Ensure in the throat without temperature - causes, symptoms, prevention and treatment

How does inflammation appear?

About 70% of acute inflammatory diseases of the pharynx are caused by viruses2. With acute viral infection, the most commonly appear: an allocation and pain in the throat, weakness, cough, temperature. In children - high (38 degrees and higher), and in adults - within 37-38 degrees. Of course, the temperature intensity depends on the specific pathogen: so, during the flu, it rises sharply above 38 degrees, and rinoviruses, for example, practically do not cause high temperature. In addition, other symptoms appear: headache, sweating, chills.

Today, about 250 viruses can provoke a "cold". The most frequent of them are rinoviruses, adenoviruses, Epstein-Barr virus, Koksaki, Coronavirus 1.

In addition to viruses, sharp inflammations of the pharynx cause bacterial and fungal infections. Most often, the cause of angina becomes pyrogen streptococcus. Feels like a bacterial infection is almost no different from viral: the same high temperature, the same manifestations of intoxication. But it is possible to infect several bacteria at once - for example, streptococcus and golden staphylococcus. These bacteria are dangerous, because Can provoke the development of pneumonia, therefore, in case the temperature rose sharply, and you feel weak and dizziness, you need to urgently consult a doctor to determine the disease. There are also express tests that quickly help determine the cause of the disease (for example, an angina causative agent) even at home.

Do not discharge and fungal flora. The most frequent pathogen in this case - fungi Candida albicans More famous in the people as "trampriter of the thrush" - they cause almost every second fungal inflammatory nasopharya process 3.

But the most common option is a mixed flora. The virus, initially caused the disease, "prepares the soil" for a bacterial infection, which easily develops on an inflamed mucous membrane, deprived of its natural protective properties. Reception of some antibiotics can also become a catalyst, and in this case a fungal infection will join.

Long-term disinfect in the throat causes bacteria and fungi, which are a source of chronic infection, for example, with sinusitis, tonsillitis or caries.

In children, constant tool may be caused by inflammation of the sky almond - adenoiditis - while the main annoying factor becomes inflammatory discharges in the rear wall of the pharynx.

How to get rid of throat

How to get rid of throat

Considering that the sore throat is more likely caused by viruses, antibiotics will not be able to help, but, even on the contrary, are able to aggravate the problem, violating the balance of microflora and promote the development of fungus.

The exception is only the appearance of severe pain and throat over the background of an angina. The most dangerous aneg is caused by beta infection with a hemolytic streptococcus group A (BGSA). It is possible to identify BGSA in 5 minutes both at the doctor's reception and at home with the test. The infection affects the almonds, causing a heat (up to 40 degrees), sharp throat pain, at which it becomes difficult to swallow. Almonds during an angina are enlarged, reddened, covered with raid or pus.

Such an angina caused by BGSA must be treated with antibiotics so that there are no serious complications from the heart, kidneys and joints. But the doctor should appoint antibiotics.

In all other cases, it is better to limit oneself to local means. It is well easier for rinsing with herbs or a simple salt solution - only not strong, as is often recommended, but isotonic: one teaspoon of salt per liter of water. Children who are still too small in order to rinse the throat, you can irrigate the rear wall of the pharynx or carry out inhalation with the help of a nebulizer. So you can reduce not only the sore throat, but also relieve pain and cough. Such methods eliminate the manifestations of the disease, but not its reason, therefore should not be limited to count only on rinsing and inhalation.

Tools from the throat should be moistened to the mucous membrane, stimulate its protective properties and deal with infection. That is why health care professionals increasingly suggest that topical (local) therapy should be the main means of treatment of cancer and sore throat.

Preparation of Imudon ®from throat

The drug has a wide range of action, it is used for diseases caused by both viruses and bacteria and fungi. In its composition Imudon ®Contains Lisats Bacteria and Fungi Candida 4- That is, the most frequent infectious agents, which helps to activate the protective immune responses of the body against them. Interferons and lysozyme are affected by viruses, which organism produces itself during the use of the drug. Therefore, Imudon ®Effective by both acute and chronic diseases causing the throat challenge in children and adults 5,6,7 .

