Kosyushko - the highest mountain in Australia: description and photo

25 peaks of more than 2000 meters high on Australian mainland are located in the state of New South Wales in Southeast Australia in the snowy mountains. Located in this part of Australia Mount Kostyushko is the largest on the mainland with an indicator of 2228 m. The biggest mountain of Australia is also a representative of the continent in the "seven peaks" rating, where the highest mountains of the planet are collected. However, it cannot be compared with the leaders: no matter how much the biggest mountain of Australia, it is 4 times lower than Everest. A pretty simple pedestrian trail, the first part of which can be overcome with the help of a chair cable car, annually leads to the top of about 100,000 tourists.

Kosyushko: What we know about the highest mountain of Australia

The highest peaks on the Australian continent are in the Australian Alps: in the snowy mountains in the new South Wales and in the south-west of the adjacent Victorian Alps in Victoria. Only in the snowy mountains of the vertices reach a height of more than 2000 meters, the largest of them - Kosyushko Mountain with a height of 2228 meters. The territory of the snowy mountains around Mount Kosyushko is called the main ridge. Here are all the two-tales, located to the northeast from Gonggartan, the Mountains of Jagungal and the Kerry Ridge.

What of these high mountains do neither choose, all the peaks are quite easy to conquer, many of them do not require special climbing preparations for climbing: just to be hardy and is in good physical form. Routes are laid and segregated repeatedly, so it is safe even for beginners.

The mountain is surrounded by the Kosyushko National Park, which is the largest in the new South Wales: its area is 6900 km². It was created to protect the unique alpine flora and fauna. The National Park is part of a large waterproof ridge running along the entire east coast. This is one of the largest national parks, which is part of the state of the state New South Wales: Whatever the purpose of the visit to the continent, it is necessary to visit it.

In the cold season, it is very popular among lovers of winter sports. Kosyushko National Park is the location of the ski slopes closest to Canberre and Sydney. Whatever the country is neither the country, you can go skiing here. The following ski resorts are located in the region:

  • Tredbo;
  • Charlotte Pass;
  • Perisher.

They are the most popular, in whatever part of Australia a person lives. Ski resorts are very crowded, so at the height of the tourist season, the housing is sometimes difficult to find. In the summer, the National Park is the main attraction among tourists and cyclists. On its territory there is a free camping, which will allow to stay in this picturesque place for a few days.

Which Mountain is the largest in Australia: controversial moments

If you go beyond the continent of Australia and consider the territories belonging to the same state, the situation will be somewhat different. On the one hand, it is no doubt that Mount Kostyushko is 2228 meters high, is the highest point on Australian mainland. But on the other, the grief is difficult to establish itself as one of the famous "seven vertices". What reason? Large mountains on the territory of Australia are on the outskirts: on the islands of Herd and McDonald, as well as in the Australian Antarctic Territory. What a peak will be a record holder here?

  1. Muson's peak height on the island of Herd is 2745 meters: this is the highest point of the Big Ben volcano, from the top of which is visible almost the whole island. In addition to Peak Muson, there are both secondary peaks on this territory, which are located at an altitude of more than 2,000 meters.
  2. In the east of the Australian Antarctic Territory, the Mac Clintok is a record holder, the height of which is 3490 meters.
  3. In the West - Mount Menzis with a height of 3355 meters.
  4. The height of the Dome Argus, where the meteorological station of Australia is located 4200 meters.

What kind of them are ne, all of them are not officially registered as mountains.

In addition, there is a peak of a kisken 4448 meters high, which is in distant Indonesia, but still on Australian Earth. Many climbers consider it the highest point of Oceania. The reason is simple: high mountain rises on an Australian continental plate. And although politically belongs to Indonesia, in geographical terms to Asia has no relationship and is the highest point of the region.

Name: National Hero, but not in Australia

Mount Kosyushko was named in 1840 by the Polish researcher and climber Pavel Edmund Stshhetsky in honor of the Polish and American National Hero of Tadeusch Kostyshko.

