How to quickly make a lot of money in GTA 5 on the stock exchange and promotions without cheats and codes. Earn money in GTA 5 on robbers and collections

No wonder the expression "not to live beautifully does not forbid" became a winged, because precisely because of the permissiveness and the feeling of the rich life of the GTA acquired such popularity among young gamers. For me, as for a large fan of this series, it has become a complete surprise lack of cheats and codes for money in the story mode. But as it turned out, this moment the developers worked in detail: by the end of the game, each character from the Trinity can boast a couple of billions of dollars in his account.

How to make a lot of money in GTA 5?

In the game there are several potential ways to fill your pocket with money, but the most important thing you have to understand - the mission to eliminate goals from the leter you should leave at the very end, with the exception of the one that affects the plot of the game.

But we start from the very beginning - with robbery. This type of activity will bring to each of the characters a substantial amount, but how to enlarge it - read below. The developers provided you with complete freedom in choosing a team for robbery, but there is one perfect combination at which you can earn more than with other options.

This manual works only during the primary passage of the plot, you can replay the tasks, but this will in no way affect the income.

"Jewelry Robbery" (The Jewel Store Job)

This robbery is most advantageous to go through the "smart" approach.

Approach and composition for the first robbery

Despite the fact that the hacker will affect the time of collecting jewels, take the Rica of Lakens. He is inexperienced, but this is enough if you act quickly. Of course, you can choose a professional that will ask for the appropriate remuneration.

In the role of the arrow, the packs of Maccurry are quite good - its level is enough. But to make it possible to choose him during the preparation for the robbery, Franklin should help him in a departure in a side effect when he robs the store.

Karim Denz will become an excellent choice as a driver. With him, of course, it will be more difficult to pass by chase, but it will save you money - nothing, you can suffer.

"Robbery Merryweather" (Merryweather Heist)

Read our article about the passage of this mission and realize why it will not be able to earn no cent.

First task from Leicester - "Murder - Hotel" (Hotel Assassination)

The next way of earning in a single game is the tasks from the leather. We recommend that you leave them at the very end so that you have a sufficient amount for investing, however, this mission is necessary to pass the plot. Well, try not to spend money earned on the first robbery, and then you can get well. Another great way to make money is to collect - you can assemble parts of the epsilon treatise and nuclear waste, which will give you more than 2.5 million game currency.

Before passing, put in bet

Before you start this task, each of the three characters in the share of Bettapharmaceuticals (BET) on the Bawsaq stock exchange. After passing the task, you will need to wait from 1 to 4 game days so that the company's shares reached their peak (from 2 to 12 saving). But do not let the case on Samotek, constantly go to the site of the exchange and check if the growth of the company's shares amounted to about 50% (on the old generation consoles 80%), start selling. Do not forget that you bought shares by each character, which means that it is necessary to make a sale on the same algorithm.

After passing, buy Bil shares

Once you have received a decent amount, go to the LCN stock exchange and buy securities of competitors - BIL company. During the trading on BawSAQ, the shares of this company should have fallen by about 30%. You can wait another game day, but make sure that the price does not start to grow (an acceptable price of $ 7.5 per share), but even without it, the sale will bring you more than 100%. Do not rush to sell: in our case I had to wait for 7 game days. You can speed up time with bed (saving).

Blitz Play (Blitz Play)

No matter how you hate Steve Haynes, dirty work for government agencies you will have to do free - they are both governmental.

"Paleto SCORE" robbery

Optimal passage of the second robbery

The most optimal option as an arrow is Paki Makriri if you worked with him in the very first robbery. If not, choose the chef, its characteristics are quite suitable for this case. But in no case do not take the norm - we will not spare, but this is the worst option.

In this robbery is not only the level of the team, but also your own. From each hit in the bag will decrease the amount of the Kush. From the bank you will leave 8 million with kopecks, if you can save this amount, it will be just wonderful.

"Bureau RAID" (The Bureau RAID)

When planning a robbery, choose an option to penetrate the building from the roof.

Bureau capture plan

Only Franklin can earn money in this robbery. The role of the hacker again choose the Ricky Lakence, the arrow's place should take Richards standards, and take the driver either Taliana Martinez, or Karima Denza.

Ricky can give up a little to professional hakwar in the speed of work, but it is acceptable for this task. Despite the inexperience, Richards will be quite acceptable to cope with the task (just do not take it in the first option, otherwise he will die that he will be in a penny already in the near future). Taliana Martinez is the best driver for this robbery, but to choose it, you will have to go through a side task where you need to save the girl from death. You will see it near the inverted car on the side between two roads. Take it to Sandy Shores faster than she will die.

To use Taliana in robbers, you must save her

The option with Karim is acceptable only if you worked with it on a jewelry robbery, and otherwise there will be serious waste problems.

"Huge Kush" (The Big Score)

This robbery is the last and largest in a single game. As you already guessed, quickly earn money in GTA 5 will not work, however, if you do everything right, by the end of the story history, each character can be quite and very secured.

When planning, choose the option "obvious" approach. Choose Taliana Martinez as a helicopter pilot, on the role of the driver - Karima Denza, the shooter can choose anyone, only but not a moat.


Taliana perfectly cope with piloting, but if you replace it on the day, you are waiting for a plane crash. The shooter here does not matter, the cheapest is suitable. If you still decided to pass the robbery in a quiet way, then know that it will bring 6 million less. In this case, Macriri or Chef is suitable for the role of the first arrow, and the place of the second can be entrusted to Daril Jones or Norman. Taliana and Karim - drivers, the role of a hacker should get Rica Lachens.

If you select an option b and make everything without a single blot, then in the end, each of the characters will be able to get 41 million GTA dollars.

Investing before lester missions

As mentioned earlier, these 4 tasks should be left to the easiest of the story, because the income size depends on the amount of investment. So, let's begin.

"Murder - 4 goals" (The Multi Target Assassination)

Each of the three characters are in line with the Debonaire Tobacco (DEB) manufacturing company on LCN securities stock exchange. Now it remains to be patient and check the growth of quotes. For several game hours, the price of shares in the PC version of the game will grow by 52% (on consoles up to 80%) - it's time to sell.

Earnings on promotions in lester missions

After you "raised" money on Debonaire shares, it's time to buy shares of the REDWOOD (RWC) competing company. It is necessary to make it quickly that the company will not have time to move away from the incident, after passing the six-nine game days, the company's quotes will return to the limits of the norm, and you will earn 300% of profits (on consoles 330%).

The biggest earnings in GTA 5

Purchase Fruit (FRT) shares on BawSAQ. After 2 saves, the price of assets on the PC will rise by 25% (on consoles - 50%). After that, insert your savings in Facade (FAC) and monitor quotes - you can earn another 30%.

Investing before the assignment of murder - panel

"Murder - Bus" (The Bus Assassination)

Here, the algorithm of action will have to change a little. Before starting the mission, you do not need to invest any money, it should be done only after its completion. Be sure to look at the VAPID course before passing the mission, you can buy stocks when their market value falls 2 times. After five or seven gaming days you can earn 100% of the initial investments.

Earnings on task murder - bus

"Murder - Construction Assassination"

Before the mission, buy Goldcoast (GCD) shares on LCN. After passing, learn some game days (use the bed) and start trading, you can "raise" to 63% on the PC (on consoles more than 80%).

Purchase of shares in the last task of Leicester

Council from random events

In addition to the tasks to eliminate goals in the game there are some more options for earning the stock exchange. For example, you can help business analytics, the car was broken next to the highway (click to open the card) - this random event is called "Travel 1" (HitchLift 1).

The essence of the task is to 2:20 minutes. You managed to deliver analyst to Los Santos Airport, and as a reward, he will share insider information with you.

Buy Tinkle Paper

Before passing, invest all the means of each heroes in Tinkle on Bawsaq. Through one game day, the increase in the cost of shares in the PC version of the game will be about 30% (on consoles 50%).

The most skilled divorce in GTA 5

Another way to improve your financial condition, although very dubious is to trust Mr. Bill Binder and to invest in his portfolio generator at It is impossible to accurately predict the results, so we advise players with a disadvantage of funds to refrain from this scam, the same who does not know where else to spend their billions, we wish good luck.

Independent earnings on LCN and BawSAQ shares

Despite the fact that information on the influence of the player's actions in free mode is often found on the Internet for the shares of various companies, and there is no confirmation of this. All actions in the game are fully thought out, so the price of the quotations will not change from the undermining property of competitors.

