How to make confetti from paper?. Confetti from paper with your own hands. The article describes the master class of making confetti from paper

Want to make a real colorful holiday, while spending the minimum of funds? Then be sure to use our advice how to make confetti from paper with your own hands. Multicolored confetti will create a special, fun atmosphere. Such crafts can be done with the children. In total, half an hour of simple work, you will have colorful circles from which crackers and confetti bombings can be made. A detailed master class is described in our article.


Easy way to manufacture confetti

It is very interesting to create confetti, because you do your own holidays. The process of their manufacture is very simple, but takes a lot of free time. Therefore, the Stationery apparatus comes to the aid - hole punch.

What will take:

  • glossy colored paper (quantity depends on the desired volume of confetti);
  • hole punch (preferably curious);
  • Glitter or sequins;
  • paper clips - 4 pcs.;
  • glue stick.

If you do not have much time on creating a festive decor, you can simply break the colored paper into small particles. But confetti in the form of small circles or other figures looks much more spectacular.

  • 1 stage - connect the sheets of paper with the help of clips from all 4 sides (so that the paper does not slide)
  • 2 STAGE - Using a hole punching mugs (from one sheet of colored paper, approximately 130 small figures of the same size);
  • 3 Stage - Part of the circles (quantity selected yourself), handle with sparkles, for this white side of the circle to lubricate with a pencil with glue (the usual PVA glue use is not recommended, as it can deform the figure), sprinkle with glitter (you can also use stationery glitter glitter) .

To confetti look even more effectively, add a small amount of thin strips of decorative foil or Christmas tree tinsel.


Homemade flapper with confetti

On the eve of the New Year holidays, the counters of shops are covered with a variety of crackers. We propose to make a more budget version of the New Year attribute, but it will make it much more impressions. Also, such homemade slats with confetti can be used for amateur or professional photo sessions.

What will take:

  • cardboard sleeve from toilet paper;
  • Inflatable ball;
  • Wrapping paper with a New Year's print (or on your discretion);
  • confetti;
  • scissors;
  • Wide scotch.

We advise you to choose bushings from dense cardboard, it is important that there are no traces of defects and deformation.

  • Stage 1 - Cut the ball in half (it will take part to work through which the ball is inflated, tie the base of the balloon);
  • 2 Stage - Put on the ball on the sleeve, it must fully fit to it (if the ball does not repeat the shape of the workpiece, pon it in size);
  • 3 Stage - well fix the ball of scotch;
  • 4 Stage - Wrap the sleeve with gift paper;
  • 5 Stage - Make confetti, as described in the first section of the article;
  • 6 Stage - fill the bushing of confetti (half will be enough to get the desired effect);
  • 7 Stage - Pull the ball (part we tied) on yourself and dramatically release.

Such a flap with confetti can be used multipoint.


Original confetti bombs

Confetti will give joy not only to children, but also adults. We have prepared an interesting idea for you how to use a festive attribute.

What will take:

  • Chicken eggs;
  • paper napkins or handkerchiefs;
  • PVA glue;
  • scissors;
  • confetti;
  • Shilo or needles;
  • paints.

Be sure to engage in the process of creating bombing of your loved ones, especially such a snaps like the youngest family members.

  • 1 step - Take a raw egg, make a small hole and give it a track (you only need a shell for work);
  • 2 step - empty eggs dry natural way (perfect option - battery in the heating season);
  • 3 Step - Fill in the dried confetti shell, screw the hole with a napkin (you can use several paper layers);
  • 4 step - ready-made "bombs" paint with paints, wait for them to complete drying.

Eggs with confetti will produce amazing impressions on all guests.

Soon there will be such a main holiday, which celebrates the whole country, and wears this holiday the name of the New Year. Everyone is looking forward to him, already looking for recipes for the festive table, already planning in which outfit will celebrate a holiday, has long been a decorated Christmas tree and children have already written letters to Santa Claus. Those who love to do everything in advance, he has already prepared for everyone and packed gifts, and those who do everything at the last minute, he is already trying to run around the city in search of something original and interesting.


