Strengthening immunity in children. Methods and methods

Everyone without exception, parents should know how to increase the immune child. Methods for strengthening the protective forces of the kid are aimed at ensuring that the little man has been subjected to as much as possible danger to infectious diseases.

Strengthening immunity in children

To convey the importance of strengthening immunity in children, paraphrase Doctor Spock. The famous pediatrician believed that the education of children needs to be engaged from birth, because if you start for 10-20 days - this means being late for 10-20 days. The same rule concerns and strengthen the immunity of a child who needs to be engaged in the appearance of a baby to light. Sometimes pediatricians watch another extreme: parents seriously bake only about how to strengthen the child's immune system until the year. In their opinion, this is enough to lay a strong immunity almost for the rest of his life. In fact, the protective properties of a small organism need to be kept under control constantly.

Strengthening immunity - The system of activities that are aimed at ensuring that the natural protective forces of the kid not only supported at the required level, but gradually increased. The immunity of the child before puberty provides a barrier for pathogenic bacteria, until the small body is strengthened.

The meaning of the strengthening of immunity is to prevent the infectious disease of the kids much easier than then get rid of it. But if your child has already risen (with antimicrobial drugs), this does not mean that immunity to the causative agent developed automatically for many years. What to give a child to strengthen the immunity after taking antibiotics, will tell a pediatrician.

How to increase immunity to a child

Before starting the system and regular strengthening of the body of your son or daughter, it is mandatory to consult a children's doctor. If a child has some kind of disease, the individual methods of strengthening the body are contraindicated to it (for example, such methods as physical activity, contrast shower and swimming) are not recommended for fluid state.

The system of action to strengthen the child's immunity includes such items:

  • taking vitamins;
  • hardening;
  • proper nutrition;
  • physical activity.

Taking vitamins

Almost all parents are well aware of how important the use of vitamins for child growth. The same applies to the support of the body with these utility substances during sexual maturation. Also, dads and moms know well whether children need to take vitamins for memory. But the immuno-fixing properties of vitamins are not used for full force - although they can create real wonders. Even the most common apples that you regularly give a child, in the future will save it from severe infectious diseases. And what to talk about complex vitamin therapy!

Vitamin support for the immune system is a reception:

  • natural vitamins (not only in the composition of vegetables, fruits, berries, but also grain, legumes, meat, fish, and so on);
  • Vitaminomples that can be purchased in any pharmacy.

The reception of vitamins in natural form does not have any restrictions ("overdose" of apples or lemons is nonsense). But before you buy vitaminoxomplexes in a pharmacy, you must consult a pediatrician so that it advises which vitamins can be given to children to raise immunity.


Hardening - This is an impact on the organism of ordinary physics, as a result of which the immune system becomes stronger (in particular, cellular and humoral types of immunity). The most common methods for choosing children:

  • Air baths (stay of a child with cereal skin seats outdoors);
  • Sunbaths (exposure to sunlight on uncovered child's skin);
  • water procedures (pouring, wiping, bathing);
  • Alternation of low and high (relative to the temperature mode) temperatures (contrasting shower).

Asking the question, where to start hardening the child, oriented as well as what procedures he likes, and which are not. If the child loves to swim in the river, then from this and start, then you can unobtrusively expand the range of procedures.

The main principles of hardening young children are moderation and caution in any of the methods used. It is also important to regularly monitor the pediatrician. Hardening of children in kindergarten should be conducted under the control of medical personnel and with the notice of parents. As the child grows, the range of procedures gradually expand (according to the principle "slow but confidently"). But the hardening of preschool children should not include too radical methods - for example, the same contrasting shower is better replaced by water temperature venus.


Proper nutrition - Pledge of strong immunity. The diet of the child should include dishes with a balanced ratio of proteins, fats, carbohydrates, mineral substances - without them the immune system is not able to become a full-fledged protective barrier. Sometimes dads and moms cannot understand how to raise immunity often to a sick child. Although in this case the weak link may turn out to be unbalanced nutrition.

Due to the correct power, the necessary level of vitamins are maintained, which are needed for the work of the immune system (which we have already mentioned above).

Physical activity

First of all, regular physical activity provides the body established blood circulation, without which the immune system cannot receive the necessary substances for its work and get rid of "waste" in the process of its activities.

To strengthen the immunity, any sketch of physical activity is welcomed to the child:

  • morning work-out;
  • short-term exercises that should be regularly conducted throughout the day's wakefulness of the child;
  • Classes in sports sections (especially well strengthen immunity running, swimming, and in winter - skiing, in particular, jogging on the plain).

Published: October 20, 2018

Recently, many young mothers complain that kids up to a year more often and longer suffer cold and viral diseases. The main reason for the increased susceptibility of infectiousness to infections is reduced immunity. According to statistics, every year the number of frequent children is only increasing. There is nothing surprising in this, because several factors directly affect the violation of the immune status of crumbs:

  • complications during pregnancy, especially by 6-12 and 22-28 weeks,
  • Birth ahead of time,
  • lack of breastfeeding or too short lactation period,
  • unfavorable environmental situation in the neighborhood of the kid,
  • The shortage of vital vitamins and minerals,
  • untimely or improper administration of dust, when its volume is significantly higher or below the norm,
  • disease gastroy
  • frequent reception of drugs, especially antibacterial,
  • Permanent overwhelming in warm clothes, as a result of which the crumb is harder to learn how to react to the cold.