Tadeusus Koscusheko, whose name carries a mountain, was the Polish general who still honors many of his compatriots. He participated in the American war for independence and supported the campaign for the abolition of slavery. In 1794, he headed the uprising against Russians and Prussacians to achieve the independence of Poland, but without final success. Kositko did not have a direct relation to the Australian mountains, the country, and the continent as a whole. However, thanks to one of his admirers, Mount His name today.

The history of conquest the highest mountain of Australia

The research team headed by Pavel Edmund Stretrystsky and James McHarthuro with local guides Charlie Tarroy and Jackie went to the so-called southern expedition of Stshhetsky. Mac-Arthur was looking for new pastures, and Stshhetsky wanted to explore the climate, geology, paleontology and the geography of the new South Wales.

Pavel Edmund Stshhetsky

During the expedition, a vertex was reached, called the Mountain Townsend at present. Here Stshhetsky used his tools to observe and noticed that the adjacent peak was higher. In the presence of Mac-Arthur, he called the highest peak of the Kosyushko mountain in honor of the Polish and American hero fighting for freedom and equal rights.

Based on the styshetsky reports, the highest peak of Australia was marked on the maps. The cartographic error made in the edition of the Victorian era moved Mount Kosyushko to the position of the current Mount Townsend. Later the maps of the card continued to show the original location. Vicorian error created confused. In 1885, the Austrian researcher Robert von Lendenfeld, reached Mount Townsend, believing that it was Mount Kosyushko. Like Stshchetsky, Lendenfeld also noticed that the adjacent peak was higher. He called him MT TOWNSEND in honor of the geodesist, who in 1846 conquered the vertex.

Later, the State Department of Mining New South Wales discovered the mistake of Lendenfeld and assigned the name "Mount Townsend" the second largest mountain of the ridge. However, Lendenfeld's message created a further confusion, and that is why people began to believe in the wrong story that the names of two mountains changed places. The fact was eliminated in 1940 by Daudom, Cartographer and the historian of the State of the State of the State New South Wales. His study confirmed that the mountain called Stshhetsky as Mount Kosyushko was indeed the biggest, which one had always been shown by the maps of the new South Wales.

The role of the biggest mountain of Australia in tourism

Most people who attend the ski resort Tredblo and the region around Kosyushko Mountain in the Snow Mountains, arrives not for mountaineering, but for skiing and snowboarding on the slopes, at least from June to October. The resort has several lifts and well-developed infrastructure, which creates excellent conditions for recreation.

By the way, even in the summer, Australian mountains attract not only ecotourists and climbers, because not every person is able to conquer the biggest peak on foot. Traditionally, you can explore the highlands on the horse, for this you can order one of the many tours.

Features of ascent on the highest mountain of Australia

The starting points for ascent to Mount Kosyushko are the ski resorts of Gyndabine and Tredbo. The best time for a walk through the slopes of this big mountain is the period after melting of snow. Ideal time - from December to March, when alpine wildflowers bloom. For climbing travelers do not need brackets or mountain ropes.

The campaign is quite simple and does not require climbing skills, the presence of expensive equipment and the "support group" in the form of conductors and the serving team, such as when climbing Everest. Nevertheless, certain physical training and proper equipment are required. No matter how low the peak seemed to be at an altitude of about 2000 m: as and everywhere in the mountains, the weather here can change very quickly. Even in the summer there may be pretty strong ice winds and snowfall.

Selection of path option

Solving, what a path for ascent will be optimal, it is worth considering two options from different sides of the elevation. The most popular route begins with Charlotte's pass, although the hike is shorter because the first part can be overcome with the help of a chair cable car. The route to this big peak through a tribbon crosses the ridges of the Snowy River, and then rises above the Lake Kutapamba and goes to Roule Pass.

From Charlotte's pass to the top of the Kostysheko Mountain 9 km by designated on the official route. What features of the path should be taken into account? It is very well designed and designated, so it will not be lost here even inexperienced haikers. In fact, this is a well-developed gravel road, at which until 1976, by car, it was possible to get to the top of the record large mountain. After the road was closed, and today only with the permission of the administration of the National Park you can drive up to the ROUSC pass.