The dryness in the throat, as well as the perfense in the mouth, is quite an ordinary symptom with which at least once, but everyone faced. A healthy person, as a rule, appear unpleasant sensations suddenly, and immediately understand the reasons for drying in the throat problematic.

Suchness in the throat is a condition that is caused by the causes of the most diverse: ranging from innocuous external or physiological factors, ending with heavy diseases of organs and human systems. Unmistakably determine, the reason for which disease is dryness in the throat can only doctor. Self-diagnosis and improper treatment can only harm and exacerbate the course of the disease. A large mistake of many patients who are engaged in self-medication is an attempt to eliminate dry throat, using folk remedies and medicines, selected by the Namaum, and not to deal with the reasons of an unpleasant symptom.


An important conclusion from all above said: Effective treatment of dryness of the throat is possible only after establishing the root cause of discomfort in the throat. The error-free definition of the pathological factor will allow not only to assign effective treatment, but also to avoid a number of serious complications.

The causes of dryness in the throat can be divided into three groups: physiological, pathological diseases of the respiratory system and diseases of other organs and human systems. Consider each group separately.


Physiological factors.

Physiological is the so-called domestic, noncommunicable reasons that are associated with the impact on the body of adverse external factors or with the way of life of a person. It is not necessary to treat the throat in this case: eliminating the impact of such a factor, discomfort in the throat disappears. Physiological reasons include:

  • Too dry air in a room that occurs in the midst of the heating season or with long-term use of the air conditioner. Buying the air equipment, as a rule, solves the problem.
  • Contaminated or stuffed air. Such a problem faces people living in places with a bad environmental situation or working on "harmful" industries, which are forced to constantly breathe pairs, gases, dust, etc.). This can also include passive smoking.
  • Overvoltage of voice ligaments. If you regularly expose your voice apparatus with excessive loads, dry throat - a typical situation for you. Usually, representatives of speech professions are faced with this problem - artists, singers, teachers, speakers, guides, employees of call centers, etc. To learn to safely use and not overvolt your voice apparatus, it is recommended to visit a phoniatra doctor. Foniatre is a Lorthic doctor who specializes exclusively in a person's voice apparatus. Foniator will show effective exercises for voice ligaments and give the necessary appointments.


  • Insufficient fluid consumption. Eating is too salty, sweet or spicy dishes.
  • Prolonged use of some drugs (cough, antibacterial, antihistamines, diuretics, etc.).
  • The uncontrolled use of vesseloring droplets for the nose is strongly dried with nasopharynx mucous.
  • Lubricated nasal respiration caused by the peculiarities of the structure of the nasal cavity (a spontaneous nasal partition, enlarged nose shells, adenoids).
  • Old age. In the elderly, with age, the mucous membranes are thinned, which leads to a feeling of dryness in the mouth.
  • Nervous overvoltage. Stressful situations provoke a decrease in saliva production, which causes discomfort. Dry mouth is not the only unpleasant consequence of stress. A person can also feel com in the throat, problems with swallowing. This is a temporary state. After a person calmed down or accepted a sedative drug, discomfort passes.
  • Tobacco The substances that are included in the cigarette negatively affect the state of the mucous membrane of the gas station. If it does not stop on time and not spread with a bad habit, chronic pharyngitis, chronic rhinitis, as well as malignant larynx tumors can develop.
  • Pregnancy. During pregnancy, women change hormonal background, which can directly affect the appearance of an unpleasant symptom.


Specific treatment, these states do not require. In most cases, it is sufficient to eliminate or eliminate the irritating factor.

Diseases of the respiratory system.

The diseases of the respiratory system are an extensive group of diseases and states that can provoke dry throat and require mandatory treatment under the control of the ENT doctor. Typically, such diseases are accompanied not only dryness, but also other symptoms: a runny nose, frequent pain, cough and a hole in the throat. If these symptoms appear, you must contact the ENT doctor for inspection.


What diseases of the respiratory system are dry in a sip?

  • Acute respiratory viral infections, flu, cold. In addition to dry throat, the patient notes the following symptoms of colds and ARVI: Increased body temperature, cough, nasal congestion, muscle pain and joints, weakness, loss of appetite. Treatment Symptomatic: decrease in temperature, elimination of cough and cold with medicines, as well as abundant warm drinking.