It would seem, what else do you need for the holiday? The table covers, drinking, everything is beautifully dressed, gifts are ready. For a holiday, you need fun, and the fun will help create confetti, because without these wonderful shiny, it does not cost any one fun. Therefore, you should be interested to read the article about How to make confetti .

 Konfetti sedza.jpg.

Where did confetti come from and who came up with him? A little about the story ...

The birthplace of confetti is Italy, and there, there were various delicacies from sugar - lollipops, candy. During street processions, fantastic candles flew out of the windows of the houses, thereby shooking all the street. Then candy replaced with gypsum balls. In 1884, the owner of one Parisian cafe decided to arrange an attraction for guests, namely to sink them with balls from the chalk. As you already realized that the first confetti was not paper. And already paper appeared after, and invented him the same owner of the cafe.


Confetti can no problem buy, especially when holidays come. But make confetti much more interesting, and most importantly, that they can really do. Talk about how to make confetti from paper Namely let's talk how to make these shiny papers that fly out of the flap.

To do this, you will need:

- multi-colored double-sided paper (foil, glue, cardboard, etc.)

- hole puncher

First, you should prepare the material. Of course, in cooking, it is nothing complicated in cooking, but if you doubt your abilities, it is better to look how to make confetti video . If you have multi-colored paper, foil or glue, you can start making confetti. But if not, you can take the usual white paper and paint it with paint or woven, such paper is also suitable. But it is best to combine paper, that is, take color and shiny paper (foil). In a cosmetic store, you can buy nail blars (glitter) and also use them as confetti, mixing them with ordinary paper. You can also buy brilliant multicolored ribbons, they will also fit.

 14 p1013816.jpg.

Then take the hole punch and start to breathe paper, foil, ribbons or something else that you have chosen. Multicolored circles will be assembled into the tube compartment, do not forget to pour out paper from there from time to time. There are such holes when paper falls immediately to the table, then put the newspaper or a plate so that these papers are then not collecting throughout the table. In order to quickly collect confetti fold the paper several times and change the thickness every time, then you find out what the thickness is the most optimal, so that the leaves immediately have more and that the hole punch is shifted, and not sprout paper, and continue this thickness to observe. If you do that, you can make a lot of circles for a fairly short time. So figured out how to make confetti do it yourself .


By the way, if you have not yet decorated an apartment or a Christmas tree, you can make various symmetrical drawings using holes on paper. Fold the sheet a few times and puff the hole in a certain sequence (snake, spiral, line, and so on). Then expand the sheet of paper and see what happened.

With pieces dealt with, now you need to make a cracker. Now we will discuss how to make a cracker with confetti .

To do this, you will need:

- Eggs (minimum shkuk 15)

- Paint (or dyes)

- Confetti (Paper Circles)

- Papile paper (or dense napkin)

- Glue

After all the above materials are ready, it will be possible to start. First, we take the eggs and make a small hole in them so that the egg can be pulled out normally. After that, we turn the egg hole down and leave to dry.


The eggs must be much, and the more the company will gather on the holiday, the more eggs will need. Such an egg-clap will be naturally disposable, so that it is enough to have enough you need to be enough for each one at least one such egg. But it is advisable to do with a stock, and with a large margin. Let it be better as you should entertain than if this entertainment will seem to you.

When the eggs dry them will need to paint. You can paint anything, but it is desirable to paint with a food dye. And paint necessarily in different bright colors. When the eggs are painted leave out of dry.


After the eggs were dried, prepare the "filler", namely the colored circles. Do not spare paper and be sure to add glitter to paper (glitter), then your confetti will look truly colorfully.


When all the eggs are filled, then take cigarette paper and glue. Cut from paper a circle of this size so that you can take a hole in the egg. When you cut it out, it will be all the eggs to gently stick.



We leave "clappers" in an inaccessible place for children, and then the eggs will not wait for the holiday. And already on the holiday we use for the purpose. For example, as in the photo below.


If you want to know more, then read how to make confetti car .

Author LikeProst!