It is located 7.6 km from the foot of the foot. Prior to this, the path trail is quite wide, since it is designed to move vehicles, but further narrows. There is a toilet on the pass, and there are track trails and Charlotte, so you can find other tourists here and, if necessary, ask for help.

The route is unusually picturesque, so it's worth capturing the camera to make atmospheric images: what is the beauty, everything is sure to appreciate everything. Also along the way, several rivers will meet, and closer in the top of the unbelievable mountain streams. The travel bureau has maps and information about the Kosyushko National Park and the region, as well as which of the possible routes are the easiest and safe. You can also buy trips to the National Park and clarify the specialists all the details of the upcoming track. Also, to conquer the largest peak of the continent, it is recommended to take a topographic map, a compass and GPS with you, as well as get advice from conductors or experienced climbers: whatever preparation, it will be useful on the road. After the conquest of this big and significant peak, you can return to Charlotte Pass on the same track. Or, if there is a necessary equipment, you can join a complex route on the main ridge, which passes by the Ice Lakes Headli-Tarn and Blue. Cut with a glacier landscapes along the route of the main ridge are part of the protected UNESCO of the biosphere reserve.


The greatest vertices of the world are the goal for many generations of climbers. Australia's mountains are not so high. Yes, and the highest mountain of the continent does not differ in particularly extrusion. Although it is, nevertheless it can not be deprived of uniqueness and charms.

In the article, let's talk about what a mountain in Australia is the highest and what it is noteworthy.


Australia is the most mysterious continent, washed by amazing legends. Just a couple of centuries ago, they knew only from some of the legends, and no one then suspected his magnificence and fabulous beauty. Particularly interesting is the fact that in Australia, seasons are opposed to diametrically with European times.

They are distinguished by their exotic and landscapes of Australia, rich in amazing vegetation. Amazes and the variety of fauna.

What a mountain in Australia is the highest


Before talking about what Mountain in Australia is the highest (photos are presented in the article), the unique relief of the continent should be described. Australia is more - the mainland of plains, flatbed and lowlands.

Despite the prevalence of flat relief, there are mountain landscapes in Australia. Rocky arrays are located on the eastern territories of the continent. These are the Mountains East Australian and the so-called large waterproof ridge. The second, the length of which is 3,500 km, begins in Cape York (the northern part) and ends at Tasmania. He envelopes Queensland, Victoria and New South Wales. By sizes, its ridge occupies 4th place in the world.

Mountains East Australian in height averages are only about 700 meters, and the largest vertex is Mount Kosyushko. Progresses the height of the mountains from the northern part, and in the south they are even higher and wider. The average height is about 1 kilometer. The highest peaks of this part are Liverpool, blue mountains (has the status of the World Heritage), etc.

Which mountain in Australia is the highest: photo

High ridges are located both in the east, on the shores have sharp cliffs in the direction of the Pacific Ocean. The vertices have pointed forms. In the western part of the continent, the ridges down and the vertices are flat. Blue mountains are divided into the western and eastern parts by the basins.

Verses, you can say, envelpole all the mainland and turn it into a green bowl.

List of verthos

What mountain in Australia is the highest? Throughout the millions of years, the process of formation of mountains on earth occurs. The destructive movements of tectonic plates having huge areas lead to their formation. Thus, the mountains of Australia were formed, including the highest point - Kosyushko peak.

Before presenting a list of the highest vertices of exotic mainland, we note no less remarkable mountain located in the center of the country - Uluru.

It is interesting to the fact that, having a height of only 348 meters, goes, turning around the arc, deep into the earth for 6000 meters. And at a distance of 25,000 meters from the top of Uluru, it again goes to the surface and rises to a height of 546 meters. But this vertex already has another name - Olga. And now we find out what a mountain in Australia is the highest.

What a mountain in Australia is the highest: list of vertices

The highest peaks of Australia:

  • Ebbotts and carriers (2145 meters);
  • BYATTSKEMP (height 2159 m);
  • Alice Raison (2160 m);
  • Ramshead and South Ramshed (height of 2177 m);
  • Peak Ridge Etridge Unname (2180 m);
  • Twinea (height 2196 m);
  • Townsend (height 2209 m).