The stronger the negative impact on the baby, the higher the risk of sustainable decrease in immunity. With a combination of several adverse factors, the immunological crisis is observed almost in 90% of cases. To avoid it, it is important to know how to raise the immune system to the child up to the year affordable means.

How is the breast immunity form?

How is the breast immunity form?

The immunity of kids up to a year is not at all like teenagers and adults. The formation and strengthening of immune protection occurs during the first 12 months of life. The first barrier on the path of infection is the skin and mucous membranes. The susceptibility to pathogenic microorganisms largely depends on their state. An irritated and damaged mucosa can no longer fulfill its functions, so the risk of ill increases.

Acquired immunity is two types:

  • cellular - carried out by special cells of T-lymphocytes, which recognize and kill antigens, leaving the cellular memory of them;
  • Humoral - based on the production of appropriate antibodies, or immunoglobulins.

The newborn baby is under the protection of only maternal antibodies and humoral immunity, because the lymphocytes of the crumbs do not yet have information about antigen. By 3-6 months, a significant part of the antibodies received from the mother decays, and the formation of its own protection has not yet been completed. Therefore, during the period from 6 months before a year, the child is especially vulnerable. Only on the 13th month of life, immunity is largely ready for defense.

The task of loving parents is to help her son or daughter to raise immunity to successfully resist the attack of viral agents.

Immunity from the first days and for life!

Immunity from the first days and for life!

Raise immunity to a child up to the year forces to all parents. Support the protective forces of a small organism will help several simple tips.

  • If the lactation is sufficient, you should give preference to breastfeeding. Scientists have proven that children whom mothers fed a breast at least 1 year are better protected immunologically and more raising. This is due not only to the regular flow of antibodies and nutrients, but also with a favorable psychological background, which creates a constant proximity of the mother.
  • Maintaining cleanliness in the house, regular wet cleaning and hygiene - the guarantee of the health of the crumbs. It is important to change bed and underwear more often, wash and wipe toys with wet wipes, sterilize bottles.
  • Hardening is an important condition for strong immunity. If the kid is healthy and completely donas, it is possible to conduct hardy air treatments from the first days of life. Later, water is added to them. The doctor will tell about all the rules of hardening in detail the doctor.
  • Nutrition is no less important factor in the formation of good immune defense. The lure should be administered gradually by offering crumbs only hypoallergenic food and carefully observing his reaction. From 7-8 months, pediatricians advise to enrich the diet of the baby with fermented with fermented fermented. They have a beneficial effect on the state of the gastrointestinal tract and contribute to maintaining the optimal balance of the intestinal microflora.

Following these simple rules, parents will be able to raise the immune child to the year. Efforts will pay off with interest - the health of the kid will be under reliable protection!

Pharmacy to help mom

Proper nutrition, hardening, cleanliness and walks in the fresh air are excellent ways to make a kid less susceptible to microbes. But in some cases, these measures may be little. To raise the immunity of the crumbs, the pediatrician can assign a children's immunomodulator. Take such drugs needed under the control of a specialist, strictly observing these dosages.

Unfortunately, many pharmacy funds can not be tagged, so you need to choose medicines carefully. Many doctors for the prevention of influenza and ARVI are prescribed to small patients with Derinat's nasal drops. You can use them from the first day of life!

The drug has an integrated effect and has immunomodulatory, antiviral, antibacterial and reparative properties. Drops help to restore the first natural barrier on the path of viruses and bacteria - the nasophack mucous membrane.

Caring for babe from early childhood - the key to his health in the future! Be healthy and do not get sick!

Useful articles:

How to raise immunity a year old child?

Already since the birth of the child, Mom often begins to think about what can be taken to make the baby not sick and normally developed. However, many people do not know that at the very beginning of life, the child is protected not worse than adult, since a large number of all sorts of antibodies is transmitted to the newborn from the mother. True, immune defense from all diseases will not be able to provide a child even mom. Walled diseases, respiratory infections - all this not only delivers problems and mothers, and baby, but also contributes to the formation of his personal immunity from the newborn.

First of all, the children who were born with some health problems need to increase the protective forces of the organism. It may be congenital pathology of the pulmonary system, long-term hypoxia, infectious complications. How to raise immunity a year old child?

It should be followed by simple, but very effective rules:

  • feed the child with breasts as long as possible - breast milk is better than other means strengthens the immunity of the kid;
  • Throw baby. It is not about the fact that the baby should be bathed into the hole or wipe in snow. Hardening of young children primarily implies air bathing baths: Give the child the opportunity to run without clothes at home. Do not wear a child too warm: overheating, not less than supercooling, harm baby;
  • After discharge from the hospital, do not create absolutely sterile conditions in the apartment. Of course, no one has canceled the standard general-generic rules, but bring the conditions for the kid's stay to the conditions of the sterility of the operating room. Remember: Let it be in a small extent, but the baby must contact with bacteria, since it is precisely microorganisms that are spanking the specific immunity of the child.