How to make money on the stock exchange in GTA 5, and for what they are then created? In fact, everything is simple, in the LCN Exchange, which does not depend on connecting to Rockstar servers, you can buy stock companies at low prices, and sell at higher. However, you will have to study all the subtleties of trade, as not always a positive growth of securities today can continue in a day or two. For this type of earnings, only a player himself can be responsible.

If, after reading this article, you still have questions, see this video about how to make money in the game.

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GRAND THEFT AUTO 5 (GTA V): Council (quick money earnings)


I want to tell you about fast and easy money on money in GTA 5 without cheats, without bugs and without leather missions with the stock exchange. The more we have on your pocket - the faster the process of enrichment will go. Personally, I started after passing the scenery from the amount of 40.000.000 and raised to 1.500.000,000 for 15-20 minutes. But you can earn having small amounts. Let it begin in order:

1. Go to the LCN stock exchange


2. Choose a company with positive dynamics (Green Arrogo Up), I usually choose with the most expensive shares so that you need to be less.


3. We buy shares about half the amount of your cash, those. If you have 100,000 in your pocket - we buy by about 50.000



4. Immediately we sell all the shares, We do not sleep, do not wait, do not persist. Bought, immediately sold. We get not bad arrived, repeat. At first, revenues will not be very large, but the increase in profits will grow in geometric progression.


ATTENTION!!! It is very important: do not buy stocks immediately for all money, there will be no profit. If you when buying stocks overtook the plus sign and scored more than you need or you accidentally scored the entire amount - buy and sell shares. Profit will be 0. But not under any circumstances, do not press the button with a minus, it is better to immediately press the cancellation otherwise there will be damages.

Who companies are confused using the table


This method found out on the Internet, I do not remember the author, sorry. All good, I hope someone will help.

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How to make money in gta 5

The game Grand Theft AUTO 5 Largely like real life, and not only as it has become approximate to it in graphics, physics of movements and image quality, it's all, of course, but we are talking about the fact that the same basic laws act in GTA 5 Survival, as in real life! It is sooner or later a financial question will rise when we start missing funds, which is why we collected everything relatively honest, without using Cheats. и Trainers , and the most effective ways to earn in GTA 5, as well as a number of small tricks that will help us not only not to become a poor, but also to increase their capital in GTA 5 and never need money! So, we'll start understanding, How to make a lot of money in GTA 5 .

Kill and take money

Those who played in previous versions of games Grand Theft Auto , and such a majority, perfectly know that random passers-by has money with them, which will completely come to us as pocket tools, yes, if you ask the question how to quickly make money in gta 5 , the most simplest and primitive way is on passersby, their murder, and collecting their money to their budget, of course, should not be repeated like in real life. But now, new opportunities are added to the way described above, because we will periodically come across robbed people who can help, giving up the criminal and swinging money from him, further to solve you, return to the victim or leave this bonus to yourself. To quickly earn money in GTA 5, it is not worthwhile and detention of criminals Police After all, money is often scattered, you do not hesitate, collect them!

Recommended mod - methamphetamine business in GTA 5

Tax collectors + ATMs

Another, more profitable, but also a more risky way to quickly earn in GTA 5 is to rob collectors. Periodically, they will appear on the map, and at the same time he is not worth it, because especially at the beginning of the game, any money is important for us, especially more or less decent. How to rob the collector car in GTA 5? Everything is simple: we kill the driver and endure the doors with C4 or, if we have a grenade launcher in the arsenal, we can use it. Everything is available for us by a N-naya amount, which will replenish our budget, taking it, usually, it exceeds 5 thousand USA, without losing a second we carry your legs! We draw your attention to the fact that it is predetermined to determine the shelter, in which we are remembered after the robbery, because we do not want to get caught and find yourself in GTA Prison 5. . Driving our excursion on the issue in GTA 5 on a PC How to make money, find out that in addition to collectors who are sometimes transporting good amounts, there are also ATMs! It is worth choosing the following strategy: we raise the passerver, which removes money in an ATM, and after that, immediately robbing it, often in his pockets who have visited the ATM, we will be able to discover a pleasant surprise in the financial equivalent.

Grabise shops

How else can you make money in GTA 5? Let's get random pedestrians and collectors to more constant and what is called stationary objects - shops. After all, in GTA 5 there is a whole bunch of different stores and shops, shops, in general those institutions where we can buy anything, and therefore they have money, with something in large quantities than accommodates the pocket of the average passerby. We go to the store, aims in the seller, take the cherished money and carry out the legs, by analogy with the collector van, it is desirable to have a pre-planned shelter in which we will "make legs" before the arrival of the cops. Meeting that in some establishments there are more than one ticket In this case, we are waiting for money from the first, after which they shoot in the second, the reverse order is undesirable because in this case we will have an extra witnesses. Do not get weapons without entering shops and without going to the cashiers, in this case they will not get money In this case, we will have only one option, again, shoot on cash registers and do all the work for them! And of course, do not abuse the robbers of the same store in GTA 5, otherwise the owner will supply the barrel and not the droplets will not be ashamed. Test him on us.

Finish the mission robbery jewelry store and others

As a result of our first robbery, we will understand how to earn a lot in GTA 5, because we will have real money, which, of course, are not comparable to small replenishments as a result of street waste. This concerns the robbery of the jewelry store, remember, the most expensive jewels are on the counters near the cash register The only opinion is that in order for the robbery perfectly, it is necessary to hire the most expensive, and according to effective partners, yes, it's so, but we offer you all small and not very tricks on the passage of missions, who should hire and how not overpay the extra money on those partners who simply take a lot of stake with us, but they will not help them compared to cheaper, how to get the maximum profit from the mission, all this we have collected in a separate instruction on passing Robble missions in GTA 5 !

Lester's missions and stock markets

Now it is time to learn how much to earn in GTA 5 Making investments on the stock markets. In the course of the game, we will periodically meet the missions from the leter, who will give various tasks of Franklin, as well as, speak recommendations about whether stocks will grow in price, In them we will invest, respectively, the more money we will invest, the more we get after the end of the mission and takeoff shares. Do not forget that in GTA 5 there are three protagonist, and we can make attachments from the face of each of them! Plus, remember everything if you missed what Leicester told you, you can listen to the latest dialogs again by clicking on the pause button!

Manipulate stock market

And now, perhaps, they will delve into the question of how to quickly earn in GTA 5 in more detail on the following example. The advantage gives us a task to kill the company's general director, then, naturally, it will be advantageous to invest in the promotion of competitors! Do not forget that after the murder's mission We will not be able to switch between protagonists, so to make money on the stock exchange GTA 5, highlight the time and buy by shares by each of them before the mission, or, as a last resort, if you could not do, you have a little time after it The endings until the actions performed did not lead to sharp changes in the stock market.


In order for faster time, after making each mission, it is necessary to preserve several times anywhere in order to achieve the maximum profit value. As we have already noted, it is necessary to make investments from wallets of all three protagonists, profits may vary.

And now, we bring to your attention brief recommendations how to quickly earn in GTA 5.

Mission Murder - Hotel:

Before starting the mission, we recommend investing funds in Bettapharmaceuticals (BawSAQ), your profit will be about 50%.

Mission murder - 4 goals:

Before starting the mission, we recommend investing funds in DebonAire (LCN), your profits will be about 85%. Immediately invest in REDWOOD (LCN), because the growth of shares will soon be about 300%.

Mission murder - Panel:

Before starting the mission, we recommend investing funds in Fruit (BawSAQ), your profits will be about 55%.

Mission murder - bus :

After the end of the mission, we recommend investing in Vapid (BawSAQ). Now look at the growth / fall, on all charts, arrows, etc., most importantly, remember when the share price has become the "Low" value - it's time to buy! Your profits will be About 85%, and can achieve and record 150% per 1-2 gaming day, in this period of time the price per share will be as low and then sharply increase.

Mission murder - construction:

Before starting the mission, we recommend investing in Goldcoast (GCD), your income will be about 85%.

Investment in Flyus.

To make money in GTA 5, we have recommendations and relative to Flyus, in order to be in a plus on promotions, do the following. After passing the mission of "trouble with the law" by purchasing shares, because The price of them will fall significantly. Forget about these promotions before the mission to "get away from the coils", because having passed her course will rise sharply and we will be able to earn good.

Investments in MerryWeather Security

And after the end of the main storyline, we will also be able to easily and quickly earn in GTA 5 by purchasing Merryweather's shares, at this point the cost will fall, invested $ 30 million we will be able to be in profit by as much as 6 million dollars.

