the first solid material, which is also very symbolic. Spouses have already built their relationships, equipped the house and, perhaps, gave birth to a child. A good sign for them on this anniversary is to plant a tree.

: Wooden boxes, dishes and decorations, furniture, carved things.

A good idea will be a decorative box painted with their own hands. The originality is that it is possible to decorate it, such as photographs. And inwards you can put a decoration, which will also serve as a gift. Choose a casket under the painting you can in the online store "Sima-Land".

Casket OT

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What to gift From 215 rubles.

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6 years - cast iron wedding

What to gift The first "metal" anniversary. The relationship is already durable as metal, although it is the most fragile of all metals.

: Cast iron pots and pans, fireplace grilles, mangal and skewers.

7 years - copper, or woolen wedding

What to gift Copper is a symbol of family strength, beauty and wealth. And wool - warm, warming all family members.

: Copper candlesticks, coffee turks, decorative cups or figurines, knitted socks or sweater. Spouses can give each other copper coins.

8 years old - Tin Wedding

What to gift There is a renewal of family relationships, they begin to be started to sparkle in a new way. Life, experiencing spouses for strength, becomes their ally.

: kitchen utensils, household accessories, and just just sparkling and similar to tin products - tea and candies in tin boxes.

9 years old - Faience wedding

What to gift Every year, family relationships are getting stronger - as good tea, poured into the faience cups. However, they are very fragile. A good reason to smash a plate on happiness.

Gracious Wedding

: Tea set, dining room faience and crystal.

10 years - pink, or tin wedding

What to gift The second family anniversary, but already more serious. Fortress of family bonds is considered unreasonable. The name of the anniversary is associated with the flexibility of tin - the ability of spouses to find a compromise.

: Vase from tin, candlesticks, figurines, bottle holders, sets of glass, a set of tin cutlery, an original mirror in the frame, a set of bed linen with a picture of roses.

11 years old - steel wedding

What to gift Anniversary speaks for itself: 1 + 1 - Union of two people, soul in the soul, hand in hand. Marriage hardened as steel, becoming strong and elastic.

: Stainless steel products: Set of saucepan, tray, coffee pot.

12.5 years - nickel wedding

What to gift It is over 12.5 years old, because it is exactly half the way to the most important anniversary - 25 years old, a silver wedding. Sparkling nickel indicates the need to refresh relationships, add gloss in them.

: Brilliant nickel-plated dishes, mirror.

13 years old - Lrangee, or lace wedding

What to gift Such a poetic name suggests that family life has not only metal associations, but also gentle, floral and fragile. The family needs to appreciate and protect it, treat it very carefully - as with thin lace.

: Lace and fine wool products, lilies bouquet.

14 years old - agating wedding

What to gift The anniversary and the family itself is finally assigned the status of a gemstone. The agate is considered a symbol of well-being and reliability, and after all, these qualities are fundamental for long-life life.


: Decorations from agate or bone figurines to tone stone.

15 years old - glass, or crystal wedding

What to gift The name of the anniversary testifies to the purity and clarity of the relationship of the spouses.

: Glass and crystal products: vases, glasses, saladders. Even Swarovski crystals or decorated with them will be suitable as a gift.

16 years old - Topazova Wedding

What to gift Another "precious" anniversary. Topaz symbolizes openness, clarity, mutual understanding of spouses.

: Something emphasizing the warmth of the home the hearth and the fortress of family ties: plaid or sofa pillows, service or a set for fondue, a camera or family photo album.

18 years old - turquoise wedding

What to gift The purity and freshness of turquoise resemble the sky color on a clear day. And the brightness of this stone symbolizes the end of complex and crisis situations in the family. The relationship of spouses should be played in a new way.

: Products and decorations from turquoise.

20 years old - porcelain wedding

What to gift Important round family date. The family union is still beautiful and harmonious, as well as genuine Chinese porcelain, the mystery of which is still a mystery.

heart pillow photo

: Porcelain cups, plates, sets.

25 years old - silver wedding

The first significant anniversary of the family. Poems and sing songs about this date. The spouses who lived together together will never break out, their love was hardened for years, they appreciate, respect and love each other. And the marriage is the same jewel as silver.

Silver symbolizes wisdom, nobility and purity. Silver decorations will be a noble gift. It will help you to choose ideal decorations in the Adamas jewelry.

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30 years old - pearl wedding

What to gift Pure natural pearl symbolizes the purity and impeccability of the relationship of her husband and wife, who lived together for so many years.

: Pearl decorations, interior items with artificial pearl finish. The husband gives his wife a necklace of thirty pearls.

35 years old - coral, or linen wedding

What to gift The canvas personifies the world, well-being and comfort. Corals - a long joint life.

: Decorations of red corals, linen tablecloths, bedspreads, napkins, towels, clothing items.

40 years old - Ruby Wedding

What to gift Ruby is traditionally considered a symbol of love and fire. The hardness of Ruby is similar to a diamond, no tests can already split this family!