How to increase the immune system for a child for 2 years?

If parents thought about how to increase the immune child to a child of 2 years, then there should be good reasons for this. All children are sick, but this does not mean that a child has a weak immunity.

Diseases are needed to some extent, because without them we would not receive specific immunity. The same applies to our children: so that the body of the child produces antibodies to one or another pathogenic microorganism, it must first of all "get acquainted" with specific bacteria and viruses. If the baby fell ill twice in winter and once in the fall - this is not a reason to take measures to improve the immune protection of the baby. So, when should you beat the alarm and engage in immunity?

  • If the kid is ill with colds more than five times a year.
  • If the cold or influenza proceeds without increasing the temperature indicators (as is known, the temperature rise is the response of the immune system to introduce an infectious agent).
  • If the baby is diagnosed with anemia or other blood diseases.
  • If there are constantly increased lymph nodes, especially in the neck and armpit area.
  • If the child has discovered an increase in the spleen.
  • If the kid often suffers from allergic manifestations.
  • If the baby has a disorder of microflora in the intestines.

If any of the listed symptoms are present, then you should contact a specialist. It can be your pediatrician or a children's immunologist. It is not necessary to use drugs to raise immunity to the child: it is quite risky and can harm your baby.

How to increase the immune system for 3 years?

Special attention of the parents to the immunity of the child is manifested before the baby must go to kindergarten. Communication with other kids, other people's adults, unusual food and conditions - all this can affect the health of the child, especially if his immunity is weakened. How to be?

Try to follow the following rules to prepare the child's immunity to visit the kindergarten:

  • Carefully follow the fact that your baby eats. The child must contain the maximum amount of vitamins and beneficial substances;
  • On the recommendation of the doctor, start giving a child special children's multivitamin drugs;
  • Teach the child to the discipline and the date of the day approximate to the one who holds the kindergarten, which will visit your baby;
  • Even before the child begins to visit the kindergarten, you should teach it to the society of other children. Together we go to playgrounds, in the game rooms, where the baby will be able to communicate with peers.

The more the child will be adapted in society and in the environment, the stronger will be its immune defense in everyday life.

How to increase the immune system for a child of 6 years?

Six years - the child came close to going to school. Again, new impressions, new conditions of stay and a new way of life. How will the child take these changes? How to increase the immune child to a child of 6 years, and is there a need for this?

Consider step by step, which may have to make parents of such a child.

  1. If, for the past 10-12 months, the baby was ill, then before sending it to school, it should certainly consult and pass surveys from a profile specialist (depending on the disease that the child was sick). It may be a pediatrician, a otolaryngologist, a dentist or a gastroenterologist. It is very important to treat all diseases before school, especially chronic, and also to be tested for the presence of worms and fungal infections, which significantly and negatively affect the immunity.
  2. It is advisable to make sure that the child does not have dysbacteriosis - intestinal microflora balance disorders, which also plays a huge role in the formation of healthy immunity.
  3. Make sure that the baby consume smaller harmful meals, and more vegetables and fruits.
  4. Support the active lifestyle of the child: do together with him gymnastics, sports, play moving games. A good wellness is a trip to the sea: the sun, air and water most positively affect the health of the baby and strengthen his immunity, as they say, the future.
  5. Take a child to comply with the rules of hygiene. Brush your teeth twice a day, wash your hands before meals, wash, wear clean clothes, not to use other people's towels and things - all this is banal, but very necessary rules.

Funds increasing immunity in children

One of the generally accepted means of increasing immunity in children is vaccination - the creation of specific immunity against certain diseases. For example, children who received vaccinations from tuberculosis will never get sick (with an accuracy of 95-100%).

Vaccination is a kind of stimulant of the immune system, which learns to produce antibodies against a certain type of pathogen.

Modern vaccines are harmless to the child. They contain dead pathogens, or their elements or proteins. The components of the vaccine cannot cause a disease, but allow immune cells to train on them, producing antibodies necessary to protect protection.

In our country, children are vaccinated from diseases:

  • hepatitis B;
  • tuberculosis;
  • diphtheria;
  • tetanus;
  • whooping cough;
  • polio;
  • Hemophilic infection;
  • measles;
  • rubella;
  • Epidemic parotitis, etc.

The whole list includes the most dangerous diseases that can be prevented by providing a child specific immunity with vaccination.

Preparations that increase immunity in children

Unfortunately, often protective forces can decrease so much that they have to take special drugs that increase immunity in children. Frequent viral and purulent infections, colds and chronic diseases (samorites, adenoids, etc.) cause parents to look for more radical and quick ways to raise the child's immunity.

To do this, contact the doctor who will appoint the most optimal drug that will not only help and stimulates protective forces, but will not cause disgust in a child. It is very important that the kid takes such a medicine with pleasure.

The preparation of immunal enjoys great success in mothers and medical professionals. This vegetable remedy containing extractor from Echinacea, which perfectly enhances immunity, including in flu epidemic and colds.