How to make confetti

Confetti is a small holiday that is easy to make with your own hands. Feel free to attract all home to the process. Especially children for whom the creation of confetti is not only exciting, but also a very useful occupation. Working with scissors, paper, holes - all this will contribute to the development of creative skills and training motility hands.

How to make confetti

You will need

  • - scissors,
  • - Colored paper,
  • - hole puncher,
  • - foil,
  • - candy,
  • - color film,
  • - Old glossy magazines.


If all materials are ready, then you can start working. For the beginning, you begin to cut a hole with a hole for many, many circles from multi-colored paper.

Add circles from simple white paper.

Do the same to the pages of old glossy magazines. You will be surprised how diverse


can be obtained as a result.

Take one big vessel - a box, a large plastic container or something like that. You can use an empty plastic bottle, cutting a neck. Mix in this container colored mugs with journal. Beauty!

Few? Continue! Now take foil and curly holes. Wonderful if you have a multi-colored foil in your house and at least


Different holes.

You remembered the old


Fantikov? Excellent! Falchatiki is also perfect for confetti! Draw!

If you have no figured


- Do not be discouraged, because there are scissors! Try to cut the small stars by them,


, foil squares, candy and colored paper. You can also cut a very - very thin strips of ribbons of different lengths. The longest can be turned on the pencil so that they curl "lamb".

If you feel sorry to suddenly spend foil, get into the farm - you may find a wrapper from chocolate? Packaging from glazed chewing will also go into business, after washing, of course. By the way, some confetti lovers use even old film films for cutting out.

Well, your exclusive confetti is ready, and in the house there is no longer any unnecessary phantha and paper. You can celebrate!

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These bright circles and figures make any holiday fun and magical! Weddings, birthdays, children's holidays and of course the new year - everywhere you can meet the explosions of clappers, kules, gifts and balloons, filled with thousands of bright confetti. Confretti of course, you can buy in the store the stronger choice allows you to find the most original, with New Year The motive - Christmas trees, asterisks, snowmen, etc. And you can make a lot of beautiful confetti with the children for your holiday from girlfriend! Materials for making confetti: 1. Standard hole punch (for circles) 2. Figured holes (for confetti of various forms) can be viewed in the departments for needlework or children's goods) 3. Colored paper can be used by paper remnants, from children's crafts! And yet, you can take advantage of the tank paper, old books, newspapers, booklets, etc. 4. Foil - for beautiful silver confetti! 5. Magazines Idea number 1. Exploding ball of paper with confetti Decorative ball of paper withConfetti can start a paper ball (with the help of a funnel) so that with the onset of midnight, stick for a string and arrange a salute. I breathed the idea - look at the workshop for the manufacture of such a ball (by the way, such paper lanterns I saw in Auchan, IKEA and Fix Prides ! Idea number 2. Christmas decorations with confetti Coils from threads, glue, threads and multicolored confetti - and unusual decoration for the Christmas tree is ready! New Year's garlands made by their own hands - RoundedIdea number 3. Vase from confetti and balloon Good ideas for home - Community Rights.lvIdea number 4. Packaging of New Year's gifts and confetti These bright peas will make even the most nondescript packaging - original and cheerful! 100 Gifts Moscow NewsWe pack New Year's gifts: 30 interesting ideas. Video. 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Unusual paints for children's drawing with confetti Mix the hair gel, food dye, sequins and confetti. Such paints are unusually laying on paper and allow you to create simply magic drawings. Source: ADME Idea number 17. Christmas decorations Looks from food packaging, cardboard, ribbons and confetti! Confetti Shakers Made With A Pryingles Lid and Lid of Cottage CheeseIdea number 18. Merry shooting with confetti Another idea is for a fun New Year's Eve! How to do: the neck is cut off from a plastic bottle, we pull the air ball on the twisting part - on the opposite side we fall asleep confetti. We stretch the ball and - clap! - Confetti flies there, where the design is directed. Power source - Best-hand-Made Idea number 19. Decoration of a festive bottle Bottle for a holiday from confettiIdea number 20. Festive liquid soap with confetti New Year's decor can be made in the bathroom - add, for example, in a transparent liquid soap of sequined or plastic confetti! Idea number 21. 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Source photo: Yandex.Martinki. The rights belong to the authors 
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Confetti always looks magically and festively, so they are often decorated with many things for the new year.