Mountain height Kosyushko - 2228 meters. If you consider the entire plate, the Australian, the highest point is Punchk jaya (4884 meters), located on about. New Guinea.

From the foregoing list it becomes clear which mountain in Australia is the highest.

Description Mount Kosyushko

The highest mountain of the continent is in the Ridge Alps Australian. The height of the peaks in it on average is 700 meters.

Since there are a little less located next to the vertices with dimensions, it is almost no particular difference. And yet it is this mountain that looks more picturesque and harmoniously.

On the tops of the mountain, the snow lies half a year, and the temperature at these height reaches -10 ° C.

What a mountain in Australia is the highest: description

A little of the story

The top was famous in 1840. Its discoverer - Starrlet Stroke (Polish researcher). And the name she got symbolic - in honor of the hero of Poland Tadeususha Kosyushko (head of the country's independence).

It should be noted that the gender slopes of the vertices for climbers' professionals have never imagined much interest, as the climbing on it is simple. On this topic among climbers there is a joke, which states that it is easier for Kosyushko to gain injury not from falling from it, but from a collision with a cyclist.

But attracts many tourists the highest mountain in Australia. What a tour without visiting this charming vertex, surrounded by wonderful landscapes, stretching at the foot of the foot and many kilometers around.

Mountains of Australia

Interesting Facts

  1. Which Mountain is the highest in Australia - this is a question that was previously given another answer. It was originally considered the top with Kosyushko. And it lasted until it was found that that was 20 meters below. Then the peaks simply changed their names among themselves.
  2. Australians are called this vertex Koziosko.
  3. The local population (old-timers), which remained on the continent completely small (1.5%), rank this mountain to sacred places, and its name is Tar-Gan-lived.
  4. Kosyushko enters the climbing program "Conquest 7 vertices", although in comparison with giants (for example, Everest), it seems to be a dwarf.
  5. This is one of the few peaks, challenged by pensioners because there is a comfortable lift here, which transports people from the very foot to the top.
  6. The best time for hiking hill is the period from November to March. This time in Australia is summer.

The mysterious country "On the other side" of the globe in different industries beat many world records. Australia is the only state that occupies the entire continent; There is still the longest fence in it (more than 5 and a half thousand kilometers; built to protect against Dingo dogs); On the territory of the country there is the greatest pasture (34 thousand square meters. km); She owns the longest reef - big barrier; Australia is the only continent where there are no acting volcanoes, in it - the largest number of poisonous snakes; This continent is the lowest of the existing ... the list can be continued for a long time. To the question of which Mountain in Australia is the highest, you can give an answer, but the highest peak of Kosyushko (Kostyutko in other transcription) is not. However, he distinguished himself among others equal.

What a mountain in Australia is the highest

Since it is already clear what a mountain in Australia is the highest, we will understand where it is. In the south-east, the continent there are Australian Alps, which themselves represent the highest Australian ridge and include the highest Australian mountain - Kosyushko peak. Its height reaches 2228 m.

In addition to the popular ski resort, these places are known for cattle breeding, both tribal and slaughter. From here there are the largest supplies of lamb and fine wool. A considerable share in the welfare of the state makes dams, lakes and hydrostats, included in the project "Snowy River".

Funny cases called

The beginning of the story with the name of the peak was quite standard: the Polish researcher on the name Stshhetsky, the first to the top and decided that she was the highest in Australia, called her named Angeha Kosyushko, who became the national hero not only the homeland of the traveler - Poland, but also the USA, Belarus and Lithuania, and also an honorary citizen of France. However, some time later it turned out that the neighboring rock above, even if only 20 meters. From reverence to the hero of several countries, the names changed places. So earlier the peak Kosyushko was called the mountain Townsend.

The highest mountain in Australia

And this is not all curiosities with the name of the vertices! Before receiving the modern name it, she was not looking at Tar-Gan-lived and was considered sacred. Some residents still mention the old name. In addition, the new they utter as they read - Koziosko, from English writing Kosciusko.