Treasure under water

We present you another very good way how to quickly make money in GTA 5. For this, we need to become the owner of the Sonar Collections dock, after which we have a personal submarine Batiskof to study oceanic depths, as well as the rest of the equipment necessary for this.

We all know well that Map GTA 5. Literally, all kinds of surprises and interesting places hidden from public eye in quiet corners did not exception and oceanic expanses of GTA 5, because they make a lot of interesting and exciting mass! To make money after buying dock, we need to take advantage of the next cunning!

Under water we have hidden treasies with a par value of 12,000 cu What is the attitude of the trick you ask? And the case is that as soon as you pick up the treasure at the same second, go to another character and immediately back, if you do everything quickly, until the protagonist has time to float from the treasure, then you will find a pleasant surprise that money is still lying In the old place, and we can take them as an unlimited number of times!

Reasonable spending + hints and tips on saving money in GTA 5

Finally, let's talk about saving money in GTA 5. After all, no matter how much we earned in the game, we will have a chronic lack of funds in the game, we will have a chronic lack of funds. Of course, you need to take care of your finances, how exactly, to refuse themselves in everything? No, just consider small features and tricks GTA 5! I think everyone will find interesting and new ways for themselves, which will be useful in GTA 5.

The first thing I would like to say is the AMMU-Nation weapons stores, there are several following basic rules here:

- Discounts are provided for everything Weapons In the amount of 15% and 25% if you passed all small tasks in all AMMU-Nation branches, the latter is provided if you have passed all the tasks for gold!

- There is another way to save on weapons, and more accurately update or buy it for free is that you are starting the mission, look at the Ammu-Nation store, buy what we need, then kill yourself, thereby failing the mission. After that, we will have a spent amount spent on the account, and this acquisition will be bought back to the store will be purchased. And on the screen of the mission, press the replay (a, x), and in no case press the exit (b, o), because In this case, you do not see money back!

There are some more interesting and useful ways to save in GTA 5:

- Want a new expensive car? Is it necessary a round sum for this? Select it by disembarking the driver, put to my garage, thereby guaranteeing integrity, and voila you have a new iron horse absolutely free!

- And if you need to repair cars in GTA 5, we save the game and reboot it, everything, our car in perfect condition!

- And, perhaps, the main thing, try to die less, because each "resurrection" will turn into a penny, and how you know it is 5 thousand cu.

Also read detailed instructions how to quickly make a lot of money in GTA 5 online.

How to make a lot of money in GTA 5
How to make a lot of money in GTA 5

Guides by games | Guides by GTA 5 To pass the main story in GTA 5, you do not need a lot of money. During the game, spending the evergreen dollars earned by criminal, you will except for guns, repair and modernization of cars, as well as clothes for fra нWedge, Michael and Trevor. But if you want to buy all the property, you will need a lot of money. In this guide, we have collected all the most relevant and useful recommendations for making money in GTA 5.

Robbery and business
Robbery and business


Robbery are the easiest way to earn money in the fifth of the famous criminal action from Rockstar. In addition, you will not be able to skip them, as they are part of the main plot. In robbers, you will help accomplices that you will pay percentage of Kush.

Many players when planning first cases naively believe that taking the most "cheap" accomplices, they will get maximum profits. Unfortunately, this is not so. Criminals who request the smallest percentage will only take you additional difficulties, so it is better not to save on this issue.

The most profitable mercenaries are those you will find on the streets of the city. Usually, you need your help, and if you provide it, they will become available for robbery. Keep in mind that with each robbery of the skill of your accomplices will grow, and the requirements for salary are not.


Collecting items:

Collecting items - one of the most interesting ways of mining money in GTA 5. You will receive not only a big bunch of dollars, but also achievements. In addition, collecting items for collectibles are necessary to pass a hundred percent.

Collecting items in GTA 5:

  • Spacecraft details;
  • Parts of the submarine;
  • Hidden packages;
  • Scraps of letters.

In search of the above items, the faithful dog chop will help you perfectly. Do not forget only to train well.

Investments and purchase of shares - Feel yourself with Wolf with Wall Street:

The game has two stock exchanges - Bawsaq and LCN. Insert money, buy stocks, and then sell them to earn. To begin with, practice on small amounts and as soon as you master the basics of this case, let me in the course of heavy artillery with a bunch of zeros. It is best to start investing during the fulfillment of leter meters, which will give you recommendations on this.

Investment and purchase of shares
Investment and purchase of shares

Wavings and chaos:

At this point, we collected several types of earnings at once. All of them are merry and interesting, so it will be difficult for you to get bored. For example, you can robbing armored vans and collector machines. To do this, you will need to destroy the rear door of the vehicle. You can simply shoot on it, and you can throw an explosive.

You can also play robbery stores. Enter any store in the game world, send weapons on the seller and take money.

The last way of this item is the most ordinary chaos in the open world. Waving to beat people and pick out cash, but be careful, as you often have to be sealed from the police. If you see an ATM, wait for someone to take advantage of them, then make a robbery.

Wavings and chaos
Wavings and chaos

Performing side tasks and participation in random events:

By performing the main mission and simply drive around the city, you will not be stumbled upon random events. For example, a woman had a handbag on the street. Returning it, you will get a small amount of money. By the way, if you are not tormented by conscience, you can not return money.

Also follow the police. Law enforcement officers from time to time will chase criminals who participated in robbery. Get to them before the police and take their kush. As a rule, there will be a lot of money.

The game also has side tasks. In GTA 5, they are called "Candans and other strangers." It will not be difficult to find them - they are marked with a question mark. For their passage you will receive money and achive. In addition, the execution of these tasks is necessary for the passage of a hundred percent.

Performing side tasks
Performing side tasks


In Grand Theft Auto 5, you met a lot of different races for each character. For victories you will charge money. Especially profitable are street racing that become available at night. Note that you will need a fast car to cross the finish line first.


This kind of money in GTA 5 is one of the most expensive, as the purchase of any business already requires you an impressive investment. In addition, from time to time you will need to perform tasks so that your business flourish. Buying a business, you will start receiving weekly profit. Some real estate will allow you to earn more. For example, the Sonar Collection Dock marina, which can be bought for 250 thousand dollars, will allow you to collect radioactive income. For each barrel you will get an impressive amount of money.



To become the owners of a big heap of money in GTA 5, it is not necessary to do too much. It is enough just to save correctly. Do not spend a lot of money at the beginning of the game. Do not buy clothes, weapons and cars. Some clothes are available in the wardrobes of the characters, weapons will be given to you during tasks, well, you can always get the car for free by staring it. In addition, try more often to keep up and loaded after deaths to save money that you will be taken to the hospital for resurrection.

We hope that this guide was useful for you! We wish you successful robbery, and a pleasant game in GTA 5!

Guides by games | Guides by GTA 5

In Grand Theft Auto v, money can be spent on cars, equipment or purchase housing as different quests pass. However, for all this it will be necessary to accumulate savings, and depending on the level, the price of shopping increases. So the question is how to make money in GTA 5 here turns out to be relevant. Below is several ways to get rich, receiving millions as quickly as possible.

What to spend? Here the currency plays a big role and it is difficult to accumulate. So her lack will accompany the hero to the last missions, especially if desired to buy a hotel or house. There are no loopholes for dishonest income, since the creators did not introduce special codes here or opportunities for cheats. Therefore, money will have to make money on your own.

There are several options for achieving this goal. This is a victory in races, playing awareness, search for treasure or bank robbery. In general, if you try, it is easy to fill your wallet. Moreover, a number of tasks are better left to the end, which is important for the tasks of the depositor. They, with the exception of plot, it is worth helping until the accumulation of a large amount under the margin, because the percentage of additional income depends on the amount of cash of the game.

Robbery residents It is easiest to just get finance by robbery walking through the streets. Naturally, it is impossible to accumulate wealth into such a way, since almost no one carries with them a lot of cash. And in some cases, people will resist, so in the absence of weapons the task will become more difficult.

Add a couple of tips for solving robbery. Look for those who have departed from an ATM - they have always big trophies with them. It is also better to engage in such fishery in elite areas (Downtown). Living there have more cache with them, compared with the inhabitants of the working quarters.

Attack on collectors Production of cash data is characterized by simplicity and accessibility. You can attack collectors regardless of the degree of passage. It will be necessary to find the icon on the map, pointing to the car carrier, and follow it. To complete, you need to catch up with a car, stop it and kill collectors. Then it remains to hack the door behind, taking advantage of explosives or making five six shots on it. The prize in the van will be more than 5,000 dollars. When you finish work, start hiding from the police.