: Decorations with rubies, jewelry crafts or clock. If the budget does not allow, you can pack any gift in red paper or a box.

45 years old - Sapphire Wedding

What to gift The name of this anniversary is associated with another precious stone. The blue color and transparency of Sapphire once again remind of the importance of mutual confidence in marriage.

Wooden wedding photo

: Decorations from sapphire (earrings, cufflinks). Since the stone has a high cost, guests can think about a joint gift for spouses.

50 years old - Golden Wedding

What to gift The second significant anniversary of family life, symbolizing the peak of perfection. Only love, dedication and respect of spouses help to achieve this date.

: Gold products and gilded decorations, interior items.

55 years old - Emerald Wedding

What to gift Emerald is a very rare and beautiful gem. And the 55th anniversary of the marriage is greatly rare. In addition, the emerald is a symbol of loyalty and honesty.

: Jewelry with emerald. You can also present a photo of spouses along with children and grandchildren, decorated in a beautiful frame.

60 years - Diamond, or Platinum Wedding

What to gift The family, which has passed a joint way of 60 years long, can be called a diamond with a faceted diamond. With the hardness of the diamond, no other material will be compared. So much long family life was made with genuine hard, decent admiration.

: Jewelry with a diamond, an alternative can be a crystal. Men can give a collective weapon encrusted with diamonds.

65 years old - iron wedding

What to gift Metal seemingly simple, but durable and durable. So the elderly spouses, who posted the beginning of a large family, became a solid support, on which a family tree is held.

: Small iron figures, stands, frames. But the most important thing is the attention and love of children and grandchildren.

70 years - a graceful wedding

What to gift This anniversary is a good reason to express your gratitude to people who gave life to the family.

10 years wedding photo

: Any gifts chosen and presented with love and gratitude.

75 years old - corona wedding

What to gift A couple who lived so long family life remains only to crown.

: If the grandchildren or even the great-grandchildren will produce real crowns, they will be quite appropriate to be wary of the anniversaries at the family celebration.

80 years - Oak Wedding

What to gift Oak - a symbol of longevity, aims of changing generations. Family life is as strong as oak branches, just as long as the oak tree.

: On this day, spouses give oak rosary.

90 years - granite wedding

What to gift Granite is another symbol of strength and long-life. The spouses who lived to the 90th anniversary of the wedding have already crossed the centenary of their own age.

15 years wedding photo

: figurines, figurines in the form of swans, hearts, angels from granite. You can give a chessboard, ashtray or lamp with a base of granite.

100 years old - red wedding

Silver wedding photo

The most round and the most rare wedding anniversary. To date, only one case of the century of marriage is known: spouses from Azerbaijan offered the name of this anniversary. In the old days, the word "red" was made all the beautiful, desired, unusual. A whole century to live together - whether it is not a real feat and a miracle!

: Decoration with large red stones, a huge bouquet of red roses, dishes and interior items.