Than noteworthy peak

It is not interesting anything that Mountain in Australia is the highest, more importantly, it is located in the Australian Alps. And this mining system is famous for the fact that snow in it falls much more than in Swiss. Therefore, among tourists, Kosyushko's peak is primarily in the first place of skiers. Although people indifferent to this sport did not leave offended: on top you can drive on the lift, admiring the magnificent scenery, and you can make a hiking tour on a comfortable and safe road.

Mount Kosyushko is an integral component of the National Park, which is the same name. A pleasant component of the park is numerous thermal pools and lakes, warm even in a snowy course. So lovers to swim do not neglect such an opportunity.

The biggest mountain in Australia

Geographical paradox

Actually, not quite correctly ask what a mountain in Australia is the highest. Do not forget that the country takes not only the mainland, it belongs to the surrounding islands. And if you do not separate them with continentally part, it turns out that the biggest mountain in Australia is a snowy volcano with the name Muson-Peak, which is located on the island of Herd. The island itself lies between Africa and Australia in the Indian Ocean. And the volcano has a height of 2745 meters, which is more than half a kilometer exceeds the "growth" of the peak of Kosyushko.

Australia - the most "low" mainland of the planet. Its average height above the oceans level is only 350 m, as well as on the territory of the green continent there is not a single vertex above 2500 m. However, all the ways of mountaineering will be able to find a lesson here. What same mountains of Australia are the highest?


What mountains are the highest in Australia - list, characteristics and photo 2
Photo: Stanley Goodhew (Via Miles Goodhew) / Wikimedia Commons

Bimbury is located in close proximity to the capital of Australia, the city of Canberra. Its height is estimated in 1912 m. The mountain is located on the territory of the Namaji National Park founded in 1984. The price of water collected on its territory is ensured by the need for water resources of the Australian capital. Climbing on top will take only 3-3.5 hours, with no climbing skills from tourists who have a conquering peak will not need. It is enough just to go on pedestrian paths.


What mountains are the highest in Australia - list, characteristics and photo 3
Photo: Joe Ritson / Wikimedia Commons

This vertex is located on the territory of Victoria and has a height equal to 1922 m. Its feature can be considered a relatively steep slope, while most of the other mountains belonging to the Australian Alps system have a common vertex. Today, this mountain is part of Alpine National Park.

Fetertop was opened in 1851 by his cattlemen Jim Brown and Jack Wells. First, who was able to conquer her, became Ferdinand von Muller. Despite the relatively low height of the mountain, accidents with climbers occur periodically. The first such case occurred on September 2, 1932 with the skier Molly Hill. In memory of it, a memorial plate is installed on the mountain. On August 31, 2009, one of the ministers of Australia Tim Holding was missing here, but after a few days he managed to find and save.


What mountains are the highest in Australia - list, characteristics and photo 4
Photo: Joe Ritson / Wikimedia Commons

Located in the immediate vicinity of Fetertop and has a height in 1986 m. The highest point of the state of Victoria. For the first time, she was able to conquer Ferdinand Müller in 1854. Mountain is separated from other peaks of the mountain massif River Big. On the slopes of Bogong, Eucalyptus grows up to the height of 1800 meters.


What mountains are the highest in Australia - list, characteristics and photo 5

The height of this mountain reaches 2058 m. Here is the famous ski resort Perisher Blue, which is considered the largest in the whole southern hemisphere. There are evidence that Australian Aborigines lived on the slopes of the perisher, another 20 thousand years ago. After the colonization of the continent, the Europeans began to use the terrain for agricultural activities.

The first ski resorts on the slopes of the perisher began to appear in 1949. In 1995, they all united into a single center of skiing, in which the lifts alone numbered 47 pieces.


What mountains are the highest in Australia - list, characteristics and photo 6
Photo: Helloppl1234 / Wikimedia Commons

The distance from the foot of this mountain to the top is 2061 m. It is located in the Australia National Park "Kosyushko". This geographical object is very popular with climbers around the world. Their attention is attracted by a small hut, erected in 1939. It is very difficult to get to it, only professional skiers manage to visit this place. Also on the slopes of the jagungal there are several remarkable ski resorts. A significant part of the territory near the mountain is even plains, for which lovers of a quiet ski rest travel during the winter months.