Ribomunal, bronchomunal and immunostimulator IRS 19 can be called good stimulants of protective forces, which activate humoral and cellular immunity, stimulating antibodies to pathogenic microorganisms. These medical preparations can be used as a prophylactic and therapeutic agent with prolonged and periodically exacerbating infectious diseases. Used in both adults and children from six months.

In addition, it is recommended to use drugs related to the interferon group, as well as non-nucleic acids. Such drugs consist of biologically active substances capable of stopping the development of a large number of infectious diseases.

Essentially the doctor should pick up the dose and the reception scheme, since the kids have a very sensitive organism, and the incorrectly calculated amount of the drug may cause unpredictable consequences. Do not conduct experiments on the child: it is better to turn to a specialist.

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Products that enhance immunity in children

Strengthen the immunity in the child contributes to the properly built diet, with the rich content of the vitamin and other useful substances necessary for the children's body. Of course, vitamins from food are digested easier and more fully than from ready-made multivitamin preparations. Given this, you can highlight the main products that increase immunity in children. Apply them depending on the age of the child: this will allow maintaining children's health without resorting to the use of pharmacy medical staff.

  • Breast milk - direct health source for baby. After reaching a one-year-old child, the milk of goat and cow can also be connected to the power - low-fat, ideal - 1.5-2% (with its tolerance).
  • Efficiency products - fresh kefir, cottage cheese, yogurt (without additives).
  • Apples - local fruit, affordable all year round. Improves the digestive process, stabilizes the microflora, enhances immune protection.
  • Carrots and beets are rich in vitamins and microelements. It can be used in fresh and boiled form, in the form of salads and casserole, as well as for the preparation of fresh juices.
  • Beekeeping products are successfully used to stabilize immunity in those kids who have no allergies on honey. To begin with, it is recommended to simply add honey into warm tea or porridge.
  • Greens is no secret that in greenery contains more vitamins than in any root or fruit. Just add a parsley or dill to any second or first dish. You can also prepare vitamin capetails based on greens.
  • Onions and garlic are famous sources of phytoncides that kill microbes and bacteria.
  • Citrus - an excellent source of vitamin C, without which it is difficult to imagine healthy immunity. Be careful if the child is inclined to allergies.

In general, any fresh vegetables and fruits will be useful for your child. Such food is undoubtedly better and more useful than sweets, chips, products with dyes and preservatives. Take a child to healthy nutrition from infancy, and he will never have problems with immunity.

Vitamins that enhance immunity for children

Today in pharmacies you can meet an infinite number of vitamin complexes aimed at strengthening the immune system, including children. Children's complex drugs are distinguished by a specific composition of vitamins and their gentle dosage. What preparations to stop your choice?

We present to your attention a small list of the most popular drugs from this series.

  • Baby Multi-Tab - Designed for children up to 2 years;
  • Multi-Tab Kid - For children over 2 years old;
  • Multi-Tab classic - for children from 5 years;
  • Children's center - can be used from 2-year-olds;
  • Peaks - produced for children in the form of dragee, syrup for the smallest or syrup with a prebiotic (for children from 3 years);
  • Vitruum Children's (hypoallergenic) - designed for the children's age group from 1 to 14 years;
  • Jungle-children's, multivitamins - are divided into several options, which depends on the age (from birth to 1 year and older);
  • The alphabet of a kindergarten is a variety of chewable pills with pleasant taste.

When selecting multivitamins, increasing immunity for children, should not rely on the opinion of friends or relatives. It is much more important to carefully study the composition of each drug, as well as listen to the Pediatrician recommendations. It will also determine the best vitamins reception scheme for your baby.

Candles that are improving immunity for children

For the most part, candles that increase immunity for children are better tolerated and have a smaller number of side effects than oral preparations. Doctors have found that interferons in suppositories have a more efficient impact and absorb better than ordinary medical staff.

Candles can be used for a long time, without having a negative impact on the body. In addition, they can be used in conjunction with antibacterial and hormonal drugs.

Let's call the most common candles for children:

  • Polyoxidonium - can be used in children from 6 months;
  • Viferon - apply from birth, including premature and weakened children;
  • Laceniobion - antivirus and immunomodulatory candles, can be applied almost at any age;
  • Kipferon - Candles used in cold weather and influenza in both adults and children.

For up to 1 year, they are prescribed, as a rule, 1 candle per day. After 1 year - 1 candle in the morning and at night. However, such dosages are approximate and must be coordinated with the doctor in each case.

How to increase immunity to the people of the child?

Given that most medicinal medical staff have those or other side effects, many parents try to use folk remedies for the treatment of the child. How to increase immunity to the people of the child? There are several proven recipes.

  1. Roshovnika decoction is an excellent tool rich in vitamin C. In order to prepare a decoction, 250 g of rose hips, 100 g of sugar and 1000 ml of water is required. Pour berries with water and put on fire. Boil on low heat for 15-20 minutes, at the end add sugar and mix. Cover the lid and allow the decoction to be broken. Focus. Such a decoction can drink a child at least 10 ml per 1 kg of weight per day.
  2. Recipe for older children (from 10 years old) - we take 6 small garlic teeth and 100 ml of honey (better from linden or buckwheat). Garlic omit through the press and mix with honey. Let stand 7 days. After that, you can give a child for 1 tsp. Massay during meals, not less than three times a day.
  3. Grind on the meat grinder equal parts of raisins, walnuts and lemon. Add honey. We give a child for 2 hours l. Three times a day.