Robbery stores Small shops are good points where you submore almost from the very beginning. About 20 points are available in the city, whose sellers can pay cash.

Before starting the operation, you will need a certain preparation. Think out how to hide from the crime scene: Park the car towards the departure and leave it open. This will save precious seconds in the future. Then enter the place inside the room and bring weapons on the seller - it will gradually begin to fold the money in the package. You should not kill it, because the revenue will be much smaller, and the number of stars of violation will increase.

If there are two cash registers, shoot the second to get a bunch with it. In general, it is possible to rob into it all the way, but it is necessary to periodically change objects. If you "come to visit" into the same thing, the same institution, sooner or later the owner will buy firearms and will resist.

Visiting boutiques and ammunation At first it seems that these places are created only for only things, but also there are also not greedy vendors. You need to enter the selected building and wait to close the entrance doors. Then head towards the street and stop in their opening. When they open, shoot at the checkout and calmly collect a kush. It makes no sense to expect until the seller gave green banknotes into the package, because it is impossible.

This path to wealth is simple, because dollars in these places accumulate instantly and you can replenish your account in them unlimited. However, after making a robbery, the next time the doors will not open. Therefore, use the car to lock the output. Next will be enough to go inside, take the income, leave the object and repeat the action.

Learning to save At the beginning of the conquest of Los Santos savings is a necessity. So for now, do not buy a car, clothing or other luxury items. Initially, put in the weapon to earn more. Here are solutions to help reduce costs:

Ammu-Nation provides a 15% discount, if you walk in the dash. If you earn gold marks, prices will decrease by 25%. Chairs updated and without excess costs. You will need to take any mission, at the time of its passage ammu-nation and purchase the entire range. Now fail the task with suicide so that money returned back to your pockets. During the next visit, all purchases will be made automatically. Do not forget that after failure, you need to select a quest.

Repair the car is quite expensive. To save, make the process saving and download it again. The machine will be restored completely.

Racing Runs Win In Los Santos, there are a lot of races, allowing you to get rich by the legal method. Prizes are rather impressive, because the smallest is $ 6,000. But this concerns participation in tracks on SUVs or boats. Become a member of the racing after payment of the contribution, and he is impressive. So at the start this way to deal with inaccessible inaccessible.

Help unfamiliar people Look at the card and look for red dots. They are random events that do not occupy work and time. Usually for their execution you need to destroy some purpose or help a stranger to escape from the police. You will not see big awards here, but even a little extra cache clearly do not interfere.

In addition, 58 NPC offers cash for special missions in the game world. One will propose to look for a lost spacecraft, and the other will ask to return to him the girl who recently disappeared. Such tasks are quite interesting and bring good revenue.

Bawsaq. In the city there is Bawsaq Exchange, where you can have a good job, getting additional quests at the leter. Earnings thus affordable only during connecting to PlayStation Network or Xbox Live, and without access to the network, you will have to be content with other solutions. Performing data tasks allows you to accumulate almost 40 million. However, they are recommended to be engaged after the scene line is completed when you already have a good amount. The income is proportional to the size of the initial capital, and profit from the six-digit amount is significantly higher than from three-digit.

Recommendations for tasks:

  • Hotel. First of all, make the attachment by all characters in bettapharmaceuticals. By committing murder, their cost will grow several times and will reach 180%. Then get rid of them, since further quotations are reduced.
  • Panel. At the beginning, purchase Fruit securities. After completing the instructions, sell them completely and buy Facade.
  • Bus. It is not necessary to do anything in advance, however, to eliminate the victim, come on the stock exchange and buy a completely vapid. At this moment they are cheap, but then their cost will increase twice.

LCN. This exchange allows you to go into singles. The rates compared to the online game are not too higher, however, for offline - mode allows you to increase your account. Mission is also available here, with the successful completion of which prices for certain shares will fall or grow.

Four goals. Before accepting the task, buy securities to Debonair and only start to execute the quest. Look out the moment until the price of them rises, and then sell them and invest in Redwood Corporation. After the work done, the asses of the latter will cheaper, and then rise again. But it will take quite a lot of time. Toward. Get Goldcoast Dev Corporation, and then eliminate the target and wait the day. During this time, the shares will be more expensive by 80%. At this mark, the growth will stop, so you can get rid of them.

This exchange provides unofficial earnings. In a pirated or hacked version, the connection to online services is impossible, and, accordingly, to BawSAQ. However, for those who wanted to learn how to play LCN securities courses offers such a way.

Maximum enrichment In the fifth part of the GTA, the raids are paid to great attention, and several of them are offered in a storyline as much as possible. Here it is necessary to warn that robbery must go well the first time. If you fail and fulfill them with the next attempt, the monetary award will not get you.

  • Attack on the jewelry store. This quest will start with the search for accomplices. Karim Dentz is best suited to the role of the driver, as an arrow, stop the choice for Paks Maccuri, and hacking will perform a luchence rickey. Tactics are also very important, so stop at the "smart approach B".
  • Operation in Paleoto. After successfully robbery, the player is waiting for a reward exceeding 8 million but remember that after shots in the back the sum of the trophy will decline. Leave Paks Maccurry, if he was with you with a jeweler left. In the opposite case, use the services of the Chef, since other characters die when attacking or take too expensive for participation.
  • Attack on the bureau. Here the remuneration is expecting only Franklin. When using the B option b, it will increase by another 30 thousand. Take Richardz's Richardza ​​shooter, the driver will be Karim Dentz, and the Ricky Luchenza Burgle. The optimal tactics will be method B.
  • Huge kush. If the planned will pass according to plan, each hero will receive more than 40 million. The role of the pilot of the helicopter is best suited by Taliana, because it will work out without errors and requests only 5% of revenue. The work of the driver will instruct Karim Dezenz. The selection of the arrow role does not play, but eliminate the Moto Gustavo list. The best tactics will be b, since when you receive 6.8 million less.

These were presented all the possibilities of making money in GTA 5. Using these tips to fully, the heroes will receive millions for their accounts in a short time, and the player will become much easier to conquer the world. What makes you earn? - Write about it in the comments.

Most players in GTA 5 are wondering how to make a lot of money to then spend them on cars, weapons, real estate and so on. The question is the more relevant that the cheat code for money in the game is missing. However, earning a lot of money in GTA 5 is quite able to any player, and this can be done both in illegal ways and quite legitimate, for example, the acquisition of high-yield real estate, or a game on the stock exchange. So, we will tell you how to make money in GTA 5 in a single campaign GTA 5!

How easy to make money in GTA 5 in a single game

There are quite a lot of ways to make money in GTA 5 in a single game, so consider each in order. And let's start, perhaps, from the very least profitable way, gradually moving towards the most cool opportunities to earn in GTA 5! Go:

  1. The fastest way to cut down a little loot is to come out on the street to the passage, "knock out all shit from it" and pick up the money. And although this method allows you to quickly earn in GTA 5, the keyword in this method is "a bit", as it is enough to earn enough money in this way if it is not entirely unrealistic, then it is extremely troublesome - too long will have to do it too long. Yes, and this is not a way to work Tatzanov;
  2. Robbery stores - you can simply log in to any store and send weapons on the seller who will give all the money, after which you should leave the crime scene as soon as possible. The next time, the robbery has already had a robbed store, you should be alert, since the seller can get a gun and start shooting. You can take not only money, but also the goods. And you should not neglect the robbers with the help of partners - you can earn more;
  3. Performing tasks of random events - Usually tasks are given by NPCs, which are marked on the map of questions icons

All Spin-offs of the Spider Man Universe!

How to earn in GTA 5 after passing, earnings

In principle, the previously described methods are also suitable for earnings after the passage of the game, however, as we have said, are far from the best. How to earn in GTA 5 after passing? The next way will allow thousands of 5 bucks at once. And you need simply:

  1. Rob the van of collectors that are regularly found in the city. You can arrange an ambush near the ATM, or just chase van. You should knock out the door with explosives or grenade launcher, eliminate collectors and pick up your honestly earned money.
  2. Also participation in races is a good way to make money in GTA 5 after passing. However, do not forget that participation in races is not free - first you will have to lay out your blood;
  3. It is quite a legal way - the acquisition of highly profitable real estate, which will bring profit to the player weekly. For example, by purchasing LOS Santos Golf Club, you can regularly receive non-acid such payments. The stumbling block is only the cost of this golf club: the player will have to be shown 150 million dollars! 150 million, Karl! However, the return, as well as the status of the purchase overlap this fat minus.
  4. Cut a lot of dough - or rather earn as much as you want the old good artmoney itself!