What mountains are the highest in Australia - list, characteristics and photo 7

Gonggartat towers over the surrounding space at 2068 m. Like most of the other tops of Australia, it is located in Kosyushko Park. Tourists prefer to visit this vertex not in winter, but in the summer months, because it is then that with her height overlooking the wonderful Australian nature. Skiers usually choose more interesting slopes for riding.

Near this mountain, a lot of routes were laid for hiking. Many elderly Australians are engaged here by Scandinavian walking.


What mountains are the highest in Australia - list, characteristics and photo 8
Photo: John Wormell / Wikimedia Commons

Trete is near the small village of Vusko in the south of Australia. The mountain height is estimated at 2068 m. Next to it is a small lake with a clean water, which, according to local aborigines, has healing properties. Another remarkable object in the district is a geutheg power station.


What mountains are the highest in Australia - list, characteristics and photo 9
Photo: John Wormell / Wikimedia Commons

This mountain is towers over the surrounding space at 2196 m. It is located in a mountain system, known as the Australian Alps. Despite its height, the tops are bypassing the climbing lovers. The fact is that it is too simple for them. There is also no sufficiently developed tourist infrastructure, even the phone almost does not catch the signal. Therefore, before visiting Tvormin, it is advisable to warn familiar about the place where you go.


What mountains are the highest in Australia - list, characteristics and photo 10
Photo: Leighblackall / Wikimedia Commons

The height of this vertex reaches 2209 m. It is located in the province of South Wales, in the south-east of Australia. Travelers have an interesting tradition. Everyone who is trying to conquer the Townsend must take from her foot the stone and attribute it to the top. Thus, the climbers help Mount to grow up and try to catch up with the highest Australian vertex, which is in close proximity to the Townsenda.


What mountains are the highest in Australia - list, characteristics and photo 11
Photo: Cimexus / Wikimedia Commons

The highest mountain of the Australian continent towers at 2228 m relative to the sea level. It is located in the Australian Alps area, in close proximity to another mountain from our list, Townsend. He opened this vertex in 1840. Pole Pavel Edmund Stzheletsky, who assigned her the name of his famous compatriot Tadeusus Kostysheko.

Interestingly, it was originally Stzhelets, who wanted to give the name of the Polish Generalissimus of the Highest Top of the Continent, was mistaken and assigned the name "Kosyushko" only the second mountain in Australia. Further measurements have shown that the Townsend is 20 meters above Kosyushko. Realizing this, the power of the colony of the new South Wales decided to change places the names of these two vertices so that the desire of Stshhetsky was fulfilled.

In 1967, near Mountain, the Kosyushko National Park was founded by 6900 square meters. km. Such rare biological species like mountain couscous and bright false toad live here, and ski resorts are opened for Australian Extreme Lovers. Every year the park visits about 3 million people.

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The highest mountain in Australia is Kosituk, towers above sea level by 2228 meters. Located 390 km south-west of Sydney, it is part of the Kostysitko National Park. The peak was called the Polish researcher Paul Stshchetsky In 1840, in honor of Tadeusch Kostysitko, Polish Patriot and the State Worker.

This vertex is part of the highest mountain system of Australia - Australian Alps. Its melting snow feed rivers and reservoirs, which make up the hydropower scheme of the snowy mountains. This area has a developed infrastructure and is widely used to attract tourists. Winter sports uses extremely popular.

The highest point

The highest mountain in Australia

Kostyutko is the highest point of the large waterproof ridge, the largest mountains of Australia, which pass throughout the eastern part of the mainland, from Queensland to Victoria.

The highest mountain in Australia (main key)

Its length is 3244 km, width of 1568 km, the total area of ​​the mining array is about 2.5 million km 2. The peak itself is located in the new South Wales, a few miles from the border with Victoria. Total Mountain Square - 6900 km 2. With a height of 2228 meters, it falls at the end of the list of ten highest peaks of the world.