  • Getting ready for the wedding together: In addition to silver, gold and diamond weddings, which are usually heard, each anniversary has its own name, personifying family relationships in different periods of marriage. And in order to understand that the Union is waiting at this stage, it is important to know the names of weddings by year. Names of wedding anniversary: ​​from green to gold
  • Let's go through the interesting and saturated love of family life with the team of the Weddbagolik.ru, and also learn what every year weddings. Marriage Day or Green Wedding
  • - These are the very first steps of new spouses on the fascinating path of a happy family life. No wonder the green color is associated with youth and freshness and symbolizes the birth. 1 year - . Sitseva or gauze wedding
  • Golden wedding photo
  • , the same pattern, as the fabric of the same name according to People's Molve. Traditionally, the relationship of spouses in the first year after the wedding is compared with the thinnest, easy-to-satellite material. The young family has to learn a lot so that their union is attached to every year. 2 years -  Paper Wedding Life obstacles of the first joint year successfully overcome. Begins a natural transition from romance to everyday life. This is a turning point for many married couples. That is why the paper acts as a symbol of the second anniversary, because on the one hand - it can break down as a fragile union in length in 2 years, and on the other - it is like a blank sheet, on which you can draw a picture of your future life.
  • 3 anniversary - leather wedding
  • . The family union is striking, therefore the symbol of the joint date is recognized more durable, but very ambiguous material. The skin has a significant density, however, with insufficient care, it cuts and bursts. Also, in the absence of attention to each other, the relationship of spouses can "burst". 4 years - Linen wedding
  • 75 years old wedding photos
  • . This anniversary is still called a rope or wax. Flax is a symbol of wealth, and the canvas from this material is characterized by durability and durability. So the spouses, gradually gaining financial stability, seek family harmony and love. 5 years from the day of the wedding - Wooden anniversary
  • . This is a small anniversary of spouses and indisputable proof of the strength of marriages. It is symbolic that the tree usually brings fruits after 5 years. So the married couple during this time usually has time to have children. 6 years - Cast iron anniversary
  • . The first joint date, whose symbol is metal. Cast iron is far from the most durable material, however, in skillful hands, he can take any shape. The spouses continue to learn to understand each other and be attentive, and their relationship is stronger and improved. 7 years - Copper (woolen) Wedding
  • 100 years old wedding photo
  • . According to many years of tradition of celebrating wedding anniversary, copper and wool are considered a symbol of this date. The relationship of spouses after 7 years since the wedding is compared with the properties of the above materials: they are pretty durable and, at the same time, plastic, like copper, as well as soft and warm as woolen products. 8 years since the wedding - .Tin or MacAn Anniversary
  • . In this difficult period, the mutual feelings of spouses are dulled, and the life goes to the fore. That is why it is important for harmony in the family to avoid conflicts on this soil. The family path passed was not easy, like the manufacture of a symbol of an 8th anniversary of the wedding - a tin, which for many years ago the blacksmiths did manually. High-quality metal was obtained only after several stages: soaking the tin in liquids and rubbing it to shine. So the relationship of spouses, which successfully overcame the vital difficulties for this period, become strong and flexible to the 8th anniversary. 9 years Faience or chamomile wedding
  • All wedding anniversary
  • Step to the first significant anniversary, the spouses are in understanding and harmony, however, not yet messed up with extensive experience. During this period, family crises are possible, so it is recommended to refresh feelings (not in vain one of the characters of this anniversary is a chamomile, personifying clean love and dedication). Fayans, as incredibly beautiful, but fragile material reminds family couple that careful attitude towards friend is the key to strong relationships. 10 years Pink or tin wedding
  • . Both characters personify simultaneous resistance and softness. The flexibility of the characteristics of the spouses is an important skill that is able to make marriage long. Rose in Russia symbolizes the family, the flower itself is freshness of feelings, and stems with spikes is a path with obstacles that successfully overcome spouses. 11 years Steel wedding anniversary
  • . Turning the border of 10 years of living together, the spouses already have a list of considerable achievements. They acquired their own housing, children are growing, have a good job. Steel wedding confirms the inviolability of marriage, by this time the husband and the wife with dignity passed the trial period for a young family. 12 anniversary Nickel wedding
  • Wedding anniversary by year
  • . The spouses passed together a significant life stage, being shoulder to shoulder. They already know how to overcome difficulties together and not pay attention to all sorts of stimuli. 13 years since the wedding day Lace (Londeyshevaya) anniversary
  • . The number 13 people are often associated with mysticism, however, the anniversary of this date is for the marital couple the most cozy and gentle. The fate of the spouses so firmly intertwined with each other, like the thread of the lace, so that they are not broken. And it can be seen immediately: during these years, the husband and his wife became related souls. 14 anniversary Agatov wedding
  • . Agat, without exaggeration, a fantastically beautiful semi-precious stone that hides something mysterious and unique in his depths. So the married couple, despite the long joint path, continues to open up new parties in each other. 15 years together Glass or Crystal Wedding
  • . Married relations become clean and transparent, however, still vulnerable. That is why in this period it is extremely important to take care and respect each other. 16 years Topazovaya anniversary
  • Wooden wedding anniversary
  • . It is believed that Topaz is able to protect against diseases and evil views, so it was he who became a symbol of the wedding of the 16th year of living together, successfully passed by the spouses. 17 years . tin or pink wedding
  • . No, there is no mistake. This name has already been mentioned in concerning the 10th anniversary, and is now repeated after 7 years. Some sources stubbornly call this anniversary of the wedding pink, and the 10th tin. Now the spouses look in a new way on some things and discover new heights for themselves. 18 years - Turquoise Wedding