  • Faringitis - inflammation of the mucous membrane of the pharynx. Faringite can be sharp and chronic. By the nature of the change in the mucous membrane, the catarrhal pharyngitis is distinguished when the tissue is observed, hypertrophic, when the mucous is thickened, and atrophic pharyngitis, when the mucous, on the contrary, becomes thinner. Supports of dry cough, red throat, discomfort during swallowing, porce overflow - all these symptoms are signs of "Faringit". Phargite can simultaneously perform in a pair with tonsillitis (inflammation of small almonds) or laryngitis (inflammation of the larynx). In this case, the patient is diagnosed with tonsillopharygitis and laryngoparing. The patient is prescribed anti-inflammatory, antibacterial drugs, rinsing throats, irrigating it with antiseptics and physiotics (to consolidate the positive result from the action of drugs and accelerate the recovery process).


  • Tonsillitis. The acute form of tonsillitis is called an angina. If the angina is not treated in time, the disease will switch to the discharge of chronic when the exacerbations will happen to several times a year. Unlike pharyngitis, no mucous pharynx is affected with the tonsillitis, and the silica almonds (glands). Angina proceeds with acute sore throat, high body temperature, white raids or purulent clusters appear on the glands. An effective means of fighting an angina - high-quality antibiotic therapy assigned to the ENT doctor, and physiothereders conducted in the ENT clinic. Chronic tonsillitis proceeds not as bright as angina, but its symptoms also deliver a sick to a considerable discomfort: elevated body temperature, an unpleasant smell of iso-mouth, sore throat. Purpose traffic jams are noticeable on the glands - the accumulation of compressed streptococcus. The plugs support inflammation in almonds, so they need to get rid of them. Effective therapy for chronic tonsillitis should be complex and include medication treatment, washing the almonds from traffic jams and physiothereders. In the absence of proper treatment, tonsillitis gives complications on the heart, kidneys and joints.


  • Larygitis is the inflammation of the larynx, which is accompanied not only dry, but also a strong car, barking cough, in vote in his voice and itching in the throat, as if the throat from the inside "torter". The treatment of laryngitis includes the reception of antibacterial or antiviral agents, antiseptic drugs, antitussive agents, physiotherapeutic procedures. Also, at the time of treatment, it is necessary to abandon alcohol, smoking and avoid overvoltage of voice ligaments. Moisturizing and softening the throat is achieved with abundant drink (herbal teas are suitable, fruit, compotes, etc.)
  • Phariromicosis (or fungal pharyngitis) is inflammation of the mucous membrane of the pharynx, the causative agent of which was a fungal infection. Often the disease occurs against the background of uncontrolled antibiotics reception. The disease flows with dryness, strong burning, discomfort and pain in the throat. On the mucosa of the throat is noticeable woofed raids. Therapy is the reception of antifungal, anti-inflammatory drugs, rinsing and irrigation of the throat with antiseptic drugs. An excellent addition to medicinal therapy will be physical.


Diseases of other organs and human systems.

Suchness in the throat does not always speak of inflammatory processes in the ENT organs. It happens that discomfort in the Gundorlotka arises against the background of diseases of other organs and human systems. The treatment of these pathologies will no longer be engaged in the otorinolaryngologist, but adjacent specialists.

The cause of dry throat can be banal allergies to dust, pollen, pets of pets, food, food and other stimuli. The allergic reaction is also usually accompanied by muzzling, itching in the eyes, in particularly severe cases - asphyxia. To cope with allergies, the reception of antihistamine preparations and treatment at the allergist is required.

The dryness in the throat can be a sign of diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, for example, gastritis, ulcerative disease or reflux-esophagitis. In pathologies, the gastric gastric juice can throw in the Gundorlotka, irritating the mucous membrane and causing a feeling of dryness in it. Patients also complain about painfulness in the abdomen, nausea, bloating, bitterness in the mouth, etc. The therapy of such diseases is engaged in a gastroenterologist.


Another cause of dryness in the throat are diseases of the endocrine system. Hormonal disorders with a failure in the work of the thyroid gland negatively affect the state of mucous membranes, which causes a feeling of dryness. A similar symptom occurs against diabetes. Both violations are treated under the control of the endocrinologist.