He looks like this:

  1. Everest (Jomolungma) (Himalayas), the highest top of the Earth - 8848 m.
  2. Akonkagua (Andes) - 66960 m.
  3. Mac-Kinley (Cordillera) - 6193 m.
  4. Kilimanjaro (Volcano, Africa) - 5895 m.
  5. Elbrus (Big Caucasus) - 5642 m.
  6. Vinson (Antarctica) - 4892 m.
  7. Mont Blanc (Alps) - 4807 m.
  8. Fuja (Japanese Alps) - 3766 m.
  9. Kostyutko (large waterproof ridge) - 2228 m.
  10. People's (Ural) - 1895 m.
The highest point

History of formation

Kostysheko formed about 355-490 million years ago at the time of Ordovik - Nizhny Devon. For a long period of time, the orogenesis process was to raise granite layers.

In the era of Pleistocene, the last glaciation, about 70-10 thousand years ago, massive glaciers were formed around the vertex. As a result of the departing of glaciers, about 12 thousand years ago, the ice mills of the relief were formed - carot lakes, karas and moraine. Example of glacial lakes is Lake Kutapamba - The highest Lake Australia - 2042 meters above sea level.

The highest point

Destroyed granite intrusion remained at the top in the form of large boulders, which are also called ferry. Currently, the active weathering process continues.


The highest point of the Australian continent is located in a moderate belt of a southern hemisphere. The mountain climate is determined primarily by high-rise lower.

The biggest mountains

Being part of the snowy mountains, Kostysheko is the coldest part of the Australian continent and covered with snow for several months, from June to October. Thus, this place is one of the best recreational areas of Australia, perfectly suitable for winter sports.


The diagram illustrates the average number of days at a certain temperature for each month.

For example, in January, the temperature almost does not fall below 10 degrees Celsius, about 4 days the temperature is kept in the area of ​​15 degrees, it happens about 4 hot days, with a temperature of up to 30 degrees, during the rest of the time the average temperature will be 20-25 degrees.

As can be seen from the diagram, the warmest months - January and February, and the coldest - July and August. In general, the number of days when the temperature drops below zero, for all summer is about 12.

Below is a similar diagram with precipitation distribution.

From June to September, the greatest amount of precipitation falls in the form of rain and snow.

In general, the climate can be characterized as moderate, soft, with a predominance of positive temperatures throughout the year and a small amount of precipitation.


More than 200 rare species of alpine plants and endemic colors grow on the slopes, which are no longer found anywhere in the world.

Wildflowers of snowy mountains - indeed one of the great botanical treasures of Australia. In January, the foothills are covered with a multi-colored fishing rug, different daisies, mountain orders, garde, blooming small daisies Brachyscome , Endemic for Australia.

There are also many beautiful types of butterms, which may have more common with Flora Northern Hemisphere, Alpine Kuste Mint - P Rostanter Wedge-shaped, gentiagella, family of Grevillery and Myrtov.

The highest mountain in Australia (main key)The highest pointThe biggest mountains

In 1997, for the sake of preserving unique species, the flora and fauna living in this region, UNESCO announced the Kostysusko National Park by the World Biosphere Reserve.


Kostysusko National Park is especially known for two rare animal species: black and yellow striped frog-korobroboree (Pseudophryne Corroboree), founding in Alpine Sfagna Swamps, and Burramys Parvus, dweling only at an altitude of more than 1500 m. Previously it was believed that these Types were extinct until they were found in 1966.

Currently, both species are threatened with extinction and endemic for the Australian Alps. Among other alpine animals you can meet Kangaroo, Wallaby, Echidna, Wombata, Opossum and others.

Kostysheko is a house for 40% of bird species in the new South Wales, among whom can be called a shore, eagle and kakada.

The highest top of the landpeak

First climb

The first successful climbing to this top made an expedition led by the Polish researcher, Count Pavel Edmund Stshhetsky, in 1840. He gave Mount the name - Kostyutko.

The highest point

Tadeush Kostyutko (1746-1817) was the General of the Polish army and made a great contribution to the American war for independence. His achievements made him a hero.