Let the child walk more barefoot, and not only at home on the floor, but also on the grass, sand, pebbles. Provide the baby the opportunity to move more more, run, play, especially in the fresh air, in the park, in nature. Active moving children are sick less often than those sitting all day at home, in front of a TV or computer.

Herbs that enhance immunity in children

What are the grasses that increase immunity can be used in children? First of all, it is necessary to observe the reaction of the child: if he does not like the decoction, it should not be offered by its strength. Try to cook another, with the addition of honey or your favorite jam. You should also watch carefully, if the baby is allergic to the plants. To do this, you should not give a large amount of medication at once. Raise the dose slowly, watching the baby, looking at its skin. Yes, and do not forget to consult with the doctor.

  • Birch kidney decoction: half a tablespoon of kidneys pour 100 ml of boiling water, withstand 1 hour, filter. We offer the child three times a day after eating.
  • Bulf color: insist 1 tbsp. l. Colors in 200 ml of boiling water for an hour. Filter. To drink this infusion should be before bedtime.
  • Leaves Melissa: 3 tbsp. l. The leaves flood 400 ml of boiling water, insist half an hour, filter. Take the infusion before eating, 3-4 times a day.
  • Currant leaves: 1 tbsp. l. The leaves flood 200 ml of boiling water, insist on one and a half or two hours, filter. We offer a child throughout the day, better half an hour before meals.

After eating it is recommended to give children any decoction from plants such as chamomile, calendula or mint. In such a simple way, you can disinfect the oral cavity, the Children's neck, as well as increase its immune protection.

In search of a way, how to increase immunity in a child can be resorted to different methods. However, it should not be engaged in independent treatment, especially when it comes to infants. Feel free to consult with a specialist, because your child's health is standing on the horse.

Hello, dear friends. I am Gordienko Natalia, an infectious person, an immunologist. In clinical immunology fifteen years, in infectiology for thirty years. And today I want to talk to you about a fairly serious problem - often ill children, or often and long-friendly children. In fact, this is a very serious problem, and according to various authors from 30% to 60% of children, one way or another arrive in the period when they often sick.

What children are considered often pool

Why is such a term introduced - "often having children"?

For example: in the UK it is believed to attribute a child to a often sick, if he is sick eight times in a year.

We have more hard criteria. Often a sick child is considered if:

  • The child is more than 4 times in a year over a year;
  • The child from year to three, is sick more than six times in a year;
  • The child from three to seven years is sick more often than 8 times in the year;
  • If a child over seven-eight years old, and he is sick more often than 4 times a year.

Reasons for the weakening of immunity in children

In fact, this is a fairly serious social problem, and an economic problem. When a child often suffers, there is no normal psychological climate in the family. Why does it happen? Because, unfortunately, other family members have a deficit of attention. And 70% of families whose child often sick, note that they create a tense psychological relationship. They can not dod warm, attention to each other, and this very much changes the quality of life in the family.

In addition, this is a serious material problem. Why? Because, unfortunately, to treat the child every month is very difficult. This requires certain material costs on the one hand, and on the other hand, today young people, parents work, and, if they stay on a hospital sheet for a long time, they cannot pay attention to their business, respectively, such material costs increase, because the parish of material funds in The family is also reduced. And from the point of view of the state, this is also a serious material problem, because the employee falls on a long period of life while the child is sick, from the work, from the social sphere, from the employment area.

But what could be a factor that leads to the creation of such conditions, when the child often sick? In fact, there may be many reasons for such. I, as an infectiousist, I want to note first of all those reasons that may be associated with external factors, with chronic diseases, with the state of the immune system, with psychological conditions, because a often ill child, unfortunately, can often form psychopathic identity development . It requires more and more attention to itself, and begins to specifically attract even more attention from loved ones, his relatives, his parents.

Quite often I hear from my patients, from parents of ill children, that a child is not in order with the immune system. It is not always so. For example, in 20% of cases, a silent child may be behind a series of constantly repeating respiratory or colds, such a serious disease is hidden as bronchial asthma. And of course such a child must be seriously and comprehensively examined in order to identify the beginning of this disease.

If the child lived in a certain period of life, and he did not have frequent diseases, and then suddenly he was "involved", the reason for this could be a contact with a large number of children. This is especially affected by the children older than three years, when they go to the children's team, in kindergartens, in Yasselki and begin to closely contact with a large number of children who have their own microflora, their viruses, their bacteria in the nasooplot. They begin to resolve all this. And here for some period, the immune system copes, and then it begins to fail.

When can the immune system fail? When it is depleted, or from a series of infinitely repeating colds. But often in childhood it may be due to the reasons for deeper, such as parasitic invasions, which neither parents nor the doctor pay attention. Therefore, when we work with often pool children, first of all we do definition - which is a key factor in changing the work of the immune system. Are there parasitic invasions there.