  • Turquoise is considered to be a stone of love and loyalty. Noting the age of the family, the husband and his wife may well begin to pay more attention to each other, because children have already grown. This is a wonderful chance to re-feel like young and plunge into the world of romance. 19 years - Grenade anniversary
  • Porcelain Wedding
  • (Some sources are referred to as hyacintic or crypton). Pomegranate will help to wake the passion a little cooled feelings under the press press. Return to the former power of emotions - and your union will play new paints. 20 years -
  • Porcelain Wedding . What do you think it is a married couple with twenty-year-old experience? This is definitely a beautiful and harmonious union, where husband and his wife complement each other, and also know how to understand each other with a half-clow. This anniversary is celebrating the most persistent pairs. Often, a rather fragile world is hiding behind the external tranquility in relations between spouses, which is easy to smash, like the 20th anniversary of marriage - porcelain.
  • 21 years from the day of the wedding - opal anniversary. The symbol of this date - opal - has a multitude of unique qualities and is a symbol of loyalty. Feelings of spouses in this life stage are checked and hardened.
  • 22 years old - bronze wedding. A married couple was able to achieve harmony, learned to give up and understand each other. It's time to remember the brightest life moments for a glass of champagne!
  • 23 years old - Beryl anniversary. In the family there is no longer a place of insincerity, because the spouses learned to disinterestedly give love and care to each other, their relationship is honest and transparent. . 24th anniversary - Satin wedding.
  • silver wedding
  • The name for this date is not chosen by chance. The 24th birthday of living together in marriage is compared with strength and beauty with a delicate satin cloth. She as if she emphasizes its gloss the fortress of the established union. 25 years since the wedding -
  • Silver anniversary This anniversary does not need a presentation and is celebrated with a wide scope. The first precious metal, which personifies not only the strength of the Union, but also its nobility. Feelings of spouses become more colorful, and relationships - wise and clean.
  • 26 years old - jade wedding. Characterized by jade strength like nothing else is ideal for describing married relationships after 26 years of life in marriage. . 27 years old - wedding of mahogany
  • - This is the personification of nobility, endurance and wisdom in spouse relations. 28 years -
  • Nickel anniversary The relationship of loving people all this time was subjected to real tests and, thanks to this, true love gained even more hardening. . 29 years old - velvet wedding.
  • Pearl wedding
  • The symbol of this anniversary - velvet - tells the spouses that for harmony in relations it is necessary to show tenderness, care and warmth to each other. 30 years since the wedding day -
  • Pearl wedding A good marriage, like pearls, year after year, the act of a deed acquires perfect shape. Sophisticated relationships become strong and reliable. . 31 years old - a dark or sunny wedding anniversary,
  • Symbols of which are clear light and happiness. Passing a considerable way together, the spouses were able to save warm in relationships. And it is really great happiness! 32 years -
  • Copper Wedding At this stage, the marital life occurs updates and changes. Crisis gradually remain behind, and the disadvantages of each other get a kind of charm and cause only a smile.
  • 33 years old - stone or strawberry wedding. Husband and wife - one. For many years of marriage, their love has not cooled, but turned into something better, becoming durable as a stone. Another name of the stone wedding is strawberry - hints that the feelings of the spouses did not lose their victims. . 34th anniversary - amber.
  • Tin or MacAn Anniversary
  • During this period, the spouses will know the real value of family relationships after a large amount of time. By the way, so that the resin turns into amber, should not pass one decade. 35 years since marriage - Coral Wedding The other name is linen. Corals, which became one of the characters of this anniversary, are capable of growing up to infinity from the smallest particles. So in life from spouses - the family is growing, grandchildren appear for children, and soon the great-grandfather. 36th anniversary In Russia, it is usually not celebrated, but its name is mentioned in some sources -
  • wedding bone porcelain, less frequent
  • - copper (Like 32 anniversary).
  • 37 years old - Muslin wedding . The family that has successfully retained the warm relationship is not afraid of the gap. Marriage no longer threaten scandals about and without, suspicion or unreasonable claims. 38 years old - mercury wedding. She is a kind of unique anniversary, like its symbol - liquid metal. Spouses managed to dissolve each other and completely enjoy strong feelings.
  • 39 years since the wedding Call . a strong anniversary.
  • Ruby Wedding
  • A marital relationship, like the date symbol - a strong tissue - have incredible strength. 40 years -
  • Ruby Wedding It's time to celebrate another family anniversary! Noble and incredibly beautiful ruby ​​- the symbol of the 40th anniversary of marriage - personifies strong and beautiful love.
  • 41 years in marriage - earthy (iron) anniversary. Over the years, the family has become the basis of the foundations, gave life to children, and after - grandchildren.
  • 42 years - pearl. The world and peace reigns in family life: the life has become simple, and mutual respect has come to the fore.
  • 43 years old - flannel wedding. In the family with such a solid experience warm and calmly. The house is dominated by the comfort, who love grandchildren so much. Spouses, definitely, there is nothing to be proud! 44 years from the day of the wedding - Topazovaya Anniversary . (Again, as in the 16th anniversary of marriage). It is time to recall the tenderness that penetrated the hearts of the spouses at the beginning of their joint path.
  • Pink wedding anniversary
  • 45 years in marriage - Sapphire Wedding . It is believed that during this period the vital energy increases Sapphire himself symbolizes irregular and strong bonds in marriage, as well as, according to some sources, this gem has the ability to protect against disease.
  • 46 years old or anniversary with an excellent name -
  • Lavender. This flower is able to maintain its unsurpassed fragrance for a long time. So the spouses who lived side by side so much time, managed to keep their feelings to each other.
  • 47th anniversary - cashmere. It is amazing that after such a long and challenging path shoulder to shoulder, the spouses become similar to each other outwardly. The years have led the brightest, reverent moments and memories in mind.
  • 48 years old - amethyst wedding. The symbol of this anniversary is an unusually beautiful and valuable mineral, personifying loyalty, marital love and strength of relationships. . 49 years old - cedar wedding.
Lace Wedding