But The most remarkable, this is certainly confetti, which flies like a fabulous bright flapper firework , so I suggest you try to build such a flap as a detailed master class video, as can be done.

Confetti for such clappers can be carved in the form of hearts, stars, circles, squares and simply arbitrary shapes from beautiful bright brilliant materials In the form of candy, colored paper, foil, and packaging paper for gifts, you can use old packaging from gifts, as well as packaging from flower bouquets for this business!

Cheerful bright new year to you!

Confetti has an Italian origin, the turnover means the Isair product. Vitaly in time of street holidays confetti was crazy by the Idrugih Candies. Later in 1884, the owner of one street cafe decided to make a surprise to his customers. He frowned by mymel balls. After a time after the balls with paper circles. Today's ETB multi-colored finely chopped circles are used by Nabas, carnivals, triumphant processions of orthodox holidays. Itself makes confetti with your own hands very simple.

How to make confetti yourself?

So how to make confetti yourself?

To create confetti at home you will need:

  • hole puncher;
  • scissors;
  • double-sided multicolored paper;
  • cardboard;
  • foil;
  • glossy magazines;
  • Wrap will disable.

So, proceed. The first thing to be done is to cut a large number of mug of Izbumagi hole punch. As a result of the Uvas will come out beautiful multicolored confetti in magnificent conditions. You can also add crashes by avoiding paper, foil, frentikov will open or take an old glossy magazine to have a second life. If Uvas is no hole punch, it is uncomfortable. You can take the scissors to make your fantasy, cut various diamonds, hearts, sprockets, squares, triangles. You can also finely cut the paper with straw to identify the erenster of the handle. That's how there will be a coacher confetti. If you hide the use of foil, leaving the old photo film. As you can see, it is very easy to make homemade confetti. Satim will even cope with the child.

How to make a cracker of confidence with your own hands?

As previously reported, confetti always accompanies the holiday. Flap stores hide with all the spring or vacuum sewage. Calling this is also such a loud cotton. This is an excellent alternative to Petardam. Nochopushka can be made idom. So why do notice the time of right and not Make a Christmas cracker as a kid? This method is based on the naval ball. There are different ways of making homemade flapper.

1 way


  • air balloons;
  • Tube of outtale paper or paper towels;
  • Packaging (gift) paper;
  • scissors;
  • sequins;
  • Multicolored Ibumaga foil;
  • glue.

The first thing you need to do is to tie the node of the Nasserik to Cut his tip. Next, pull the sliced ​​part of the netube ball of the squeezed towels. Make sure it keeps tightly. After that, wrap the gift paper Ipricree the edges. Clapper can be decorated with various stickers, wrapped with ribbons or cut various figures. Now fill our confetti flap. For the effect, you can pour decorative sparkles to the attitude of the funnel. If enenet is at hand, pay the leaf of the paper is a funnel. Here is the Welcome, the clapper is ready! For the fact that you are more than enough, it is enough to raise the blow to the tilt of the ball. If you hide the shooter now, you have treated the hovering lid or sliced ​​part of the balloon.

How to make a cracker from confetti do it yourself

2 way


  • Cylinder of squeezing towels;
  • corrugated paper;
  • Scotch: one-sided idute other;
  • scissors;
  • match or toothpick;
  • cardboard;
  • needle with thread;
  • glue;
  • confetti.

First you need to circle a tube with a neton cardboard. To do this, the cardboard of the payback of candies or tea, chocolate. The resulting circle needs to be cut so that its diameter is less than the diameter of the cylinder. Next, cut the square size of 15 × 15 yves center insert a cardboard circle. After that, we make a hole with a needle, I don't like threads before end. Finally, the threads tie a piece of toothpick or matches.

We glue the incite tube bilateral tape ikleim square so that the circle is pressed (toothpick) inside the cylinder.

The next thing to do is the decor of the flapper. Put the slap paper of different colors. Making confetti.