How to make a lot of money in GTA 5 after passing

[Adsense] And how to make a lot of money in GTA 5 after passing? The following method allows you to earn 12 pieces at a time. And the money are under water, so you need a submarine and gear, good all this can be purchased along the story campaign. So, the essence of the method:

  1. It is necessary to look for packages with money under water;
  2. In every package 12 thousand dollars;
  3. After receiving such a package by one of the heroes, you can quickly switch to the other, and raise the package exactly in the same place. Again to switch to another hero ... as they say "The wheel of Sansara gave turns"!

How to earn millions on the stock exchange in GTA 5: on promotions lester

An excellent way to earn millions on the stock exchange in GTA 5 is to use leather tips and make money on stocks.

Here is a little more detail:

  1. Before or immediately after the murder, it is recommended to invest in BawSAQ;
  2. Murder on the bus: Invest vapid in stock, and everything will be fine;
  3. Murder at construction site: Purchase of Goldcoast shares will bring 90% profits;
  4. Murder on the panel - Fruit shares take off in price;
  5. Mission 4 targets for murder: first should be investigated by Debonaire and then in Redwood;
  6. Also, do not forget that timely action on the stock exchange immediately three heroes of the game will allow the player to earn in GTA 5 3 times more!

Here are such simple and more complex ways and you can earn in GTA 5, as just kicking passersby (unworthy occupation for real Gangsta), so and grind millions of money on stock exchanges!

In the game GTA 5 there are many cars, weapons and or real estate that you want to purchase during the passage. But to get them, you will need to lay out a round sum, and the higher their level, the things more expensive. Therefore, many players are extremely interested in how to make money in GTA 5. In this small guide we will tell about all the methods of gold mining, and share secrets about how to become a millionaire.

Why do you need money

Cash in GTA mean a lot and are extremely difficult, and the deficit of gold you will experience even in the later stages of the game when you want to buy a new home or hotel. Illegal ways to make money in GTA 5 does not exist, because the developers did not provide for codes or cheats for currency. So get ready for the fact that gold will have to be produced independently.

You can do this in different ways: rob the bank or participate in races, play on the stock exchange or find a treasure. In general, with sufficient perseverance you can find a way to earn money. But still there are tasks that should be left at last. We are talking about additional missions from Leicester. Such quests, in addition to the plot, you need to pass only after you have an impressive amount in the reserve, because the more money you will have in stock, the more you can earn. Dale awaits you a streamlined list of cases, thanks to which you learn how to make money in GTA 5.

Attack on people

The simplest method of cash production is robbery passersby. Of course, in a similar way you will not become a millionaire, because few of the oncoming people carry an impressive amount in your pocket. In addition, the victims of robbery often have serious resistance, and if you do not have a weapon, the task will complicate.

If you still decided to earn money in a similar way, then use the Soviets couple. First of all, it is better to rob a passerby, which just removed the money in an ATM - in this case, the catch will be more weighty. In addition, you should choose your victims in rich and prestigious areas, for example, in Downtown. In the inhabitants of these cash points in the pockets are much more than that of poor people living in the working quarters.

Robbery collectors

This method of how to make money in GTA 5, easy enough, and get cash with a similar method, even in the early stages of the game. To do this, find the special icon on the map, indicating the collector van, and go to it. Now, to turn the operation, you need to catch up and stop the car, after which you kill the guards and open the back door with the help of explosives or slightly shot on it from the gun. Inside the van, you expect a significant monetary prize - at least $ 5 thousand. Having rolled money, you need to quickly disappear from the crime scene, running away from the gorgeous police.

Robbery stores

A great way to quickly make money in GTA 5 in the early stages of the game - it is a robbery of small shops. In total, there are about 20 objects in the city in which you can check such an operation.

Before making a robbery, it is necessary to prepare to it. And for this, think over the paths of the retreat: expand the car to the other side where you plan to run away, and open the door from the driver's side, so as not to spend precious minutes after robbery. Now enter and direct the weapon on the owner, after which he will begin to fold the cash in the package. Remember that the murder of the merchant will bring you a much smaller amount than if you leave him alive. In addition, his death will add you the stars of the search.

If there are two cashiers in the shop, then to pick up the cash from the second, shoot it. To solve this way the problem with how quickly make money in GTA 5, you can quite often, but consider if you constantly "visit" the same store, then, most likely, the owner will acquire firearms, and one day Will a "warm welcome".

Robbery and Ammu-Nation

It would seem that such objects exist only for purchases, but they can be robbed. To do this, you need to enter the inside of the store and wait until the door closes behind you. Next, go to the street, but do not go out, but stop in the opening. The door will be swollen, and now you need to get a weapon. Do not expect the seller to fold the revenue into the package - it is impossible. So immediately shoot on the cash register and collect the fallen cash.

Thanks to a small game trick, boutique robbery becomes the easiest way to make money in GTA 5. The fact is that cash on such objects appears almost instantly, so getting "income" from such events can be infinite. But there is one small problem - after robbery, the door will not open a second time, so if you have conceived a "reusable robbery", then block the output with the car. After that, you only need to enter, rob, go back and re-returning for "fresh catch."


At the initial stages of the game it is very important to save funds, so it is not necessary to acquire at the first pores by cars, clothing or make hairstyles. It is better to invest in a weapon, which is an excellent way to make money in GTA 5. There are several tricks that will help you save:

  • To obtain a 15% discount in AMMU-NATION, perform all shooting tasks in the dash. In addition, if you succeed in getting gold awards for passing these tests, then the discount will be 25%.
  • To update your arsenal for free, take any task, go to Ammu-Nation in the course of execution and skip all available weapons and improve it. Now you need to commit suicide - the mission will be failed, and the purchase money will return to you. H After returning to the store, you will find that all updates are considered already acquired. The main thing, after suicide and fails to choose to "repeat the mission".
  • Car repair is a fairly expensive occupation. If you want to save on it, save the game and reboot. After that, the car will be completely renovated.

Participation in races

How to make money in GTA 5 game? Very simple - participate in different races, which are provided on the map of the city. The victory in such competitions will bring you a lot of cash, while the most favorable arrows pass on off-road. In addition, marine races and street mapsing can bring you fabulous amounts: each such a check-in will enrich at least 6 thousand $. But note that you can take part in the races only after paying a rather impressive entrance fee.

Random events and help strangers

How to make money in GTA 5 without much trouble? First of all, pay attention to the red dots on the map, which means one of the fourteen possible random events. These missions are pretty light: simple custom murder or assistance in escape from the police. It will not be possible to earn a lot on such quests, but even a small award will not be superfluous.

In addition, there are 58 characters in the game universe that will offer you to get a reward for performing certain tasks. For example, by order of one of them, you will go to search for a spacecraft, the other will suggest finding the missing girl. In general, each such mission is quite interesting and can bring you a considerable income.

How to make money in GTA 5 online

In this block, we will talk about the game on the Bawsaq Stock Exchange during the fulfillment of missions from the leter. This method of earnings is available only when connecting to Xbox Live or PlayStation Network, and without access to the Internet it will not work in a similar way. After performing these tasks, each character will have about 40 million. But it is better to start quests after passing the main mission of the game, when in stock you will have impressive sums. After all, then the option of how to make money in GTA 5 online is particularly profitable, as the income depends on the initial capital, and to obtain interest income from a million much more profitable than from a thousand.

List of tasks and tips:

  • Murder is a hotel. Before completing the task, invest money for each character in bettapharmaceuticals assets on the Bawsaq stock exchange. After the murder, the action will increase in price, and when their cost rises to 180%, start selling them quickly.
  • Murder - panel. Before making a mission, skip Fruit shares, and after the task, sell them and put them in Facade.
  • Murder is a bus. The preliminary action is not required here, but after the destruction of the target, visit the stock exchange and buy all the shares of Vapid. Now they have fallen sharply in price, but after some time, your investments will again rise again.

The game on this exchange becomes an excellent way to make money alone GTA 5. Of course, there are not such high rates, as in an online adventure, but at the same time, if you prefer offline passage, then here you can podnapy A lot of cash. There are several missions that affect the growth or fall in prices of certain shares, and then you will learn about some of them.