50 years from the wedding -

Golden anniversary

  • Half a century with each other - this is an indicator and the result of hard work over the relationship. The anniversaries managed to carry their feelings through the year and this is definitely worthy of admiration. Video. Wedding anniversary: ​​the path from 50 years and above
  • After the golden anniversary, every wedding anniversary causes respect and pride. We continue to acquaint you with the list of weddings by year after 50 years of marriage: 55 anniversary - Emerald wedding
  • . Not all of the pairs can meet this anniversary together. Emerald is a very rare and gem, which is very symbolic for such a solid date. The names of the anniversary of weddings from 56 to 59 are no less beautiful: Ivov, Topazova, Uranium and Wedding Zeus. But such dates rarely celebrate married couples. 60 anniversary -
  • Diamond Wedding . Spouses who celebrate this date successfully overcame life obstacles, and their union is durable, like a diamond. From 61 to 64 anniversary, couples celebrate rich, aquamarine, mercury and cheerful wedding. But usually they are not celebrated.
  • Tin wedding
  • 65 years old - iron wedding . Family bonds after such a period became durable as iron. The 66th anniversary of the wedding is referred to as neon, 67 - magic, 68 - Romashova, and 69 - satin (as well as 24th).
  • 70 years - a graceful wedding . The spouses raised children, grandchildren, waited for great-grandchildren. This is a true grace sent by the sky, because to live such a number of years together is not given to each pair.
  • 75 years old - Crown (Alebastrovaya) Wedding . Present miracle for spouses! Royal title for the most faithful and loving, which personifies a long and happy life.
  • 80 years - oak, Execute the longevity of the Union.
  • 85 years old - day of wine. Family through so many years of marriage - as expensive brandwine, weathered for years!
  • 90 years - granite, Symbolizing the strength of the union and long-life of spouses.
Tin wedding

95 years old - diamond.

The family almost after a hundred years of marriage looks like an incredibly beautiful and solid diamond!

  • 100 years old - red.
  • You probably think why give the name of the anniversary of the wedding, which no one can celebrate? And here is not! There is one pair in the world who managed to meet his red anniversary, having lived 100 years together! This is a family of Ageev - 126-year-old Niftula and 116-year-old Balabe. At the end of our fascinating path, the wedding portal Baggolik.ru wishes every family couple to meet all the anniversary, noting them with their family in happiness and joy! Every day of the family is a big holiday in the life of a couple. And therefore we have prepared a wedding calendar for you, in which we will tell about each anniversary by years. With him you will always know how to spend this day and what to give. April 12 2021.


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  • 31. At the end of our fascinating path, the wedding portal Baggolik.ru wishes every family couple to meet all the anniversary, noting them with their family in happiness and joy! Photo April 12 2021.
Coral Wedding

If you are looking for a gift for an anniversary of her husband, wife, friends, or even parents, and want him to cost cheap, we bring to your attention the idea of ​​budget presentations for different anniversary for the closest people.

March 26 2021.



If you called friends to celebrate with them a "tin wedding", and you do not understand what we are talking about, then look at our article and everything will be clear to you: why it is so called and what to give them. We collected all possible anniversary names on the Internet up to 100 years.


Sapphire Wedding

Marriage Day - Green Wedding The happiest day in the life of every couple in love. Gifts depend on the wishes of newlyweds: someone writes quite specific lists of gifts, someone asks money in envelopes, someone does not "regulate this moment.

Yes, money is certainly good, but if you have the opportunity to supplement a gift with something more sincere and personal - be sure to do it.

We somehow ordered an umbrella with photos of newlyweds to make money rain for them. The original idea and a gift that will be remembered for the whole life not only the bride and groom, but also all guests at the wedding.

1 year marriage - Sitse (gauze) wedding

The name here is very symbolic, it is believed that the relationship of the pair was still not enough, while their union is considered fragile and fragile, like Sitz or Marle.

Traditionally, bed linen, towels, bedspreads, seats and silk products are given to the stente wedding. 2 years

- Paper Wedding

Again the name indicates us that the union is still very fragile, like paper is easily lit and rushes. Here you can give products from paper - money, paintings, books and photo albums.

3 years - Leather Wedding

The skin is already much more durable and flexible material, but still it requires special care, like the union of lovers. They are ready for joint trials, but relationships require constant work.

You probably have already guessed - this is a variety of leather products, preferably natural. A good gift can be a book from wedding photos in leather binding.

4 years

- Linen Wedding The linen wedding is also called the "rope", the relationship of the pair has already strengthened and reliably woven, like linen fibers.

Traditionally, linen products are given: towels, serving accessories, expensive bedding, curtains and pillowcases.

Our pillowcases are certainly not linen, but they will be photos of the culprits of the celebration. This is exactly what they do not expect! What are the sizes of pillowcase and how to order them you can read in our article print photo on pillowcases.

5 years - Wooden wedding

A tree is a traditional material for construction, it is believed that the couple managed to build strong relationships, acquire their own housing and, possibly, children.

All sorts of carved caskets, decor elements, panels, decorations and other wood products are given to this anniversary. You can please the anniversaries made of the wood of their last name or the wedding date (wedding metric).