The latter that needs to make a cracker cap. Cut the combined paper with a circle with a diameter of 15 × 15. Like the Ikvadrat, stick it outwards to the cylindro.

This type of slapper is reusable. It is enough just to change the used mechanism to poulter confetti.

How to make a cracker from confetti do it yourself

3 way


  • 2-sided Colored paper for confetti;
  • Sleeve of outtale paper;
  • glue;
  • scissors;
  • hole puncher;
  • corrugated paper;
  • Double-sided tape.

First we make confetti of the grilling paper. To do this, bend a sheet of paper. Full layers. Inopert the fidelines 5cm. Cut stripes need to cut nidetics. For round confetti use hole punch. The hottest paper cylinder is cut in half. Vitoga is two smooth parts. Next, cut off the rectangle of the isofed paper. In the middle of the rectangle glue is Carton. The center of the strips glue two-way tape. It is necessary in order to fix the sleeve. Wrap cylinders corrugated paper. If necessary, you can fix edges with glue. Fill the candy-flap confetti. Tie the edges as candy threads or subtle ribbons. All, the slap is ready. To take advantage of it, it is enough just to bend to the hippoplas.

How to make confetti yourself

4 way


  • Paper tubes of different colors;
  • Small sparkles (multi-colored);
  • paper;
  • bowl (optional);
  • scissors;
  • Scotch;
  • Hot pistol or chopsticks.

Take the scissors to scale the harrow half paper tubes. Bend in half, make the bending. Cut eggpalls. Clay the hole of the tube of a slide side. To do this, we will need a hot pistol.

After the glue is frozen, you can fall asleep sequins. Make the Izbumagi funnel, insert the scattering of the paper tube. Imprint the required number of glitches. Next, remove the glulses of the sparkle to the glue tube, go cool. Tubes-slappers are ready. Pulling the end of the paper tube, Ivas, the cracker will explode.

How to make confetti

How to make a confetti ball?

A little story. The first air ball was made by Michael Faraday, the material- rubber. Only found for experiments in a video. Today, balloons are one of the fascinable toys of children, which is not enough of the general to be sucking long-distance relatives. Specialties are increasingly used by a ball surprise. What is a ball surprise? This is the rather familiar to us all the balloon, within which there are:

  • notes in spineers;
  • sequins;
  • confetti;
  • serpentine;
  • Small items.

You can also put a chopper candy, paper bills or small toys.

So, there are two proven ways to fill the air ball.

First method

The only thing you need is a bottle. It is enough to cut the neck of the Idly Bottle so that the pipe is. Big bowl infracts a little ican bowl. Next, you still need to inflate it if you can start pushing small balls. After that, the ball infect the pump. Also this method is intended for small toys of imagine balls.

How to make confetti ball

Second way

As an Ipperming method, you need to inflate the air transparent ball to be sick of confetti, serpentine, sequins, notes of the merchants of the other. When inside put everything you need, simply make the tail thread. I can inflate the ball with oxygen. For a larger effect, it is better to use helium, after which you attach the boat to the book, so that the ball does not close highly or eager.

There is also another method, how to make a sponfetti balloon with your own hands. It can be used as a wonderful completion of the holiday, a solemn event or a child's birthday. So, proceed. The first thing is necessary is the mechanism that will be exploded. To do this, we take six large batteries (krone or element 373) weighing together with each other, it is upstairs. This is to get a voltage 9 volt. Further solder two wiring long 1-2 meters. Now cut off the two segments of the dug block. We attach the ride side of 0.125W resistor (sold by the electrician shopping store), the asdrug side is a wire that goes bastards. Before making the connection of the wire, you need to make a break. Then pull one part of the wire to pick out otisolation. The block is glued with scotch. It must be done so that the resistor does the stop of the VSAR-surprise. The fuse refers to the production that the wires allow. When you want to make an explosion surprise, wrap the wiring tape where the gap is located. The cutting will go tension, it is started to heat up, and the isolate isolate. Jump surprise will split.

Surprise is best suspended. Just do not do to warn guests by the harm to the end of your evening!

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