The second group of serious diseases in the XXI century is a group of herpes virus infections. By themselves, these infections can both be sharp and chronically. If they are tightened into a chronic state, then can inhibit the work of the immune system during long-term activation. And then the immunity of the child lacks the strength to fight new, oncoming, cold viruses. And such kids can also carry either transits, temporary immunodeficiency, or it can be delayed for months, sometimes even by year.

How stress affects the child's immunity

What else can cause moving and bring the child to a state often ill? These are stressful situations. Quite often we can not even understand that the child can carry stress. When he goes to a children's team for him, it can be psychological tension. And such a state, as a protracted stress, can also lead to a decrease in immunity. Any infectious disease, any viral infection can pull a loop of some protracted immunodeficiency state that the child can lead to a state often ill.

In addition to stresses, connective tissue has more importance. A person of 80% consists of connective tissue. Unfortunately, today about 45% of children are born with undifferentiated coupling tissue dysplasia. These fabrics permeate the whole body, combine the human body into a single whole - the vessels, blood, and the cells of the immune system are also representatives of the connective tissue, if the child was born with such features, it would often fall into a group of frequently ill people.

What else is important? It is important to understand whether the child does not have a hidden chronic disease. Because any hidden chronic disease is the problem of kidneys, lungs, bronchi - any chronic pathology of the child can cause a state of often ill. And it will be manifested in the form of frequent respirators, at the first stage. Then, of course, the clinical picture will begin to emerge more clearly by the disease of the body that provoked private diseases.


What if the child often sick?

To disassemble

How do you figure it out in the whole problem if your child often sick with colds? If these diseases are often completed either by otitis, or bronchitis, or by hymics, despite the fact that the child is ill not just often, but also for a long time. It is considered normal if the usual respiratory infection ends for five, a maximum of seven days. On average, three to five days last the state of the child when he cannot go to the children's team. All that more, suggests that there are some moves not for the best side of the work of the immune system.

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Consultation online

As part of the consultation, you will be able to voice your problem, the doctor will clarify the situation, decrypts the tests, will answer your questions and give the necessary recommendations.

Frequently quite parents ask me that drinking a child to restore immunity? It would be so easy. It would be possible to give a "magic" tablet, and everything would be fine. In fact, everything is much more complicated and can be problematic. It is important that this "magic" tablet, even if it is being found, normally sat down, reached the place of the application, in particular to the bone marrow in order to enable it to restore the cells of the immune system, these cells must be trimmed quickly. Therefore, working with often pool children who have an immunodeficiency state already available, I immediately say to parents that at least three months, and maybe six, and maybe it will be necessary for three years in order to be considered a child practically healthy. Further I just want to say that in such situations you need to do

1. It is necessary to identify all chronic foci of diseases from a child, if any.

2. Carefully seen them. You may need to attract narrow specialists.

3. Complete for the presence of parasitic invasions.

4. Need to "feed" the immune system. Choose vitamin and mineral complexes, antioxidants, saturated fatty acids and amino acids. The child grows, he has a positive balance, he needs construction materials for building young new cells, both for all tissues and organs and for the work of the immune system. And it is not by chance that one of the causes of immunodeficiency states is starvation, in particular protein. Because protein fasting will definitely lead to a shortage of the immune system.


Also, do not forget about the general, well-known rules, such as: hardening the child, work on the restoration of the psychological state, timely neutralization of stress, the protective regime of a developing person. If all this in the complex is performed, then the child will quickly come out of the group often ill, but I always say: "It is well treated what is properly diagnosed." Therefore, to engage in this situation with self-treatment and try to somehow recover the child himself - it will be wrong.

Immunity is the body's ability to deal with bacteria and viruses using antibodies - special proteins, which are produced at the "meeting" with "hostile" cells. The immune system remembers them and in the future when a collision with the "enemy" is activated faster.

It happens that and their cells turn into enemies, becoming malignant. Fighting with them, immunity protects the body from cancer.

Sometimes the body considers "other people's" and some food or pollen of plants. In this case, the manifestations of allergies are possible.

What are the types of immunity

Two types of immunity can be distinguished: congenital and acquired. They work together. The first with us at birth. The second is formed and varies throughout life. It depends on the ability of the cells of the immune system to "memorize" the pathogen, is produced as a result of the diseases transferred during the life of the diseases and the vaccinations made.

Congenital immunity

After the birth, the baby immunity provides antibodies that he received in the womb of the mother for the last 3 months of pregnancy through the placenta.

They will protect his health for several months. But the same as the rest of the organs and systems of the body, the immunity has not yet developed completely.

After 2 - 3 months after birth, the body gradually begins to produce antibodies on their own, but they are not enough. Because during this period, his immunity protect the maternal antibodies that are contained in breast milk.

Acquired immunity

When the baby is a year, his immunity will already be able to deal with infections itself. But until the moment when his body's protective system reaches an "adult level", many years will pass: only by 12 - 14 years old, the child acquires a powerful adult immunity.