6 years - cast iron wedding

This name indicates that it is time to strengthen the relationship in marriage.

Givens products from cast iron: forged boxes, figurines, candlesticks, frying pan and so on.

7 years - Copper (woolen) Wedding

Copper is a valuable metal, the ratio is already strong enough and some tests passed.

Spouses can exchange copper decorations, and guests give copper dishes, decor objects and kitchen utensils.

8 years - Tin Wedding

This name suggests that the union of lovers is already strong enough and stable, like the metal.

By analogy with previous anniversary, all sorts of tin products are given - kitchen utensils, sets, coffee makers, trays, and so on.


9 years - Faience (Romashkova) Wedding

This is a terrible stage in the life of the couple, on one side the relationship is very strong, on the other - it is possible a crisis.

Again, according to tradition, ceramic products are given - sets, figurines, decorations. If you do not want to give an unnecessary statuette, which will just dust on the shelf, then give mugs with photos of "newlyweds". In addition to photos, you can add inscriptions on which you will write good wishes to your loved ones. And they will definitely drink tea or coffee from these mugs and remember you and the warmth of the wedding.

Step to the first significant anniversary, the spouses are in understanding and harmony, however, not yet messed up with extensive experience. During this period, family crises are possible, so it is recommended to refresh feelings (not in vain one of the characters of this anniversary is a chamomile, personifying clean love and dedication). Fayans, as incredibly beautiful, but fragile material reminds family couple that careful attitude towards friend is the key to strong relationships. 10 years

- tin wedding

The symbols of this anniversary of the Tin, the Union is already strong enough and flexible, like Tin.

What do you give? Tin bell at the door, horseshoe from tin on happiness, tin sculpture, amulet or interior decor items, tin coffee pot. - Steel wedding

It is believed that the Union is already quite fastened and tempered by time and is able to withstand everyday difficulties.

What to gift? Set for barbecue, steel Japanese knives, a set of a saucepan or an elegant stand for wine from steel.

12 years - Nickel Wedding

Relationships are not just persistent, but also smooth and brilliant, which symbolizes purity.

In general, you can take the ideas of gifts from the previous "metal" anniversary, simply replacing the metal on nickel)) 13 years

- Lace (Lily Sewish) Wedding

It is customary to give products from Lace. Thin, but at the same time strong patterns symbolize the life path passed by spouses. Also give woolen presents, especially if the anniversary fell during the cold season. And of course, this date can not do without a second symbol of the 13th anniversary of the Lily of the Lily.

14 years - Agatov wedding

Agate - symbolizes prosperity and well-being, the union survived for 14 years is considered very strong, it is not terrible for adversity and difficulties.

According to the tradition of married couple, it is customary to give products from this beautiful mineral: agating vase, wine glasses or cups from Agatha, Chalcedone "Tree of Love" - ​​Souvenir shops offer various beautiful "things", and a tree, the leaves of which are made of valuable stone, will be a pleasant presentation for Celebration perpetrators, photo frame with agate elements.

Anniversary after the 50th anniversary

15 years - Crystal (Glass) Wedding

Relationships are clean and transparent as glass, but at the same time, they are still required to strengthen time.

There is where to get roaring - from elegant crystal glasses to a tabletop night light from glass. In our catalog you will also find a night light, but it is not just a glass, but with a photoabzhur from above, on which, of course, pictures of the couple will be placed.

16 years - Topazova Wedding

At this stage, the couple already have enough experience of family life. And the storage of Topaz in the house will strengthen relationships and mutual understanding.

It will be great to give decorations with topaz, for example, earrings for his wife and cufflinks for a husband.

17 years - Pink wedding

Rose is chosen as an allegory to this holiday for no accident. This gentle, romantic, and loved by the myriad of the beloved flower, personifies true love and devotion. Roses will help to return to the former romance and tenderness in the relationship of spouses.

You can help add romance to family life of friends, recreate part of the marriage ceremony and sink them with rose petals, as well as to give something from the aromamasel or soap rose petals so that lovers can use a gift together. 18 years

- Turquoise Wedding

A peculiar majority of marriage, turquoise symbolizes eternal love that helps to cope with all the difficulties. On a turquoise wedding, it is customary to give jewelry from turquoise, as well as turquoise souvenirs. 19 years

- Granat wedding

The spouses are suitable close to another big anniversary, passing hand in hand for almost two decades. Options for gifts from friends and relatives: jewelry pair decorations, burgundy bedding, souvenirs encrusted with grenades, collector's wine.

20 years - Porcelain Wedding

For 20 years, the spouses lived in marriage, the relationship was strengthened and came to harmony, family traditions and foundations appeared.