In the event of dryness in the mouth, you may need to consult an oncologist, since it is one of the symptoms of neoplasms of the oral cavity of a benign and malignant.

In medicine there are a number of diseases that affect not some particular body, but the whole body. Such diseases are called systemic, and they can also provoke discomfort in the throat. These diagnoses include sclerodermia, fibrosis, SHEGREEN syndrome, etc.


Whatever the cause of dry throat, it is impossible to leave this condition. It is necessary to start a survey of the body from a visit to the ENT doctor, who, after the inspection, if necessary, will send the patient to the necessary personnel, or prescribe effective therapy if dry throat is a consequence of the ENT disease.


To prevent the appearance of dry throat, you need to perform a number of non-hard recommendations:

  • regularly ventilate the room and maintain the optimal level of humidity in it; If possible, purchase an air humidifier;
  • Refuse bad habits;
  • Rinse the nasal cavity by salt solutions during the epidemics and during the heating season; Salt solutions can be purchased in any pharmacy;
  • follow the level of the fluid consumed;
  • Do not abuse spices, acute, fried, salty food;
  • When working on "harmful" industries, use special means to protect ENT organs.


The main method of prevention was and remains timely appeal to the doctor with the appearance of the slightest signs of deterioration of health.

Very often, feeling dry throat, we do not attach the values ​​to this symptom, although, as practice shows, this may be a signal of serious pathological processes in the body. Therefore, watch your health and do not neglect professional medical care.

Always yours, Dr. Zaitsev .

About the author: LOR doctor of the highest category, candidate honey. science

The throat hurts, cough ... oh, from this cough head will soon split. Optimists joke that the press is swinging, but it is better to roll up in another way. Dry cough is the most emulsive. He wakes up at night, does not give to talk.

I want to start with the main thing: If you have a cough, be sure to go to the doctor . Only the specialist will be able to determine what caused your cough and where the virus settled - in the throat, in the trachea, in bronchi ... if you begin to be treated for something, from what you need, to the pneumonia hand to file.

People have a favorite myth about dry cough. If the cough is dry, according to legend, it must be turned it into "wet" by all means. For example, start drinking expectorant drugs. Boot them in a pharmacy at their discretion or on the Seller's advice, and to be treated with all his might.

- In fact, dry cough may appear because of inflammation in the throat or because of the tracheite, - Explains the doctor of therapist Andrei Petrakov . - And then, roughly speaking, the sputum is nowhere to take. And, it means that the expectorant drugs are useless. It is necessary to calm the throat.

If you were at the doctor if the doctor said that in the lungs purely, and you are tracheitis, these tips for you:

1. Inhalation.

The best option is nebulizer. With its help, inhalation can be made simply with saline, adding 1-2 ml of antiseptic, like chlorhexidine. But the physician itself will perfectly clean the mucous membrane.

2. Hot inhalation Doctors are prescribed with caution. After all, people love to breathe too close to a saucepan with boiling water. And so you can burn everything in the world. If breathe above the pan, then wait until boiling water cools up to 60-70 degrees. For hot inhalations, boiled potatoes will suit, a few drops of eucalyptus oil or propolis in water.

3. Folk remedies.

- You can absorb honey, it is slowly that he will "get around" all the throat. Honey disinfects and softens. By the way, honey can not be heated - that is, the drink "hot milk with honey" does not make sense - honey, heating, loses its useful properties.

- If you love mustard plasters, stick on the chest, not higher.

- Any warming ointment, like a "asterisk" - also not for the throat, but on the chest - at night. On top of a woolen scarf.

- Mustard in socks, warm feet baths - all these grandfathers "just just once" with trachekit.

- warming bath. Only if there is no temperature. You can add salt, herbal collection, eucalyptus oil.

- You can rinse the throat with a chamomile, propolis, soda (1h.l. on a glass of water).

- From herbal fees Choose those that contain chamomile, licorice, mint.

Carefully with ginger. This root creates miracles when immunity needs help, but the ginger is dried, and in the trachea and irritated throat it is not necessary. So ginger in tea to add a little bit, and tea is better to drink with milk.

4. Ledges

In pharmacies Million tablets-candy. Choose herbal, your task is to soften the throat, and not to treat cough.