  • Up to 2 years in the formation of immunity, breast milk plays an important role, which contains a large number of maternal antibodies.
  • After 2 years, the kids and their parents begin a new stage: ordinary food, devoid of antibacterial properties, comes to replace the maternal milk. Now you need to maintain this complicated, laid in the womb, the protective system of the body and try not to weaken it.

How to strengthen baby immunity?

  • It is as long as possible to feed the baby with breasts.
  • Provide vaccination.
  • Wrap it from meetings with sick.
  • Everyone who communicates with the baby needs to wash their hands.
  • Giving a child food with probiotics, which is, for example, in Agush products.
  • Mom follow the diet during breastfeeding.
  • It is necessary to reason the child to be moderately in the sun for the production of vitamin D by the organism.

As a mom, it is important for you to know what you do everything to strengthen the baby's immunity. But there is no universal way to strengthen the immune system of the child once and for all. His health will depend on many factors that can be called with one phrase - a healthy lifestyle. This concept includes:

  • Competently organized routine of the day, when all the conditions for a full-fledged rest are created and enough time is given;
  • The correct temperature in the child's room;
  • Water procedures;
  • Hardening;
  • Regular outdoor walks and an active lifestyle.

Of course, you should also not forget about timely vaccination, hygiene and balanced nutrition. It is important to create a positive attitude and a great mood at the kid, and also follow the emotionally and physically healthy atmosphere around: Do not quarrel with other family members or smoke next to the children. All this also affects the harmonious state of the Baby's body and its immunity.

The first thing you need to take care is the day of the day. It is of great importance for the health and formation of useful child habits: if it is fed, put to sleep, go with him for walks at the same time, then during the day the baby keeps a calm mood during the day.

Meet our materials on this topic.

Here is the main thing, what you need to remember to parents:

  • Children 2 - 4 years old are recommended to feed at least 4 times a day at intervals of 3.5 - 4 hours. It is important not to overeat and not rush before bedtime. The diet should include meat, dairy products, cereals, vegetables and fruits, and in the cold season - vitamins. An ideal diet for your child will be able to pick up your doctor.
  • Kids 2-4 years old must have a daytime sleep (about 2 hours) and night (10 - 11 hours); It is necessary to go to bed at the same time. It is better not to teach the baby to sleep in silence, otherwise it will wake up from any noise.
  • If the child refuses day sleep, let him play quiet games so that it can relax and recover.

Very important for child health Temperature, cleanliness and humidity in the apartment. Parents often overheat kids, closing the windows.

The optimum air temperature indoors is about 18 - 19 ° C, humidity - 50 - 70%.

It is necessary to look for the air cooling methods in the summer, and in the winter it comes to another problem: outside the air is dry and cold, and inside - dry and hot. Opening the window, you can cool the room, but not moisturize. Specialists persistently recommend using a humidifier of air, since otherwise the mucous membranes of the respiratory tract can be suspended, which leads to a decrease in protection against pathogenic bacteria.

The same temperature - 18 - 19 ° C - must be maintained in the child's room and during sleep, so you need to wear it in a pajama: pants and a t-shirt with long sleeves. When you go to the room to spend the baby during sleep, pay attention, doesn't have any hair wet, if he did not sweat the cheeks and not too quickly he breathes - perhaps it means that the child overheated.

Swimming plays a major role in strengthening immunity.

What useful swimming?

  • If the water temperature does not exceed 28 °, the body is harnessed.
  • This is an excellent training for the muscles of the hands, legs and - especially the back.
  • Training and respiratory tract.
  • Cardiovascular system is strengthened.

Acquire a child to water must be gradually. For a newborn, naturally be in the water. From birth, we have a reflex to delay the breath. If you regularly bathe a child in the bath, then this reflex is fixed and the baby should not have water-diving or diving problems. There are many games in which you can play with the baby in the bathroom. At first, this bathing toys in the basin, the transfusion of water from the tank in the container, splashing, rinse and flaking with palms on water. Then you can start bubbles under water in the bathroom or float to the surface, like a float, gaining air and wrapped your knees with your hands. All this will teach the child not to be afraid of water and will prepare to go to go swimming in the pool.

We go to the pool

Even if you live by the sea, learn to swim better in the pool, where there is no waves. In 3 years, the child is already adult enough to learn primary swimming movements. But you should not immediately teach the baby to tough discipline and require clear movements from it. Best of all, if you continue to swim in a swimming form. Before going to the pool, do not forget to consult a pediatrician, because with a number of diseases, swimming can be contraindicated.

For classes brought joy and benefit to your baby, it is necessary:

  • Go to the pool 1 - 2 times a week;
  • Do with the instructor;
  • Give preference to group classes - the presence of peers will help to remove the fear of the baby before water and will make it more diligent;
  • End the lesson immediately as soon as the "goose skin" appeared, not to overtake the child in cool water, even if he was hardened;
  • Get out of the water if the child is too active or, on the contrary, he became passive, tired.

Inflatable circles and viorants do not contribute to the development of swimming skills. The fact is that the baby learns to swim in them standing - and very soon it will have to be returned. It is best to just help the child to swim with the help of your hands, flippers and a special belt for swimming, in which the child lies on the water.