For 20 years, married life is made to give porcelain utensils, a very popular gift - service. 21 year

- Opal wedding

It is believed that by this time the relationship was strong, as opal. This anniversary is customary to celebrate together, you can give each other jewelry with opal. 22

- Bronze wedding

Persistent, inseparable relationships of spouses strong, like metal. Dials, traditionally decorative elements from bronze. 23 years

- Beryl wedding

The exotic stone Beryl symbolizes mental equilibrium, calm and wealth, and also protects the family hearth. 24 years

- Satin wedding

It is believed that by this time all problems and misunderstandings should be resolved, and the relationship becomes durable and smooth, like the atlas. This date is not all noted, but the spouses will be nice to get small presents from satin materials.

25 years - Silver wedding

The quarter of a century together - it is believed that this one and the first serious jubilees in the life of a couple, it is no coincidence that this precious metal has become the anniversary symbol.

And, as you guessed, traditionally, spouses give gifts from silver - decorations, kitchenware and decor items. 26 years

- Jade Wedding

It is believed that nephritis will embarrass from failures and misfortunes, its distinctive feature is shock strength. After so many years of marriage, the pair relationships have become even stronger. 27 years

- The Red tree

The red tree is a noble and expensive material, it symbolizes loyalty and generosity. 28 years

- Nickel (Palladium) Wedding

Names of all anniversary of weddings up to 100 years

In different sources there are different characters for this date, most often palladium and nickel - not by chance, because for so many years, the couples have become even stronger. 29 years

- Velvet wedding

Relationships switched to the discharge of elevated, soft and durable, like velvet fabric. Velvet products have already come out of fashion, but a soft plush plaid will never be superfluous. For so many years of living in a couple, a lot of cool photos have gathered, which you can use for such a memorable gift.

30 years - Pearl Wedding

Another significant anniversary, like the pearl, created not immediately, and the layer behind the layer, the relationship was fastened and developed, turning into a harmonious durable jewel.

At this anniversary, the best gift will be pearl decorations, as well as household utensils of bright shades. 31 year

- Solar Wedding

The sun is the center of our universe, it warms and gives life. Also, the couple who lasts this line is marriage, is a family life center, they go to the council and the help of children, someone already has grandchildren. As a symbol of light, you can give a large floor lamp with photos of all children, grandchildren. At such a flooring is placed up to 105 shots! This gift will accurately surprise the recipients. 32 years

- Copper Wedding

Sometimes the anniversary symbols are repeated, so copper is a noble metal, symbolizes the value and significance of marriage. Traditionally, gifts made of suitable metal giving "metal" dates.

33 years - Stone (strawberry) Wedding

Relationships have become durable as a stone, the children have already grown and created their families - the reason for the couple to start living for each other, enjoying the moment.

Now in fashion, strawberry bouquets and for this occasion they will come up as it should not be supplemented with a cash gift. 34 years

- Amber Wedding

Just as a durable transparent amber is formed from a viscous resin years, the relationship of the spouses is stronger and become indispensable. Jewelry from amber will become a classic gift. But if you want to somehow surprise your loved ones, then give the curtain into the bathroom with their pictures.

35 years - Coral (linen)

Another significant anniversary, which is customary to celebrate the whole family. Coral symbolizes cleanliness and durability, and the canvas - comfort, well-being and wealth.

You can give spouses both decoration and souvenirs from coral and high-quality linen products. 36 years

- bone porcelain

In our country, it is not customary to celebrate this anniversary. 37 years

- Muslica wedding

Muslin is an easy expensive fabric, the creation of which requires time and patience, it is no coincidence that is the symbol of the 37th anniversary of the marriage. What gives a muslin wedding, of course, should be from the material of the same name. But since in our time it is quite difficult to find things from a real such tissue, a gift will be quite relevant, a predetermined either bought at its discretion. 38 years

- Mercury wedding

Mercury is durable and at the same time fluid metal, it is able to change the form. Also, the relationship of spouses over the many years has undergone many changes, retaining its strength. Of course, the first, although not the most original idea of ​​a gift to friends for 38 years old wedding is a mercury thermometer. Understanding the absurdity and unsafe of mercury products as a sentence, people agreed that this day you can give things to mercury and gifts that contain moving particles. Souvenir or antique hourglass. Newton's pendulum or other types of pendulums like antistress souvenirs. Kitchenware or dishes, but not ceramic or glass, and from metal dark mercury. 39 years

- a strong wedding

Lightweight and at the same time dense fabric - on the one hand, the connection between the spouses is very dense, with another relationship, the lungs, and misunderstanding far in the past. 40 years

- Ruby Wedding

Rubin symbolizes a solid connection, flaming feelings and eternal love. It is believed that over 40 years the relationship between the spouses has already become almost blood, like the bed-red tint of the ruby. 41 year

- Iron (Earth) Wedding

Another evidence of the Familion of Family Uz. Of the symbolic gifts are good pots with indoor plants. Palm tree in the tub will be an excellent gift from guests. Of the gifts, in which another anniversary symbol is involved, just a huge amount: modern metal dishes or other kitchen utensils, forged products for the interior or garden - from photo frames to benches, a beautiful metal tray with engraved congratulations, Household appliances with metallized surface and so on. 42 years

- Pearl wedding

The symbolism is close to the pearl wedding here, because for many years work on relationships, they become a real jewel for partners. - Crystal (Glass) Wedding

43 years

- Flannel wedding Flannel - durable, soft and warm material, such steel and relationships in love for many years of living together. The ideal version of the gift for the flannel anniversary is products from flannel, cashmere or wool, since these fabrics symbolize the warmth and comfort of marital relations. For example, a useful gift will be high-quality covers from natural wool or fleece.