Tasks from Leicester:

  • Murder - four goals. Before passing the task, allocate all shares of DebonAir. And only after that, proceed to the fulfillment of the quest. Now you need to wait until the stocks grow in price, after that it is necessary to sell them and bought the assets of the company Redwood, which will fall almost to a minimum after the killing of the goal. This embedding will pay off as soon as I would like. But in the end, REDWOOD shares will rise in price again, and you will get substantial profits.
  • Murder is a construction. Before proceeding with the task, buy all the assets of Goldcoast DeV. A day after the murder, the promotion will rise in price by 80%, after which they can be sold.

This exchange is an excellent "non-license" way to make money in GTA 5. pirate, or a broken version of the game, will not give you the opportunity to go online and access Bawsaq. But if you still want to play on the auction, the LCN will provide you with such an opportunity.

How to make a lot of money in GTA 5

Robbery in GTA play a fairly important role, but there are six major storytellers that will allow you to get maximum profits. At the same time, it should be remembered that such missions must be successfully held from the first time, because after failure and replay you will not receive a cash remuneration.

About how to earn maximum money in GTA 5 on the passage of robbery, you will learn further.

  • Robbery jewelry store. When passing this mission, you need to choose a partner. The best driver will be Karim Dentz, the shooter - Paki Makriri, and the hacker - Ricky Luchence. It is equally important to pick up the tactics of passage. In this case, the optimal will be the option "B" - a smart approach.
  • Robbery in Palelo. For the passage of this task, you can earn more than $ 8 million, but consider, for each shot to you in the back amount will decrease. The best partner in this mission will be Paks Makriri, provided that he participated in the jewelry robbery. If not, take the chef. The remaining applicants are either perished when performing a quest, or request a great reward.
  • Flight on the bureau. For this robbery, only Franklin can receive a reward. The use of tactics "B" will bring you an additional 30 thousand. The best shooter in this team will be the rules Richardz, the driver - Karim Dentz, hacker - Riki Luchenz. Robbery tactics - option "B".
  • Huge kush. In this large case, you can earn more than 40 million per each, but only provided that the entire operation will be carried out correctly. The best pilot for the helicopter will be Taliana, which will do everything as it should and ask only 5% of profits. In the machinists you can take the Kerim of the Deal. The shooter choose anyone except Gustavo Mota. Tactic passing is better to choose the option "B", if you choose "a", then income will fall by 6.8 million.

Now you know all the ways to earn a lot of money in GTA 5, and if you use our advice, your heroes will be very quickly millionaires, and the shortage of cash will worry you last.

В Grand Theft Auto V Everything decreases money: real estate costs millions, and brings the dear pennies. For a comfortable life in Los Santos, you need to go through the plot with the maximum benefit for yourself, if you do not want to spend the clock on the stock exchange, which does not respond to your actions outside the missions.

Attention: Although here we do not give detailed descriptions of missions, certain plot spoilers are still present.

The methods described in the section work on the PC, however, to earn will work slightly less than on consoles. We pointed out all potential profits for each of the platforms, and also provided an article with new screenshots from the PC version of the game.

The most important thing is what you must remember: leave the mission with the murders from the leter (except for two plot) for later. Make them after Completion of history. And try as little as possible to spend - the more money will save, the higher will be Nava. Read more about this below.

And now we will tell about robbers. This guide will only help if you start a new passage: Replay Missions in GTA V. You can, but it will not bring additional money. With the apparent freedom of choosing your team, there is the most optimal way to complete it in such a way as to complete the task, paying to the partners as a smaller amount as possible.

Robbery No. 1: The Jewel Store Job

Jewel-Store.An approach:

Option B, "Smart"


Hacker Rickie Lukens, Packie McREARY arrows, Karim Denz driver

Taking the ricks dismissed from LifeInVader with me, you will get enough time to collect all the jewels in the store. A more experienced hacker will give more time than necessary, and, naturally, he will ask for a bigger Kush.

As an arrow, we will suit the old familiar Paka, as it will work in the same way as Mota's gustavously, but asks for his services by 2% less. To open Paks, you need to make a random task "Getaway Driver" in which he robs the store PackieNear Hibars Franklin and looking for a driving driver.

If you hire the rule of Richards, he will be guaranteed to break off during the chase, and you will lose part of the stunned jewelry. Although the game will give the opportunity to choose his bag with prey by driving on it, it is better not to risk. In addition, the norms will come in handy for the last robbery, where it will help earn an additional five % Revenue, so leave it yet alive.

The driver of Karim Denz will make the chase a little more complicated, because it will have to go away from persecution on road motorcycles, but it does not affect the amount of waste, and its competitor, Eddie, asks 6% more.

Robbery No. 2: The Merryweather Heist

MerryWeather.An approach:

Option A or B


no choice

Whatever you do, make money on this robbery will not work. Enthusiasm Trevor does not always get along with common sense.

Leicester tasks

Custom murder for Leicester "Hotel Assassination" is necessary to move on the plot of the game, so it will have to be performed in the first third of the game (before the "Blitz Play" finale), when there is not much money yet. Nevertheless, it's still not easy production.

Betta-Buy.Before the start of the task, go to the BawSAQ Exchange website and put all your money in Bettapharmaceuticals shares. Make it for all three heroes, then switch back to Franklin, run and perform a mission.

The killing of the owner of a competitor company Bilkinton Research significantly lifts the value of Bet shares. Wait until the market stabilizes (about alone game days). You can stay twice in the house to speed up the waiting time, but do not forget to check the site of the stock exchange. If you wait too long, you will begin to lose potential profits. When you see that the growth of Bet securities amounted to about Betta-Sell.50% (on old consoles - Betta-Sell-PS380% and higher), sell all your pairs belonging to three heroes.

But do not hurry to close the browser. The next step switched to the LCN exchange site and promotions of the affected side, which during this time should have fallen no less than thirty % . Before buying, you can just wait (but no more than one day) so that the price for sure reached the bottom. In our case, it was $ 7.55 per share. But without that sale of restored papers BIL will bring Bilkinton-Sell.More than 100% profit. It is only necessary to be patient or to engage in time with time with the bed: This screenshot is removed eight more than a day after purchasing Bilkinton shares, and in the first 24 hours they still continued to be cheaper.

Robbery No. 3: Blitz Play

Blitz-play.An approach:

no choice


no choice

Performing dirty work for government structures, you can not always count on receiving income. This tax is exactly from those cases when heat is enlarged alone, and the cream remove completely different.

Robbery No. 4: The Paleto Score

Paleto.An approach:

no choice


Packie McREARY arrows (if you took it on the first robbery) or chef

During this robbery every time you shoot in the back, you lose money. Start with sum $ 8 016 020 And if you are good enough, you will leave the team more than eight million. Paks Maccriri and Chef are most beneficial as likely partners (Paka has a slight advantage in characteristics, if you took it on the first robbery), because they both will fulfill their duties as well as the glove mooms, but take 2% less.

If you choose the norm of Richards, he will knock him and presses the police car to the wall. You will be forced to leave him and lose a third of the bad money, if you do not pick up a bag of killed accomplice. It is better to save the rate for the last robbery, as we have already advised. A similar situation will occur with another "cheap" shooter Daryl Jones, we also recommend not to use it.

Robbery No. 5: The Bureau Raid

Bureau.An approach:

Option B, "Entrance from the roof"


Hacker Rickie Lukens, arrows Norm Richards, driver Taliana Martinez or Karim Denz

In this robbery, the money receives only Franklin. On average, the option B allows you to earn 30 thousand more, so the difference is not particularly large. If you choose A, then take with you Paks and Gus, because the rules will die again, and we still need it.

A more skillful hacker will allow passing a mini-game to crack faster, but for our purposes knowledge of Rica is quite enough. Richards standards will cope with its task normally (it dies only in version a), so there is no need to take someone more talented with him. Taliana is the best driver for this robbery, as it will not give away Eddie to anything, but will ask for as much as 9% less. To open it as a team member, shoot in the north-east of the state. You will meet Taliana.Her near the turned car and should be brought to Sandy Shores before she dies. It is worth: With its help, we will earn a lot of money in the last robbery.

Taliana will be waiting for you in an ambulance car, which will allow you to slip past the cops, not attracting too much attention. Karim will make the same thing, but only if you used it in previous robbers, thereby raising its characteristics. Michael will even praise him, noting, however, the fact that Karim came foolishly, navigating road motorcycles on the first thing. Otherwise, he will arrive in a minivan, and you will have to dump the police from the tail.