5. Moisturizing

The throat dries and annoyed, the inflammation does not go away because of too dry air. In the apartment put a moisturizer. If it is not, you can hang wet towels on the battery.

Rinse your nose with salt water, even if you do not have a cold. Salted water will rinse the virus from the nasopharynx, the throat will stop twis.

By the way, water in this case is always an assistant. If you cough - just make a sip of water or tea. And more warm drink!

What if he is tricky and dried in the throat?

The reasons for the appearance of unpleasant sensations in the throat can be different. Sometimes the symptom passes by itself. For example, if the throat was thermal (hot food) or mechanical (overly solid food) effect. But in some cases, the allocation is a symptom of the beginning of a serious disease (for example, pharyngitis, tonsillitis or mononucleizaosis. Therefore, if you have become in my throat, it is better to consult a doctor.

Dry and dusty air

Overlay and pain in the throat may appear with a long stay in rooms with dry or contaminated air. The danger of the situation is that the damaged throat becomes more susceptible to pathogenic bacteria. To get rid of this problem, you need to install a humidifier in the room. Alternative method - periodic use of the pulverizer.

Angina (tonsillitis)

High temperature, weakness, inflamed lymph nodes on the neck, pain when swallowing and blushing almonds - all these are symptoms of tonsillitis. Angleus cause streptococci and staphylococci. This is a dangerous disease that can give complications on the kidneys, joints and heart. Deletion with the appeal to the doctor is unacceptable. Folk remedies with tonsillitis are ineffective.

An antibiotics are prescribed during the threshing. It is impossible to use antibacterial agents independently. With the improper use of these drugs, hazardous resistance may develop. Some people may have allergies to different antibiotics. Preparations for treatment should pick up exclusively by the doctor.


Pharyngitis is the inflammation of the mucous membrane of the pharynx, which occurs when inhalation of cold (or contaminated) air. Infectious pharyngitis can be caused by staphylococci, streptococci and pneumococci. Also occurs in viral diseases. Treatment depends on the nature of the disease. If the pharyngitis is bacterial, it is treated with a rinse of the throat and the irrigation of the tonsils with special aerosols. In some cases, antibiotics can be applied.


Mononucleosis in its symptoms is similar to angina: white crust on almonds, sore throat and high temperature. The patient with mononucleosis may increase the spleen and liver. All lymph nodes in the body are inflated. Specific treatment does not exist. The disease is manifested with a weakened immunite, so it is necessary to take measures to strengthen it. Mononucleosis must be transferred to bed. It is important to drink a lot of liquid, fully feed and take vitamins. The diagnosis is specified after passing the overall blood test.

If you do not know what to do if the throat is tricky and dried, consult a doctor. This is the safest way to determine the cause of the problem. Do not self-medication, as it can lead to more serious problems.

Each of us has come across the sore throat for the course of life. Walled diseases are the most common cause of discomfort in the throat, and with timely treatment, all the symptoms quickly pass. But sometimes pain, sore throat and hoarseness are a sign of much more dangerous diseases.

One of the easiest and most effective methods of combating pain in the throat - Pastalki. Simple to use, pleasant to taste and, most importantly, bringing relief, they quickly gained popularity. But not only they are used in the treatment of sore throat.

What could be the causes of sore throat?

Faringite is an inflammatory process in the mucous membrane. The most frequent "culprit" of acute pharyngitis is rinovirus. Characteristic symptoms: pain when swallowing, dry cough, temperature rise up to 38 ° C.

Larygit - inflammation of the mucous membrane of the larynx. It may be a consequence of an infectious disease, an allergic reaction, a long inhalation of poisonous, irritating mucous substances. His symptoms are dry throat, "scratching" pain, barking cough, hoarseness, and later the voice can be completely abyss.

In young children, such infections such as influenza, pertussis, scarletin or corte can cause a sharp stenzing laryngotrachite (false croup). Since children have little larynx sizes, highly risk that mucosa swelling will completely close the clearance of the voice slot and, as a result, can lead to a respiratory stop.

Pain in the throat

You can get sick at any age, but most often, the disease proceeds in a light form and delivers only discomfort, not representing the threat of life.