Pavel Stshhetsky called the top in honor of Tadeusch Kostyshko, as part of the mountain reminded him the grave of the brave general in Krakow. Tadeusch joined the Army of America during the revolution, ultimately rising to the title of General, and was the military engineer of the US Army.

A close friend of George Washington and Thomas Jefferson, Tadeusch returned to Poland in 1787 and led the war against neighboring countries for the independence of Poland. In 1817, after his death, Tadeush was recognized not only by the Polish patriot, but also a great American and a real citizen of the world.

The highest top of the land

Interesting Facts

With the highest point of the continent, several curious information is associated:

  • Due to the complex for English-speaking Australians, the names of the mountain locals call it simply "Kozzi";
  • Initially, this mountain was called Townsend, and the first Kostysheko was nearby. In the late 1890s and early 1900s, a number of measurements showed that the Townsend was higher than Kostyutko. To ensure that Kostyutko remains the name of the highest mountain, the government of the new South Wales changed the names of the vertices in 1910;
  • The Queen of the Snow Mountains of Australia is low compared to the mountains on other continents, reflecting the nature of the flat relief of the entire continent;
  • The rise does not represent special difficulties, anyone in good physical form, not being a climber, will easily conquer the highest peak of Australia.
The highest mountain in Australia (main key)


More than 3 million people visit the Koscucian National Park, and almost 30,000 people make a journey every year. This attraction attracts people of all ages and is a popular destination for hiking and skiing in Australia.

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You can familiarize yourself with the views from Mount Kostysheko, in the next video.

Kostyushko (Kostyutko) (Polish. Kościuszko. , Local pronunciation - Kozi-Osco (Kɔzińskoʊ, MFA) [2] ) - the highest peak of the Australian continent. Located in the south of the state of the new South Wales, near the border of this state with Victoria state in the territory of the eponymous National Park.

The height of 2228 m. Opened was in 1840.

Located in the Australian Alps.

The first person rising to her top was the Polish traveler, geographer and geologist Pavel Edmund Stzhelets, who gave the world name in honor of the Military and politician Tadeusus Kostyshko.

Previously, the mountain was called Townsend. The name of Kosyushko belonged to the neighboring top, which was then considered the highest in the Australian Alps. After later studies have established that the Townsend is still 20 meters above, from respect to Paul Edmund Stzhelskom, the Land Department of New South Wales has decided to change the names of two mountains in some places [3] So that the highest still was called Kosyushko.

View that opens to the north, from the top of the Kosyushko Mountain in the direction of Mount Townsend

The highest mountain in Australia

The highest mountain in Australia

The highest mountain in Australia is named in honor of the Polish Fighter for the freedom of Tadeusch Kostyshko. Visually peak of this mountain does not seem higher than the rest in the mountain chain. Since Kosyushko Mountain is only 20 meters above the neighboring mountains.

Features of Mount Kosyushko

The Mountain Array of Kosyushko Australians is noted at all as it sounds for the Russian-speaking population or Poles. They refer to this Mount Kozio-SCO to their Australian manner.

The height of the highest mountain in Australia is 2228 meters. Neighboring mountain Townsend does not reach this peak, its height is 2209 meters. Although it was exactly the highest in Australia.

The opening of the peak occurred in 1840. Mount then explored Pole Pavel Edmund. When he opened this peak, he decided to assign such a famous Polish name to him.

Kosyushko is located in the chain of the Australian Alps. The mountain rises over the state of the new South Wales in the territories of the National Park. Kosyushko is still a natural border of Wales with Victoria state.

«Initially, Edmund opened not at all the highest mountain of Australia, and her neighbor, which is 20 meters below. When the highest peak was open, then Townsend and Kosyushko changed the names so that the highest mountain range is still called the name of the Polish policy "

Kosyushko is a rather common elevation. Climbing it is not considered too dangerous. Today the lift works on this grief, a good road for hiking and car tours is laid. After all, species with Kosyushko fascinate, and weather conditions allow you to visit this mountain almost all year round. The National Park at the foot of this mountain chain is called "Kosyushko". It is also pronounced as the name of the highest mountain. This peak is part of a large waterproof ridge, therefore is an important natural attraction.

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