Robbery No. 6: The Big Score

Big-Score.An approach:

Option B, "Obvious"


Taliana Martinez helicopter pilot, Karim Denz driver, arrows: anyone, except Gustavo Mota

The last and greatest robbery that will make it earn $ 41 664 000 Each of the heroes, if you do everything right. The pilot of the helicopter boldly appoint Taliana - it will cope and ask only 5% of the extraction. Karima Sorhai in the train - he is a helicopter, most likely breaks. The arrows to perform the task do not affect, choose the cheapest.

Option A in this robbery will bring $ 35,563 000 that only on $ 6 101 000 less than version B. If you prefer the most silent option a, then put Paka or the chef first shooter - any of them will cope with the loading of gold without loss, and Daryl Jones (or a little more expensive Richards rate, if Jones have already "spent" Previously) - second. Taliano and Karima appointed by drivers, and Ricky Luchence - a hacker.

So, all robbers are made on the account of each of the heroes - 40 with more than millions, it is time to turn them into real money. Lester just wants to earn, manipulating stock prices. This is our chance.

Leicester tasks (continued)

Debonaire-Buy.The Mission "The Multi Target Assassination" do not touch the main plot and all robbery. At first, to put all your accumulations in the Debonaire cigarette manufacturer on the LCN exchange. Switch to Franklin and perform a leather task. Next - all the same: Wait until the prices ride and sell. On the PC, the stock price will grow tentatively on Debonaire-Sell.45-52%, and on consoles a little Debonaire-Sell-PS3more.

Now the most important thing: getting rid of DebonAire shares and decently earn it, Redwood-BuyWe buy a cheap Asset REDWOOD, which still has not recovered from the hit by you. We will have to wait long enough (6-9 game days), but in the end the cost of REDWOOD shares will return to the previous level, and you will be able to increase your contribution several times, selling them. PC profits will be Redwood-Sell.295-305% , and on consoles the price can rise REDWOOD-SELL-PS3above.

Fruit-Buy.Before the next task, "The Vice Assassination" buy Fruit shares on the Bawsaq stock exchange. After the mission, preserved twice: by this time the price of a PC will rise to Fruit-Sell.25%, and on consoles - on Fruit-Sell-PS3~ 50. Then all the money Facade-Buy.Invest in Facade. Like Redwood, the company for the production of operating systems and software (gaming analog Microsoft. ) Over time, I will stand on your feet (after 5-8 game days), and you will be able to earn on the purchased task (profit on PC and consoles will be approximately Facade-Sell.33%).

Vapid-Buy.Now a little more interesting. Do not invest anywhere and pass the "The Bus Assassination" mission. Immediately after its completion, buy Vapid shares on the Bawsaq stock exchange for all your money. Focus on falling the course twice from their price before performing the task. After 5-7 game days, the company's market value will return to the previous level, bringing Vapid-Sell.Two income.

Goldcoast-Buy.Before the ending of the Leicester "The Construction Assassination" buy the assets of the construction company GOLD Coast Development (Goldcoast, GCD) on the LCN Exchange and pass the task. Liering more than a day (or a piece of sleep four times) and sell shares when prices for them reach their peak (an increase in more than the PC Goldcoast-Sell.60%, and on consoles - for GOLDCOAST-SELL-PS380).

Casual advisers ...

In addition to registered leather killings in GTA V. There is another task whose script has a strong short-term effect on stock quotes, thanks to which it is possible to earn good. This is one of the random events called "Hitch Lift 1". It is in delivery to the airport of a certain business analytics that falls on his flight to Liberty City. If everything goes smoothly, in gratitude, he will share insider information about securities, which are about to take off.

Hitch-Lift.Search the useful passenger in the central part of the resort town of Chumash, which is on the west coast of the state. "Customer" will be marked on a blue-point map: he desperately catches his companion at the congress Taliana.With Highway Greit-Ocean on Inesna Road. From here it must be delivered to Los Santos International Airport for two and a half minutes.

Tinkle-Buy.Before starting the event, investing the means of each of the heroes on the BawSAQ exchange in Tinkle's mobile communication company (TNK) and perform a mission. Wait a day or spend and sell shares when income on them will be more Tinkle-Sell.30 percent (on consoles - in the area Tinkle-Sell-PS3fifty %).

If you followed our guide exactly, at this point in the account of each of the characters they gained 1.9 billion. It's not as much as on consoles, but still more than you can spend :) on xbox 360, PS3, Xbox One and PS4 Sale immediately all shares of the communication giant will bring more than two and a half billion. However, since the game uses a 32-bit data type, the maximum amount of money that can be on the account - $ 2 147 483 647 . In the "vanilla" version of the game 1.0, the search for this amount could lead to a negative balance. With one of the patches Rockstar I corrected it and now all over the maximum limit is simply lost.

Therefore, if you want to save all income from a Tinkle deal, you can resort to the next strategy. While their promotions are at the peak, quickly get rid of them in parts by 200-300 million and at the same time put released funds to other companies in the market. We recommend using the LCN Exchange for this, the quotes on which you always work and do not require connecting to servers. Rockstar .

... and the heirs of Osta

Bill-Binder.In addition to the insurrection friend from Chumash, you can meet in San Andreas and other people who are ready to "help the Council" in a serious financial situation. Only the motives are not disinterested.

For example, Bill Binder, who is easy to stumble in Paleoto Bay's town, will kindly offer to visit to protect your attachments in case of a complete collapse of the American economy.

Ponzi-Scheme.Of course, you do not need to be a financial genius, in order to solve the intention of a furist in advance and buster your $ 10,000 For other purposes. However, if the billions are hugging a pocket and put them literally nowhere, you can invest in a personal portfolio generator on the scammer's website, which gives it sometimes PONZI-SCHEME-RUquite Ponzi-Scheme-byunusual PONZI-SCHEME-UAresults.

Other recommendations

Contrary to information from various previews you do not have the opportunity to personally influence the prices of shares of certain companies. It seems logical that if you buy Airemu's assets, go to the airport and start shooting from the grenade ladies Flyus, direct competitor to the company, can be done well. But it is not. All price changes are completely scribrus and do not depend on the action of the player in the open world.

Nevertheless, you can also make money on the stock exchange, but for this you will have to study the movement of prices for shares of certain companies. The Broker Gold Rule is working here: buy cheap, sell expensive. Not all companies will return to their previous peak level (and their graphics are not an indicator at all), so the risk in such "blind" investments is very large.

However, if you follow our advice, for each of the heroes you could earn more than two billion dollars, and this certainly is enough to buy real estate, rare machines and military equipment. HAVE FUN!

P.S. Bawsaq Exchange - Online, it is necessary to connect the console to its operation to the Xbox Live or PlayStation Network.

Good day to all. In touch, the team of the GameBizClub. Today we will talk about such things as money in GTA 5. The currency was a priority goal in all parts of the franchise - if you recall GTA Vice City or San Andreas, then all the players faced meager payments for the mission. And I wanted to buy all the property and weapons immediately.

But since it was not enough for anything - I had to become malicious cheaters. And if there was a lot of weapons, it was not enough for a different kind of building.

Seeing in the fifth part of the golf club for 150,000,000 dollars, a great desire arose to buy it. If you pass the game correctly, and to know what and how to make money, then your cash will increase many times with these 150 million, and the cache of all three characters will be measured by several billion dollars.

To begin withlap priorities:

  • Do not wait for a miracle - if GTA 5 passed, then the repeated passage of missions in our way will not bring additional money.
  • Do not touch the mission missions that the lester is a cross, with the exception of those that need to be necessary, we will specify them. The fulfillment of lester missions are not described in this article, you will find in our guide - how to make money on the stock exchange in GTA 5.
  • Do not waste earned, or spend as little as possible - every penny on the account until you started playing the stock exchange.

So, it is enough to generalize everything - we turn to the parties, namely to the missions themselves.

From this article you will learn:

The first thing - jewelry robbery (The Jewel Store Job)

Preparatory Stage: Some accommodations open only after you help them get out of any trouble. In this case, you will need the shooter, which is not the default in the list of accomplishers.

In order to open it Stroll to the Dollar Pills Pharmacy near the House of Aunt Franklin, located in Zasuberry:


Here you will have the opportunity to make an accidental task from the discharge of cranks and other strangers called the Getaway Driver. Familiar to you in the fourth part of Patrick (Pakka) Maccurry stands near the pharmacy with his partner, holding a pharmacist flyer, and is revenge on the absence of transport for waste.

Franklin needs to quickly get a four-door car and as soon as the gangsters climb into the car, to break away from the police, the benefit of the search stars will be only two, and nearby railway tracks in which you can hide from chase.

It is important to avoid accidents, otherwise unlucky fellow travelers can wash away from you. If everything is in order - you will give 1000 dollars and further cooperation will be offered.