Tonnsillitis, or angina - inflammation of pelvis almonds. The main reason is the hemolytic streptococcus group A. As a rule, the disease begins acutely, with an increase in temperature to 39 ° C, severe throat pain, headaches, chills. The almonds are increased, they have a white or yellow raid, sometimes guns. Angry is dangerous with its complications: abscesses of the pharynx, acute rheumatic fever, glomerulonephritis, so need immediately the beginning of treatment with antibiotics.

Non-infectious reasons: excessive overvoltage of voice ligaments, mechanical damage to the mucosa laryngeal by foreign bodies, such as fish bones, mucosa burns, various tumors of pharynges and oral cavity, gastroesophageal reflux disease (pathology of the digestive tract, due to which gastric hydrochloric acid is injected into the esophagus and larynx , causing inflammation of the mucous).

Sore throat doctor

To establish the exact cause of the disease and make the diagnosis can only a doctor.

What medicines help sore throat?

Modern Medicine offers a large amount of effective throat pain for adults and for children, but it is important to remember: if the sore throat is accompanied by such symptoms, like a temperature rise above 38.5 ° C, skin rash, an increase in lymph nodes, their soreness, difficult breathing , bright red throat and raid on almonds, it is better to consult a doctor, in order to avoid difficult complications.

Pastili, pills for resorption and lollipops

Dr. Mom - Produced in a variety of forms, but one of the most popular - Pastili. It is one of the most popular drugs in sore throat.

Isla-Moos - Pastelle based on the extract of the Icelandic Moss. Have a light pleasant taste. An antimicrobial, immunostimulating effect is enveloped and protect the mucous membrane. Recommended not only for treatment, but also for preventing respiratory diseases.

Faringosept. - Old proven remedy with powerful antibacterial effect. Produced in the form of tablets for resorption, however, not very pleasant to taste. Diabetes must be borne in mind that the pills contain sucrose.

Hexoral - antimicrobial and antifungal drug, which is sold and the shape of candy, and in the form of a spray, one of the fastest and efficient preparations from sore throat. The active ingredient - hexedin, in the composition of the candy there is eucalyptus and mint oil, so that they also have a softening, analgesic effect. Spray is contraindicated to people with bronchial asthma. Pretty frequent side effect - temporary change in taste sensations. Contraindicated with glucose intolerance. Allergic reactions are rarely caused.

Eucalyptt-M. - Tablets for resorption, which contains levomentole and eucalyptus oil. Anti-inflammatory, antiseptic agent, relatively inexpensive, but, according to patient reviews, effective.

Septolete - Lollipops with painkillers, anti-inflammatory, antiseptic properties. It has an extremely wide spectrum of antimicrobial action, it helps well even with severe infectious diseases such as angina. But they are undesirable to apply if in the presence of wounds in the mouth (slows down healing), as well as people with fructose intolerance.

OralSept. - Produced in the form of tablets and spray. Contains a benzidamine - a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory agent, so very quickly removes pain, swelling. Antimicrobial effect is somewhat weaker.

Pills from throat pain

The manifold of lozenges, tablets and lollipops will allow each person to choose those that will be arranged in all indicators.


Inhalipt - Old, well-known spray based on eucalyptus oil, also contains mint oil and sulfonamides. It helps to fight various microorganisms, softens, moisturizes, protects the throat. Somewhat more often causes allergic reactions.

Mrstestin-spray - It is famous for its effectiveness against many bacteria and, if you believe the manufacturer, even against some viruses. Contraindications practically does not have, except for individual elevated sensitivity, but during long-term use causes the dysbacteriosis of the oral cavity.

Lugol - Spray based on iodine. In addition to the destruction of microbes, it contributes to the regeneration of damaged almonds, enhanced by their protective film. You can not use for a long time - the appearance of serious allergic reactions. When overdose is able to cause bronchospasm and burns of the upper respiratory tract.

Chlorophilipte spray - An antibacterial agent based on the mixture of chlorophylls from the leaves of eucalyptus by many doctors. It is used in people with reduced immunity, because it is able to reduce the resistance of bacteria before antibiotics and increase the oxygen content in the body tissues. The medicine also has painful and antiviral activity. The disadvantages include a sharp unpleasant taste and high allergenicity, so after the first test injection, it is necessary to wait five to six hours, to make sure that there are no allergic reactions.