We go swimming on a river or at sea

It is most useful to swim in natural reservoirs, where to the effects of cool, even in the summer, fresh air and the sun are attached to the water, and the water is rich in salt and saturated with iodine sea air.

The duration of bathing depends on the water temperature. If the kid began to tremble chin - it's time to get off the shore. It should be borne in mind that when bathing in the sea water, the body of the body is higher than in fresh, that is, it freezes it faster. Therefore, swimming should be active. We need to drive a child in water, stimulating his movements, immerse him under the water, dive with him.

Planning a trip to the sea, consider that very long flights and a radical climate change can be too big stress for crumbs. It is also not worth going on a trip to a very short time. For the week, the kid will only begin to acclimatize, and if you are already time to fly back, it can affect his health.

To the sea you need to be especially vigilant and comply with all security rules, avoid hypothermia and not to leave the baby one. This is especially true for children who have not yet learned to swim well and dive.

If your baby regularly went to the pool and it completely lacks the fear of water, it is also not very good, because the child can lose a sense of self-preservation and overestimate his strength in an open aquatic space.

Swimming and games in the water:

  • Improve sleep, appetite and metabolism;
  • Strengthen the nervous, respiratory and cardiovascular system;
  • Form the correct posture and strengthen the musculoskeletal system;
  • Improve coordination;
  • Improve physical abilities, endurance;
  • Contribute to hardening.

Do you need to order baby? If you live in the city, if the baby is in the room most of the day and leads a sedentary lifestyle, then hardening can help him become more resistant to temperature change.

Gradually, catching the body of a child to low temperatures, we thus make it stronger.

It is first necessary to discuss the possibility of hardening newborns with your pediatrician and make sure that the kid's body is completely healthy.

Hardening includes:

  • Wiping and pouring;
  • Air baths;
  • Frequent ventilation in the rooms;
  • Walking to any weather (at least 20 minutes, without excessive "Kutania" in warm clothes);
  • "Hardening the Sun" - that is, it is possible for some time without outerwear in the scattered rays of the sun (under foliage or canopy);
  • Regular walking barefoot (sensitive zones are trained in the footsteps).

Up to 1 year, the baby can wipe the handles and legs with a damp sponge, to open the window, unbutton into a winding day, gradually reduce the water temperature in the bath, give an opportunity a couple of times a day for 1.5 - 2 hours to stay without clothes, and later - barefoot . After a year, you can move to poultry and sunbathing.

Charge rules

  • Act the most gently. Do not throw an unprepared baby in ice water - it can become too big stress for the body.
  • Oblits begin with water, the temperature of which is not lower than +35 - 36 ° C. Gradually, for several weeks, the temperature is reduced - but not lower than 28 ° C, be sure to wip the child dry after ponds.
  • Watch out for the reaction of the child. If he has signs of colds, if he expresses a decisive protest - it is worth postponing hardening to better times.
  • If in the family there is an additional source of stress - moving, the disease of someone from relatives, disorder in relationships - it is better to transfer the tests with cold to a better time.
  • Be sequential. If a child is 1 - 2 times a week stays with a grandmother - an opponent of hardening, which first closes all the windows and wonders the child into the most warm sweatshirt, "nothing happens.
  • The pallor of the skin and chills at normal body temperature is the first signs of supercooling. You should immediately stop the procedures and better call a doctor.

Adhere to these simple rules, trust your maternal old, common sense and pediatrician - and you will help your baby grow stronger. Unfortunately, hardening in the winter for children, most likely, will not save him from a cold, but it will be easier to carry disease.

No wonder they say that life is a movement. When a child spends a lot of time in nature, he usually moves a lot. The sun, clean air and constant movement strengthen the immune system.

We advise you to create a small sports corner at home, where the child will have the opportunity to do regularly. Constructions may be different. In such angle there can be anything - from stairs and swings to climbing surfaces and slides with labyrinths. Up to 3 years can be limited to an inclined staircase, swings and a slide. If your baby has already been 3 years old, build a Swedish wall for him, which can be equipped with a horizontal bar and gymnastic rings. Make sure that the child does not override with the loads and that the wall corresponds to its weight, otherwise the crossbars can break during classes.

What is the benefit of home sports shells:

  • Permanent classes on the horizontalist will strengthen the muscles of the hands and feet of the child.
  • Lazay on the stairs, your baby will avoid flatfoot and strengthen the spine.
  • Cocking from an early age, the child gets used to a healthy lifestyle.

How to be if sometimes it is impossible to eliminate contacts with the fallen children? This is normal. The fact is that immunity is purchased precisely during the disease when the body produces antibodies to the attackers of its causative agents of infections. Due to this, the chance to get sick with the same virus again decreases.

If the child goes to the kindergarten and often sick, but recovering during the week without using medicines, then there are no problems. As a rule, the kid is ill with viral infections from 6 to 12 times a year.

Do not forget that all of the above methods of strengthening immunity relate to both adults. If you review your lifestyle and adjust it in accordance with the needs of your child, it will have a positive effect not only on his health, but also on yours.

Strong immunity to you and your baby!

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