In this mission, Michael de Santa and Franklin Clinton must rob the Vangelico jewelry store, located in Little-Portola, which is in Rockford Hills. You are offered to choose between a quiet and loud option, everything is simple - choose quiet, because the less noise will be produced - the better.

Now let's pick up the team:

The role of Hacker is best to take Ricky, who was dismissed from LifeInvander. After the mission "Request for friends", where you need to insert a bomb to the prototype of the phone, Ricky will call Michael and offer its services.


Although his skills look worse than other applicants for this role, the time to collect everything will be enough. Of course, you can take a more experienced hacker, but he will have to pay more.

The shooter will be pack, above we described how to open it. You may be given the question: why is it?, And the answer is simple - it will be useful for no less than the Mota Gustavo, but at the same time the payment will be less than two percent less, but as we said earlier, savings - our everything.

If you compare the packs and the norm of Richards, then everything is completely transparent here - no matter how you pass the first robbery - the norm you lose when trying to wash off the police.

In addition to the fact that you will lose your experienced arrow, thanks to which there is a chance to help out extra money during the last robbery, it is also lost part of the money if you cannot drive exactly on the bag.

In the choice of driver, stop at Karim Dezen. I will not hide, because of it the chase will be a little more difficult, because it will choose road motorcycles, but its services are six percent cheaper than Eddi then, and the type of motorcycles, as is known, the amount of revenue does not affect.

Now, after the whole team is staffed, you can go on the preparatory stages, and then start directly to the robbery, how to beat the showcases and ride the motorcycles we will not tell you, otherwise there will be too much theory.

The second case - the Merryweather Heist's robbery (The Merryweather Heist)

Have you already played for Trevor? Got acquainted with his unique style and vision of the world? Now it's time to tell you the whole truth - whatever the option you chose, no matter how perfectly implemented it - everything is in vain, everything is meaningless.


Is it possible to trust a hot-tempered choler like Mr. Phillips, the development of a robbery? We will not torment, the robbery will be able to succeed, however, the payment will not be, so here we invite you to go along the path of least resistance, namely choose the easiest to implement, in your opinion, the plan.

First murder for leter

We describe this mission in detail in our next article on how to make money on the stock exchange, but there are some nuances that you need to know now.

The task "Murder - Hotel" will have to do at the moment when you have not so much more money for trading on the stock exchange, but, nevertheless, revenue will be, but, it means you will not be able to skip this moment.

Before proceeding with the mission, every character go into the in-game Internet, namely, on the BawSAQ Exchange and insert themselves with all available means in Bettapharmaceuticals.

Now destroy the goal and look out the game day. As soon as the PC increases 50%, and 80% will be 80% on Xbox or PS3 - sell assets.

Now wait a day and go to the LCN, there are bought the Bilkinton shares there, which managed to chefed by more than 30 percent, and pardimate because you have to wait for about 8 game days, after the stocks recovered in price, you can easily get rid of them, What will bring you about two-time income.

Third business - Blitz Play (Blitz Play)

Equally, as in the second robbery, no revenue of your characters shines, it is also clear - the fulfillment of dirty cases, which entrust the state organizations to three bandits - the default lesson is free. Thank you for not selected previously looted.


Fourth case - Robbery in Paleto (The Paleto Score)

Your characters conceived a bank robbery located in Paleoto Bay. Unlike the first two cases of choice, the approach is not provided here, and the formation of the command is limited by the choice of one arrow.

But this choice should not be underestimated, since it depends on the round sum, therefore we strongly recommend familiarizing yourself with our advice given below.

You will have five shooters to choose from, each with its characteristics and payment terms. First of all, mark the Mota Gustavo - his share of 14 percent is not justified by anything, you have no less experienced arrows at your disposal, which will work and for a smaller amount.

Also note Richards rate, yes, the most long-suffering norm, which was supposed to die in the first robbery. The reason for this solution is simple - if you choose Mr. Richards, then the police car will smear it along the wall and you will have to run behind his bag with money.


Another arrows with a relatively low price for your services - Daryl Jones - he also set aside in a long box, because the fate prepared by him in this case is identical to the fate of Richards.

So, the chef remains the Accident Trevor on business, and the packs already familiar to you. In the default characteristics, they are the same, and their share is smaller than that of two percent, so you can choose anyone.

Add - if you passed the first robbery using Patrick, then it should be chosen, because the skill acquired by him in the first robbery will make it more experienced than the chef.

Who would choose from these two, they will be able to avoid death under the wheels of the car, and will also take part of the attackers.

Now you have a complete knowledge base, to choose an arrow, we note that when you leave the bank on your back, each character will have eight million dollars with a small tail.

If you do not allow (well, or almost not allowed) Pharaohs shoot on cash bags, then by the end of the task you will lose only the very small tail, and 8,000,000 dollars will remain behind the shoulders.


Trying to get away from the police, we recommend using Trevor, for his minigan is much more powerful than the weapon of other protagonists.

Fifth case - raid on the Bureau (The Bureau RAID)

Preparatory Stage: As in the first case, you will need an accomplice that is not on the default list, so you have to do the passage of an additional mission. The event discussed opens after the first mission, which you need to go beyond the Trevor.

Ride any character in Highway between Paleoto Bay and Grappsid, in a place marked in the screenshot, you will find an inverted car, and near her there will be a wounded girl - Taliana Martinez, after the proposal of the protagonist visit the hospital will refuse and ask to take her to friends in Sandy Shorres .

Be careful because too extreme riding with accidents or, on the contrary, driving in the style of snail, can lead to the death of potential accommodation.

After the girl turns out to be in Alma Mater, she will give his consent to an unequivocal proposal of the hero on further cooperation.


After Talian appears in your assets, you can proceed directly to the selection of the approach and the formation of the team. Since cash, for a successfully checked case, only Franklin is shining, it is not so difficult to choose between options - we offer to stay at the option "B", which implies entry from the roof, for it will bring 30 thousand more.

For the role of the arrow, finally, you can choose the rate of Richards, of course, you can take more experienced, however, again, it will fly into a penny. It is important to remember that the rules are no worse than the minor hero of horror films - dies everywhere where it is possible, so when choosing the option "A", it is better to take the packs and a moat.

Hacker will be Ricky Lucense - after the first robbery, he was a little dotted experience, and this is quite enough to fulfill your idea. Of course, you can choose a more skill hacker, which will speed up the passage of mini-games, but we save.

Driver. If you have passed the preparatory stage described above, then the need for choice disappears - Talian is no worse than Eddie, while the amount that it will have to pay significantly less - just 5 percent of revenue.


However, if Taliana is not open, we hope that in the first robbery you were involved by Karim - thanks to the experience gained in the first robbery, Mr. Denz will behave as well as other experienced drivers - will wait for you by ambulance (for what deserves Separate gratitude from Michael, of course, not without a progress mention of road motorcycles from the first case).

If Karim did not participate in the robbery of the jewelry store, you will have to fly on all pores from the cops on the minivan, which he will kindly provide.

Sixth business - Big Kush (The Big Score)

Final robbery, which promises your characters Golden mountains can also be performed by two options. The option "A" immediately mark, as, acting on this scenario, you will earn 6 million less than possible. Therefore, choose "B" and proceed to the selection of the command.

You will need two drivers - put Taliana pilot, because with such driving skills and a small percentage of work, it will be an ideal associate.


The train by the train will be Karim - with this he will handle it perfectly, but if you put it for the steering wheel of the helicopter, then there is probability to lose it.

Two arrows are also needed - considering the "obvious" option to say that the arrows do not really affect the passage of this task, so choose the cheapest of the available.

Random events

So, we dealt with robbers, a random event remained, which will add 100,000 dollars to your piggy bank, not so much, if we consider the scale of existing finances, however, the ease of execution makes this money easy prey.

We are talking about the events of the city of Velovorov, which are only 2, but we are interested in only one of them, which will return the stolen bike to the owner of Animalark Corporation. In gratitude, the guy will score shares of your company in the amount of about one hundred thousand dollars.

To start the event, visit Little Bighorn Avenue, which is in Rancho:


So, after all robbers are passed, we strongly recommend that you begin the tasks of the leter, and earn money for the promotions to find out how to do it with the guide to earn money on the GTA 5 Stock Exchange.

And if the game is already passed and everything possible is bought, we advise you to read the article how to play on the network in GTA Online.

We all have everything today. Share guide with friends on social networks and subscribe to blog updates. So far.

Team gameBizBelub.

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