Proposol - Spray, which contains propolis (product of vital activity of bees). In addition to painkillers and disinfection, helps the regeneration of ulcers. It tastes for taste and smell. Contraindicated people with allergies on honey.

Spray from throat pain

Choose a suitable spray, independently, not always easy, so it is better to consult a doctor.

Budget treatment of pain in the throat homemade

Many are wondering: "Is it possible to cure yourself without resorting to the help of pharmacy?" For Easy Disease the response "Yes". Reduce throat pain will help abundant warm drinking and resorption of candies (even ordinary, non-pharmacy). Permanent moisturizing and washing the inflamed mucosa softens unpleasant sensations and contributes to the speedy recovery.

Popular methods of treatment include rinsery of the throat with chalfts, chamomiles, calendula. Indeed, these herbs have antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties, but extremely weak.

Treatment of sore throat

Rest and abundant drinking is the best tools for fast recovery.

Antibiotic therapy and antiviral preparations for throat diseases

Antibiotics - drugs, destroying bacteria, but not able to resist viruses. Most often in antibiotic therapy there is no need, since the cause of respiratory diseases are usually viruses. But in those cases where the use of antibiotics is necessary, for example, with an angina, a doctor should appoint a suitable drug.

Remember that already 2-3 days after the start of treatment of the manifestation of the disease should decrease, and in a week and disappear at all. If the pain in the throat and other symptoms are not only not weakened, and also strengthen, it is better to consult with the doctor.

What to treat sore throat?

January 22 2020.

The sore throat is a common symptom of ARZ. For his treatment, there are different forms of drugs: lollipops, sprays, rinse. What option to choose?

Treatment of throat pain is carried out using painkillers and anti-inflammatory funds. They include antimicrobial and antiseptic substances, essential oils, anesthetics. Let's look at some of them.

Lollipops, tablets and loafers

Eliminate inflammation, relieve painful sensations, clean dryness and alliance. When resorption, the active substances are released gradually, providing a long therapeutic effect. For the best impact, they must be dissolved: when chewing, efficiency decreases.

  • Faringosept. Provides local antimicrobial effect. It has a bacteriostatic action.

  • "Hexoral Tabs". Candy-taste lollipops contain chlorhexidine and benzocaine that have antimicrobial and painkillers.

  • "Lizobakt". Effectively struggles with infection. Suppose in pregnancy and children from 3 years.

  • "Anti-angine". Contains chlorhexidine I. Tetrakain. Provides a local benesising effect.

Sprays for the throat

Aerosols allow processing the entire surface of the mucous meal - including hard-to-reach areas. Active substances begin to act instantly, immediately providing a tangible anti-inflammatory and analgesic effect. The concentration of existing components in sprays is higher than in resorption tools.

Like lollipops, sprays are comfortable to carry with them, carrying out symptomatic treatment, even if the cold found you on the road. Note that at least half an hour after applying the spray should be refracted from food and drink.

  • "Hexoral". Suitable for the treatment of any throat inflammation. It has a long action: enough 2-3 applications per day.
  • "Teraflu LAR". Contains lidocaine, which relieves pain perfectly.
  • "Inhalipt". Inexpensive effective means. Its components envelop the mucous membrane, removing pain for a long time and struggling with infection.
  • "Tantuum Verde." Perfectly anesthesia, relieves inflammation and fights with microbes.

Solutions for rinsing

Rinse throat helps not only to relieve pain, but also faster to bring infection, as well as to remove swelling. It should be started to rinse the rotoglick at the very first signs of the disease.

  • "Chlorofillipte Vialine" . Plant preparation with eucalyptus extract and mirates.
  • Chlorhexidine (0.05%). Universal disinfectant that can be used in inflammatory diseases of the throat.
  • "Angiosept". It consists of components possessing, antiseptic, anti-inflammatory effect.
  • Furacilin Vialine. Contains nitrofural, liquid extract of vicinity and dubrovnik, which are an effective means of preventing diseases of the oral cavity.

When choosing a medicine, it is important to remember that drugs have contraindications. If you get sick, be sure to consult a doctor!

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