44 years

The symbolism is repeated again, and the topaz, as we know, is identified with the purity and strength of the relationship. And the structure of the stone is perfectly symmetrical, like spouses, ideally complementing each other. What to gift? Cufflinks with the inclusion of topaz; Spectacular ring, clock with a topaz dial; money clip; rare book or cigarette; minibar inlaid to topaz; Collector's Wine; Element of wardrobe under the color of the topaz: scarf, cape, handkerchief. 45 years

- Sapphire Wedding

Sapphire symbolizes the purity of the soul, loyalty and infinity, just such a love of spouses. Darite decorations or any other blue accessories. Interior items in sapphire tones: figurines, paintings. Flowers - both cut and in pots. It is advisable to pick them up in the color of the holiday symbol. It can be irises, aconite, lupins, dolphinium, blueberries, etc. 46 years old

- Lavender Wedding

Quiet and calm, cozy and gentle happiness is inherent in a married couple at this stage of marriage. You can give gifts in lavender shades or just pack any present in the gift packaging of the appropriate color and supplement it with a cute little lavender bunch. 47 years old

- Cashmere Wedding

Warm, soft and cozy material, as it is impossible to suitable for the symbol of this anniversary of the marriage. Traditional gift to her husband for 47 years of living together - Cashmere product: Sweater; scarf; gloves; Coats, mittens or home slippers, if not found a gentle and soft cashmere, use products from practical and warm wool. 48 years old

- Amethyst wedding

This mineral symbolizes good luck and well-being, and also assigns rejuvenating properties. Amethyst wedding is a new round in the life of a couple. You can resort to traditional topics and choose a product from amethyst. This is an opaque and durable stone from which a variety of souvenirs make. You can find animal statuettes, cash trees. 49 years old

- Cedar Wedding

Cedars are considered long-lived trees, a cedar wedding symbolizes a solid, reliable connection between spouses. On the forty-nine years of family life according to tradition, gifts made of cedar are presented. It can be: a set for spices; mugs; tray. 50 years

- Golden Wedding

Ensured date, worthy of respect for relatives and loved ones. Gold is an expensive metal extracted by grave labor and the relationship of spouses - precious, tested by time and common adversities. Well, there are gifts without options - should be of gold)))

Umbrella with money as a gift for a wedding

51 year - Yves wedding

You can give friends for 51 years of marriage all the same products from Willow. These include: wicker basket; bread bag; vase; casket; statuette; ikebana; Objects of furniture or dishes. You can also give a lamp with photos of all children and grandchildren of the "newlyweds", because these are their main wealth across a long joint life.

52 years old - Topazova Wedding

53 years

- Uranium Wedding 55 years

- Emerald Wedding Not all of the pairs can meet this anniversary together. Emerald is a very rare and gem, which is very symbolic for such a solid date.

56 years old - Yves wedding

57 years old - Aluminum wedding

58 years old

- Uranium Wedding 59 years old

- Bright wedding

* 56, 57, 58, 59 years old - it is not customary. 60 years

- Diamond (Platinum) Wedding Spouses who celebrate this date successfully overcame life obstacles, and their union is durable, like a diamond. As a gift, such people appropriately present a jewelry with a diamond. But if you are very shaved in the means, crystal can replace it.

61 year 37 years

- Rich Wedding 62 years

- Aquamarine Wedding 63 years

64 years - Merry Wedding

65 years old - Iron Wedding

66 years old - Neon Wedding

67 years old - Magic Wedding

67.5 years old 23 years

From the day of the wedding, the stone wedding-like fractional anniversary reminds that strong family bonds are like a rock serving the basis for any buildings. Do not miss this date: Not so long you have left to celebrate grandparents. As a gift you can bring a large bouquet of flowers and festive dishes with your own hands. 68 years old

- Romashkaya wedding

69 years old 70 years old

- The graceful wedding The spouses raised children, grandchildren, waited for great-grandchildren. This is a true grace sent by the sky, because to live such a number of years together is not given to each pair.

75 years old - Crown (Alebastrovaya) Wedding

80 years old

- Oak wedding 85 years old

- Wine wedding

Family through so many years of marriage - as expensive brandwine, weathered for years! 90 years old

Family through so many years of marriage - as expensive brandwine, weathered for years!

- Granite wedding Symbolizes the strength of the union and long-life of spouses.

Symbolizing the strength of the union and long-life of spouses.

95 years old

Photo printing on circles

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